Smule: Karaoke Music Studio Reviews

Smule: Karaoke Music Studio Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-11

About: Sing over 10 million of your favorite songs with music & scrolling lyrics! Sing
your favorite songs solo, have fun creating a duet or group performance with
friends, collaborate with other singers from around the world, or sing alongside
recordings of popular music artists! Record with your camera on or off and add
professional audio FX to sound amazing and have fun! With millions of karaoke
songs to choose from, you’re su.

About Smule

What is Smule?

Smule is a karaoke app that allows users to sing over 10 million songs with scrolling lyrics. Users can record solo, duet, or group performances, collaborate with other singers, and sing alongside recordings of popular music artists. The app also offers professional audio effects and video filters to enhance the singing experience. Smule is suitable for both beginners and experienced vocalists.



- Access to over 10 million karaoke songs with scrolling lyrics

- Record solo, duet, or group performances

- Add professional audio effects to enhance the singing experience

- Host or join live karaoke parties with friends and music lovers from around the world

- Record audio-only performances or add video filters and effects

- Sing side-by-side with top music artists like Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ed Sheeran

- Save recordings privately or share them with the Smule community and on social media platforms

- Create personalized voice messages for family and friends

- Practice with on-screen pitch guide and original tutorials

- Search trending hits and sing the lyrics from your favorite part of the song with the Moments feature

- Freestyle mode to record original songs and invite others to join

- Join Smule challenges and contests monthly to win prizes and get noticed

- Upload songs and trending hits to the Songbook

- Subscription options for unlimited access to the full karaoke song catalog

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Key Benefits of Smule

- Relaxing to sing alone or with another person

- Exciting when the app would come out with a new update

- Been using Smule since I was 10-years-old

20 Smule Reviews

4.5 out of 5


Can’t sing full songs now?????

Why in the world would you change it so only vip people can sing the whole song. That just takes the fun out of it. Yes I understand that is how you get money but I have been though so many things with Smule for this? It’s not fair. I have been on Smule for about 2-3 years now but it’s changing too much!! I liked it when we could sing the full songs better. So I hate this update so much!!! You say you are with us when we need anything, but are you really? When we ask for changes you ignore them. I think that others also have the same complaint as me, but still! I want to be able to have Smule with me forever! I don’t want to pay $99 to be able to sing a full song for 1 year. I should be able to even if I am not VIP! I don’t want to delete Smule, but if these types of updates keep happening I’m probably going to delete it. So please. Read this along with all the others that are disappointed. I know you might be busy but you have to care for those that have been with you for so long! You should have multiple workers for CERTAIN things! Not just on updating and singing songs. So please make this become a 5-star rating by you actually caring. Making Smule more fun. I know it’s fun for a lot of people but it isn’t very fun having to sing “moments”. 42 seconds and 10 words? Just please read this. Thank you.


It’s amazing but needs tune ups

I think Smule is amazing. I am able to upload any song I want into the songbook for free and I can sing it anytime I want. I think that feature is amazing. I have been a fan of kpop for a few years and I’ve been able to express my love for this music genre through Smule and I’ve made many singing buddies through live jams. Smule itself is great. One thing that is an issue though, is that there is not a log out option. If you want to log out of one of your accounts you can’t. You have to delete Smule and then reinstall and log in. I feel this is very inconvenient for people who have more than one account. Personally, I have gathered groups of people and created online cover groups and I have one account that is use for those group uploads and it’s basically like and online entertainment account but it’s inconvenient that there is not a log out button/option because I have to delete and reinstall each time I want to switch from my personal account to my other account. Also I think it’s a rip off that when you purchase VIP on one type of device, you don’t have VIP on another type of device. It’s very inconvenient. Also... stream ATEEZ, it will change your life and also. Watch “Victory Song” by Stray Kids and pay attention to the blonde dude in the performance video. Thank you for your time. :)



I have been on this app now for over 3 years and I wouldn't trade it for the world! When I started, I thought I would just sing and maybe join some people who could sing....but it is way more than that. Smule itself is absolutely amazing. It has a huge library of songs and numerous versions and genres of the songs as well as options to sing audio or if you are like me and love the can video yourself. And there are so many other things that I could tell you but there is something else that is more important to me. The Community. Within the community, there are "Groups". These groups are people that have the same taste in music get together and chat, have challenges, support your recordings, join your songs, etc. I have met some that I honestly call my family. They are always there for me when I need to talk or need advice not only about singing but about life. You also have this app members who put together competitios. Those are really fun! All in All, I recommend Smule with all my heart and soul! Thank you this app for helping me find my happy place. And to all my family, friends, and followers...I sure do love you guys!! God bless and stay safe!



