The Guardian: Breaking News Reviews

The Guardian: Breaking News Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-09

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The Guardian: Breaking News Reviews

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    Still the best

    I was introduced to the Guardian newspaper when it used to be called the Manchester Guardian. By my dad. Enoch Powell was bleeding Britain out of its moral compass, Cliff Richard and the Beatles were ruling the waves. Tony Greig was leading the English cricket team. Since then I moved countries and occasionally lost touch with my favorite broadsheet . I would occasionally scour the sidewalks of Calcutta and pick up a seven-day old Guardian that would cost me my entire week’s pocket money. I would keep it by my pillow, till the week after. And then came the internet. The Guardian has been my go to site every few hours on my iPhone. As if my small hands were made to hold the Guardian all the time. Please continue the excellent journalism and writing. Thank you!

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    New logo/icon is disappointing

    The Guardian is great. I read it everyday. I'm dropping a star from my review though because the new icon is so bad. I loved the old logo. The blue circle-masked lowercase "g" was distinct, unique and popped out in a sea of apps on my home screen. The new, black and white, times roman, capital G in a circle feels like any generic news publication. Worse, the app is hard to find now when I scroll through my apps and the widget icon, wow, I can't even tell it's a G. It could be that stupid new uber icon for all I know. Seriously, I understand the world is a depressing, polorizing place these days and the new black/white logo might be meant to represent the times, but please, when Trump leaves office, can we have the old logo back? Finally, Yahoo and the Gap both changed their iconic logos an few years ago. The Gap changed theirs back and still have a business, yahoo not so much. Please don't be the next Yahoo!

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    Reading the Guardian

    I don’t who will read this. I find the Guardian’s ability to include reporting, analysis, reflection and comparison within the same piece constantly refreshing. In the US the ‘serious’ papers separate reporting and analysis. The front page carries the facts without comment although the subject matter may imply treason and an existential constructional crisis. You have to wade through to the opinion sections on back page (pace NYT) for any analysis. Even then, it is a week later and, in order not to appear biased, they include pieces from either side of the fence, no matter where in the swamp the fence has been erected. Some stories - the role of Russian and other oligarch money floating the US property and fine art markets - hang around in plain sight for decades without being reported. When the festering sore breaks the surface, it is with with instant shock and horror - but that is another subject.

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    Great newspaper, but the app redesign is a major step back!

    Latest version took another step backwards! What's with the tiny headlines? Most are one size, but others are small, and virtually unreadable. Make them all the same larger size — or, give readers an option to do that! The recent change in design colors remains hard on the eyes. The red-and-black scheme with BIG, BLACK, bolded headline fonts make the text harder to read and focus on — and more tiring to scroll through. This new version SCREAMS cheap tabloid; a Rupert Murdoch look. Another major step backwards. In contrast, our other iPad still has the previous version on it, with the original blue icon, blue section heads, and regular font headlines. When I used that today, I was struck by how much better it was. Much gentler, easier to read, and more inviting! Please bring back the old color scheme. Or, at least, give users an option of color themes — new, classic, dark, outdoors, etc. You also need to open up commenting on more stories — e.g., even tech stories often omit them, but expert users have much to add. By the way, *stop* adding the “What to Watch” or “Culture” sections to our home pages. We delete it, but after a week or two, they reappear! As to the newspaper itself, keep up the good work! You are an invaluable source of diverse news and progressive perspectives.

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    Great redesign!

    I love the new redesign! I had mostly stopped reading after the last redesign a few years ago - the light weight font (especially in white text over magenta half-device-width squares) was really hard to read. I also found it cartoonish, but the main problem was I couldn’t read it. I went from a daily reader, to just checking occasionally for balance against my other news sources. The new design is bold, more serious, and easy to read. Thank you for respecting my larger type preference. I’m back as a reader! I have ignored, with some guilt, your donation requests. Going forward I’m happy to donate, as the format now allows me to enjoy your valuable content.

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    Please fix the refresh issue

    Since a recent update you must have internet access to read your saved articles. It also use to keep the article you were reading open and in the slot you had read to, even for days. Now it refreshes and if you have internet goes to the top of the article or if no internet a blank page saying no internet. Please put it back to the way it was. I have a flight soon and travel will internet is limited. I have saved articles to read during this time. Please please fix this. Please please tell me you have not permanently changed it to be like other news apps. The Guardian is better keep it that way. PLEASE!

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    Pretty good but used to be better

    The content is distinctly left leaning and usually manages to avoid being too strident, though I have to say it is noticeably a little less sober than it once was. Once upon a time, its format and presentation was classier, more elegant, and easier to read than it is now. Indeed, I was sad to see it lose its white and blue format and its distinctive font. Nowadays The Guardian looks and feels like so many other news sites and has lost much of its individuality. Yet despite the old branding being far better, I still persevere with The Guardian because the quality of its reporting does redeem it a little.

