Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network Reviews

Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-13

About: Nextdoor is used by nearly 1 in 3 households in the U.S.

About Nextdoor

What is Nextdoor? Nextdoor is a social networking app that connects people in their local neighborhoods. It is used by nearly 1 in 3 households in the U.S. and is available in more than 290,000 neighborhoods worldwide. The app allows users to connect with their neighbors, discover new places nearby, join groups, and find recommendations for local businesses. It also has a local marketplace where users can buy and sell used items, and a section for finding home services and deals.



- Stay connected with your community by keeping up-to-date on neighborhood happenings, connecting with neighbors, local businesses, and public agencies, and receiving free stuff when neighbors give away items they no longer need.

- See what's happening nearby by finding local events, buying, selling, and trading used items, discovering garage sales, and getting recommendations for restaurants and shops near you.

- Find home services and deals by discovering dependable home services in your community, hiring a handyman, house sitter, or cleaning service, finding a trusted local babysitter or pet sitter, and supporting local businesses.

- Share your local expertise and help your neighbors by welcoming new residents, offering local services or sharing recommendations.

- Connect with parents, organize play dates, and bond over shared interests.

- Discover local gems and explore your neighborhood, whether you're new or have lived there for years.

- Nextdoor is built on trust and requires all neighbors to sign up with their real name and address. The app partners with trusted vendors to confirm users are verified neighbors.

- The app is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

- Nextdoor's purpose is to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.

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Key Benefits of Nextdoor

- Quickly post information as they received it about the fire

- Exchange information about how to clear the debris

- Report suspicious activity

- Exchange experiences trying to manage their insurance claims

- Stay informed and connected with your neighborhood and community

- Promote the feeling that “we’re all in this together”

21 Nextdoor Reviews

4.7 out of 5


No longer able to view app in landscape

One of your recent updates eliminated the ability to use Nextdoor in landscape view, only profile. I access Nextdoor on my iPad and always use landscape as it’s easier to balance the device and to read and access the features. I’m using Nextdoor less and less because of this change, hopefully you will bring back the versatility of accessing in either view.
Overall it’s a good app and I enjoy it for the most part. Unfortunately there is a lot of ugliness and meanness that gets by way to often from “neighbors” as the leads evidently can’t keep up with it, reported or not. I think closer monitoring with more leads or other individuals would help minimize this. We as users can’t attempt to correct the people making any rude or mean comments as then we get reported and blocked, and users just reporting the comments and posts hasn’t eliminated those posts or comments quickly enough…if at all. If anyone blocks specific individuals then those individuals can still see those posts and continue harassing and making rude, threatening comments that we can no longer see or be aware of which isn’t right. So I don’t block anyone as I need to know how threatening they are getting…to not only me but to others as well. If people are suspended for bad behavior then the posts or comments that caused the suspension and were reported should automatically be deleted…permanently. They show back up again when someone is reinstated if not deleted.


Deleted my thread on Covid which was a great thread.

Covid is killing people and I created a thread where people could help each other.

You deleted it.

I have a lot to say. First the idea is great. However you took down a thread that was possibly the most useful ever. I had created a thread where any neighbor could express their opinion about Covid and report their actual experience. It worked. People were reporting if the testing was accurate. They reported which drugs or otc meds they were using. They reported what equipment they needed to get through the sickness. They reported what their doctor said and what happened at the e r when they went. They reported on relatives who had died. We had many nurses chime in. IT WAS USEFUL. You deleted it and I never was clear why. You said it might discourage people from getting vaxed. Adults should have every piece of info available to make up their own mind. I recreated this thread without the comments and it was much less useful. I was actually crushed that you chose to take something away. Did you know doctors offer nothing? Did you know pharmacists have no drugs to offer? Did you know my entire family cheated death with 30 days or more of Covid? Do you know my daughter died from an immunization reaction? As did my friends daughter? It was a great and unique Covid thread that was a wonderful resource snd you destroyed it. Shame on you.