Just listen to us for once!

I'm 17-years-old and have been using this app since I was 10-years-old. I remember the days when this app was called Sing!Karaoke and non-VIP members could watch videos and earn credits to open songs. Since then, things have changed quite a bit, and the changes were originally pretty good and were executed pretty well. I used to be excited when Smule would come out with a new update . . . but now I dread it. For the past 3 pr 4 years every update that you guys have put out has been garbage. You continuously supply us with things we didn't ask for and ignore our complaints. There are very simple things that we want: (1) A logout button or way to change between multiple accounts without having to delete and redownload Smule . (2) The ability to unlike collabs. (3) The ability to change the cover art on songs. (4) GIVES US THE OLD FXs BACK! THE NEW SYSTEM IS HORRIBLE! (5) You actually listening to us for a change. You claim that you "hear us", but it's obvious that you don't because we still haven't received anything that we've asked for. There has been outrage over your latest update and I know a multitude of people who are planning to move on to another platform, so I suggest you process this review carefully because everything I listed is not only what I want, but it's what a large majority of the this app Community have been fighting for for years now.


People that “follow” you are a scam

1. I’ve seen A LOT of people complaining that their followers don’t show up in the count on their profile. Look at who is supposedly following you. There are a TON of people that will follow you and then almost immediately unfollow you. So you follow them to be nice and never notice they quit following you. That’s how so many of these people that are terrible singers have 30,000+ followers. It’s why your count never goes up. It’s a scam. 2. My own personal gripe, unless you’re willing to pay $$$ you can never sing alone. You can never sing a song that there isn’t a current invite for. I understand the VIP thing, but maybe let the non VIPs sing one song (of their choosing) a day or something? 3. Hate that you have to go with whatever style the invitee chose now. I don’t want to sound like I’m singing underwater or through a voice changer aka autotune. 4. Watch out for sleazy dudes looking to pick up on you if your a female. They will follow you and then start pm-ing you. I guarantee that 99% of them are using a fake picture. I won’t let my teen use Smule because of this. At least it’s still free to sing with other people so you don’t absolutely HAVE to be a VIP to use Smule . I’ve found a lot of really talented people that have almost no followers because of this.


This app used to be great!

I really used to enjoy using Smule. this app had so much potential. I would try songs often, but rarely posted them to my profile. I wish I would have done that more often. But Smule was fun even for someone just looking to rehearse songs.
I don’t have any complaints about the company trying to make money, but I think they have stifled their community growth by making it a service, and such an expensive service. Wow! That’s a crazy amount of money to ask someone to spend each year just to sing remade/covered sometimes bad quality vocal removed songs. And they now LOCK features like sing solo, or even start a duet behind the paywall. Personally if you want a great community of users that are always making new content for your big paying customers to work with, you would allow at least so many free solo tracks and duet starts per account per month without having to pay $99 per year to use a phone app. I really miss the days of a one time purchase, I get that this is something that needs updates and moderation to an extent, but not everything is a service and deserves rates competitive with Netflix and Disney+.
But that’s just the opinion of someone that used to think that this app was a really promising app before all of the cool features were removed and placed behind a monthly fee.


It’s okay mainly just the style/display

Hey, I noticed you just had an update to fix some bugs and changes, however! For the past few days whenever I try to favorite a recording it doesn’t work. 🤨 it keeps saying there’s an error even when I exit Smule and go back in. And I’m sure y’all have seen from the other reviews that the vip is very expensive. My singing experience have been great so far. I also still really don’t like how y’all changed the style for the singer’s profile. Whenever I want to change my background picture, I hate that it goes to a new screen without letting me see a preview of what it’d look like when I select a new picture. I need to click done every single time I want to choose a new photo from many or adjust. When clicking done it means final and if I want to adjust it, I need to try and remember my exact zooming and placement to adjust to what I thought would be good. Most of my issues are with how y’all changed the layout mainly. Especially how y’all display someone’s recordings and the ‘about’ 🤨🤨 It felt more efficient and easier to see the old way


I love this app but unfortunately...

