Sky News: Breaking, UK & World Reviews

Sky News: Breaking, UK & World Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reviews (30)


Good, but can’t share stories

App is generally good, content interesting and informative, etc. My main complaint is that I can’t share stories from SkyNews via Facebook Messenger. When I tap on the Messenger icon, what gets inserted into the message is NOT (a link to) the story, but just the cover photo. To share via Messenger, I have to switch out of SkyNews , locate the story in a web browser, and share the story via Messenger from there. Messenger sharing used to work in SkyNews but broke in recent updates. (I hope this is not a feature.)


I like sky news except for one little thing

I check sky news every day. The only thing that is sometimes frustrating is when there is a clip of a news video, but no supporting information about the story/video - neither as a separate story or embedded in the video. Quite often there is a written story that you can click to get the info, but sometimes nothing, so you don’t know what it’s about. Not sure why sky does this. Other than that, SkyNews is easy to use and has a good Mx of stories.



Thank you for being very informative about things not only in the UK but from around the world. I’m from the US and all the news stations talk about Trump 24/7 everyday. They don’t report about other things and it’s very annoying and aggravating. Also thank you for reporting about The Royal Family. It’s so interesting. You guys are awesome! 😊👍👍


Might as well watch CNN

At first I thought Sky News would have been more objective about current events in America seeing as how they are based in the UK, but as it turns out, they are nothing more than leftist political hacks. Every story either provides glowing coverage to Democrats while demonizing Republicans. News is supposed to be objective, informing the populus on the who, what, when, where. why, and how, but all this news station serves to do is shove its political ideals down your throat. This is why the people are tired of the mainstream media and are flocking to independent news organizations as an alternative.


Totally reliable and always available!

Living abroad it is so reassuring to be able to get news from home so quickly - it makes things feel much closer and we feel more engaged - thank you Sky News for always being there!


No more USA news

I can’t watch news in the USA any longer. The truth cannot be found. I like UK news about the US because these reporters have no skin in the game. They just report the facts, unlike American journalism that skews all news into their personal bias. Thanks for making SkyNews available worldwide.



Terrific up-to-minute ,and alerts, of not only UK news, but international developing events. It is clearly the most objective of all news sources...including US sources, who have pretty much abandoned objectivity. Its in-depth coverage of an event , coupled with identifying of related news stories is most appreciated and lends perspective .


World News

I live in the U.S. and appreciate your world view coverage. Sometimes I feel so isolated over here with no idea of what is happening around us. this app is an un opinionated no fluff and frills kind of news and doesn't simply seem to be about the ratings like we are in the States. I dig it.


Aging news reporting.

I daily look to SKY on line to get global news updates. Recently, these home page has the same news items read a week before. Daily updates should be in order. John Dumbarton


More pieces we miss from the TV

I would like to be able to watch the news pieces I miss on TV about the various stories. The music put with the short videos are emotive and should not be used in news. It often clashes with the subject... almost comedy at times. I like the analysis pieces by the correspondents. Shame we don’t get to see more of their TV work.


Always first!

I live in California and am always amazed that Sky News, without exception, always sends news alerts before any other news station, local or international. Your notifications are always first, even before the Beeb! I appreciate it. Thank you


Excellent reporting on all the latest news!

I love reading the latest articles on my Sky news app over a cup of coffee in the morning, it gives me a good insight into what’s happening around the world on a daily basis. Thank you Sky News for keeping people like me informed, excellent stuff!


The Best News App

Excellent app, excellent journalism. Love the ability to watch the live news wherever I am. I love that they report the news with no spin- just news as it should be. This has become my favorite news app.


The only reliable source these days

Sky news has blown every other news corporation out of the water. I don’t even live in Australia and I find it more relevant than all of the media sources here in the US.


Best News App

I have used about every higher rated News app.. but this one is so articulate, well-written and precise. It is first class; not yellow journalism. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know what is going on in the world.


Too many ads and alerts

I love sky news. It is my global news paper. But when i launch the application, am reminded about things like cookies and security and other app data that is n the terms of use. I dont need to read it again. Please get rid of those gray boxes. Im reading the news, not going to a security lecture.


Great Reporting

I consistently find Sky to be about the best single source of accurate news available. Concisely written and accurate as well as balanced. All of it interestingly presented. The recent video illustrating effects of storm surge is a good example! Keep the great work.


Much better

How long did we wait for this app to update SkyNews,it’s been around 2 years for the video to be restored,talk about slow,but now you’ve finally got it working,I thank you for that


Arnaldo Bello

Sky News is my primordial news outlet for UK. It is formidable. I life in Puerto Rico and since Brexit I have been very interested how it will end. I work about an hour and half from home and most of the time it is my regular radio frequency I use.


Mostly Unbiased News

I go here daily because US media has moved so far to the left. I see stories here about US events that are not reported by US media. I trust Sky News.


Best News Service In The World

This is the best go to news service if you want accurate, unbiased, and breaking news. Sky News is what other news services aspire to be. Thank you for the awesome app.



Absolutely love Sky news it’s up to date as it happens and the reporters are superb I also love the pledge, living abroad it gives you that little piece of home when you’re thousands of miles away. (Kuwait)


More good news please.

I would like more good news. I find that murderers and mass killers should not have their face on the report.. they should be made not recognisable with blocks. Leila



Sky news is consistently among the best and earliest coverage of news from local and international events. It is accurate, well written and illustrated. I prefer it to the majority of USA coverage


Overseas Englishman

Living in the USA, I like to be well informed regarding the news from my homeland England (Kent) Naturally, (as an ex Servicemen) I like to keep abreast of the ‘Good Friday accord’ relating to Ulster and the Republic Of Ireland, BREXIT, and these changing days of the British Political System. Naturally all news of our Royal Family is very much appreciated. Naturally, your up to date Cricket news/scores go a long way also. Thank you Sky, well received via Apple TV 👍


President Hemmat Enterprises

I have been enjoying the news everyday it is full news tells the as it is


Love this news network.

I’m a South African and read your news network twice a day.


PIP broken

Picture in Picture (PIP) on the iPad app has been broken for months. Efforts to submit a bug report are met only with a nonsensical form response having nothing to do with the issue. Otherwise, a great product.


Brilliant News Service

Sky is simply the best and my #1 go to news app. It is on all the time. Keep it up please!


From the U.S.

Enjoy getting news from a foreign view, informative, and in depth. Keep up the good work.

Is Sky News Safe?

Yes. Sky News: Breaking, UK & World is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 6,036 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Sky News: Breaking, UK & World Is 64.9/100.

Is Sky News Legit?

Yes. Sky News: Breaking, UK & World is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 6,036 Sky News: Breaking, UK & World User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Sky News: Breaking, UK & World Is 64.9/100.

Is Sky News: Breaking, UK & World not working?

Sky News: Breaking, UK & World works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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