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From breaking news and entertainment to sports, politics, and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, it happens on Twitter first. See all sides of the story. Join the conversation. Watch live streaming events. Twitter is what’s happening in the world and what people are talking about righ...

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Twitter Reviews

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    Love Twitter

    It is my only form of social media ... I love being anonymous and yet feeling a part of a like minded group ... you, at least for now, allow for personal opinion without retribution. I do not even mind some of the back talk and anger imposed ... that is a part of freedom that we still hold. The only thing I don’t like seeing all of the absolute hate that is in the world now.. I have watched it come for a very long time but it is escalating and it is sad to watch. It did not start with President Trump not even Obama but years ago. I would wish that people would still curtail their anger but they a bent on making it known. It makes all look immature but yet I feel they have not been taught any better. I look forward to reading all of the opinions none the less as it is America and we at least are still free for now and freedom of speech is a part of that and I am grateful for your still allowing that ! Thank you so much !

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    Addicting in a Very Bad Way

    Twitter isn’t functional because you can’t easily remove followers. Twitter doesn’t recognize that people have different needs over time. Many of us got on expressly to discuss politics. You follow and are followed by thousands of people. Now you want to switch to your real name and focus on people doing a particular workout challenge or use the account for some other, less toxic reason. You either have to delete the account, wait a period of time and start over (losing all your follows) or block every account you don’t want following you anymore, one at a time. Twitter is full of bots supporting the right wing, far left extremists and fake accounts. If you’re there for politics you can’t use your real name because you will be threatened and harassed. One person told me she could find out everything about me and ruin my life. Someone I follow used her real name and a harasser find out the name of the woman’s father’s business and filled yelp with negative reviews. It can at times be a place for “friendship” or learning and even uplifting but it can also be a vile, depressing place.

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    Horrible lagging

    I’ve been using this app across various devices. I have an iPhone 7 Plus, software fully updated with an updated version of twitter as well. I’ve tried reaching out to twitter support and no response. My issue is that my timeline lags and freezes consistently every 10 seconds or so. The rest of my phone and it’s apps work fine. I can’t scroll, I can’t retweet, I can close the app and open it again only to have the issue still be there. It’s completely unresponsive for 10 seconds or so before the cycle continues. It’s absolutely infuriating. I’ve tried logging out, restarting my phone, deleting the cache on the twitter app, I’ve even uninstalled this app at least twice with no result. It does this when I’m connected to my home WiFi, or on data, or when I’m connected to public and work WiFi. It has nothing to do with my connection. I’ve tried to look up the issue and it seems like there are some people that have this same issue but no solutions are given. Please fix this twitter, I love using this app as a de-stressor

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    Is Twitter a political party or a social media?

    Either Tweeter is a political party or a social media? Make up your mind and tell us who you are? If you are a political party than I will take off ASAP . You have created this company based on the American freedom and liberty not Liberal ideology? Liberalism and socialism and Communism and Islamizem are dead otherwise we wouldn’t be living here in America! Back in Iran they kill any voice and if you open your mouth against Ayatollahs than all of your family and yourself will be disappear . Remember fascism always starts with censorship than racist fascist regime will take over. I do advise you to stop deleting people tweets and their opinion otherwise very soon these people will rise against you and your stocks will go to a 1$ . I have suffered and almost executed by Iranian Arab descends Ayatollahs regime and I know what I am talking about. Please let people voice be heard , bad or good. Thank you Nick

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    Quote Retweets

    I’m a part of the incredibly large artist community on Twitter and time and time again I’ve seen this complaint arise: too many quote retweets on our tweets. It sounds like it’d be a good thing— it’s attention to our work, right? In some ways, yes, however... these quote retweets take away direct interaction from the original tweets (and for artists this is extremely frustrating). There have been countless experiments conducted by artists on Twitter trying to find out what brings the most interaction to tweets— likes, comments, retweets, or quote retweets; the answer has always been that comments bring the most interaction to the OG tweet (i.e. the OG tweet is then seen on more users’ timelines). Something that me and many other artists (and I’m sure other entrepreneurs and users) urge for is the option to disable quote retweets. I hope you’ll consider this as it wouldn’t have to be forced upon all users (they could choose whether or not other users quote retweeted their tweets or not).

