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Published by on 2020-01-06

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Reddit Reviews

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    Great app. Users are way to argumentative

    Like the title says, upvotes and karma and coin rewards only make the problem way worse. People are always trying to prove themselves to strangers for that karma that ANYTHING you say gets turned into an argument. And I mean ANYTHING. It gets exhausting and it stops me and everyone I know that uses the platform from engaging in any way other than up and down voting. Commenting and participating just isn’t worth it. 3 stars because the platform is obviously designed that way on purpose even though most people don’t like participating because of it. I guess they think it raises engagement but I’m sure if the many people who avoid commenting because they don’t feel like arguing would add a lot more engagement. I know I’d participate a lot more often if I didn’t have to worry about having to reply to some A hole with an opinion on a comment I made a week ago. Maybe make upvoting and downvoting a post thing and take the number away from comments like some subs do. Maybe people would be less inclined to circle jerk if there wasn’t a “point” system and more people would join the platform and stop thinking everyone who used reddit is a weeb with no social life that likes to argue with strangers.

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    The most unique and customized social media platform out there

    Many people look at me like I’m a nerd or dweeb when I say something about Reddit, but that’s just because they’ve never used it. Reddit possesses its own culture, comment memes, and sense of humor and it is just delightful. It’s where you can have a simple epiphany that gains you underserved adoration from thousands of random Redditors, and where you might just have the cofounder ask you if you’re his brother (both of which have happened to me, thank you Mr. O’Hanion). Reddit creates a feed based on your interests. There are thousands of subs dedicated to very specific things, many of which you didn’t even realize you were interested in. It’s not like FB or IG where you scroll and hope to find something interesting or relevant to you. On Reddit, the feed is made up of things you subbed to, and after you create a feed, you get to get your hands dirty in the comments... just do it, you won’t regret it.

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    Popular section glitch

    The popular section is kind of broken. The vast majority of posts on there come from r/soccer, r/liverpoolfc, etc. Soccer subreddits. I don’t watch soccer, I don’t care about soccer. So how come a post from r/soccer with 200 upvotes is on the front page ahead of more interesting posts with 10,000 upvotes? My theory is that they’re trying to “personalize” the popular tab. But first: it’s not working, because I’ve never been to r/soccer, I’ve never posted, commented, or upvotes a single thing on that sub. So if it were trying to personalize, it’s doing a bad job. Second: why would the popular tab be personalized? That’s what the regular home tab is for, because it only shows posts from subs you’re subscribed to. The popular tab is just for the most popular stuff on Reddit, regardless of whether or not you’re subscribed there. Basically, this is either feature that isn’t working, or it’s a bug. If it’s a feature that isn’t working properly, let me opt out, because even if it worked properly I don’t want any part of it. And if it’s a bug, please fix it.

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    Welcome to your community

    I’ve known about reddit for a long time. My partner constantly sent me links of such random interesting bits of information, memes, news articles, conspiracy theories, etc. But it always seemed like a scrolling trap to me. I decided to download the app on a whim and shortly after created an account. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about a year ago and the hardest part was having no one in my life to truly connect with over my experiences. I looked for online forums, support groups, even hotlines in desperation. But it all felt surface-level and people couldn’t really share what’s truly on their minds. I was spiraling. I found a community on reddit of people who were in my exact same boat. Reddit provides a platform for people to connect in a relaxed and creative way to share what’s truly in their hearts and minds. There is a subreddit for almost anything. I can’t recommend this app enough.

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    Amazing app, totally recommend.

    This is a great app for things such as news articles, petitions, horrible facebook memes, interesting pictures or videos, or even some regular memes for a good laugh. However, Reddit doesn’t do a very good job of filtering through every post or comment to see if it is appropriate and follows the community’s guidelines. I had made a comment to a post on r/memes, saying “ah yes, those dang cows, always there when you least expect it.” About 3 seconds after I had posted the comment, I got a notification that read “Your comment has been removed as your account does not meet our posting requirements. You can visit....” I was very confused because I thought that the comment was appropriate for said community and did not break any of their rules. Other than that, it is very easy to use and a great way to un-bore you anywhere you are, whether it’s the doctor’s office, waiting for the bus to arrive, in the car, in your room, etc. Please download this app.

