Shutterfly: Cards & Gifts Reviews

Shutterfly: Cards & Gifts Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-19

Welcome to your one-stop shop for personalized photo gifts, cards, home decor,
photo books, prints and calendars. Browse endless custom card and photo gift
options: from personalized wedding invitations and save the dates to custom
photo gifts like jigsaw puzzles or blankets, Shutterfly...

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Shutterfly: Cards & Gifts Reviews

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    Awesome company

    I have been making Shutterfly books since 2010 and I’ve grown over the years making Shutterfly books of my grandchildren‘s life. At first I didn’t have a clue what I was doing so I called Shutterfly for help and to this day, the amount of help I received is beyond words. This company has employed people that are knowledgeable, have a lot of experience with computers, patience and most of all, they stay with me on the phone as long as it takes until I understand how to do something. Never once have I thought about going with any other company to make my photo books. This company offers so many items with ongoing sale prices and freebies. I have yet to pay for any of my mailing address stickers or any 4 x 6 pictures. I can’t say enough good about Shutterfly, but what I can say is, this is an amazing company, you won’t find better service anywhere, the prices are always right and I will be forever be grateful for the products that I have always received in a timely manner and best of all, if you’re not satisfied at anytime, Shutterfly is always willing to work with you And every time I’ve called they always before I hang up and say is there anything else they can help me with. I truly feel that as a consumer, this is one company that always makes me happy to have called and receive such great results when all is said and done.

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    Needs lots of improvements

    I used Shutterfly about 4 years ago and I don’t remember it being as difficult to use as it was this time. Loading pictures from ‘browsing’ was only one at a time then you had to start all over again scrolling to find the next picture that you wanted. These were the pictures directly from my cellphone. It worked much better from my shared picture folders where you could select several pictures at a time before loading them to Shutterfly. Pictures did not load or rather stay in the order that I loaded them which was very frustrating. There was not direct initial instructions on how to set up a book and SAVE IT. I started this from the website and the site kept locking up which meant I lost my work because there was no save as you go. I finally set up an album to make my book from but again my pictures did not remain in the order I loaded them...VERY FRUSTRATING! I had to go back and remake the whole book. By this time I had down loaded the app to work from which worked better as far as not locking up like the website. I have another book to make but I dread going through this process again. It is terribly time consuming but should not be! I might consider using another photo book making company but I’ve already downloaded my pictures to Shutterfly. I still have to put them in an album before I can make the book. Then I’ll have to completely reorganize them in my book because they won’t be in the order that I downloaded them into the album. Ugh...

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    Expert and patient tech support staff

    I am a novice with Shutterfly and was trying to assemble a photo book from my iPhone. After 3 separate calls to your tech support order was processed to my amazement and satisfaction. I called 3 times because after first problem I had was solved by your team, I felt I was ok to to continue on my own.. unfortunately, I continued to assemble my book only to run into another hurdle. Your patient tech support rep was supportive of me and spoke to me with empowering words that helped my confidence to continue creating my book. I was able to proceed with my assembly until I reached my third roadblock. By this time I was frustrated and gave up, but this book was very important to me to give to my daughter for graduating college with her MBA degree and my granddaughter graduating with her with her Associate’s Degree. I do not want to but it was important for me to call tech-support again. And the person on the other in once again very kind, very helpful, very patient, very reassuring and talked me through and process and my book was ordered. Just want you to know the character and caliber of people you’ve selected to work with your customers. I appreciate your choices. I neglected to get names this time but I need tech-support again I will have names to pass on to you. I am at 5 Star in satisfaction Shutterfly customer.