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    My Tiny violin plays for The Guardian

    So let me get this straight, you appeal to the populous for funds to save your (so called) unbiased Guardian, while stating, “No one edits your Editor” (no one puts Baby in a corner, right?) despite his/her blatant ignorance of immigration law. You falsely label those who oppose ILLEGAL entry into our sovereign nation “haters of immigration”. Once again, People don’t hate immigrants, they adamantly and vehemently oppose those who disregard our country’s rule of law. That is not hate, that is tough love, sister! Let me tell you this, you are fools. I won’t waste another minute reading your yellow trash. I had not idea until today how far flung the Guardian had become. You made it clear. You will not understand my complaint because you are not equipped to process this view and that is why your readership is sucking wind. You and people like you are stubborn. At the very least, your editor should be Edited, for sure!

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    I like the journalism just fine, thanks

    2019 jan 6: It has been little over a year since i wrote the older review below and still feel the same. I do have one question, is it more beneficial to anyone by my becoming a subscriber versus keeping my current annual supporter status? What’s different? Older review: After having used the free app for about a year, decided to become an annual supporting member. Revenues generated go back into the journalism and not into any extraneous bells and whistles. (I do not consider providing for a web presence extraneous, these days it becomes a necessity.) I suppose it is my way of supporting the Free Press.

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    Poor UX, UI and IA

    Guardian team, I love The Guardian, I really love The Guardian. You app is making me hate using The Guardian. I get it, you want users to upgrade to premium, and so you give prominent call-outs to part of the experience non paid users have no access to. But placing the hamburger in the bottom right isn’t a natural pattern. And creating more prominence for premium features than the nav is ridiculous. Please fix the nav, it just creates such a poor experience. Once you’ve fixed the Nav can you take a deep look at IA. The visual information hierarchy places important stories on dark grey backgrounds, and further down the page less important stories on bright white. Red headlines aren’t accessible on grey. Then the interaction paradigm. Left and right are taken by your paid features. But hamburger opens a drawer on the left which is different. Put both paid features on the right and keep the left for Nav. Or find a new way to invoke paid features, don’t duplicate. Lastly can you fix the type ramp?? I counted 10+ weights and sizes. It’s really off-putting to the eye. If you fix all of this I promise I’ll pay, just give me visual calm , be organized, thoughtful and intentional about elements. Let the words and images sing.

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    The Guardian is real news

    Please support accurate and in-depth reporting. The Guardian reports from an international perspective, covering world events that are often not picked-up by US news sources. Also; a wide variety of news stories, public interest, and social topics are covered. While their free coverage is broad everyone must accept that The Guardian, (And NYT & WAPO amongst others), must still pay the bills in order to function. So; please provide financial support by buying a paid subscription. [I; in no part, have any business dealings with this or other news sources. I do believe in paying my share].

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    A Worthy Read

    For U.S. (California) readers, this paper provides a news and social perspective of America welcomely different from that of home grown newspapers. Opinion pieces, editorial cartoons, style and emphasis typically have a refreshingly “foreign” take to them. This applies not only to the U.S., but news of the world at large. A fine addition to your other reads. (On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to still have a local newspaper, cherish it and keep that subscription. Where else to find Saturday’s Little League scores, or revelations of which City Hall politico recently got their knickers in a twist, or raided the public purse?)

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    Reliable, Pertinent, Professional and Desperately Needed

    In these “fact free” times where many celebrate, encourage, create and disseminate misinformation, The Guardian is one of the few remaining beacons of evidence and research in this world. I use multiple sources of information to try to confirm news and information for myself. The Guardian is at the top of my list for reliability and pertinence. The Guardian also gets high points for the increasing courage required in these threatening times as one attempts to seek the truth. I appreciate that the Guardian doesn’t try to distract me with trivial entertainment type fluff stories.

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    Why I read the Guardian

    The Guardian allows me to access news that I feel is a break from the corporate press domestically. Their coverage of climate change is hand in hand with activism. Many of the links provided have been instrumental in linking me to networks engaged in social activism. It is this binding of journalism to action (theory/praxis) that is lacking in US print journalism. It tends to encourage apathy. In addition, the Guardian’s long reads I have archived on not a few occasions as their deeper treatment warrants reflection and I appreciate that. This, too, marks a break from the sound byte culture. Peter Stedman

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    No paywall. Honest and diligent leftward leaning news.

    They hold themselves to high journalistic standards one of which prevents them from putting up a paywall. Journalism is essential I wish they would allow you to support them on a sliding scale. My current job situation won’t allow it. Only improvement would be a slide towards the center to fill the void in nuanced and democratically available (free) journalism. They are the last ones standing it seems and they lean so left. Download. Read. Support. Knowledge is our lifeblood and without free journalism we all die of ignorance.

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Is The Guardian: Breaking News Safe?

Yes. The Guardian: Breaking News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 70,153 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for The Guardian: Breaking News Is 64.7/100.

Is The Guardian: Breaking News Legit?

Yes. The Guardian: Breaking News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 70,153 The Guardian: Breaking News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for The Guardian: Breaking News Is 64.7/100.

Is The Guardian: Breaking News not working?

The Guardian: Breaking News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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