Twitter Reviews

Twitter Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-18

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Twitter Reviews: 20 Reviews


Almost Unusable, Support Team Ineffective

I reached out to the support staff over a month ago with a bug I was experiencing that would not allow me to view profiles, read threads/comments, or retweet. We went back and forth for about a week and I was informed that they had heard similar complaints. I tried all of their suggested fixed and did some troubleshooting of my own multiple times between first reaching out and writing this review now. When I responded to the support email telling me they were working on fixing the bug asking for an update, I got an automated message saying that the case had been closed, even though I am still experiencing the same issue and never saw anything close to a fix. So now I'm stuck with a timeline that skips backwards (another bug I discovered recently) and even when I can scroll, I can't do any of the things I mentioned above. I would love for someone to reach out and resolve the issue. On a separate note, it's pretty obvious that Twitter's "personalized" ads/stories on the timeline and explore page are personalized to the interests and views of Twitter and not to the user, as I frequently sees stories I'm not interested in and in some cases, don't agree with or contradict my interests. But that's a completely different issue that isn't just specific to Twitter.


Incredibly volatile and toxic

This platform has gone through many changes mostly changes in a progressive manner for the company and app and all affiliated entities however this place AKA Twitter this social media platform has progressed to far; much like the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun. No one is really free anymore, even on the most ‘free’ platform of the major social media apps present in today’s age. I will not lie and say “I love this app and I use it every day.” But I will say that I will lie and say that “I have hope for it.” There is many levels to which we can utilize and enjoy Twitter however the only advice I can offer is that you do not sell out and that you do not change your policies but instead start changing what you’ve created i.e. cancel culture i.e. freedom i.e. expression i.e. total and complete universally excepted understanding. to put this in a more Laymans term; Devo Farelo. Aspetterò. Aspettare qualcosa richiede pazienza, che non ho, per qualcosa che non riesco a cogliere. Ho bisogno di aiuto, per qualcosa che non riesco a capire, devo portare il mio campione. Se sei là fuori in grado, per favore torna al mio fianco e sii il mio Virgilio attraverso questo primo livello dell'inferno. Una fenice emergerà dalle fiamme della disperazione, così tutti sorgeranno attraverso le ceneri della disperazione, del caos e dell'isteria. Tutti quelli che stanno insieme finiranno insieme. Più forte solo tra le braccia dei tuoi fratelli.


Utter Garbage

“Oops something went wrong. Please try again later,” is the typical response you get when trying to resolve an issue. Twitter’s arbitrary software allows some users to abuse others with impunity, while innocuous posts or singular instances of merely “liking” a post may get you suspended. When you try to resolve the issue, good luck. You will rarely get a human to look at your issue, only an endless circle of useless articles and login tasks which may be impossible if you run both a business account and a private account. The “appeal” option is little more than a memory hole from which you will never get a response, or sometimes an automatically generated instant denial. Twitter does little to control spam or bots. It will disable an account but still send you email notifications linking to it, yet not permit you to login simply to unsubscribe. Deleting arbitrarily suspended accounts is nearly impossible. The user-generated content is poorly and capriciously monitored, often laden with the worst sentiments and epithets so-called humanity has to offer. If you anger someone by promoting human rights or legal reform in the wrong country, you will be locked/suspended without warning. It is a time-wasting garbage app run by those who profit from toxicity and spit on the very ‘rules’ they comically established.


Just allow editing

Just put in an edit option. You hit delete and sometimes the edit function comes up, sometimes it doesn’t deleting everything you wrote. Now everyone has to copy and paste before making an edit making the entire process tedious. Apparently getting suspended on here for to stupidest thing while people get away saying tons of stuff with no moderation on twitters part. Seems very one sided. Appealing a suspension also takes longer than the actual suspension. Bravo Jack. Bravo. 👏🏻a 12 hr suspension is now a 96 hour suspension. It’s pretty obvious how bad the censorship is getting. Also if having a conversation is important, why silence the other side? Great way to divide a nation. Maybe jack is getting paid by China. Oh no, I might get suspended...also trump got modded and banned while people are out there stoking hate and Twitter turns a blind eye because it’s their side. No mods or bans. Twitter is ok with people spreading disinformation and one sided reporting as long as it’s from the left. Double standard. Now the Soviet Union 2.0 is spreading tyranny and violence and Twitter is ok with that because of their communist views. Also if you post something and get suspended for it, you can always screenshot what got you banned and post it. Twitter seems that acceptable.