The VIP purchase got highly out of line... (when I first got this it didn’t have to put vip in there so I was happy without it) Even though I’m able to sing with other people, the part of the problem is “I don’t think I want to sing any of these songs with them, Is there anything else I would try out?” I’ll admit that’s how I am. Because when I get invited to a duet it’s those songs, I probably don’t even know or that it’s not my favorite. Then after I’ve gone threw those I try to sing either solo or maybe put in a duet, but apparently after the time’s has changed, it’s getting a little more boring and annoying now while not having VIP... I still have it but I hardly ever use it now because of it. I’m sorry people who works in Smule but you’ve actually pretty much ruined this over trying getting more money... You probably need it for whatever kinda of reasons but... I’m sorry to say but your being... well... “Extremely Spoiled”... And even though I love Smule ... I’m slowly starting to feel like deleting this not “just” because of how expensive it is... but because I can’t pick what I want to try out anymore either. I love this, but it’s already taking up a lot of space on my device. So this is my result


I love this App not so much now

I love to sing alone and with another person! I find it relaxing! I’m changing that review
I just auto renewed through iTunes my VIP Subscription.
Now for the second time the VIP status is gone! I have sent many e mails no answer! The last time they fixed it and said I should renew through them no way! I called Apple support and they said that there should be no reason why I would have to renew through this app! ITUNES will renew my money within 2 months. When this happened before they told me that there was something wrong and I really didn’t understand. I’m hoping they help me strange thing is I have had Smule since 2014 with no problem what happened this app FIX IT. JUST BEWARE NEVER GO THROUGH this app TO PAY pay through iTunes because they are very good about giving refunds and they don’t take money out when they aren’t supposed Too not sneaky! I am wondering if they take the VIP status away so you go through them that would be terrible! BEWARE PEOPLE!



Hiya! I’ve been using Smule for like six years now. I use it on and off, but when I do use it it is very easy to sing songs and record them and all that technical jazz. A lot of people are now relying on wireless, bluetooth-enabled technology to get through their days. I think it would be awesome to include support for bluetooth microphones! I have wireless, bluetooth earbuds, and when I want to sing a song I am unable to do so without annoying feedback. Smule doesn’t even detect that I have earbuds at all. It just says “headphones recommended” and plays the music through my phone speaker. I could just go out and buy a pair of wired headphones, but with the ongoing pandemic and the financial troubles I’m sure we’re all dealing with, it’s kind of hard to do that. I have no idea how all that technological stuff works, but I would certainly enjoy this addition to Smule . Especially now, since I’m literally trapped in my house 24/7. I also remember when you could earn coins to unlock solo songs, and think maybe that would be nice to add back (maybe just for certain songs). I give three stars because of my current inability to enjoy Smule :(


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Great singing app!

Downloaded Smule a couple of years ago and never used was brought to my attention again by a friend last year... Been singing pretty consistently for 15 months now and having a LOT of fun! I’ve met some amazing people with amazing talent! I’ve found my voice again after not singing for many years all thanks to Smule!
For those that are whining about not being able to sing solos because you aren’t VIP...many VIP singers will record a song and not sing it and put SOLO on it just for those that aren’t VIP, so you can sing too. Go look...they are out there!
My advice to the developers...get rid of auto tune it really makes people that can’t sing..sound even worse! Now about the gifts...really? Those are pointless and juvenile and you only offer 1 free one! Instead, perhaps you can add more options to the ❤️ button..something similar to emojis/emoticons..maybe even make them animated. Last...make it so we can send more than 5 invites when we send out our recordings to our friends/groups.
All in all a great app to sing on, keep up the good work!