Scrolling hitches

Update: I uninstalled Nextdoor (which said it would delete its data), restarted my phone, then reinstalled it. The first couple of times I ran Nextdoor , scrolling was smooth again. What was quite weird is: I didn’t have to log into this app again. So it kept some of my data, somewhere (key store?). It did ask for permission to send notifications again. Anyway, let’s see if the scrolling problem builds up again.

April ‘22 The scrolling hitches are still there. If you keep the panel moving slightly, even by dragging up and down, it will scroll smoothly through pages and pages of content. But the moment the panel stops completely, you cannot scroll at all for 3-5 seconds. Not can you hit buttons. Nextdoor doesn’t heat up the phone, so it’s not stuck in a loop. It just goes idle, and forgets to poll for input. Obviously, QA would have noticed this. So it must be an issue w iPhone 8, only. Maybe a bad assumption about equal update rates everywhere? I’m on the latest OS.

March ‘22: The last few versions have a performance bug where scrolling hitches, and buttons are unresponsive for a moment. No other apps on my iphone8 are doing that. I love the service and seeing local posts. Also, it would be nice as an admin of a group to be able pin/unpin posts in Nextdoor . Right now, you can only do that on the web.


These guys have no clue how to write a decent app

They’ve “revamped” Nextdoor so now you can only see the latest few of your saved items, anything past the few they show is now completely inaccessible.

The new app design is awful, it takes a bunch more taps and scrolling to do what used to just be a couple taps. I primarily use this for the stuff for sale, and they’ve completely messed it up, tons more painful to use and everything is much harder to use!

Nextdoor is very spammy, because you don’t have anyway to exclude topics you aren’t interested in, only to “follow” to see everything. For example, it seems like half the posts are about pets, which I have no interest in, but also no way to disable. There's no way to disable notifications for just one thread, so any thing you ever do or participate in, you'll get harassed and inundated with a barrage of notifications for any active conversation. The only other alternative you have is to never participate in any thread to avoid the barrage of notifications. Yeah, that's an incredibly "smart" way to build a social-type app. Not! And even though Nextdoor supposedly has notifications settings, it seems to ignore them because I keep getting notifications for types of things I’ve clearly disabled. Because of this I have to keep notifications for the WHOLE app turned off, which means I don't see important stuff going on, which really makes Nextdoor pretty useless to me.


What kind of app is this?

Imagine for a minute or two, you have moved into a new neighbourhood and you don’t know anyone including any of your neighbors nearby. You’re right 100% and it’s scary to attempt it. I agree 100%. Your location found at the top will tell other whereabouts you live, not your exact address. Thank Goodness for that! In Nextdoor you will find people from all walks of life including those who use chose words (nasty words) and they will get corrected by other people who use Nextdoor. Complainers will get corrected too. If you post something and it doesn’t sound right to you, let us know and we will be glad to help out. Same goes for what kind of home service, electrical services, roof repair, etc’s to go to find the right person to help you out. You can think of Nextdoor as the yellow pages of your telephone book and never receiving a paper cut. So go ahead and use the services to the fullest and enjoy using Nextdoor and who knows you might even run into an old friend from your elementary school years like I have. Enjoy!


Way too many updates

This is 11 updates in about a month. You should not be fixing this many bugs in production software, and I certainly don’t see that many improvements wing made. Version history should be an honest change log, not just the same canned text every time. My internet service is capped and for me to consume over 1Gb per month just for updates to one app is totally unacceptable.

Previous review:
This is my weekly review of what’s new in this update. Oh, never mind. Can’t find anything mentioned. So I won’t waste time updating Nextdoor . This is a revision of my original review. The version history for Nextdoor’s last 25 revisions is the exact same text. If you are adding features, then let us know what they are. If you are fixing bugs, then you need to do more internal testing before releasing the change to the public. I need to know what is changing before wasting my time and internet bandwidth on non-applicable updates. Nextdoor is useful to me and works well. However, I am annoyed by numerous apps that do a weekly update. Please do more internal testing so you don’t have to update all the time. I really don’t see much in improvements from week to week. I have a slow internet connection, so dealing with 50 apps that need updating all the time is a major pain.