Twitter’s self-inflicted-fatal mistake

Twitter is a unique platform/company. Several other platforms have tried to compete but failed. Social Media platforms are predicated on members acquiring followers. Members can’t take followers w/ them if they switch to a competing platform. This is also unique. Most companies take care of members; if I switch from an Apple phone to a Microsoft phone, Apple doesn’t own my contacts list; I can transfer my contacts. It is this single feature, holding members’ followers list hostage, that has kept Twitter in business, because Twitter is managed HORRIBLY. Twitter’s bias against, & subsequent censorship of, conservative members is HORRIFYING. If our country weren’t under siege by a coordinated & unprecedented manipulation of news & information, Twitter would be defunct. But in the end, the hubris of Twitter & most Social Media platforms, will be their be their demise. If their corruption succeeds in stealing the 2020 presidential election, they will have effectively put themselves out of business. The success of their platforms is predicated on ‘conflict’ and open debate. If The Left wins this election, they will have succeeded in creating an inevitable Echo Chamber. Memberships in social media platforms will be cut in half. MSM & political pundits/podcasts will be defunct. *The Right will go off The Grid *



I've been using Twitter for a good, solid amount of time but recently a bunch of religiously motivated Tweets have been showing up on my Timeline under 'Based on your likes.' I'm not religious and have not been since I was 10 years old (did not have Twitter at this time). I tried reporting these as Tweets I was 'not interested' in many times and they continue to show up. I'm not going to stop showing Tweets 'Based on my likes' because usually these are cats and bunnies and I like those. However the amount of religious propaganda I'm experiencing is seriously disturbing to me. Even if I did accidentally like a single religious Tweet that should not be cause for them showing up every other scroll. Additionally this should cease to happen after I report that I do not want to see these kinds of Tweets anymore. What kind of sick game is this? As a society it's important to not only respect our individual differences but celebrate them. If everyone operated with the same mindset we would never evolve as a community. Stop trying to not so subtly influence people into adopting an entire different set of spiritual beliefs. It's disrespectful and it's concerning. Please practice common decency and responsibility.



So for about 2 months “WHO’S BEEN VISITING YOUR PAGE?” ads ran under my account & I tweeted probably 20x at Twitter at Jack at Twitter Help or whatever it’s called & you guys completely and totally ignored me. I explained these were not my tweets & that my account was compromised & you never responded or acknowledged my messages or the problem. Very disappointed at how during this time you allow Trump to tweet that he won the election w/o outright calling that false.... This may be an unverified claim? LOL. That is highly suspect & seems to also entertain the notion that Trump could be right when he is knee deep in gaslighting and propaganda tweeting is very dangerous. Also, since the stupid fleet function was added, videos won’t play & many pictures do not fully upload & I even updated the app yesterday & it did not help the problem. The feeling is that you don’t care how Twitter or if Twitter works properly for regular ppl & that feeling is based on Twitter being unresponsive to my technical issues & that Twitter doesn’t do all that it can to make sure it functions properly & worst of all, you let ppl compromise the accounts of others & don’t really care & that you happily spread dangerous misinformation of the Nazi variety & it makes me feel bad that I rely so much on the app & the app is completely unresponsive to me whether it be being hacked, videos and pics I can’t access, or as a dangerous propaganda tool. Sincerely, Marc Donato


Certified Accounts for Government officials.

Certified accounts for government officials and anyone seeking any elected office should be prohibited on Twitter. From the POTUS all the down to the bottom rung of local government; elected, appointed, contracted or volunteered officials who are in a position to influence, or seeking to influence anything regarding public policy should not be permitted to convey their opinions, thoughts or messages via this platform. Why? If Twitter reserves the right to cancel accounts for a perceived violation of community guidelines then this platform is using its social media reach to influence public opinion. Which is fine, however it should be available to them all. If it isn’t, then it should not be available to any. This also includes any Government agencies or publicly funded services. Official web pages should be the only platform permitted to communicate with the public. Twitter should in no way be an official communication platform for any public agency. Unless those agencies and their agents are exempt from censorship by the platform. There is no middle ground or gray area. If the were vetted to receive the certified designation then they are exempt from censorship until they are no longer in that position.


Free speech

My name is Monique. Half Mexican/white. Grew up living in a trailer, little parental supervision. Drugs, truancy, irresponsible, etc. I could have easily been a piece of crap adult, patent and citizen but I choose to do better. Joined the Navy at 19, started going to church at about 28. I’m a wife, mom, retired US Navy, conservative, and a Christian. I have traveled the world and our freedom should t be earned. It’s been hi en to us and we have the blessing of living in a country that we can make choices as I did as a young punk. Our choices change minds, empower people, support others. We can be giving, gracious and loving. We also have the freedom to be what ever we want. This social media platform has a choice. Be a free speech platform or not. I joined twitter just a week ago. Please let’s be better. I don’t agree with many views but I do believe that the majority of people are for the same things (freedom, love, peace). We all can do better. Twitter, you can do better.