I love Smule because I love to sing and it’s super good you can sing with people You can sing like all your favorite songs it is a really good app if you love to sing and stuff like I do and it’s just a lot of fun and like you can just do so much stuff with that you can do popular songs you can do like all types different songs you can sing like songs from around the world like it’s just super cool I don’t know like everything about this but I had it before and I thought is really cool and really fun you guys really need to get this right because I did all stars because it’s a really good app it’s really fun I still need to look into it more because I didn’t look into it all of it but it’s like a really really good fine and if you love to sing like I said this is good for you and you can like practice is it stings are the lyrics and yeah so just give this a bunch of stars you don’t like that’s OK it’s your opinion but yeah I think it’s a really good app so make sure you get is a big thumbs up and you like it sorry didn’t spell everything right I’m trying to say this is a really good app🦄🦄....


Good app, but some things to improve...

First of all, I just wanna say that this app is the best singing karaoke app in the AppStore. I’ve meet tons of people with the same interests and we talk, so getting to meet new people is a plus. I love the option to submit songs to the song book just incase they don’t have it. The only flaws I really have is some bugs and no logout feature. I sometimes help my friends when they go on hiatus, so I need to log into their account right? The only way I can do that is to delete Smule and relogin, which is a real pain. Let’s say I want to start a new profile and switch between the two, it’s so annoying to do it though because there is no logout feature. Also in the vip customize your own profile (which I have) for the color choices, you should be able to put your own color. Let’s say you have a baby pink profile theme going on, yet there is no option for pink. So the main things I really want this app to add is logout feature and choose your own color for vip customization option. Once again I’m not bashing Smule , I’m just saying some things they could add to improve Smule and make it better.


I like it but...

I used sing since 2012 and I love but with the recent updates I haven’t really like Smule as much... First in the past used to be able to watch a Videos to get credits to buy songs or so sometimes they would automatically give you credits on your profile as soon as you login but now you have to be a VIP just to get songs seriously...Second you used to be able to view all your videos from your first everyone to your most recent now you have to be a VIP just to view any of your older posts after two years ago like wow...Third you used to be able to choose if you want to do a solo duet or group song if you don’t have enough credits for the song you got to earn more but now just to be able to do a solo duet or group creation for people to join you also have to be VIP just wow.. it’s really upsetting because some people can’t give VIP i used Smule for a long time now I’m 13 even if I asked my mom to buy VIP on Smule I know she wouldn’t and I know plenty of people are probably upset over the new updates because now you just have to buy vip for stuff like


Please fix this, it’s unfair.

Okay, so me and my friend were chatting on here and we were talking about how it is different compared to prices on different types of phones in use. My fiend has a Samsung phone and put in a complaint in a conversation to me saying how the prices are different compared to V.I.P. and she is not wrong. After she said that she told me it is more expensive on Samsung than on iOS.. I couldn’t understand her because mostly everything is free on Samsung, especially the games!! When I had a Samsung tablet to use it for some school work, it worked perfectly fine. But, I downloaded Minecraft cause in between breaks during quarantine I would stop and play it. So, I was really confused on what she was saying. I am saying, this is a really good app. Just can you lower the prices. It’s really hard for Samsung users. Say if I was a Samsung user and I didn’t have any money. I would be struggling to get VIP if I wanted to get it! It is just really unfair. I hope you understand what I am saying. Thank you this app app creator if you see this message and can fix it. It would help my fellow friend out a lot.. Thank you again this app! I hope you can really fix this problem!! Bye, have a good rest of your day/night.


Can’t Load nor Listen to songs

I have had Smule for two years with a break in between. First time Smule would not load and count followers, I would get messages I had new followers but they would never be added. (So could not invite them to sing with me) I researched this on their site and they simply said it doesn’t matter your number of followers just sing and have fun. Obviously something they didn’t care to investigate nor fix. When signed up again, seems first problem I mentioned was fixed, but I have had nothing but problems loading invites to sing (I get error messages or will simply change screens) and then listening to songs I have done in the past, they WILL NOT LOAD and I have emailed support innumerable times with no resolution. I am told to send them a video? How I have asked to accomplish this with no response. I can use all of the other hundred or so apps installed on my phone along with other singing apps but CANNOT use this one. I have asked several times for my money back since I CAANOT GET Smule TO WORK but they ignore me. They simply don’t care. So if you have a problem don’t expect any help. I CANNOT use Smule but they can use my money. Been going on since June so have wasted enough time.