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    Baby Book

    This was my very first attempt on doing a baby book ever. I wanted to do a book for my first grand baby. Of course, I wanted it perfect. I was lost on how to even start the project. So I called Shutterfly, they were so kind, helpful, courteous and very patient with me. They held my hand each step of the way!! I spent many many hours doing the book SO MANY details which meant SO MANY decisions to make. But it was well worth the effort. I had originally planned on making a book every 3 months until 12 mos then start doing one yearly. Well, needless to say Nana never got there , now I have my second grand baby and I need to make one for him as well, but trying to find the time is difficult for me especially having to go through 8900 photos!!! OMG I need to learn how to organize my many photos into their own albums so I can make more books. I am Very electronically challenged!! But Shutterfly has wonderful customer support. I wanted to get some free magnets, but I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong so it looks like I am going to miss out on the Special. Keep up the good job Shutterfly. It’s a rare to get any customer service from anywhere theses days, but to get Really Good customer service that is Amazing and Refreshing because that makes Shutterfly stand out ever more!! 👍👍👍

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    Good App, Nice Products, Horrible Shipping

    So I’ve used the app fo a while, made several photo books on it, and it’s ok. I like that I can easily save my photos and access them again. Making the photo books is pretty easy, but don’t make a big mistake, like suddenly changing themes, or all your work will disappear never to be retrieved. Your edits between the website and app don’t communicate nicely either, which is super annoying. My biggest complaint? Their shipping. You’d think you could save some money by ordering two or three books at a time and shipping them at once, but the price to ship nearly doubles or triples with each product of the same kind you add to your cart. And if you’re ordering different kinds of items, like a book and a magnet, well then you’re really gonna pay through the nose. Plus, you’d think it would arrive pretty quick for as much as you paid for it, but you’ve got another think coming; takes nearly two weeks for the thing(s) to arrive, even though you had to sacrifice the child you made the photo book about just to get them shipped. Anyway, I keep using it because I’ve got a lot of pictures in my account and I don’t really want to go through the hassle of transferring them to some other company, so I’ll stick with Shutterfly for a while keep making photo books that sit unordered because I can’t stomach paying $8 for that thin orange envelope.

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    Beyond Frustrated!

    I wanted to love this app. I really did. If it worked right it would be great. Especially because of the deals. I've spent hours making one 8 by 8 photo book because it wouldn't save my project. I started on the app and when I went to order it said "can not connect to Shutterfly check your connection". I had full bars of wifi and everything else was connected and running fast. I finally switched to the laptop. I managed to finish the book despite having to redo most of it. Now I'm still in the process of ordering. 15 minutes later it's still "spinning" I guess verifying my cc. It's "Erky" to say the least. Please Shutterfly fix these bugs and the app will be great! Update! After all my frustrations I’ve used this app several times to send my boyfriend cards, prints, and photo books. He love love love all of them. I can’t tell you how happy he is to get stuff from Shutterfly and always talks about the Orange Package. He gets so many compliments about the photo books and always has me telling other guys gf’s and wives where to get it. So I’ll say all in all I’m satisfied and it was worth it. I was just irritated this day when I was trying to make this book. Since I’ve made several with no issues. Thanks again Shutterfly

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    Hell on Earth

    So...I’m traveling and I needed to order by this morning to get my husband his Father’s Day gift on time. I started trying this morning. I don’t have my password on me since I’m in a different state. So I tried to reset my password and your interface sent me a link to the “Reset your password” button page. When I emailed you you asked for verification of who I was in a way that there is no way I could have done it traveling and I’m not sure I could do it not traveling. All I wanted to do was order a mug for my husband’s father’s day. By the time I get all of this done my phone is at 10% and I am in downtown DC with no charge cable. I spend 24 bucks to get a charge cable so I could use a friends battery. By the time I got a cord the mug will not be there by Father’s Day and I can not get your app to take my credit card. We had to use a backup email my friend had and she created a new account just so I could place the orde, which I could not place until now because the app would not take the credit card information. So now at 10:30 at night the order for a Father’s Day gift went through but will not be there until a week too late. I’m so frustrated, disappointed and upset. What should have been a great experience was horrible. Why do I have to have an account for you to allow me to spend my money. And why are you having a technical glitch that would for me to “prove”who I am. Well I just though you guys should knows