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    Tech support is garbage, email support is garbage

    made my twitter account almost 10 years ago an was an avid user on that same account. i was using the app and then sat my phone down for about an hour. when i reopened the app they were asking me to log back in to verify my account. Seeing that I haven’t logged out of twitter i was confused as to why they started to ask me this.i’ve had this account for a long time and the email address i signed up with is one that i no longer had access to. because of this i was unable to reset my password. i tried emailing tech support but they gave me some excuse saying that they couldn’t verify the account and that there was no other way that they could do so. they’ve never asked me to do so before and i am very upset with tech support. i would’ve rather talk to an actual person to explain my problem than send an email that they took a long time to respond to. so now im stuck trying to figure out what my old password was because i don’t want to create a new account. its been 2 weeks since this happened and im very disappointed with their service and lack of communication.

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    App is great until you need support

    I’ve had twitter for about 8 years now and recently have been locked out of my account due to age restriction. I’m currently well over the age to have an account but due to EU regulation twitter combatted this by locking accounts made by people under the age of 13. Being from America, I don’t understand why that should affect my account yet here we are. However that’s not my biggest issue. I’ve never had to use twitter support until my account got locked out but because there is no email or account not on twitter for twitter support, there is no way for me to contact the support team for help. If I try to submit a form, it says my account is locked. I can’t send a message because my account is locked. I made a new account but it will direct me to send a message from my locked account, which then proceeds to tell me I can’t submit a form from my locked account. Twitter support needs a serious revamp considering it’s only useful for people with WORKING accounts; if my account worked then I wouldn’t need to contact twitter support in first place!

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    Pro-Nazi Platform, Don't Support

    I was suspended for having "Hateful imagery" in my header photo. It was *literally* an anti-nazi symbol, with the big red ring around it with the red line going through it. I appealed it, assuming a review bot made a mistake, only to be informed by Twitter Support my suspension would not be reversed. I sent a second appeal, clarifying further that it was the exact opposite of something hateful and was an anti-nazi symbol. Denied again. I've also seen and heard many instances of Twitter Support suspending accounts that are openly anti-nazi and allowing many pro-nazi accounts to thrive, even after being reported. The company cares more about not offending its Nazi supporters than doing the right thing and everyone else is swept under the rug. Been a user for over a decade off and on and it's never been as bad as it has become in recent times. Shame since they're losing users left and right and don't seem to care unless it's alt right nazi users they're at risk of losing. No social media platform is great but I draw the line at nazi support. Twitter lost a user that really used to enjiy what it offered. I wouldn't advise anyone to sign up unless they idolise Hitler.

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    Best thing in life. Hey Twitter,

    Hello to everyone at Twitter and god bless every employee. I hope everyone is having a good work week. God bless to your families too. So about Twitter, I have a personal problem that I really need to address to the company. It would be blessing in disguise if I could meet everyone over the company and have a sit down with developers and researchers and the CEO, board members. Everyone who has a say so in the way the app company so we can talk about first social media laws and also content, what’s permissible viewership in what country as far in entertainment because we all live on one planet, social media laws and kids. Depending where you live some people don’t understand different cultures and especially about putting false information in media that would disrupt what is going on in real life, social media laws, and more things but just two Basic talks to begin with. In God’s name we pray Amen 🙏🏽.

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    Opinion is mine.

    It’s a lot better than Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumbler, Tic-Toc, or anything else. The reason being that Twitter is for the highly intelligent people as philosophers and tweet out their ideas. Scientists can throw out new discoveries in 280 characters or less. There is a wealth of fact accounts which tweet old facts. Bots that do what ever that not was programmed to do. There are many webcomic artists and artists in general. News travels quicker around the country or world. Movie trailers, game trailers, show trailers, et cetra. This was my first social to media to own an account on, and for that reason it will be the most idealistic way to experience it. Trust me I’ve been way more active in my iPhone’s account than my PC’s account. My PC’s account was my original while my iPhone’s account came second. Despite this you shouldn’t need any other social media to experience one like this.

