OANN: Live Breaking News Reviews

OANN: Live Breaking News Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-13

One America News Network "OAN" delivers a credible source for national and
international news 24/7, including breaking political, business and
entertainment headlines.

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OANN: Live Breaking News Reviews

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    I like the news being very to-the-point, though sometimes I wish they’d include a bit more detail. It’s still a preferred news source for me, though it can’t be my sole news source when lacking detail as it often does. That said, the app is very, very buggy. Often (not sometimes, but often), it just crashes on start or shortly after. The bookmarks have never worked properly. It’s not a new problem. Also, the layout regularly gets messed up mid-use and the article list is too padded with empty space. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they had the idea to put out an app. But this is still beta software and really should never have been released. I’ve written software myself and I’d never put something out in this state. It desperately needs fixing. The only redeeming quality is the news itself, which really could stand to be formatted a bit better.

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    News and Nothing but the News

    Finally a conservative news network that gets what we want, news without commentary, so that we can hear both sides of the issues and make up our own mind. I recommend that you listen and watch this network for it’s fair and unbiased news. Reminds me of how the news use to be, and hopefully will start to go back to in the future. They are good at showing examples about what the point is they are discussing to backup and prove the point that they want to make...like a true reporter should do, without telling us what we should think! I am so tired of all the opinions and biased reporting, thankfully a news network that heard what we want in our news! Keep it up!

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    Yes! We’ve Been Waiting 😁🇺🇸

    So happy to finally have an App, where I can just get the News. Clean, and simple. It’ll no doubt evolve and improve, but please don’t let it get away from you. No long-winded articles and editorials! If that happens, you’ll be just like the rest... full of biased opinion. Keep reports brief and to the point. Let us decide how we feel about the NEWS. That’s how I fell in love with your TV Network. If you’re unfamiliar, share this with friends. Those who only have Cable, likely haven’t heard of it. It’s strange how those big network conglomerates kinda own the cable companies huh?!

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    Needs a lot of work

    The good news is the most important aspect - the journalism - other than distinctly, DISTINCTLY lacking depth, is ok. Nobody’s grinding axes and opinions are kept in the closet. Technically however, the site looks and acts like a high school project with multiple stories behind the headlines completely missing, meaning somebody else needs to be in charge of quality control. Ditto formatting as captions and text body regularly run together while zero-width borders are annoying and misleading. Were there more stories with more detail all could be forgiven, but this is still barely Beta. Please, find the funding and get more people. The site and application, as regrettable for the country as it is, needs them.

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    Yes! Finally, but...

    Nice, simple & small app, just lists articles, no video (yet, I hope!) The “save/bookmark” feature is buggy though, on my iPhone6 with latest iOS. Can select icon to bookmark an article from main list, but dark indicator does not carry through to other views. When I try to open that item from the list of bookmarked items, the app crashes! For just a few simple functions, wasn’t this tested before new app release?? Get on it developers, before a good thing (having a OANN app) makes bad 1st impressions. Go for quality, get it right!

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    Graham ledger and Liz wheeler need a huge bonus they are excellent I hope they stay this way so informative and a blonde that thinks like me whose smart after Hillary there’s hope love listening to her both explain their info and graham when he pauses the pic to explain why what they say is right or wrong this gives those afraid to speak up plus Fox News hannity tucker and Ingraham are just tiring they repeat the same crap over and over don’t let their guest talk too many guest and just nothing burger anymore good job Oann please stay

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    Need video

    My internet provider doesn’t carry your network which totally bums me out. I totally enjoyed with my old provider and am at the brink of switch back because of you. I downloaded app hoping I could enjoy some of your news coverage on video. I have the FOX app and I can even listen to live tv while I’m driving...or wherever I happen to be. Love your network. This is a real drawback for your app. Rooting for your network!

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    Wow! A News outlet that doesn’t suppress “Free Speech”

    So happy to finally find a news organization that speaks the “whole” truth! If I may make one suggestion just from my observation; Most of your reporters, (not all) need to loosen up a little on the screen though. They appear robotic and lack confidence. Maybe the age. Thank you for allowing our voice to be heard and praying you become the #news network . Liz Wheeler is an amazing spit fire! Love her show! 💕🇺🇸🙏

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    Not Ready For Prime Time

    Downloaded and tried this app after visiting their website and liking what I found. But don’t bother with this app right now; stick to the web site. Specifically what I found lacking: - No search function. - Very limited categories of news. Not even a section for politics. Foreign or domestic. (Also lacking on their website for some reason). - Formatting of articles is horrible. Almost unreadable. Certainly not conducive to easy reading. - Articles are absurdly short. - Extremely slow. Selected the category of Business and it was blank. Came back later and found it populated with headlines. Subsequently I timed it and it takes 20-30+ seconds for headlines to appear. - Looked for stories I’d seen on their website, like Chanel Rion’s reports, but couldn’t find them. Surprising, as her reports from the Ukraine should have top billing, imo, not flu shots. If you like OAN, like I do, stick to their website until they do a complete makeover of this app.

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    Love reading ‘untwist-able’ facts

    The only news perspective of national and world news I actually absorb and discern. I would suggest making either a separate app or emphasize involvement with “Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler” ... I watch her show when I can. When I miss it I would like to see what she spoke on and what guests she invited on. Either way I can find out on my own, but this is just a suggestion. Thank you for your time.

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    No opinion news

    I love this app. It’s facts- no BS and not skewed by opinions of the reporters. I was looking for a news source that would just provide the details of the events and leave the opinions and bias out. This is it. I wish I could save articles from the category section. I can from the main page but can’t there. I would recommend this to anyone looking for straight-just the facts news.

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    Glad to finally have this app! Still some issues though

    I have been waiting for this app for a while and am excited it’s finally here! Wish there was an Apple Watch version though, and there are a few bugs such as the story timeline being a little glitchy when scrolling through, and the categories don’t have any articles in them. Also, it would be nice to have a U.S. politics category.

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    Unbiased news

    Long time coming. The need to read the news without bias from leftist leaning “media” reporters is just what I’ve been looking for. Fox News is starting to tone down their unbiased approach whereas OANN is reporting the facts(just the facts, ma’am- Dragnet). 4 stars only because the photos are “cropped”(?). Want to see the whole picture, not just their middle sections.

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    The content we need...in the app we do not

    I hope that someone on the OAN team is reading these reviews... The Good: In a time where we need these stories covered and need to know the truth, you are one of the only news outlets available. Keep up the good work by spreading truth in the face of liberal dominated media lies. The Bad: this app is sorely outdated. Every single ‘article’ is only a picture with a caption. There is very little content beyond the headline. If OAN even hopes to continue to compete with media elites, you need to do the little things right: have a good, high functioning app that delivers substantial, reliable information. Avoid click bait. The best avenue to growth is to attract and inform the young, and in order to do that you need to get the tech correct. I say this as an avid but concerned supporter. We want to see OAN continue, but more than that, thrive! Please consider these recommendations.

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    Great Content but the type is TOO SMALL

    I love your articles, but the type is too small and there is not even a way too pinch and zoom in on it to make it bigger. Please add an option to select larger fonts and to have a blank background with white letters. Many of your readers would benefit from this.

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Is OANN: Live Breaking News Safe?

Yes. OANN: Live Breaking News is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,106 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for OANN: Live Breaking News Is 44.9/100.

Is OANN: Live Breaking News Legit?

Yes. OANN: Live Breaking News is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,106 OANN: Live Breaking News User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for OANN: Live Breaking News Is 44.9/100.

Is OANN: Live Breaking News not working?

OANN: Live Breaking News works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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