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    Shutterfly is easier to use than the other sites I’ve tried but it still is difficult to use. It needs to have prompts or a chart that explains how to solve basic problems and what different symbols mean. For example: As soon as u select ur photos u want to use for ur book the system automatically plugs them into the pages and chooses the layout To change the order the pics are in and to change the layout then is very difficult. Through much time consuming trial and error I finally got the pages limited to one photo per page like I wanted it but I wanted them in order from oldest to newest and without spending many more hours I had to settle for a mixed up order that makes no sense because I couldn’t remove pics easily and replace them with the one I really wanted on that page. The few I managed to change were just luck. I couldn’t do it consistently because I couldn’t figure out what I did that made it possible. Sometimes what I did made it work and the next time it wouldn’t work. I think the app needs some work. The friend that helped me finish my first book transferred my information to our website. She said she never used ur app because it was too difficult. Several others Ive visited with said the same thing about the app. That it made it too hard to make ur own choices.

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    Best picture service PERIOD

    Vast amount of choices! Ease of use/ user friendliness is incredible! Prices and gifts/freebies are unmatched! And their Customer service is second to none! I spent hours creating items and when I got ready to check out I hit the place order button. I did not realize until I got my credit card notification that my order was almost $100 over what I remember putting in my cart!!! I was relieved to see that unlike any other side I’ve ever visited they had a cancel order option that gave you 30 minutes after your purchase to cancel no questions asked, so I took this option and Then went back to try and figure out what went wrong but when I went back to my cart everything was GONE as well as most all of my saved projects. I was heartbroken because I could not find anyway to get back all the stuff I had to bet I was creating. With not much hope I called customer service and after a short wait time I spoke to an amazing representative that was able to restore my car and reload all the items that I thought were lost!! And the whole process took less than 10 minutes thank you Shutterfly representative!! Sorry I did not catch her name :(

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    Love Shutterfly!!

    This review isn’t as much about the app as much as it is about the company. I have used Shutterfly for several years and haven’t run into any issues until this year. I always order calendars this time of year, two for my in law side and two for my side of the family. There are different events stored in my Shutterfly for each side of the family. Somehow (without me going in and checking to add the events) the calendars for my side of the family came with all events under the calendar section. So my in laws birthdays showed up on the calendar when they shouldn’t have. And I did preview the product. They were not on there when I ordered. I contacted Shutterfly the day they were delivered via email, and they contacted me back within two hours and helped me fix the issue and helped me reorder free of charge with rush shipping. They have been so fantastic to work with, and have wonderful customer service! I will continue to use shutterfly and recommend them always! I do also love the app, it has a few glitches here and there, and I tend to do the majority of my stuff on my computer.. but from what I’ve used the app for, I love it! Thank you Shutterfly!!

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    Excellent customer service made up for terrible experience

    Update: While my first attempt at creating my calendar was really frustrating, and almost all of my pictures were sideways when I double checked my project the morning after I placed my order, the great customer service turned my 1 star review into a 4 star. They were super understanding and cancelled my order so I could correct everything and upgraded my shipping so that I would still be able to get it before Christmas. Original post: Just had a horrible time using the iPad app. Was disappointed that not all of the design options available on desktop were available on the app. After I would finish putting photos into a layout and return to the page later sometimes photos would be missing, certainly hope they are all there when I get my calendar! Also not all photos would drag and drop into all layouts which was extremely frustrating. Even more, when changing the background only the top half of the calendar background would change so it didn’t match the bottom, making it a totally useless feature. Checkout was fine, glad you guys got that working smooth so you can get your money🙄. And excuse me but $8 for shipping after all this was simply infuriating!!!

