SmartNews: Local Breaking News Reviews

SmartNews: Local Breaking News Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-02

SmartNews is the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in
100+ countries! SmartNews analyzes millions of articles every day to deliver the
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SmartNews delivers high-quality news headlines and...

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SmartNews: Local Breaking News Reviews

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    Good variety but with a strong left lean

    There is enough variety to see a interesting amount of news and information pieces but a larger portion of liberal left material ( I consider myself a pragmatic).Unfortunately, If you want to find a large amount of race baiting and police malfeasance it is overwhelmingly here. I usually stay away from opening these agenda stories. The generic auto response talks about adding Fox as a preference. "Hi There, Thanks for your updated review! The articles in the Top channel are refreshed regularly, so at any given time you might see more liberal or more conservative news, but ultimately our algorithms are made to provide a balanced perspective. You can easily add Fox News, The Blaze, National Review, Daily Caller, or other conservative sites by going to Discover (last tab on the right), using the search bar, and adding channels. - Nate with SmartNews" I take all right wing and left wing news stories, from Fox, CNN, Atlantic Journal with a large grain of salt. Give me a break with that generic response! Stories from more quality sources such as Wall Street Journal would be helpful. It continues to be dominant left wing race baiting, police hating “victim victim, pay retribution “ but I think that is more indicative of the mainstream popular media. I still enjoy seeing a variety of articles and avoid clicking most of the overtly biased stories. Proceed with your smart filters on.

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    Downloaded because I like these types of apps to read all the news soon as I opened it I could clearly see whoever does this has a hand in the liberal agenda to destroy America it’s way obvious then I read one of their cringe worthy articles and realize they really are scared most the new generation along with older hipsters and all the career students that racked up debt on pointless wemon study degrees etc. are so afraid they’re everyone else will pay for my bills and generally lazy lifestyle don’t fear trump doesn’t even need to campaign watch and see the deplorable will show up faster than you liberals can create voters bus them in from Mexico Canada it’s not even a possible outcome to loose I been over this whole country the last year just count bumper stickers from even the last election most elections even the winners voters take them off but they’re all still on even the Hillary jail ones and I’m pretty sure she has died already or went back to her hole she came from

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    App should be named MSNBC2

    Being fed up with pretty much all media outlets having a noticeable political bias and wanting to JUST k ow what happened, not someone’s analysis of it, I’ve been looking for an app that just gives the news. Let me figure out what it means. an app that I can open up, see what happened in the world today and close it. I gave this app about 4 months. Every time I opened it it seemed to get worse. If there was a Trump/Republican bashing article anywhere on the net, you’ll find it on the front page here. You don’t even have to read the articles to see that everything on this site is for liberals. The titles are hilariously liberal. Don’t think I’ve seen a single article pertaining to the US government or the White House or republican that wasn’t a negative liberal opinion piece. I scrolled through about 5 minutes ago and it was ridiculous. Finally decided to delete it. This isn’t a news site. If you really just want to know what happened in the world today, this is not the site for you. Update: Based on the developers feedback, it’s obvious that anyone who points out that this is a liberal leaning site is told to try Fox News for your conservative views. I’m not even a conservative. Just someone looking for unbiased news and this poser is telling everyone that points out their obvious bias that they’re a conservative and need to look elsewhere for their conservative views. This won’t be around long.

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    Would give 5 but...

    First off, to anyone complaining about it being “left leaning,” use your head for more than five seconds and control your emotions. I mean that seriously. The app is customizable to allow you to choose the exact news sources you want to see, provided they are in the app. Even if (not saying it is), the app is “left leaning”, do what I do. Just read from sources you trust, just add the right leaning channels. Or, get a bit of balance and have both sides presented before you when you open the app.. which is kinda the point of the app if you’ve seen the commercials. Anyways, I would give 5 stars if there’s a bit more customization. Customization on notifications, frequency of notifications, notifications for new stories from specific channels, etc. And, I would love a “Save for Later” feature. I often find myself opening the app, scrolling through, and seeing several headlines that sound interesting but I don’t have the time or just don’t want to read them at the time. Atm I’m just saving the link to those articles in Notes. I’d much rather be able to tap a button or two that saves it within Smart News itself in a “Save for Later” tab.