Users Spreading of Opinions Sprinkled with Misinformation and Flat Out Lies

I wish this app would fix this: users seem to be allowed to force their opinion of how others should use the platform and misquote or lie about the community guidelines. I have muted users who attempt hostility like this by using the “mute” feature but the muted users can still see my posts. I don’t want them to see my posts. They are not healthy people and I would really prefer the mute feature behave more like a block. I have seen an unprecedented number of authoritarian types attempting to control how others use your platform and ethically there is a problem with that. I believe we should follow your rules not individual rules made up by local bullies. If there was a way to stop this and have this app intervene when terms and conditions or community guidelines are misquoted by users then user engagement and traffic might go up and it would definitely create a more harmonious experience. Maybe an additional reporting option for misquoting your terms? I have essentially been bullied for standing up for others even though I correctly quoted your terms and conditions, community guidelines. What can be done to resolve this issue? I am 100% certain I am not the only one. Otherwise, I love this platform and would love to continue using it.


Not what I’d expect from nextdoor!!

So I have been a member or user for quite some time and I’ve posted multiple different things to sell from new to used never have I been restricted from signing in until now?? All because this woman who I’ve never met and doesn’t know a dam thing about me send me the most rude,judge mental, racist message but here I am the one paying the price for her actions which is why I rated Nextdoor a one star. Until the situation is properly taken care of and she is warned to stop bullying other member's on Nextdoor then I will change my rating but why am I restricted from signing in? I have always followed the rules and posted as according to the rules but because one woman bad mouths me and assumes based on no literal evidence that I am selling stolen goods. I’ve posted in general if I ever needed advice or help finding a local mechanic I’ve never bullied, never bad mouthed never broken the rules so why am I being restricted ?? Have you even consider looking into her part because I have reported her and have proof of the messages screen shot to my photos that I will be more than happy to show you (this app) treat everyone equally this app and I shouldn’t be assumed anything based on my profile pic or the color of my skin or do I look poor like I can’t afford the items I’m selling so the next bully has the right to assume? No not fair at all.



I hate writing something so inflammatory, but this is pretty important. Because of the design of Nextdoor, you are: a) not able to block anyone b) automatically and permanently linked to the person who invited you c) unable to remove this person as connected to your account d) will always see their picture on your home page. I’m guessing they also get a notification when you join/re-join. When I brought this up to them their response you can “mute” them and they won’t see your content unless you are in the same neighborhood. So if there is a person who makes you feel unsafe in your neighborhood - you cannot block them. If there is someone who makes you feel unsafe and knows which neighborhood you are in - they can change their address to one in your neighborhood to gain access to your feed. I’m also not sure how much of my personal info they have access to (can they see which neighborhood I’m in? What street? What state? My picture?). This is so far beyond unacceptable in 2020. Blocking someone on a social media app is simple feature and should be part of the first round of requirements in the first implementation. I’m already talking to the product team on this, but I think others should know that until this is implemented - your personal safety is not being taken seriously by Nextdoor.


No real privacy

You have no ability to choose not to display your full name. They prohibit anything other than your complete name. You have virtually no privacy at that point their support states it’s because it’s how you introduce yourself to complete strangers. But, I choose what information I give to complete strangers up and including if I am going to share my last name. I find it disgusting that they force it to be shown on the site not allowing the user to decide how much information of theirs is displayed. You can run the site and do a verification process while still allowing people personal display preferences. It’s disgusting and sorry but it’s perfect breeding ground for killers, serial killers, rapist and other. People get your name and your town and if they read enough of your comments I am sure they can use it for a hunting ground so sorry that I think the practice of not allowing someone privacy is disgusting. I thought Nextdoor would be great but it is a little to fascist to me. Until they allow some privacy measures for their users I won’t be utilizing this or any program of the like. I don’t introduce my entire name and area I live in to complete strangers especially not online. Not even my Facebook displays all identifying markers for people. So sorry I think Nextdoor needs to remember that there are sick people out there and they are helping not hindering those sickos.