Great app, but have some flaws...

Smule is great but I don’t like one of the rules. It’s the 100 recordings rule. If you aren’t subscribed or a VIP, you can’t have more that’s 100 recordings. I love Smule. I’m a person that likes to always try to improve on what I like doing and this is a great app to improve your singing voice by singing when you have time. I am in love with music, especially K-Pop. This is also a great app to listen to music. I would be happy if this app would change that rule and let people without the subscription to be able to sing however many songs they want and keep them on their profile. If people want to sing more, but the already have 100 recordings, and don’t want a subscription, what would they do? Do you think that they would just not sing anymore? If someone wants to do something and another thing is blocking them from doing what they want, most people will try. Basically, I think this app shouldn’t have the 100 recording limit to people that don’t have a subscription. I think that this app should take that rule off.


I love it but...

I absolutely love Smule! Being able to listen to people sing that may not have the confidence to in person is just amazing to me. But I can only give Smule a 4 star rating, not because the songs are bad quality or quantity, but because sometimes I get disappointed. There will be times when I look up an unusual song and it won’t be there or it is there but there are no duets. It’s the same thing with old songs, and it really disappointed me the first time it happened. You may ask why I don’t just make a duet or a solo myself, but you need to understand I’m still in middle school and I don’t even pay my own bills yet. Heck I can’t even buy a full meal by myself let alone pay the VIP subscription fee! I hope that the developers will make a change about this, maybe make like a point system where the more songs you sing then the more points you get, and if you get enough points you can create a duet or a solo yourself without paying. Other than that fact this is one of my favorite apps!


Big fan with small issues

I’ve been using Smule for a little over 2 years now and it has become one of my favorite things. Especially because I’m a theater kid and there are TONS of theater songs and people make groups for them and it’s AMAZING. But I only give it 4 stars because it has a lot of stupid updates, for example, the newly installed gifts that are pointless, you need VIP or a lot of VIP friends to do a lot of things in Smule, and sometimes the notifications just stop working even though they are on in Smule and device settings. Also it took them years to get Bluetooth enabled, and we’ve been asking for the ability to make a playlist for like a year now and it still hasn’t been created, but useless gifts are there!

I know half of that sounded really negative but I honestly do love Smule. It’s really easy to use and it’s great to talk to other people who like the same things I do. Plus it is LITERALLY GLOBAL so there is literally ALL KINDS OF MUSIC. I don’t see why anyone who loves singing would dislike Smule .


2/10 The Devs are Scummy

The devs have received over 50 to 100 USD per VIP access purchased by each user yearly since 2012 and yet they have done nothing with that money except make poorly received changes that their community doesn’t ask for and minor bug fixes. All that you get from VIP is the ability to sing any song anytime (unless you uploaded a song, those you can sing regardless if you have VIP), the ability to display your mutuals on your page, you background color & background, and you can join other users songs regardless of when they expired.

Non VIP users can change their profile pictures and can only join songs that VIP users have opened or songs they’ve uploaded. That’s it. They also can’t join songs that have expired.

Overall, VIP isn’t worth a fraction of what they charge (it should be 25 USD yearly because of the lack of content) and because they don’t listen to criticism all the income they receive is 99.9% of the time misused if it’s not pocketed first. It’s been so many years that VIP features should be accessible by all users and should serve only to support development of Smule (not that it would be utilized). It has potential but it is ultimately led by greedy weasels


What else could you want in a singing app?!

I’ve been using Smule for a couple of years or more and during that time, I’ve continued to think — “How could you ask for anything more?”. All I can say is, there must be some very talented people (who listen to customer feedback) working for this app Sing!... because they are constantly seeking to improve the user experience!
The pitch monitor is terrific for training your ear because it gives you instant feedback. If you are trying to really learn a song, that feedback is invaluable because you can tell (as you sing), whether you are “way off, pretty close or dead on”.
What I have discovered is — most everyone is on a journey of learning to sing “better”. That is true for those who are relatively new to well as those who sing or have sung professionally. Singing well... really is a lifelong process.
One of the neat things about this community are the acquaintances and friendships which develop over time. It’s not uncommon to sing with someone on the other side of the planet! That is still awesome to think about... even when language barriers present a challenge, the universal language of music bridges the gap and makes for a much more harmonious world! That should be a plus in almost anyone’s book! I know it is for me.