Best in Communication and engagement.

Twitter can be a love or hate relationship but all depending on how you use Twitter and all of its features. It’s a social media powerhouse! Our groups love it! We are engaged and our specific hashtags #CRE #CREcommunity #CREfam #womenincre etc., and, the lists that we’ve created over the years keep us in the know and connected worldwide. We’ve shared our commercial real estate deals, we’ve applauded our Wins and the Wins of our community, and shared our frustrations with deals not done, who we are in business and life. We have our #CREinfluencers who take it to the next level with additional engagement, Summits, take-aways, and the like. How could we possibly do all of this without Twitter? Other apps have not provided the same exposure and daily interactions as well as Twitter has for communication, being seen and heard in our daily feeds…just follow the hashtags. 👏👏👏😘


Twitter is awful

I never write reviews because no matter how bad an app is I never really cared enough to write a review, until now. Twitter is one of the most user unfriendly social media apps in existence, it’s impossible to get get locked out of your account for vague unclear reasons that twitter doesn’t even bother to explain, most of the people on twitter are rabid radical tribalists or propaganda bots, twitter is incapable of removing them no matter how many times they are reported, twitter is not family friendly either scrolling through the trending feed you can easily see violence and war from across the planet and their safety filter is so useless it doesn’t catch half of it. Recently my account was locked with no explanation and it took me an unbelievable amount of time and searching to finally get in contact and it turns out it was a mistake on their part. Having users navigate a incomprehensible and convoluted support system to fix your mistakes is just lazy and unacceptable. All in all twitter is a social media app that has such success and no competition that it can continually be the most poorly optimized social media in the world and never make improvements.


Worst Social App

I truly believe that twitter happens to be the worst (popular) social media app. It’s the most frustrating thing when you have random accounts popping up in your feed that you never followed or searched to begin with. There’s also nothing but ads and suggested accounts. There’s no easy way around this either! The only thing I could think of was to block every single account that comes up in my feed, but c’mon, how feasible is that? I wanted to try twitter, but I can never open it now because of how much my feed is filled with accounts and activity I don’t follow/ am not interested in; opening the app and seeing all that stuff now just ticks me off. I also get notifications for tweets and accounts that I don’t care about/never interacted with! I searched and searched for how to work around both of these extreme nuisances but found no quick and or easy fix. It’s a shame… it has potential to be a great app, but their features and the way they designed everything is pure trash, the way they force ads and other peoples account activity into your feed. Imagine following 10 people but seeing 20 people or more in your feed…


Twitter Review

I enjoy the platform on a whole. The other accounts really make it interesting and fun. What I DONT like: The platform has OBVIOUS BIASES. I have had my account restricted SEVERAL times because I defended myself against an obvious troll in the site. These troll accounts- no matter how harassing- racist- bulling they are - still remain. I get told that I “violated” some rule.. Whereas the person harassing me hasn't violates anything. The biases about Covid and people’s right to choose to vax or NOT.. is also obviously against your policy- when discussing medical choices and options- users should be able to discuss a pandemic publicly- because of Social distance social media is some people’s only form of socialization or feedback.. how unfair to take that away because your site is behind vaxxing obviously. Your political biases are also showing like a little girls panties- You obviously support Insurrectionist and liars over decent Americans.. I won’t even get on what it’s like for “Black Twitter”.. people of color on Twitter get treated just like they do in the world.. You look for ANY reason to shut us down.. forever. So, in short.. it’s your other users that keep me.. not Twitter itself.


Review 1

Enjoyed my time on Twitter, I’ve made great friends. However ! Shadow banning, and other levels of censorship are frustrating to say the least. Our mark on this world can only be attained in a limited time frame. You’ve made that battle exponentially greater for conservatives....perhaps a reversal of those positions will right the wrongs. I see progressive tweets daily how conservatives/Trump supporters should be added to list, and sent to re-education camps. Many many conservative accounts are suspended daily for tweeting far less. The glory of our beautiful nation is diversity of opinion and ideology without fear of retribution. Please take time to make everyone’s experience on Twitter fair. In addition, I’ve reported accounts due to pornography, how can that happen ? The A.I. technology should auto delete these disgusting actions. In closing, thank you for opportunity to share this review. Kind regards J-


Perfect for Me

Tweeter, it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t just allow me to post how I feel, but motivates me as well. I feel this is because of the limited character uses and the simplicity of the post. So it’s a lot easier to post what I am feeling at that exact moment, much like a note pad, but with the ability to connect to groups, and movements. I like to say tweeter is for those of us whose mind is always racing and active, and although we would love to share our inner thoughts we have a hard time focusing that long to do, but not on tweeter, it’s quick and easy. Unlike Facebook where so much has to be dedicated to a post you almost get lost in the presentation and forget about the original topic. That’s why I am all about tweeter! I hope they continue to make tweeting quicker, easier, and more efficient for those like me!