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    I have been (inundated)as of late, been looking for another platform to get my daily news needs met as I am informe and very interested in social issues in my neighborhood and my country on a daily basis,until recently, “I noticed that as I was reading or might I say(trying )to read a (interesting (ed op)I was repeatedly interrupted by the annoying commercials that you have allowed companies to interject into your forum,as I have to lost track an at times interest in what I have an interest in reading,then I must stop and look for that very small (x) and then try and tap on it with my large thumbs,because I don’t always carry a (stylus all times, well that being said I began looking for an alternative for(you)I’m not interested in commercials while I am reading,it is bad enough when I watch television,I understand you have a need to pay bills but it help if we were at least given an option to look and or listen as opposed to feeling like a (captive in your program,I do like your format as I can go to top and pick and change topics at will, but the commercials just pop up so fast that I get (frustrated,and start looking for another venue..Thank you James in (Sacramento.

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    Big Time Liberal News Aggregator

    Look here, it’s not smart news when I have to physically add stories and sources. If you had good AI, you would know what I read and don’t read, which would give you a sense of what I am interested in, instead of spamming me with all kinds of liberal political news. And here’s the kicker, you defend your system, vice taking my recommendations to make your system better. The fact you refuse to make changes tells me that 1) the system is doing what you want, or 2) you lack the maturity and business sense to operate the business you are selling. UPDATE: Now why don’t you tell the truth? Almost all the stories are big-time left wing stories. Every once in a while you you toss in a conservative website origin story, and you call that balanced. Sometimes I would search for a conservative story and have to dig pages into searches. How about news that is not political, period? Or like I have seen quite a few liberals who think that media such as MSNBC and Huffington Post is centrists...maybe you actually believe that. Anyways, as long as you keep this business model, you will keep me away. Tried a long time but almost all the news is extreme liberal news. There is no balance...and it certainly could not figure out I want real news, not politics.

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    Becoming more social and celebrity news source

    When I first saw the app - was pleasantly surprised on the scope of of the feeds - seemed to collect from all sources. Now it seem too many - perhaps based on trends of what people are clicking on the most from each of the “news sources”. My observation : Looking at the “Top” stories tab it appears to me 50% of the stories are not what I consider news but how some socialite lost their spouse, who is sleeping with who, how a Instagram star was refused service because they were being obnoxious... I generally do not see the value of the stories on that section which is disappointing. To me those types of stories are interesting but it is not news. I know they are eye catching but feels more like buying a family size bag of tortilla chips only finding it 1/4 full of chips and 3/4 air because the product is sold by weight and not volume... I did not want the air - I wanted to chips... HOWEVER the app does most other do not - pull from sources you don’t see on others like Google News, Apple News...etc. I like SmartNews and will continue to use it as my top news aggregator but will generally avoid Top tab.

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    Fair and balanced? It is not! Primary stories are from Huff Post, NYT, Washington Post, NBC, etc. Really? Fox News and just a handful of more conservative media is at the very very end of the list. Any use who gave this app a high rating must be a very progressive liberal. Very despicable of Smart News people to try to deceive the public. This app does not fairly display the stories from ALL media outlets. It just doesn’t. I tried it so I could see for myself. And I will delete this app. Note to the Smart News responder .. “if you want a more conservative view you should add add Fox News, blah blah .. “. why didn’t you program it in there to begin with, so that the app would appear as you advertise it will be on your lame commercial? Why should CONSERVATIVE people have to tweak the app? It should be FAIR to begin with. You see, a very liberal person will think this is great and will continue to believe they are getting fair news. THEY ARE NOT! Shame on YOU! I received an inadequate reply from Nathan telling me exactly what I thought he would say .. same as above. They just don’t get it. What I’m saying is that they should set up a FAIR sampling of media outlets in the first place. Instead, they are setting up LIBERAL publications, and then I have to change my selections. Why can’t you be more fair?

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    Fox News/The Washington Examiner?