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    Good app, Sharing Options are TERRIBLE

    The app works great and is getting better all the time. If you’re here to browse Reddit on your own it works perfectly. However, if you want to share anything you find, you’re in for a confusing time. Reddit feels the need to share the link to the post even if all you’re trying to share is an image. I get they want traffic to their site, but trying to share images via MMS becomes obnoxious because you’re always sharing the image AND the link. In most messaging apps, this renders a preview of the image alongside the picture that was actually sent. So as the sender I either need to delete the link to just send the picture, or give in to their intentions and only send the link. But this is also an issue because sometimes the link opens in a web browser instead of the Reddit app, which then links to the respective App Store, and finally just opens the Reddit app. By the time you’re in the Reddit app you’ve already downloaded, the link was lost from all the app switching and the post doesn’t open at all. My biggest issue is prepending this link to the image share BREAKS Airdrop completely because it refuses to send multiple items of different types, so the only Airdrop option is to only send the link to the post. Despite this, I’ll continue using the app because it’s a solid experience for viewing content. But I’ll cringe every time I want to share something until Reddit lets ME choose when I want to send links.

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    It works well

    I always used alien blue and still have it on my phone. The official Reddit app has crashed/frozen probably 2 times in the past year or so. I don't like the advertisements and never had them on the alien blue app, but I understand it's a necessary evil. I would like the app to have some different features but since I only use Reddit on mobile I don't have a fair view of what's offered on the website or the often lauded Reddit Enhancement Suite; I know I would like to sort by rising, switch between commenting and checking another sub Reddit (to reference or link) without loosing/ having to cut and paste my comment. I feel any issues I have with the app are likely larger issue with the company- for example the report function has gone to crap, you used to be able to just report and presumably a mod would review it but now you have to choose a specific rule that was broken and I think it'll dissuade new users from reporting when they should.

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    Great, But

    The whole app is put together very well with a good system of rewarding the best comments by giving them more exposure by bumping to the top and the “Karma points” is like no other media app that I used. The minimalistic interface of the main page is easily navigated as well. It’s all great, BUT, the political subreddits that are so called “neutral” (/r politics /r worldnews) are 98% left leaning where the posts are predominantly liberal. Due to the demographics of Reddit(large young population/ academics/tech community/ etc) any opinion that questions their narrative or simply doesn’t agree, gets downvoted by the entire community, disproportionally downvoting your comment/post until you have negative karma points inevitably by stating your mind in “neutral” subreddits. There needs to be algorithms that pick up on these patterns that counter balance the bias or remove politics from the app altogether and create a political Reddit separate from Reddit. This will solve the problem of the echo chamber style subreddits and removed censorship from this free speech platform. That is all.

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    Is pretty good. Just avoid the "Pro-vaccine cuz' the Doctors and Jimmy Kimmel tell me so and any evidence you lay out is tinfoil and all studies are by quacks...unless the study supports the lovely PSA's words I have most certainly seen and proclaimed as fact for all to know and besides you're not a doctor so you can't say anything so I'm right"(Slowly turn away with an uncomfortably forced smile) groups. (Yeah. Long. But, I'm on a long trip.) Warned because it's like talking to a pack of hyenas who's teeth were each replaced with a dying brain cell shared by many and any threat to that cell's stability and existence will be met with the veracity of angry giant but the intellect of a remote control's "yellow" button. Other than that parade of a hollow Webster's dictionaries riding in a float motorized by American destiny's canary in the coal mine and moved painfully by squared wheels, it's alright. Enjoy.

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    Frustrating update to comment collapsing

    This review is specifically regarding the current update and not the app as a whole. It's incredibly frustrating to have the method for collapsing a comment be completely changed without any notification other than what was nested in the app updates description. I don't understand why it was changed in the first place from just tapping the upper area of the comment next to the user name, but without any sort of note that it had been changed I spent a few minutes thinking the app was broken, and really only stumbled on the long tap functionality by accident. Would have never guessed to double tap a comment since that's usually reserved for upvoting things in other apps. UX devs, PLEASE don't rewrite core functionality without giving users any update in-app that it's been rewritten. At least give a one-time pop up or something letting me know what it's been changed to.