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    Perhaps this is a better way to get through to YOU

    I have been on Twitter for almost 10 years now, and I love the app. However, two weeks ago you sent me an email saying I supposedly violated the rules and I would be locked out of my account for 72 hours. Well guess what, it’s been 312 hours later and I’m still locked out with absolutely no contact from you whatsoever as to when I can get back in to my account!! I have tried several times filing an appeal as to the suspension, yet ZERO contact or answers from you AT ALL!! Did I say something harsh to someone, yes I admit that I did. I did NOT however promote any violence or supposed hate, or threaten someone’s life. I consider myself a conservative, and if that’s the problem you have, then just admit that’s the problem to me and everyone else and we can all move on. However if you allow a liberal or left leaning person to say whatever they want with no repercussions, then I’m afraid you are going to have a much bigger problem on your hands. So please, for the sake of humanity, just respond to me and tell me how long I’m going to be locked out for so at least I can move on.

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    I’m really irritated at this point!!

    Every time I try to takeoff the sensitive mode it doesn’t wanna take it off. I tried doing the instructions on Google I’ve tried even just going through all the settings and change and everything differently and that’s not the half of it, I’ve had my account blocked or suspended just for following people I’ve been suspended just for a re-tweeting a tweet I’ve had so many problems with it and I just got it this month and it’s really aggravating and I had a couple of accounts but they were so long ago that I didn’t even remember the password to them and it was so hard just for me to delete them like I had to have a phone number I had to have a PIN number or just something that was just dumb and stupid and wouldn’t just let me delete the accounts. But I successfully deleted them but I’m still having trouble with the sensitivity and I would really appreciated if you would fix it or something because I’ve tried literally everything.

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    Exploited app

    There is an exploit on twitter that makes people accounts get permanently suspended. Absolutely no proof is necessary and all they have to do is send in tweets that pertain key words. My account i worked hard for after 11 years was banned due to this. No warning, no message from twitter other than “you broke twitter rules so you’re account is permanently suspended.” I’ve appealed to twitter and contacted support but they have yet to answer. Makes absolutely no sense how someone can just ban an account without actual proof of the rule being broken. Twitter knows about this exploit and they have yet to address it. They ban the people doing nothing wrong but the ones that go against the “penalty of perjury”, end up scotch free. Twitter you need to fix this issue. Getting wrongfully banned is ridiculous and how this exploit isn't patched after months of having knowledge about it. Multi billion dollar company, and yet you have bots answer all questions and no actual human interaction. What’s the point of even having a number if all it does is point you back to an online source that still takes weeks to get a reply smh.

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    Very inconsistent in enforcing their own TOS

    I have noticed that “verified accounts”, particularly of those espousing views of the far right, commit all kinds of egregious violations of terms of service, including harassment, threats, hateful conduct, doxxing, and in the case of at least one public official, intimidation of a witness, which is a felony. Yet Twitter allows these accounts to remain as subscribers; but if unknowns, particularly within the progressive community, peacefully express critical comments against even public officials (who should be prepared to accept them as part of their job), those unknowns get their accounts suspended! That double standard, coupled with CEO Jack Dorsey’s meeting with Trump, makes me wonder if he isn’t a Russian asset. Some of their rules are hard to understand, such as “deboosting”. What Twitter and Facebook need are strong competitors for whom rules really do apply to EVERYONE. For technical support, good luck. It’s almost impossible to get hold of a real person. There’s no phone number to call. Twitter also needs to do a better job of weeding out the bots and troll accounts.