Search feature ruined

When I search something specific for example "iPhone 13 Pro Max" I want to see top tweets about the iPhone 13 Pro Max, instead all of the tweets that come up are about Apple BUT not even the company Apple... any tweet with the word Apple in it so the I'm getting tweets about fruit, I'm seeing tweets about football player Eli Apple, I'm seeing tweets from people who have Apple in their name, I'm seeing tweets about Apple pie and all Apple products... literally everything related to the word "Apple" which is NOT what I search. I also tried searching a specific team, if I type in "Miami Dolphins" guess what, every tweet is about the entire NFL and every team or the animal.. barely any about the team Dolphins, it's all about the 49ers, Chiefs, Rams and Bengals. Horrible search features. If I want to read about the entire NFL and random teams I would follow the NFL topic or search NFL.. I don't need twitter forcing the search on my especially for broad things like when I type in a specific phone and I have to see tweets about freaking fruit when I didn't even type the word apple myself.


Terrible updates

Why do you insist on pointlessly ruining things Twitter? They keep making awful updates to drive engagement, but they end deterring users, most notably with the algorithm change. Now they just decided to change the colors such that following/ not is the opposite colors and made a new font people seem to dislike, why? Who was complains about the font and who especially was demanding they reverse colors? And that’s before mentioning their lax hate speech policies in some areas, according to Twitter, telling a Jewish person to ‘get in the oven’ is a ‘funny joke’, but a trans person existing is hate speech Update: even more algorithm pushing now 2 forced tabs so screen space is always taken up by essentially and ad for their algorithm and extra inconveniences to access my normal timeline, they just can’t resist screwing customers for a bit of extra ad revenue. It even directly overlaps your timeline, you are restricted from looking at the tweets of people you follow so they can instead shove more ads down your throat


Review of Twitter per 8 November 2021 subject to updates as needed

Enjoying the intellect It’s refreshing to text with so many diverse and knowledgeable people. My only regret is I’m not remembering enough of my French classes and that I did not try Twitter sooner. I prefer it I wonder how I didn’t realize that I didn’t need the other social media. Dare I say that except for my earlier texts I have to state that I find it interesting and not at all unintelligent. Thank You for the opportunity to both rate and review it. I’m honestly quite surprised at the intellect and deeply enjoy the human discourse thoroughly and with that said let us continue to come together to express our concerns and meet the challenges we face daily head on as mature and vastly different as our cultures will hopefully not that far in the near future be more attuned to one another’s lifestyles and concerns for our fellow man and our planet. Thank You


One’s Choice to Voice There Opinion!

This App what I believed is For , those to Put down how they believe what or how they See to One’s Opinion? What makes you or I rt because we Follow the Parade ?? I Feel one shouldn’t be Banned or H8TD because they retort in Negative/Positive Way ?? But in a Way that helps us all release Anxiety or other emotions that we have built up inside!! That’s why we all have an activity option? To either see how many agree ? Or How many you can Purposely Wind up ? Of course there are those who live for HTRD ? But there’s also those that Love , Respect/ Defend 🇺🇸 to All Enemies Foreign or Domestic ! So This App is another example of WAR ?? But on Social Media ! OPINION is The WEAPON of Choice ! All that are 🇺🇸’s Have A Choice !! To Be a True 🇺🇸? One Must LOVE , RESPECT , and Have Honor to Wake up every Day in the Most Beautiful/Prosperous Country 🇺🇸 on Earth 🌎!



I love the content and have many interactions with old friends and new friends on Twitter. However, i only give 4 stars because of the random technical difficulties I have with twitter. One being i can rarely open the drafts folder, sometimes it works other times (seemingly the important times) it will freeze loading drafts and the app will crash or ill have to reopen the app, to which drafts is still unusable. Also the video player has issues. Sometimes it freezes. Earlier today it continually paused the video on its own instantly after i would touch play it would pause. Eventually like an hour later i tried again and the video played. I’ve had other issues with the video player. Overall i enjoy twitter those small technical difficulties being my main problems.

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Is Twitter Safe?

Yes. Twitter is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,844,334 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Twitter Is 49.3/100.

Is Twitter Legit?

Yes. Twitter is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,844,334 Twitter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Twitter Is 49.3/100.

Is Twitter not working?

Twitter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Julie Wandell
May 15 2022

I’ve been trying to delete my account for days and continually get the Error message “Oops something went wrong. Please try again later “. I have followed Twitter instructions to no avail. Deleted and reinstalled the app, shut down iPad. Need answers, solutions.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Twitter customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Twitter.

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