    I enjoy the app but I wish there weren’t horribly biased “news” services mixed in with reputable ones. Some “news” outlets are gossipy, completely without merit, or are laughable propaganda. I can’t control the contributors on “Top” news for instance. “TheBlaze, Popsugar, Footwear News, US! Weekly, or People” are not offering headlines that are worthy of my time, in fact, someone perusing the top headlines should rightly conclude that Meagan McCain is the most important person in the world, Brian Kilmeade is second, and Kirstie Alley is tied for third with some random “Real Housewife of Where Ever.” This makes the world look nightmarish. It’s wearing me out sifting through the garbage. I have never clicked on Fox, TheBlaze, PopSugar, Footwear News, TMZ, Vogue, Mediate, The Pluralist, or Entertainment Tonight, yet I am not seeing any diminishment in their prominent representation in the top stories of the day, in fact, I’m finding that the more you don’t click on a news source, because you find it disgusting, the more you see it. Maybe the algorithm is broken. How can I successfully navigate through the day without seeing the”Top” news stories concerning the Kardashians, Tomi Lahren, or the Bachelorette? The advice I’m getting so far is not getting the Jessica Simpson out of my “Top News.” Sad.

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    Biased left wing rag! Couldn’t even get past one topic that gave the story from the middle. UPDATE: your response to my review leaves me with a chuckle. The point of your site is to provide unbiased reporting to the people that have chosen to download this app...UNBIASED! Get it? To have me add or update Fox News et all is ludicrous... 1. I could download their apps. 2. You assume those are conservative sites. 3. You assume I’m looking for a ‘ slant’ to my news. All of which are wrong and ignorant. I’m looking for the news! Plain and simple. YOUR SITE FAILS WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ADVERTISE. I don’t care what your opinion or the opinion of who you paste and copy from is. I want the news straight and to the point. EXAMPLE? Sure... your NFL coverage of the kneeling during the anthem. 100% in line with liberal ideology. You’re nothing more than a cut and paste app. Much like the Patch sites. This is a loser of an app! A fraud! A lie! I’ll gladly let everyone I know not to waste the 10 seconds it takes to download your plagiarized cut and paste crap. Not worth the time or effort. Reviewing you however was more than worth it. You’ve been called out for the charlatan that you are. You can’t even get a simple business model right.

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    Smart, direct, honest

    This is one of only 2 apps that I use for news. I prefer news that is just that: news. The feeds come from a variety of sources and one can choose what one reads. In our unhealthy news climate, there is a present danger of buckling to the insanity of fringe news from actual non-news sites that cater to a select type wishing to reinforce their agenda. This app keeps the news as it is and unfiltered. For those who only want to read their own talking points back and forth in a limited circle squeezing each other off, they can probably tweak their choices to arrive at that too, but how sad. The news is about fair coverage as it is given by long established and sincere journalists. I appreciate such a well written app and the plethora of offerings from news of all types. Please keep up the good work. Do not succumb to those tiny voices who wish to change the very definition of news.

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    Great but needed customization missing

    It’s unfortunate that with an ever-increasing number of sources of info, there is a huge uptick in sources that exist solely to further a particular agenda. (Such sources are not limited to one side of the political spectrum or the other.) It would be HUGELY helpful to be able to create filters to screen out stories from particular sources or even by particular non-reputable “journalists.” It’s frustrating to open an article based on a seemingly noteworthy topic only to find after reading a few sentences or paragraphs that it’s not “news” at all. Having all of this misinformation clutters the app and wastes the reader’s time, making SmartNews (and occasionally the reader) less smart. It’s such a well-designed app that I’ve continued to use it in the hope that such filters would be included in updates. I’ve now all but abandoned that hope and will unfortunately have to explore alternatives that may be less well designed but more efficient in culling—and allowing me to cull—the available news items.

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    Smart News, Bias Notifications

    I downloaded this app because I heard good things about it. Let’s face the facts here MSN is dominated and ruled by liberal bias. You can scream and shout and say otherwise but don’t let that cognitive dissonance get in the way, it is. Conservative/Republican MSM is Fox News and A.M. radio. Thats it. I have to admit, when I first downloaded this app, The homepage was almost split with different news sources. I’d say 40-60 split with liberal news still dominate. But fair. I really enjoy the food and wine pages and some of the entertainment. It’s good to see the contrast for political stories as well. The issue is with the push notifications. Why am I constantly getting news sources pushed to me that are anti-GOP, anti-Trump, and bias news favoring the left? I mean Jesus Christ...I got a couple notifications from sources like Huffington post...they’re nothing more than a glorified blog with bias points of views and zero fact. I like the notifications on my iPhone and watch. But I’m turning them off. I’ve never seen one pro conservative news story pushed to me. There is still a bias here and it’s obvious.