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    They don’t care and it shows lol

    Like the title says they don’t actually do any work into moderating their site. You might think there’s someone out there reading the tweets that go out but if you search specific slurs you’ll find a myriad of tweets with the n word or f word in them and twitter doesn’t bat an eyelash but get into a discussion with a pedophiliac apologist and tell them they are trash for condoning cp art well then they’re ready to ban or suspend your account. But to be perfectly honest I’m ok being banned from a site that offers a platform to racists, nazis, pedophiles, transphobia, and the absolute cesspool of society. I’m actually glad this has happened and made me realize what a piece of garbage this platform is. It might seem better than the tumblrs of the world and even facebook but is a smidgen better when it comes to social media? Just because it gives the appearance of giving a crap doesn’t mean it does and believe me, Twitter is no different than the facebooks of the world. They would sell you D list celebs selling flat tummy tea but you just have to have targeted ads on. Great service for a dumpster fire I guess...

Is Twitter Safe?

Yes. Twitter is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,286,286 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Twitter Is 100/100.

Is Twitter Legit?

Yes. Twitter is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,286,286 Twitter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Twitter Is 90/100.

Is Twitter not working?

Twitter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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@Richard48371898 @BoredElonMusk @Twitter And I use Twitter only to hear you say good things about Carl Sagan. And use Twitter only in Safari. Makes no sense to use a phone or app you don’t trust.

@dotyousra @BoredElonMusk @Twitter We're tired of you endorsing things. Not funny anymore. Go to sleep

@ManOnDaNet @jaxdotcom I encourage everyone to ACTUALLY •read• the article (I know, that’s not how @Twitter works) and watch all 10:45 of the combined body cam footage. I do not conclude that the officers did anything wrong here. #JameeJohnson

@badbengal12 @spitefirebliss @Twitter Please stop. We Love you're Tweets. Don't leave! I'm here if you need to talk

@derockinsd @ScottKaplan @ESPNLosAngeles @SidedDebates @Apple @AppStore Honest question: Why would someone want to use another platform just for debates? Debates happen daily on @Twitter @Facebook @Nextdoor @parler_app and each of those have so much more to offer than just having debates/conversations.

@dobgrrrman @MadMan33971574 @shilstein @shereenskee @weezerjuice I've lost 2 accounts to the bastards in 8 years. Well, the accounts aren't lost, they're just not mine anymore, thanks @twitter

@AkinJustAkin I have moved over from @Twitter to @parler_app

@haileekinter @twitter you should really make an update to this app where we have the option to put tweets on private bc i always end up tweeting something that i wanna delete from the public but still be able to keep for myself

@jagz @biznesschic1959 @mrjonesbtch @Marty_Shannon @DonaldJTrumpJr @JoeBiden @IlhanMN @Twitter @jack Are you done yet?I don’t know you or you me. If you think I care you’re mistaken. All you show me is that your just one big turd floating in a sea of liberal bs. I’m not gonna to take your hate and you can’t bully me. I’m pretty sure you DIDN’T serve cause you’re a titty baby.

@xeuIgie DISCLAIMER Due to the @Twitter 's new policy, I am inclined to mention that I am not actually Seulgi Kang from Red Velvet or have any connection to her and SM Entertaiment. This is just a parody account for roleplayer purposes only, I am a fan.

@Chozraham @goldmoufcon @Banished2Boca @Styx666Official @BuzzFeedNews @Twitter They’re supposed not to be naive dupes who fall for hilarious bullshit

@BillTho96754083 @YMarieCarter @Cubfan13241 @Twitter @jack How is Hydroxychloriquine working for the red states they seem to be getting more infections and deaths. I’m sure the great orange God will perform a miracle soon and the virus will be gone. Once the temperature hits 150F a beautiful thing will happen Trumps fake tan will run.

@EzMailey After side way movement during May & June, #Gold and #Silver bull run rally has continued bigly!! Not only in #preciousmetals price but also #junior miners.. Ever since @zerohedge came back to posting on @Twitter. Coincidence?