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    Latest update a perfect example of devs who mess with the ui too much

    Why oh why did the devs place the “give award” button right next to the share button, shifting everything over? Now every time I go to hit view comments, it brings up the share option. Because I’m so used to the old placement. I will truly never understand the though process behind changing UI that has been a certain way for so long. Would it not be possible to reduce the click box size for the share button? Or just move the award button back to its original place? I never leave negative reviews on anything unless something genuinely pisses me off, and well, that button placement genuinely pisses me off. There are many other reasons to give this app 2 stars. Like the fact that you can’t save videos with sound, and the fact that they constantly change the UI more and more just to push you into giving them money. But all I really ask is if something isn’t broken, like the button placement, don’t change/fix it. Thanks.

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    I have watched as reddit, which I so deeply cherished, has become a cespool of alt left liberal ideals so much to the extent it has become unbearable. Today they crossed the final straw by quarantining the_donald perhaps the only mainstream outlet for conservative viewpoints and discourse. This type of censorship is unacceptable and sets a terrible precedent for private companies ability to control and manipulate information going forward. I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you lean on, this type of censorship ship should terrify you. I understand that they are a private company and completely capable of choosing what content gets published, but reddit pretends to be a neutral form of free expression, and thus should behave accordingly. By silently censoring conservative voices, while allowing many other subreddits which partake in much worse behavior than the_d but simply align to their own leftist ideals, they are lying to their users and greatly damaging free expression. Reddit claims to be the front page of the internet, and that upvote/downvote system brings this all together, but what is point if they pick what they want it’s users to see anyway.

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    Good if you’re a democrat.

    This app is filled with wonderful ideas, pictures, videos, and stories but the comment section completely ruin the app. Think of it like this, everyone is a professional about everything they see on the app. They judge you quickly and without a full review of who you are, and they’re from what I’ve encountered mostly leftist. God forbid you actually like your president because they will belittle you to nothing before you can even share you ideas. Even the news section that happens to be one of the biggest subs to reddit is all Trump this and a Trump that instead talking about anything worth a read. Personally, I still use the app even though it’s filled with know it alls and quick to judge liberals because I can cut most of it out by not looking at comments and only following subs where political input has no place and even then people will tether Trump to the situation so if you’re already tired by the constant hate parade on Trump then I don’t think you’ll be interested in this app.

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    Great app - News needs work

    I love the reddit community in general and this app makes interacting with reddit a pleasure. The news section is another story. Without the news tab, I’d give the app a 4 or 5, but this section is super frustrating. For example, your choices for politics is ‘politics’. There is no way to filter out the questionable news sources (which is most of what appears in this feed). As a result this is a complete cesspool of sketchy and manipulative ‘news’. Facebook is being slammed for manipulating perception via misleading information disguised as news, but this feed is the exact same thing. I want to be able to select the sources of news that appear in this feed so I can choose reputable sources and sources that I want to see to triangulate my info. There are polarizing sources of news-like entertainment on both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum that nobody should be reading. The current structure of this feed is contributing to the deepening divide in our country.

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    Overall great app

    I’ve spent countless hours on this app over the past few years so I think I’ve experienced enough to leave a review. Even though I have a few complaints for the website itself I’ll exclude those from this review (this is for the app not the site). My biggest complaint would be the ability to play videos hosted on the app. Most of the time the video takes ages to load or doesn’t load at all. It really hurts the experience because a large portion of the content are videos. As for as searching directly for a post, it’s pretty much impossible. The “search bar” mechanic is completely broken and should only be used to find specific subreddits. Even though there are a few problems with the app it’s great overall. I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in a huge time killer. It’s perfect for people who have a problem with procrastination.

Is Reddit Safe?

Yes. Reddit is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,059,845 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Reddit Is 100/100.

Is Reddit Legit?