Initially subscribed after moving to a rural area for local info. and to aid in familiarizing myself I with the new area 2.6 years ago.
In the beginning it was just that, with very little of the toxicity other social networking had become flooded with. I’ve recently deleted Nextdoor . I had to do the same with all other social media 6 years ago for the same reason. Mankind at its core has both compassion and immorality. Compassion, many times genuine, is also often used as a ploy to gain favor with others. This is sometimes referred to as (Virtue Signaling).
Immorality on the other hand is the side people hide, more often then not. It comes to the surface in different degrees, held at bay only by what consequences a person would be forced to deal with at that moment. You see this on display most often with the personality change that takes place as soon as some people step into their car for a drive. Very often it’s shown in the different way a person interacts with people who may in some way be viewed as subservient to them. Children, The waiter at the restaurant, employees, strangers etc…
Social media, including this app, having some potential good uses on another planet, has become THE place where Mankind can finally show themselves without the mask.
Save yourself, save your children. Unplug….


Good intent but not beneficial to the community

I’ve had Nextdoor for over a year. While Nextdoor is useful for certain things going on in your personal community, you find there can also be a negativity by those close to you. In the year that i had Nextdoor I post only one single communication which was to find shelters near me that I could donate clothing to rather than dropping them to a Goodwill or other for profit organizations. The intent was to donate items to people in need in my community rather than give them to mass organizations that in turn use those items for profit. In less than 24 hours of me posting my single post, my entire account was suspended because I chose not to disclose my last name. I believe that info was not relevant to my intent to benefit my community however, someone within my community complained that my last name was not posted & Nexdoor chose to delete my account based of that complaint. I’ve read multiple posts over the past year about petty things such as how to get rid of the homeless or how annoying cyclist are but I find myself suspended for not providing my personal information which was only noticed from a post meant to help my community. Nextdoor supports those that only have negative complaints about the communities it serves but does not support those actively trying to help those in need within those communities.


Your satisfaction will depend on your expectations

I’ve been a this app user for several years. I’ve found it to be an excellent place to post things I have for sale (as long as they’re not vegetables from my garden, eggs from my chickens, quilts I’ve made, etc.). My neighbors have also kept me informed about various criminal activities in the area, events that might disrupt my commute, contractors both good and questionable, and opening dates for new businesses.

On the other hand, discussions about serious and meaningful topics are often flagged for removal, even if the discussion is lively and respectful. this app policies also prohibit neighbors posting services they offer (babysitting, dog walking, house-sitting, etc.) unless the person creates a business page (a bureaucratic tangle few individuals are willing to navigate). Finally, it’s entirely too easy to flag someone’s post without first contacting them to explain the problem.

So, if all you’re looking for is an online forum to learn about which roofers are dependable or get rid of that old furniture cluttering up your garage, you’ll be happy with this app. If you’re thinking you’ll have a place to discuss the positions of your local elected representative or the merits of proposed legislation, or let everyone nearby know about your side business, you’ll likely be disappointed.


Poorly monitored/managed application for neighbors that truly care about their neighborhoods

First off they allow ads for puppies and kittens To be given away for free. It’s a known fact that this encourages those looking for bait for training their fighting dogs and good for their large snakes to pick up these animals. Applications that care about the welfare of animals do not allow ads that list them as free for this simple fact. Secondly the application is full of ads for all kinds of items pasted in between the posts. Thirdly I wrote a post asking my neighbors if they knew when google fiber was going to be installed in my neighborhood as their contractors had put up “no parking “ signs in front of all our homes two weeks ago but no one had started working. I stated in my post that I was asking because I had contractors coming to work on my home that would have to park in front of my home and that I had called the construction hotline provided to us but they did not know when the work would start or who was going to be doing the work so I couldn’t even try calling the contractor to ask. Next door sent me an email an hour after I posted this stating they removed my post because it was “soapbox “. Not sure how that is determined but definitely not an app that is interested in neighbors gathering and sharing information that is pertaining to them.


