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Published by on 2023-12-20

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Reported Issues: 20 Comments

4.8 out of 5

By Oluwadarasimi

8 months ago

You guys put on my payment status that refunded but have not seen my money till now... Pls refund my moey

By Helena

2 years ago

My worst experience with this app. You charged me $7.80 and withdrew $43.00. Please send my refund.

By Precious Adaeze Ikechukwu

2 years ago

I was charged 9700 from flo,I have contacted you guys severally but no solid response please I need my money back

By Irina

2 years ago

The app started to have a problem cuz every time since the last two updates, when I log my period, it is added by a day earlier...

By shantavia

2 years ago

Cancel my subscription and you charged me 43.00 I need my refund

By Manjarazi

3 years ago

Mana duit saya kenapa duit saya kene tolak sedang kan saya tak tekan apa apa duit saya kene tolak rm190 . Pulang kan duit saya ....

By Cynthia J Vincent

3 years ago

I had never seen or even heard of this app, but discovered it TODAY when my card was charged $39.99!!!! I will NOT stop until my money is refunded! I will take every legal action possible, and will leave extremely negative reviews everywhere I can find to leave one! I haven't had a child in 25 years, or a period in over 17 years! Why in GOD's name would I need this app??!!!??

By LaTasha Jordan

3 years ago

I Joined the Flo App on November 20th of 2020, and last Month of December 20th they Charged me $54, and I did not Know that I was gonna be Charged Money for this. I was trying to Download the App that is Free. I Would like to Know how Can I get my $54 back, and Cancel this?

By Khadija

3 years ago

I was using this app since 3-4 years. On 1st January 2021 i have been charged Rs 3550/- for the Premium subscribtion which i had never opt for. I mailed a complain twice for the refund but not a proper response received. A fraud of payment method happened internally too.

By Suman kumar

3 years ago

Worst experience with his app..they just make money by cheating people.i recommend not to use it ever.

By Nadia Boswell

3 years ago

I was charged for the flo app without authorization and emailed them to request a refund..They told me to send my order number so I did that and now there is no response. Please send my refund.

By Julia Newell

3 years ago

I was very upset yesterday when I was charged $49 for a subscription I never had. I contacted Apple for a refund and then went to cancel the subscription but it said I had already canceled and they still charged me anyways. I along with every other woman who got charged for no reason should receive a refund or there will a lot of very bad reviews about this app. Hope to have this fixed at earliest convenience

By Jam

3 years ago

Flo period tracker charged me of yearly premium which is I do not afford, I emailed them to request a refund but they never answered me and I needed that money to pay my bills, now I am anxious because I do not any money left other than that and I desperately need my money back. Is there any way to get is ASAP?

By Jazmine Johnson

3 years ago

I was charged and would like a refund. I don't even have the app anymore and plus I've been using the app for years for free never knew it was a price to pay! Please refund my money!

By Seaira

3 years ago

Coming through because a subscription was accidentally purchased. I sent an email on 9/28 to cancel this subscription I did not want. Received no reply. Now on 10/18 my card is charged 49.99. Absolute BS. I’m going to take legal matters

By Izabel Gonzaga

3 years ago

I have come through this email to request the refund of the $ 49.99 charged late on 07/24/20. At no time did I authorize. I use the app for a few years and never paid anything. I send email they never answered me.

By Tanisha Fredericks

3 years ago

I need to deactivate this app csuse i never new i had to pay any money and i will like s refund of my money that came out of my card yesterday 8/8/20

By kathynicole

Extra features only available with premium

I originally downloaded this app to track my period and my symptoms. I do still like it for that, but I also really loved when more features were added such as giving helpful bits of info about the whole cycle. This info wasn’t always that helpful for me because most of it I knew already, but I do think it’s helpful for younger people. I didn’t learn much about the menstruation cycle in school, and I just can’t imagine much has changed. It was also helpful that they gave you tips seemingly based on the symptoms you plugged in. However today I went to log my symptoms and noticed they added in stories on why we get cramps, etc., but they are all only available to premium users. And when I went to the screen that used to have helpful articles, mostly all of the information is locked for premium users. This is all information that should be provided for free. Now kids are still going to have to wade through inaccurate information on the internet because apps like this are charging for the most basic information. I understand that you need money to survive, but information menstruation shouldn’t only be available to people with money. Also you would think they could get a moderator for the chat rooms or a professional to help answer questions, but no. So the chat rooms and answers are inaccurate and overrun with teens who don’t know anything because apparently female anatomy is only available to people with money. It’s such a shame.

By GeekyGirl007

New update ruined it..

There should really be a way to turn off virtual assist and my daily insights. Some of us came to this app because it was clean and simple, all these new updates and features are ruining that. It’s getting more and more intrusive and cluttered with every update. I don’t need or want all this crap on my screen. If I could toggle it off it’d be great but they give you no options, just shove all this stuff in your face. Why can’t anything be simple? Why do we need advanced AI and health stories on the front page? We don’t! Just a simple app that tracks and predicts our cycles and does it well. Please get rid off all this extra junk or at least give those of us who don’t want it a way to toggle it off. I hate this app now and will be finding a new one. To the developers- please don’t ask me to contact you for a solution. It seems to be your canned answer to every negative review and I will not be contacting you. If there is a solution to this issue or you have future plans to fix this issue, please just let me know here so the whole community can see it too. Nothing is going to be fixed in this situation by me contacting you. You used to have amazing customer service and really care about your users needs. Not anymore, there hasn’t been a genuine reply to any users feedback in a long time. This use to be a great app with caring devs behind it, but I can’t say that is true anymore sadly. Zero stars.

By kennaliz122

Too much for too little

I downloaded Flo when I was a sophomore in high school (now a sophomore in college) and I really enjoyed the app. Back then, the calendar of the app and it’s prediction capabilities were most appealing to me. All of the added perks that came along with Flo such as tracking your symptoms and the available informational articles were something that I enjoyed greatly. There were even little surveys that you could take that I enjoyed doing in my free time! Now, it seems that the creators of the app care more for those who upgrade to the premium version than those who use it for free. While it is expected to have some in app purchases that accompany programs such as these, it is very disheartening to see that you can access virtually nothing without subscribing. While I do still only use the app as a way to track the regularity of my period, I feel that I would be inclined to use it more often if I knew there were more things that I could access that were free. I also find it particularly annoying when I am using the automated messaging feature about something I am curious about with my cycle, I’m led on to believe I am going to get some answers. Instead I am given the go-around and can’t access the information without being pressured in to subscribing. I really enjoyed this app when I first downloaded it, but I am now disappointed in the fact that there is visually nothing that can be accessed unless you subscribe :/

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