Yes. Reddit is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,059,845 Reddit User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Reddit Is 90/100.

Is Reddit not working?

Reddit works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Reddit

@vsgupte007 @sapphicmar @TrekkieRN @feline_charm @ojeffery @reddit It's not an either/ or situation. I'd love to see r/mgtow or the misogynist incel subs banned. I'm also happy about transphobic subs getting banned though. Presumably r/PCOS will be opened again after the mods have purged the hate from there. It's like a TERF spring cleaning.

@capnbastiatslaw @coachblade @AbigailShrier @reddit @jack But also decades of indoctrination has led to powerful people that believe in woke ideology (and not traditional liberal values of free speech). For some, they are fooled into thinking they are courting a vast pool of woke consumers. Thoughts?

@batpatronum @Debs2500 @TheSting17 @reddit this is what women are dealing with and you think it's to 'bully people'... this is the whole problem. you seem more concerned with how the women are being 'mean' than the fact they're being silenced by people who are turning womanhood into a performance.

@ladynonsucre @SourPatches2077 @reddit They are fine when they are beaten, tortured and rape. They are not used to them talking back.

@ProfessionalJu2 Kaite feels safer known she can share a platform with r/RapeFantasies, r/DegradingHoles and r/RapeConfessions but not same sex attracted men and women. Btw @Apple children can get access to that on @reddit app hosted on @AppStore #RedditHatesLGB #RedditHatesWomen #RedditRapists

@darobmg When I first saw this I thought it was going to be a #reddit @reddit thread from /r/softwaregore . I'm not a #softwareengineer nor do I work in #softwaredevelopment but I work in an adjacent industry (#infosecurity #CyberSecurity ) 3/17

@NewsCyberpunk @TheCryptoDomain @Medium @reddit @Twitter @telegram @YouTube $Ghost is P o n z i scheme be careful not to get R E K T. They use con art to look legit investment opportunity. Protect the noob

@IStandWithHer1 @gnarlyfem @reddit + companies doing business with Reddit, all relevant news outlets, etc. They can't get away with this. This would also signal women who are left there adrift to migrate to women-friendly platforms. They would know they are not alone. #BoycottReddit #RedditHatesWomen

@julepparadox @Elizsummerhill @xxJaneDoexxxx @reddit @alexisohanian @rdetrans @talkRADIO It's been suggested on r/Detrans to delete the subreddit or freeze all posts. But that's not even possible, Reddit forbids sub deletion, permits "take over" by hostile parties. #RedditHatesDetransitioners #SupportDetransitioners

@The_Snow_Spirit @crookedbutt @slightlyatsea @reddit I just want to see the shoe on the other foot...please I want trans men to say that gay men should be attracted to their vaginas... If that happened maybe the sh*t I see from trans women wouldn't make me so mad, I'd be like "Look it's not just them, they are all idiots!"

@boshetunmay_ @KCarverXX @reddit I don't wanna say that trans people don't have to fight for their rights, I know that they need it, but I hate this activism made only in order to put down women. If subreddits dedicated to women are ruled by trans women that want only to take advantage on us, it's a huge problem

@kwteaparty Don't forget: Property/technology sold to China via colleges #WuhanVirus spread by CCP @reddit selling deaths to Chinese @SenDianeFeinstein's Chinese agent driver Bidens' China ties. All Americans on Chinese #BloodMoney payroll should be shunned/boycotted/if not prosecuted.

@NotAnAngryGirl @Aguszymite @IStandWithHer1 @gnarlyfem @reddit I'm not talking about employment law. I'm talking about a general constitutional right not to be unfairly discriminated against on the basis of sex under any circumstances. Reddit deleting feminist groups is not an employment issue.

@joyjoyvenus @gnarlyfem @reddit What the hell is wrong with you, @reddit? You're not even pretending that you think women are people anymore. Immediately banning a subreddit where we want to talk about our own damn health with other women but keeping up all the rape ones? You need to ditch the TRAs/MRAs high up

@steven_mcc 1️⃣ Promote your credibility I had been writing online already, but did not truly appreciate just how far you can spread your reach online. Remember to make full use of @medium @substack @IndieHackers @reddit etc.