Ok, but no VIP

I love this so much! I like that you can talk to people now. I also like singing with other people, I find it soothing! This is a perfect app for singers! Something that I don’t like is that the people who aren’t VIP can’t sing by themselves. They have to get invited to sing by themselves. I’m hoping you can change this! I also think that the VIP isn’t really useful! I dislike the VIP because there isn’t enough equality! It’s also not fair for the VIP’s to get to change their name tag or how their name looks like! I just hope you can change this, if you don’t I’m very sad and probably stop playing this game for a while! And please look through this! I dislike it when people just use machines to send like different things like, oh ok I’ll look at it or thanks for your review! I just dislike that! Please read this through! If not I might delete and find another app that has the qualities I like. I’m also fine with there still being VIP people, I just think that people just want VIP to make them FEEL and LOOK better. But, I REALLY hope you guys can change the name tag! If you change these things then I will be SUPER DUPER satisfied! You guys are the best! And I actually mean that I might delete Smule ... ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ!
-A very hopeful user


Please remove the 100 video rule.

I love Smule! I make funny singing videos and I never had a problem with Smule! I love how you can communicate with people that have the same interest in singing! Smule is really great but the only problem is the limitations for the none V.I.P members. I get that they need to make money somehow but the other limitations such as not being able to start your own duets or solos were working just fine. I don’t mean to disrespect the creators in anyway I just really would appreciate if the creators would at least let us make as much videos as we want without being limited. I never really was a fan of the limitations on Smule like not being able to sing some songs if you are not a V.I.P but I know that they need to make money somehow so I never really questioned it but I feel like it’s just not that fair that we can’t make more than 100 videos if we are not a V.I.P. Again I don’t mean in anyway to disrespect the creators and I really love Smule and the hard work they put in creating it but I would really appreciate that when the new updates come out that you guys can take off the 100 video limitation for the non V.I.P members. Thanks so much, I absolutely love Smule otherwise!!! 👌


NEVER download this app. Here’s why:

I had this app OG. It was so fun and I could just sing my heart out for FREE. You might see ads of great singers singing songs you probably like. Download it for free, sing one song, then overpay to even sing another. Honestly, I don’t have any type of social media and I don’t want to. This is just a sly form of social media where you post and sing along with others. ‘Others’ as in random people. You also have to sign up with a Facebook account, phone, or email. Obviously, as I already stated, I don’t have social media so Facebook was out. I didn’t want the developers to call me for something so I went along with email and I already regret it. Smule is pointless. I hate it. Also, you can’t sing without signing up. Also, Smule does NOT help you with your vocals or help you sing better. For my first song, just to prove it, I did it in a weird voice and sometimes just whispered and I got the highest score and a ‘Bravo! Good job!’ This game is rigged. Don’t waste money on it. I was excited, though, because it had songs I like but I had to pay to sing more. I deleted Smule immediately after that. If you read this, DON’T BUY Smule. I’m literally reviewing after I delete Smule . Developers, thanks for making a scam. Much appreciated.
Thank you for your time.



I love Sing! so much, but the VIP things needs to stop. I used to grow a community with the account Darksoul222. I used to earn those credits and I was able to gain followers and keep them happy by being able to use their voice. NOT THEIR MONEY!! I can’t keep my area going because of this! I need credits back! I loved Sing!, but it’s going downhill FAST for me. I have to use safari to do songs and things. I’m not telling u who because they r reasonable they also gave me the chance I wanted to grow a community. Now I can’t use my voice, I NEED TO USE MY MONEY!!
I’ve had many issues because of this. I’m not able to do what I love. I had to put my profile on hiatus. JUST BECAUSE OF THIS! Soon I’m about to call someone and give them my complaint. I know no one will see this because of how many people just throw stars out and write a few good words. this app, I’ve had enough fix this problem or I’m going to find a way to contact you guys.

