Opera News: Breaking & Local Reviews

Opera News: Breaking & Local Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-13

About: Opera News is a personalized news aggregator which lets you stay informed on
national and international breaking headlines. It highlights the latest news and
provides the stories that matter to you! Enjoyed & trusted by over 350 million
global users.

About Opera News

What is Opera News? Opera News is a personalized news aggregator app that provides daily news stories from over 500 leading publishers, including international and local news, business news, tech news, travel news, health news, and more. The app features breaking and trending headlines, personalized news, data saving mode, news notifications, and the ability to save favorite stories.



- Daily news stories from over 500 leading publishers

- International and local news coverage

- Breaking and trending headlines from top local and global media outlets

- Personalized news based on selected categories and favorite topics

- Data saving mode that can save up to 80% of mobile data

- News notifications for important breaking news alerts

- Ability to save favorite articles and stories to read later, even offline

- End User License Agreement available at https://www.opera.com/eula/mobile.

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Key Benefits of Opera News

- Keeps me updated with news and entertainment updates

- Can get most all my news on one app

- Helps me find out about everything

22 Opera News Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Hounds you stuff you don’t want to see

OperaNews hounds you over and over to reveal your city. Once you do, just to stop that, it hounds you with endless local crap. There is a “Local” tab, but local stories pop up everywhere. I’m sick of seeing stories about Houston murders, crimes, etc. There is no way to stop it, or to opt out of them.

OperaNews also sends tons of sensationalistic crap from a myriad of sources: Local TV, entertainment mags, obscure rags of all kinds. Between the local crap and the sensationalistic stupid crap, it is hard to find anyone worth reading. I finally deleted OperaNews .

Don’t waste your time!


Whole articles & photos do not appear!

Just got OperaNews yesterday. This morning, none of the articles can be read in OperaNews , and only a partial photo appears! I try opening it and I still can't see the whole article.

Plus, I really dislike that I cannot read this in 'Landscape' mode on my iPad!
I'll give it a couple of days to be fixed, and then I will be deleting it...too bad, because I was starting to enjoy it.


STOP asking me to enable notifications

I get overwhelmed by apps over-notifying me about things, and I made a conscious decision not to enable notifications for OperaNews. I want to open OperaNews when I wanna open it and look at news articles when I want to look at them. Unfortunately, several times since I first opened OperaNews, I’ve been prompted to enable notifications fairly aggressively and OperaNews is unusable unless I force close it and restart it. Apple should not allow app developers to repeatedly ask users for notification permissions after the first time if they say no.


I love opera news❤️

OperaNews keeps me updated with many more things that are happening in our communities, country and the world at large, it gives me news and entertainment updates that I don’t even find on Tv stations. Get this good good app that will keep you updated everywhere you are


Different news sources

I have to say I like OperaNews. I can get most all my news on one app be it local or national. Since the two local news services merged its hard to get a different opinion. At least I can get most of my information in one location



The Media always targeting blacks that’s all I see on here , and God knows we are not the only ones out there committing crimes, but as always racism still exist even in the media, that’s terrible enough the crimes that are being committed but there not only being committed by blacks!!! Smh and you as the media want to paint a bad image for blacks which the damage was already done years ago this has got to change!!! Not saying we aren’t doing crimes I repeat!! But show all race crimes so I rate you a 1 because you’re committing a crime as well !!!


To the news

I glad I got news on my phone because it helps me find out about everything and to everyone of them kids andInnocent ppl gettingTrade it wrong and killed for no reason I pray for everyone of them every night and day bless their hearts and souls


LOVE IT✅✅✅✅✅

I’m embarrassed to say I down loaded OperaNews awhile back but just had some me time so I decided to look at it and get it set up.
WOW 🤩 WOW 🤩 WOW 🤩, is all I can say. What a wonderful refreshing News App. Local and Across the Country.
All I ask please don’t try to keep up with the other TRASHY LIEFULL NEWS.


New user

I haven’t had OperaNews long. I get notifications of something local and it ends up being several states away. Or I’ll open up to read a story from a notification and can’t find it. I’ve browsed through articles, click read more and there is no article- link won’t work. Today all the notice alerts I’ve gotten are old news by 1-3 days. Work out the kinks and maybe I will be back.


Fox News

I don’t understand what the big deal is. If you are still watching Fox News, then you deserve to be lied to. Fox has been making up
Stories for YEARS. Why quit now? When President O’Bama was in office, I thought it was the job of the reporters on Fox News to make racial jokes about whoever they want when ever they want. I hope they fire every one of them and use the air time showing cartoons. You know, good ones like Deputy Dawg or Yogi Bear with Boo-Boo right behind him. Really people, you have lost sight of “real life”.