@OldTimeyCrazy @TophamsNick @Bob16756721 @RonMech3 @servedcoldands1 @Shockwave75 @nadinefordisher @Boo15733919 @Brittan60572844 @sas_tomas @Robertkaczynsk5 @TheSocialCTV @melissagrelo @jessieraeallen @MarciIen @Jamieson_Canada @Gillette @Pampers @LittlePotatoCo @Neutrogena @Benadryl @Pringles @Twitter @LaineyGossip @cynthialoyst @CTV_PR @BellMediaPR @CorusPR @Bell_News @HumboldtStrong @BrantfordPolice I think you know that isnt true Nick.What Bob and you simply dont have the courage to do is take responsibility for yourselves.That's the problem with everyone on this hashtag. Of course I'll also call you a liar Nick, because you know the truth. And that makes you a coward too

@Hamzoz @telegram App is one of the main channel of terrorism and militias affiliated with Iran. From there, all messages & Hashtags drafted to start misleads audience & targting activists, journalists and bloggers, and take control on social media platforms like @Twitter @TwitterMENA

@EricaJoy hey @twitter peeps, i have shared this privately but get the sense that the request needs to be a little louder: please listen to chrissy and give us the option to opt out of lists so we can stop being targeted with them. /cc @jack @kayvz

@bacovioiii I had not logged onto @Twitter from a computer in a long time. I'm slowly making the transition to here....finally. I've been on social media for 20+ years and it's time to stop the hate. #socialmedia #stophate4profit #SocialMediaManagement

@MyNameIsIrrel10 @mrhunt79 @mxltxfandxm @DaveLester85 @LittleMuddyRed @EM_RESUS @Twitter You're being stupid now. I'm done with you. Blocked. You're not going to bait me.

@tedivm @WACT4 @EricaJoy @chrissyteigen @Twitter @jack @kayvz It's a way to organize Twitter users you follow. By itself it wouldn't be bad if they were private, but lists can be public and others can subscribe to them. It's not uncommon for trolls to utilize lists as a way to target harassment campaigns.

@m_kayoung_ Due to @Twitter's new policy, I hereby state that this account was made solely for role-playing purposes. It's not directly affiliated with the real Moon Ga Young or KeyEast Entertainment. (@TwitterSupport) Regards, this writer.


@amyyjenkins Some companies really get how hard it is to be a working parent these days (and how important benefits are for to keep top talent). Excited to see @Twitter is partnering with @outschool to provide engaging classes for kids so @TwitterParents can get their jobs done! #workingmom

@doughnut1992 Hey @Twitter how can I change "what's happening" (while using a browser)? I want to see what's trending, not what you want me to see. #twitter

@hyloguy @pi_fried @kitkat_semmel7 @Tonii84554321 @Thereal_SamC @EM_RESUS @Twitter If Schiff did something wrong by not acting on info given to him by Trump, then Trump did something worse by not acting on it himself, especially since it is his responsibility as POTUS to do so. So, by your logic, we should both be angry at Schiff and ANGRIER at Trump.

@bkairu5 @DonaldBKipkorir @OleItumbi @Twitter Tangatanga ideology is such that if you are not running around town grabbing stuff, tendering and supplying air then you are not successful. May the Good Lord protect us from the fruition of that ideology. In other news, Happy Birthday, may you continue to soar.

@Kindwale101 Arsenal 1 - 1 Leicester I just want to clarify that Arsenal's Nketiah was not sent off He was not Suspended He just went to "Honour an Invitation" in the dressing room. Dear @Twitter, please verify this man already 😂😂😂 He's too good here.

@SandraJ75160867 @LaStBearKing @QPatriot17 @restartleader @jack @Twitter You can wear a mask as long as you realize why. You just don't want stupid people in your face asking why you are not. Nothing wrong with trying to keep the peace.

@Beta_XAE12 @globaltimesnews @Google @Twitter @Facebook You meant to say you are not the only who spy through apps 😂

@Nik_August @ashleyblair21 @lackboys3 @Twitter There is a cabal and they are not even really Jewish they just say they are to ruin the careers of anyone criticizing them.