(Please fix this, it would be greatly appreciated because now Smule I used had your app outdated.)


2nd Husband. “Chief”

Thank you. This was exhausting. But it’s exactly what I needed. B.K.M. ❤️🎤🎧🤷🏻‍♀️🌹 Hi, I just discovered this! I never hit send. My name is Brenda Kay. I am very ill. I have HPV now. There’s a vaccine for it now. My dr says it’s Cervical Cancer. And slow growing. I am ignoring this for now. I also have Fibromyalgia :,(
And was hit by a Drunk Driver Aug 7,2018. I also battle Depression & anxiety. I works for Costco for 18+ years. this app has been an escape. From pain. Mental & Physical. I have decided to check out of my Facebook. I have a Stalker. I don’t feel very safe. I have a Boyfriend names Corey living with me now tho. He has his own Battles. He can sing too :) Very well actually. And am hoping he can find pleasure in your app as I have. He’s having Dental issues at the moment tho. Thank you. I have & will continue to recommend your app. Thank you Brenda Meier... I also suffer Migraines. Today’s a day of battling that demon. I am learning to keep my stress under control. Off for my cup of Java! Happy “Thirsty Thursday” lol My adult choice beverage would be a “Crown & Dt. Pepsi in a TALL glass plz” lol 🤷🏻‍♀️👌😎☺️👍🍦🎈


Stop 🛑

PLEASE Stop storing sooo much junk on my phone! For an app that you can’t even open if you’re not online you sure store a lot on my phone! I deleted Smule and then re-downloaded it, and as soon as I logged into my account it stored an extra 1.7 gb of data!!! I love singing and I have friends who use Smule so I don’t want to delete it, but my phone has limited space! Also how is it possible that people can afford $8 A WEEK for VIP??? I know for sure that I can’t! Also please stop shortchanging you’re non-VIPs so much! I read somewhere within Smule (I don’t remember where) that non-VIPs have 100+ songs to choose from otherwise they can join others or become a VIP. Well, I have only found about 5 songs that I can sing or open as invites (and trust me I have looked very very hard)!!! The other 95+ must either not exist or are in a different language! And another thing: seriously!?!?!? I have to be a VIP to listen to MY OWN RECORDINGS!?!?!?!?!?! I wouldn’t mind if others couldn’t listen to them but me!?!?!?! Really!?!?!?! Sure I can listen to a few of them but the more I sing the less I can listen to! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Smule UNLESS YOU REALLY LOVE TO SING, CAN AFFORD TO PAY $8 A WEEK (which obviously I cannot), OR REALLY DON’T MIND GETTING SHORT CHANGED!!!


Smule review

I am going to be open and honest with you guys. So I got Smule and for a little while I could sing for free, then after some time I got back on Smule and I realized that I could not sing for free. 😞😒 and on top of that the only way you can sing on it is if you go to invite and sing with some Random person you don’t even know. I am not saying Smule is bad, but there are some thing that I don’t like about Smule . For the parents if you did not know this Smule is considered a social media. I mean it just ruins it for the people who really want to use Smule and cant because they can’t pay or sing with some Random person you don’t even know. I have tried some other apps just like this for example it was something like the voice that I got and I don’t even think I got to sing on it cause it wants me to pay. Once again Smule can by fun until you have to pay and do all these things that some people can’t. I wanna say that you have to pay for the VIP. If you guys know some we that you can prevent these things from happening please let me know,😊 but this is just the experience I’ve had with Smule . I hope these things like having to pay after some time can be changed. 🙂

Is Smule Safe?

Yes. Smule: Karaoke Music Studio is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 159,037 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Smule Is 47.4/100.

Is Smule Legit?

Yes. Smule: Karaoke Music Studio is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 159,037 Smule: Karaoke Music Studio User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Smule Is 62.8/100..

Is Smule: Karaoke Music Studio not working?

Smule: Karaoke Music Studio works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Pricing Information

**Pricing data is based on average subscription prices reported by users..

- Unlimited access to full karaoke song catalog and sing karaoke solos, duets, group songs, and a cappella

- Weekly subscription: $2.99/week

- Monthly subscription: $7.99/month

- Annual subscription: $39.99/year

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