Nextdoor is a fraud

I created a business page to promote my local landscaping business. It was great for awhile. I got lots of messages and calls from my neighbors for my services. I got good reviews. I was recommended by a lot of people. I posted once every other day and did not message anyone unless they inquired. I kept getting emails saying I was violating guidelines or something and that I needed to create a business page, which my page already was. The messages also said my posts were deleted, but they weren’t, so I was confused. I thought it was just a generic message or an error. One day I made a post, and a “lead” or “administrator” messaged me on Nextdoor . That’s what he claimed he was. He said I need to stop posting advertisements. Kept sending me a link to the rules and terms. Basically he said I could not advertise and if I wanted to advertise, I needed to create a business page. After a couple messages back and forth with this person trying to figure out what he was talking about or what I was doing wrong , this person finally realized it was my business page. So he started back peddling saying this app wants no one advertising, ever. He told me the rules and regulations are misleading. The next day, I was blocked out my account. All my customers are outraged as am I. I cannot contact several of my customers. I lost out on a lot of business.


The good, the glitchy, and the bad customer care

Nextdoor is fine. It’s great for selling because it’s way safer than CL, but it’s really no different than any other social network. Everyone with their inputs and soapboxes is still here. That’s fine though, who cares. What burgers me about Nextdoor is that it is extremely glitchy and their policies make no sense. Every message I receive renders a double notification bubble, you can’t change pics out in your ‘for sale’ listings, even though there is a button to click to change them. You can sit there clicking “remove photo” until the second coming ... It ain’t coming down. So then you have to delete the entire posting altogether and repost it. When you have 15-20 postings, this becomes an issue.

I’ve now moved exactly 1.5 miles down the road, which means (apparently to these guys) MARS, and they take the liberty of deleting my items. Not put their ability to be sold on hold, not muting the post, not even archiving, but simply deleting them altogether. When I contacted customer care about the issue, they said they could do nothing, as this was their policy. Hmmmm. This tells me they have a VERY lazy and/or sloppy coding team and complaisant customer care group.


Great app during a natural disaster

I’m from Ventura which was greatly affected by the Thomas fire, the largest wildfire to date in California. Nextdoor was the best way our city communicated with us during the 3 weeks the fire burned. Through Nextdoor, the city was able to quickly post information as they received it about the fire, when people could return home, where to pick up free masks for the smoke and workshops and resources for those who lost their home. Even after the fire was finally put out and the news crews left, neighbors in the affected areas who had lost their home were exchanging information about how to clear the debris, reporting suspicious activity and exchanging experiences trying to manage their insurance claims. I have learned about the difficulties of rebuilding after a natural disaster through Nextdoor.

I thought Nextdoor was mostly just to buy and sell things with rude people but once our city went through a disaster, Nextdoor became invaluable, informative and helpful for everyone in our city. To the this app app team, thank you for playing an integral part in our city’s ongoing recovery.


Loving it so far!

Just joined in a few days ago and I think I’ll be happy with the concept... Staying informed and connected with your neighborhood and community can make for a better more enriching and fuller life!
Promoting the feeling that “we’re all in this together” can only be a good thing cuz even adults need reminders on etiquette and how to communicate with both integrity and grace, which has sadly been going out of style as of late... Nextdoor can be the platform for recreating a better, bolder, more involving, more compassionate community with informative and inspiring neighbors who can guide us and teach us that we’re really not all that different from one another and most of us just want the same things... To love and to be loved, to be understood as we are and the capacity and openness to understand others without rancor but with respect and compassion.
Well, I’m a dreamer and probably an optimistic, most times, and one can only hope for the best, yet Nextdoor gives us all the opportunity, the voice, and to take action to do more than just hope... one neighborhood at a time...!


I’d give it a higher review if the notifications worked properly

I’m still fairly new to Next Door, but right off the bat, I found it demanding and overbearing. I got bombarded with emails that I never signed up for. I had to adjust my settings to not receive any emails, then I had to sit there and unsubscribe. For push notifications, I said I only wanted Top Posts and responses to my comments or my posts, instead it sends me notifications to things I’ve reacted to, so I’m being spammed with notification requests for things I don’t want notifications for. Perhaps I’m missing something, but it seems like the settings are too basic, it makes me not want to use Nextdoor . I guess for now I’ll just turn off all notifications. There’s a pop up that says “oh you might miss out on ”, but I suppose missing out is better than being bombarded by unnecessary notifications.