@KarderTrouton I’m very thankful to celebrate 32 years of living on this earth. I’ve had several close calls, mistakes, failed biz ventures, brushes with death, etcetera but my mission is still not complete. Have your way with me god I ain’t scarredd @Twitter @tce070 @TroughtonRadio 2020 AD

@JadrickMorrison Time to bankrupt @Twitter. Everyone needs to begin transitioning to @parler_app. #parlerapp #twitterboykot #CENSORED

@GeordieClarke The people at @twitter need to do the right thing and get rid of the list feature.

@HelVanBuren @ChampagneDosser @ExDemLatina @Twitter You've already said that all that once but I'm not making any bold claims, just asking for evidence of what YOU are claiming. But for some reason you keeping asking me what degree I have. If you can't provide it, it's quicker just to say.

@h_jorgs After 2.5 years in recruiting @Twitter, I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to branch out to the People Analytics team! I’m so thankful for recruiting and all that we have been through. Thankfully I’m not going far. TY CCF team for the gorgeous surprise. Love you all🤍💛💚

@larscasteen @brandonmcneice @LLW902 @Twitter The thing where you respond to people by saying something like “ego defense mechanism- “ or whatever. It strikes me as cruel because you’re dismissing a person on some made-up psychological basis, suggesting their point shouldn’t be taken seriously. Was that not your intention?

@tomgrundy [email protected]_us Zoom is the latest tech firm to halt cooperation with the #HongKong authorities, joining Whatsapp/Facebook, @Twitter & Telegram. Earlier today, leader Carrie Lam Lam did not answer when I asked what her message was to these firms & how it will affect the security law.

@namucheeks im mad to you @Twitter since yesterday i cant opened this app, just why? why you do this to me? what's my fault?

@warrensmillie1 @siferry8 @Twitter Are you's not going to verify this podcast legend!

@lillai23 @bantalols @Twitter he may or may not but a ‘safe space’ on twitter for nonces isn’t going to sit well with anyone

@Tale3Pups @CurlySoxGrl @Twitter @jack Mom here: No it isn’t! Not what I come into Twitter to see.

@EthanLesabre @tynanwrites @ValaAfshar @Twitter I've yet to find a platform that allows for the same level of creativity. I play MMOs (Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, Elder Scrolls, Fallout 76), but none have the same sandbox creativity that SL offers. And it's just relaxing to not have missions to complete or fighting! 😁

@HungProsecutor ⚙︎ Are you fucking kid- Actually no, I'm not surprised at all. Just disappointed as all fucking hell @Twitter WHEN THE FUCK CAN WE DISABLE THIS SHIT SO WE DON'T HAVE TO SEE IT IF WE DON'T WANT TO!?!?

@mikekatchowski @Twitter. Why? We didn't break any rules we only advertise our podcast on this account. You wont tell us what rules we broke how are we supposed to fix the problem?

@pathomas07 @Twitter I don't know why your algorithm thinks I want to follow Franklin Graham (I won't use his tag), even when it's promoted, but I assure you, I do not.

@gangstathot @mikeyswrId @Twitter @TwitterSupport does he realise not everyone has access to education or any other components to build a brand?💀😭

@wakeupworship The difference is, in over 11 years of creating content on here, tweeting, retweeting, interacting with others, commenting, etc. etc. etc., mostly from my personal account, @syssecserv, I'm still not on @Twitter's payroll, and @jack has yet to break me off a piece of his cheddar.

@drugbunnytwit @Facebook is doing it right. Freedom of Speach is alive and well @Facebook. @twitter not so much. @youtube, no way. @Facebook has made a concerted effort to allow all voices both #Conservative and #Libtard to be heard, #WTG @Facebook. An American decision.

@SawyerLogie @Twitter should allow people to use the usernames of perminatly suspended and banned accounts to allow more people to use the names they want. The accounts are unusable anyways so why not let people use their usernames.

@maIikfalahee [email protected] i’m being mocked for not having the voice option this is your time to come through and safe me