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    Convenient but super glitchy

    Used the app to make a couple calendars for grandparents. 1. When ordering there was a glitch which I did troubleshooting for over the course of several hours. I called the next day and the customer service person told me to log out and log back in. I asked if my work would be saved, he said “of course, yes,” and come to find out all but one of my projects was recovered after several attempts and his troubleshooting. Service was pleasant but he told me “that’s why you need to use our site on a computer, not an app. There are many issues. Next time only use us on a computer.” 2. When trying to make the calendars and select different layouts often the layout wouldn’t get applied. I would have to click through then go back several times. Often I would go back to pages and pictures would be changed, formatting would be changed, etc. without me knowing it. I’m glad I kept going back over and over. Automatic changes happened about 30% of the time. 3. When trying to apply discounts at checkout each price would increase. For instance, my first total was $75, then after I applied 20% off it was $102, then when I applied free shipping it was $123! I went back, removed the discounts which drew me to this site/app (I could have used another competitor) and paid $75 (ie no discounts, paid for shipping). I love the idea and convenience of this app but the reality is really bad.

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    App has a glitch

    The app is easy to use but is unreliable. I placed orders for making 4x6” photos. I needed 5 copies of each print, as I was making photo albums for my family. I had to hit the plus button for each photo 4 times to get up to the total of 5 for each photo. Obnoxious and time consuming. Placed my order and received it yesterday. Problem is I only received 1 copy of each photo. I thought maybe I messed something up because I looked at the order confirmation and it said only 1 print was ordered for each photo. I assumed it was a mistake on my part...until I placed another order. This time, I placed an order for 3 copies of each photo. Set every photo to 3 copies. Had someone else check to make sure I had put each picture to 3. Again, obnoxious and time consuming. Placed the order and immediately checked my order confirmation. On the order confirmation, most photos said that I had selected only 1 print for each. I immediately canceled my order. So long story short, the app works if you only want to order 1 print of each photo. Any more than that and the app messes up your order. I do like the fact that I can get offers for free products through the app (despite expensive shipping). Overall, Shutterfly has great quality products but definitely disappointed in this glitch in the app, as it made the orders unreliable.

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    Limited and frustrating

    I used to love using Shutterfly to creat my yearly photo calendars, and have been really disappointed in how frustrating and glitchy the website and app have become. I normally create multiple calendars for various family members, and loved the one stop shopping. I was going to create a photo desk calendar, but since you can only create certain projects on the app, it directed me to the website. The website is extremely slow and no longer organized my pictures by month or even in the order I downloaded them, some would come up in order, but others would be randomly placed, making it really difficult to find the photos I needed. When I finally got them downloaded and located the picture, I couldn’t always drag them into my calendar. Saying I was frustrated is an understatement. You also can’t edit projects on the app if you started them online, which is very frustrating when you don’t always have access to a shared computer. The app is very basic and I haven’t figured out if there is a way to share your work with others without giving them your login info. And since I’m making a family calendar, I always share it with the family members before I order. I used to really enjoy making the calendars, and they now have become a giant headache. Will be looking for another platform that will make the process more streamlined and less aggravating.

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    Quality products, not always user friendly

    Pros: Price is good as long as there’s a sale, (and there are frequently good sales). The picture quality is great, and there are a number of good products to choose from. I can upload directly from Facebook, which helps when using a different device for locating the pictures for upload. Cons: If you are not using the right version (desktop version versus app) with the right device, it’s not going to work right. Trying to make a photo book on a mobile device was useless. Using the app just now, the couple of features that I could not find were the option to save my project as I was working on it and the option to edit the photo itself (beyond sizing) in-app. Not being able to save the project with so many pages was scary. There were some instances where the text or photo seemed to do its own thing, and I could not universally apply the same font and size to all the pages, making the project tedious. I know on the desktop version of the site, I can save as I go, but then changing out pictures doesn’t want to work, at least not while using a tablet. Nonetheless, I managed to put together a great book commemorating a great family vacation , and can’t wait to see the end result in the next couple of weeks!

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