Janet Reiter


So Many ADs—Very Hard To Read News

Popup ads keep popping up repeatedly and reloading, wasting bandwidth and jerking the news around, page appears, disappears repeatedly. I’m here to read news, not view herky-jerky ads. One ad per page is enough and might then even be looked at. Too many times I have to close the page without reading the news article because it’s obscured with ads.


I love the news that you provide

Just the articles that I read every day and you keep me up-to-date with a lot of things I really enjoy watching news early in the morning evening time to



I’ve been reading this news for 2 years. I’m able to see news happening everywhere in the world.
I’ve had my children to download OperaNews to keep up with the weather the Covid-19 virus and politics..


Great format for a wide array of news!

It’s refreshing to have a platform such as this one to voice one’s views that allows people to express themselves to people with different & similar perspectives! Thank you!


i can't read the news

When I click on the news to read the article, not all of the article appears, there is a break, so I have to open the article in Safari, please fix the problem


All shared links require app to be installed

The links you share from the Opera News app are unusable by recipients unless they install the Opera News app themselves. I consider that unacceptable.

Otherwise, in app experience is good.

As I frequently want to share news links with friends, OperaNews sadly will not work for me.



OperaNews is a scam do not download It makes it seem like something big happened on everything in there ads and in OperaNews and it is nothing DO NOT DOWNLOAD and it takes up so much space


very up to date information

OperaNews is always up to date about the events as they take place


Lack of Cameroon local news under Politics tab

Thanks for the update in including Cameroon local news into your platform.

However, the local news of Cameroon only feature under the ‘For You’ tab. But when the ‘Politics’ tab is chosen, there’s no news about local happenings (news) in Cameroon. Under the ‘Politics’ tab, one can find news about Nigeria, South Africa, USA, etc but nothing about Cameroon will be found here (even if one scrolls to the bottom of the screen or page).

I hope you fix this issue soonest.

I’ll recommend your app to my colleagues in my company once this is done and I’ll give it 5 star rating.



Great read

I look forward to the local news and daytime updates. Gives info on subjects you’re interested in.


No search function

Okay app, but no search function and links to app from other websites take you to the main page instead of the article you are trying to link to. Meh


Same news article over and over again

I can’t tell you how many time I’ve clicked dislike on an article and to request to not show the same category item again. The AI technology which recognized my interests does not work properly.



Too much information and can’t delete from iPad


No search function?!??

In an app that has so much information, how can you not be able to search. Waste of time! Useless!



Love it


Doesn’t work

Try in OperaNews it will work better
Shows nothing on the article I’m trying to see


Needs a lot of work!

No landscape view. Newsfeed is lame! Would use it if it gave me choices for sources of newsfeed. Waste of time! Gossip news not real news.


Old News

I’m seeing articles that are about a month old I want todays news not old news.


Bring back Beta

Opera beta needs new innovation...





Fake news

If you still want your apps on, you better act fast taking the news part of your app cuz very soon you’re gonna be sued for always letting fake news and you trying to bring war for example tribalism, religion and so on and so fort ... you tried enticing people with the giveaway at first, which we never knew it was this devilish thing you’re trying to derive..



Bonsoir comment ça va ?

Rhonda   11 months ago

The site is good at keeping you updated. However, they fail to provide references and sources. Thus, the site is Not credible. They do not provide a source for the pictures used most of the time. This means they can make us believe that a black, white, Hispanic, or Asian person did something foul even though the writer don't no the identity of the person they are writing about. This fuels discord already present in society. My advise to users is to be weary of being race baited by writers who choose not to provide a source even for pictures.

brittany jackson   3 years ago

Tour app allows so many racist people to make racist disgusting comments. You definitely do pay attention to your app. It's so many people violating the rules of your app. If you dont have something in place to catch and stop and remove such comments then you should shut the app down until you fix this. This app is spreading so much hate and you're doing nothing about it.

Is Opera News Safe?

Yes. Opera News: Breaking & Local is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 25,848 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Opera News Is 56.9/100.

Is Opera News Legit?

Yes. Opera News: Breaking & Local is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 25,848 Opera News: Breaking & Local User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Opera News Is 100/100..

Is Opera News: Breaking & Local not working?

Opera News: Breaking & Local works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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