@MidsummerFire @AstraiaLiberty @PonyMinestrone @ripx4nutmeg @reddit I've done the same. Also need to low score them in the app store.

@feline_charm @AlanMcGinlay @TheCurran73 @mbooton @reddit Apparently, people can be taught empathy.... Of course, if people aren't willing to learn - or indeed recognise that they have a problem....

@JI06OBb_CBO6ODA @CloZeeOfficial @reddit Can't believe my phone broke down right at the time you've been doing AMA. I am never going to recover from this, lol. Sending love from the bottom of my heart your way, Chloe!

@alicewetterlund @Takan_Culain @reddit Also, I am fine with Reddit taking seriously whatever rules it needs to. Not v into their hypocrisy about the application of the rules. So I can't post where someone works if they are a murderer, but public figures are chill to dox on reddit. If I'm reading their rules correctly.

@IronHeaver @coachblade @AbigailShrier @reddit That's what I think too. Little school hall monitors enforcing the rules. Not a job I'd trust to woke brats. Banning anything/one should be reviewed by experienced adults. Then only after direct conversation with the user.


@Swarm64 Our latest blogpost by @andyellicott discusses @PostgreSQL + Swarm64 benefits. A @reddit commenter asks for A/B plan comparisons. Guess what, we'd love to do that! Is TPC-H a good enough initial example? Which comparisons you want to see and read about?

@PKR_Coralie @Manaxium @reddit Perhaps @reddit do not wish for you to use their platform to hold any discussions within there web domain, as stated in your Tweet I advise reading there user agreement: I also advise creating your own media platform to hold any such discussions.

@IAmAMeatPop Ok so we already knew that @twitter is "anti-trump" (user base, not the platform). Now I keep seeing the same comentary about @reddit (users). Maybe people are finally coming around to the truth about that criminal lunatic.

@gwennelsonuk @KCarverXX @reddit It tells you in that very screenshot that the sub's moderators set it to private, not the site admins

@AgingAmazon @adulthumanfema9 @gnarlyfem @WomenReadWomen @reddit You forget that females are not allowed to gather.

@rezkidsinfury @Belstaffie Funny you should say this - @reddit over-hauled their r/pregnancy sub so women can't refer to themselves as 'pregnant women' --- because "not only women can get pregnant" don't you know? #reddithateswomen

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @derspiegel @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @macfound @BillGates @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @UN @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @MittRomney @lisamurkowski @Marvel @dccc @GOP @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenatorCollins @DrTedros @LinkedIn @Microsoft @reddit @YouTube @JoeBiden @NYGovCuomo @antonioguterres @KremlinRussia_E @SpokespersonCHN @whca A fake memoir by my seventh chief of staff; it’s a tell-all — about Russia and me. Ideally suited to be satirized, my tell-all — is funnier, still. It’s my first-person account; and not just about Russia, but China, and the other sundry nations — as well.

@GerdDuerner @TheMachine7253 @reddit People don't have a legal right to representation on Reddit, or any open forum for that matter. Those are private spaces. This means to my understanding that it's up to them who they allow in or not.

@markasenior29 @bocisaro @habesnicht @Unreal1973 @reddit @itsafetish While a ‘Real’ woman would do anything to not have a period, some ‘False’ women go to stupid lengths to imitate having a period, 🙄

@alicewetterlund @Takan_Culain @reddit Is it doxing? I don't think it is if I am not the one who finds and posts the information in the first place. Regardless of who is being doxxed. Ethically I am all for doxing people who are trying to actively murder someone/ commit a hate crime someone on video.

@ogbaro123 @Lasurak @stankynips @NYCJayhawk @reddit @joerogan @joerogancomedy Did you watch the video? Could you explain what the joke is to me? I don’t get it, but I’d love to!

@feline_charm @ojeffery So you are happy that @reddit bans women discussing issues specific to them? And now you are complaining that women are discussing a health issue specific to them on here? You do realise that you don't actually *have* to read it?