It would also be nice to prioritize categories, so that I could receive only notifications for specific categories. Perhaps some people like to buy from their neighbors, but that is considered low priority to me, so I would prefer not to see posts. Am I just missing something or does that feature not exist?


App Usability is Inconsistent

Update: 3 days ago a new update came out and Nextdoor is even clunkier than before. Everything has a delayed action, comments won’t show when there’s more on the thread, and you can’t react to comments. They really need to figure out what’s wrong.

This mobile app has several issues that haven’t been addressed, and seems to be becoming more difficult to use from a software standpoint. Scrolling in Nextdoor is very slow and more often than not it freezes. This is also apparent (as others have mentioned) when you try to add a reaction to a post/comment, it doesn't allow you to do so. Another issue I’ve noticed this for several years and notified the help center (to no avail), is when you scroll through the “Finds” section for more than a few seconds, it heats up your phone significantly. Overall the platform is what it is with regard to social media, but focused more on your immediate town/neighborhood for updates and questions. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of cruel neighbors, but it’s a resource to better to know and avoid those who treat others poorly. Those who complain about “free speech” are the ones neglecting the fact social media is a private business that can regulate offensive and malignant content.


Their information is not up to date

I received an email stating my account with Next door was suspended, when I emailed back and inquired why, they state I have a sex offender living with me and they sent me his file. First of all me my husband and daughter lived in Cloverleaf forest which is a campgrounds so everyone in there uses 910 N Broad Street, however everyone has different lot numbers. I don’t and never did have a sex offender living with us. So now it tells me in an email to contact the local sex registry and explain to them and they can do the proper paperwork to clear the household. I called them and they don’t do any paperwork for this. Ok there is no other way to contact next door to clear this up. Furthermore, I moved from 910 N Broad Street over a year ago and I live on the East Coast of Florida. I had next door app over in Cloverleaf when I lived there, so the community can keep each other informed of what is going on in the neighborhood. So when I moved and I got a new phone I have not used Nextdoor in quite some some almost a year. But they suspend me and any household accounts related to that old address!!! Not sure what to do next since their local sex registry can’t help me. I don’t even know the guy in the file that next door sent to me. Any suggestions would be great and helpful I sure don’t need this crap following me my family and family name.


Awesome APP why didn’t any think of this sooner?!?

Ok so let’s admit it, community and neighborhood values have changed in the past days 10 years. We no longer know our neighbors it’s just not the same. Technology may be part of the reason why, amongst other reasons too but hey if technology is keeping neighbors isolated and not out talking to one another then why not use it to our advantage right? .. and that is why I appreciate Nextdoor so much. It’s a place to share good news, bad news, warnings/alerts... missing pets/items...offer refer promote or inquire about services ... pitch ideas and generally just communicate with one another. It helps maintain a safer surrounding Keeps people aware and informed and I guess is the new way to be a neighborhood.. take what I can get but I have to admit so far there’s been at least 3 incidents in which Nextdoor has benefited me personally ... it’s great. Get your neighborhood involved guys.. it can’t hurt but I can help. Totally recommend the neighborhood least check it out. Thanks to the developers ... one app I’m sure of is this one. Love it!


Unkind Comments & inappropriate language

I check this site several times a day & love to see what’s happening in our area. Sometimes I can help people, or at least encourage them when they have a problem. However, yesterday I was dismayed at the response of one of the “founding” neighbors as he made extremely disheartening comments to a lady who was fearing that a crime may be coming her way due to a man who had escaped from prison. The comments even used the “F” word (though he spelled it out) on this site which was inappropriate language for this wholesome site. How disappointing it was to me & to the lady his comments were directed toward. He simply caused more distress for her as she was already fearing that an uncomfortable event could take place in her own home that very night! Fortunately, our law enforcement officers did a great job apprehending the suspect before he had a chance to reach her. She had simply asked her neighbors to kindly look out for anyone suspicious near her home. Isn’t that exactly what this site is all about - Neighbors helping & being good neighbors?