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    The Era of dumb apps continues

    After reading an article and going back to main screen, the application reloads the articles and jumps you to the top. Thanks for losing my spot for two new articles that are actually days old and I’ve already seen, you think. Then begin to scroll through the articles again to try to find where you previously were. With no help at all from the app, this will happen over and over. So you open up the settings believing the creators would give you the ability to prevent such a thing, applications used to provide customizations for almost everything, surely there is a way to prevent this madness. Unfortunately, you only find a couple of unhelpful options and details about the app and/or how to leave a review. The creators appear to know exactly what we want, so I suppose there is no need to let us configure anything. If you’re thinking, all the other iOS news apps do the same thing, you’d be exactly right. Now you know this app does it too and will hopefully save you time from trying this app thinking you’re going to get something better. Which I guarantee is what they want you to think based off their unique name.

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    Biased POC

    SmartNews is another very biased supermarket tabloid. 50% of what they publish is pretty meaningless and irrelevant. Of the remaining 50%, 75% to 80% is pro lib dems. They republish mostly articles that are negative against Conservative Republicans. Booo Hisss After following the instructions I received from the Apple Store, I added the more conservative sources that I believe are far more accurate and trustworthy than all the other Fake News sources. I recommend you put instructions when one first downloads your App so you know how to set it up. I gave you 3 stars until I can evaluate the articles that you select from these other sources. I am returning to my original ONE STAR rating and am deleting the app from all of my devices. Just like the rest of the msm, you are biased. You reprint 80% Lib stuff, 10% other meaningless celebrity crap, and, although I added all of the more accurate, reasonable, truthful conservative news channels, as you suggested, the last 10% is filled with the most negative articles you can find in the “conservative” channels. You are just full of crap and I am advising all of my family, friends, and social media followers to delete the app also. Good bye.

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Is SmartNews: Local Breaking News Safe?

Yes. SmartNews: Local Breaking News is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 537,390 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SmartNews: Local Breaking News Is 38.7/100.

Is SmartNews: Local Breaking News Legit?

Yes. SmartNews: Local Breaking News is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 537,390 SmartNews: Local Breaking News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SmartNews: Local Breaking News Is 38.7/100.

Is SmartNews: Local Breaking News not working?

SmartNews: Local Breaking News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 5 Comments

By Angie
Aug 24 2021

I use to love this app but no more. When you click on a news story it does NOT take you to the news story but to 4 or 5 other stories first or to ads!!! Its garbage now!!

By Iseault
Jul 17 2021

I used to enjoy this app, but now they are pushing harmful health narrative news, through "news" outlets like "The Washington Times" which is just a cousin of Fox. I still can't figure out how to weed out the nonsense. Thumbs down, zero stars.

By Gary stone
Feb 15 2021

All of a sudden I can't open my smart news

By Carolyn Hogue
Jan 27 2021

I just uninstalled your app from my phone, because of the OBVIOUSLY biased views of the news items you publish. As a conservative Republican AND a loyal Trump supporter, I am offended by the accusations against us as promoted by your very biased, and less than factual, reporting!!!

By Martha Brown
Jan 05 2021

I have contacted you before on how I can customize my news feed so I dont have all the liberal fake news shoved down my throat and the response was I could delete what I wasnt interested in.
However, you are only allowed to delete categories, not bias news, and since, my feed has become more liberal!!
The brainwashing will not work on me but you are doing damage to those who may think your news is legit.
You are just another hub in the wheel of progressive activism and I now know that is your objective, so my opinion wont matter.
One day when you grow up and understand what a great country we are now and see the damage you have caused ( along with the rest of the MSM) it will be to late to fix.

I am now uninstalling your app!!

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