@CharltonCelia @bocisaro @Unreal1973 @reddit @itsafetish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 Any money one of them has been mental enough to not fake a period one month and then done a pregnancy test and sit and wait for the results. Any money.

@Haxalicious2 @gnarlyfem @DanielWhiley @reddit Reddit hates everyone, not just women. They seem to just wildly swing the ban hammer around while blindfolded whenever they get an ounce of bad PR. They banned r/BigChungus for fucks sake.

@feline_charm @AlanMcGinlay @TheCurran73 @mbooton @reddit To suggest a person is "weaponising" a traumatic issue, whether assault, cancer or mental health, is insulting & lacking compassion. *You* used the term: don't give out to me because you resent being called out on it. You aren't the only one dealing with suffering.

@Ibrahimsupra @reddit Reddit is dying. Subs being banned left and right. Posts and news not fitting the narrative taken down, comments deleted, users banned. I joined reddit to express and observe the views all around the world not to be fed singular narratives. The Great Firewall of Reddit.

@ChillBonnie @barfin_kitty @ThePsychoGoat @reddit @Endless_Thread @WTHDZ @ComptonCowboys @ApplePodcasts I was just sharing what I had experienced in response to what the previous person was saying, not even in response to Reddit. I did report him and he got banned, no need to be hostile over a screenshot

@HansdieHaesin @QUEEEEEEEEEEEEF @Rationalbot @Aella_Girl @reddit 1. The subreddit wasn’t about raping but about being raped 2. You’re supposed to fight those who raped people, not those who want to

@coachblade @AbigailShrier @reddit Probably just everyday staff. I think that’s what happens at Twitter, too. Not hard to imagine that it’s the 20-somethings who have the training to code online and their bosses can’t always control them. 👉🏼“Cubicle folk” pushing limits. Bosses only find out when complaints ⬆️

@alicewetterlund @Takan_Culain @reddit Right. I did make sure to say the information was not verified. Your level of reasoning is also not what I’m encountering at Reddit. I would have responded differently to a message like “we consider this dozing. You are suspended. Please rectify” but I got BANNED 4EVR BYE

@sapphicmar @vsgupte007 @TrekkieRN @feline_charm @ojeffery @reddit Ah yes, reddit has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to “transphobia” but no problem with rampant misogyny!

@NYLawProgress @OneGaysOpinion @coherentstates @reddit You have a UK flag, and the UK has anti-harassment laws that are arguably harder than America. I don't need my police to do it. I will not be private for long as I am working on a project that involves announcing who I am. I truly don't care, but thanks for the tip.

@batpatronum @Debs2500 @TheSting17 It's not being used for that. Women had entire forums banned from @reddit for discussing female biology, and a woman was temporarily banned from twitter and had to remove a tweet with only the sentence "only women get cervical cancer" bc it was deemed as 'hate speech'.

@CronkiteNewsLab Reddit or Not! Our take on the best (and worst) ways to use @reddit for local #journalism is back on the Most Popular Stories list! 📈

@GenderCritical_ @reddit thinks that encouraging rape does not violate their hate speech rules. But for women to question the right of males to enter female-only spaces—that is hate speech and thoroughly unacceptable, according to them. #RedditHatesWomen #TransTyranny

@feline_charm @AlanMcGinlay @TheCurran73 @mbooton That's what you just did to her. Trans people's rights do not override women's rights. If you have an issue with the #, you should direct your ire at Twitter who suspended a user for stating facts. Women's discussion groups have been taken off or had to be locked on @reddit. /1

@otterX @CapitalSquirrel @reddit @GIPHY @Gfycat @imgur Thanks! I’m afraid to ask, but I’m assuming there’s an app for imgur ?😀

@Takan_Culain @alicewetterlund @reddit That is called Doxing. You are giving people's private information and it is one of the few things that Reddit takes seriously. Every sub has a warning to not put names or contact info. Your ban is deserved regardless if these guys deserve to get fired or go to hell.

@NYLawProgress @OneGaysOpinion @coherentstates @reddit I'm not concerned about that. Go ahead and doxx me all over again. The last guy to do it was arrested for aggravated harassment. Try me.