Oakland FD

I have lived here in Montclair for almost 25 years; and since this app has been available, it is beneficial to read about happenings I might not have been ptivy to; like all of the problems wotg the Oakland Fire Dept this year—-
OFD is more stringent this year than they were after the great fire of 1991 of which I was here—-This is only the second time in all that time I have been cited; and years ago one did not get fined on reinspection if one got cited; what woukd happed is that a crew would come in and bring your property compliant and OFD would bill u; also OPD would post a letter on your door if u were compliant or not ; now one has to go online or now u get a letter in the mail with no phone number to call and get an explabation: how unethical is that—-
Also, I have seen properties in my neighborhood that are not compliant and the work is never done and they are still not in compliance in October—-I say favorites are being played—-
Tree branches have to be cut to at leadt 10 feet off the ground; no bushes next to trees so as to stop the ladder effect for fires—-



When I first joined I joined because I assumed I would be informed in my area of new business openings in town, services needed, companies nearby, etc. My experience has been the complete opposite. The neighbors in a nearby community are very toxic and negative bickering back and forth - it’s worse than Facebook high schoolers. The neighbors take up the majority of the feed and lash at each other which I believe should be against the community guidelines, not to mention both sms messages and emails were coming in filled with these particular messages.
I was looking for this app to be a helpful resource but for some reason I cannot turn that particular part off. I unfortunately live too close to that neighborhood and it continues to pop up so I have decided to sign off Nextdoor , unsubscribe all, and delete it completely. I would love the option to be able to block that community so I can get back and enjoy Nextdoor the right way. It’s really a shame. This is a great app for families in need of many things that other neighbors provide. I can only hope that maybe I am using Nextdoor wrong and don’t know how to turn off that part. Thanks


Drama & Connection issues

1 - if you are asked to become a lead, don’t.
2- connections issues constantly, just don’t ever try to use it on any WiFi
3- Nextdoor was useful at first but really the only thing people use it for now is to argue. As leads we used to have some backup from the powers that be in CA but not so much anymore. It seems I spend all my time voting on repeat police Violations. I know there are supposed to be consequences for those that continuously break the rules but nothing seems to happen anymore. I’ve reported those that have literally made threats to my life just for deleting their post & they are still trolling ND.

There are leads that really try to follow the guidelines and live up the commitment we made in this volunteer position. However, we are attacked over and over for simply requesting that a group of neighbors stop cussing each other out over something like a difference in opinion of dog breed. It really gets silly. I understand why we now vote as to remove or not remove posts but so many leads don’t vote based on policies, they vote because it’s a friend, Family or they are part of the current argument OR it’s their post/comment in violation. I know not everything is perfect but I feel like Nextdoor is missing its purpose when it could be so helpful.


Love this with reservations

This is a great app. Wished we had it years ago. I especially like the classified. It doesn't cost and I know there is an audience that the item for sale will have some review and consideration. On the flip side buying an item from a neighbor will likely have a fair appraisal of good and bad qualities plus a fair price. Best part is Nextdoor fosters connections between neighbors that, especially in winter, would not happen otherwise. It gives that"village" feeling or does for me with those in my neighborhood and beyond. This is what Istated after using it for a short time. Now after 18 Mo, like others, wish it would support 2 neighborhoods as we have a home in another city and spend a fair amt of time there and I would definately participate in that one if there was an easy way to do so. It also keeps asking me to confirm my email although I have done this many times. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 for those reasons.

Carol   1 year ago

This is the SECOND time that my Groups have been deleted or just disappeared. What gives? And, I am an admin in 2 of those groups.

Is Nextdoor Safe?

Yes. Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,563,866 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nextdoor Is 72.1/100.

Is Nextdoor Legit?

Yes. Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,563,866 Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nextdoor Is 100/100..

Is Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network not working?

Nextdoor: Neighborhood Network works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Plans

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

Duration Amount (USD)
Billed Once $0.33
Monthly Subscription $67.67

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