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Published by on 2020-01-02

YouTube Music is a new music app that allows you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new music. Get playlists and recommendations served to you based on your context, tastes, and what’s trending around you. A new music streaming service from YouTube This is a completely reimagined m...

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YouTube Music Reviews

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    Wayyyy too many repeats

    When i first downloaded this app, i was getting ready to get rid of every other music app and subscription i have. Thankfully i didnt though. This is because the first day or two of having this app its completely amazing because of how much music you discover in so little time. Then came day three where this app started repeating things i thumbed up on the “my mixtape” selection. It only got worse from there. It’s almost been a week since ive gotten this app and now EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. is a repeat. This gets extremely frustrating, because i expect the “my mixtape” selection to help you discover new songs of the same type of music you like and have thumbed up. Now every single time i use this app all i do is skip through music and before i know it, i arrive at my destination, or i finish what i’m doing at the moment. The ONLY reason i gave this app 3 starts and not zero, is because this is the only app of its kind and there’s nothing really to compare it to. I am actually thinking of cancelling my membership and using some other music app that causes less frustration and stress in my life. IF YOU INTEND TO DISCOVER NEW MUSIC WITH THIS APP DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP, JUST KEEP SCROLLING DOWN.

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    change it back!

    Been LOVING this app for a long time until the latest update. i don't understand the logic of the new format at all! Before you could see dozens of songs on the home screen, lots of categories to explore-- artists, genres, recently played, etc., four or more playlists in each section and you could clearly see which song it was going to start on. Now there are weird new categories that don't show actual songs in the thumbnails, and the thumbnails are so huge you can only see two items in each category without scrolling sideways and and you can only see two categories at a time without scrolling down. it's so clunky and clogged up it's impossible to just glance through and find a song that looks good. it has become a far less enjoyable experience, basically if you want to listen to a specific song now you can forget about easily finding it on your home screen. you're just going to have to search it which kind of defeats the whole point in my opinion. and looking for new stuff has just become a crap shoot. if you're thinking about getting this app i'd wait a while for the next update, cause right now it kind of blows.

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    Why is the algorithm so dumb?

    So I listen to a LOT of music, and I even posted some soundtracks for games, so I get on one day and a song, for example prodigy - omen just says unavailable, even tho the video is still up and says music in the category? And I tried a little experiment, I posted one video of music one one channel and another on another channel(same song, same category, etc.) and one song was fully playable and the other just said unavailable. Not to mention sometimes both song go available and then back to 1, and so it goes with other songs, sometimes the become available and sometimes not. Then I find there’s actual videos(5-10 minutes of gameplay) and yet I listen to music on regular YouTube(the video in the category of music) and it says unavailable. For example:Kevin MacLeod -spellbound(actual music) The algorithm is so bad I’m thinking of canceling and just manually downloading all couple thousand songs.....not worth any money if you don’t want to deal with music inconsistency(also I have done everything I can to fix it, delete and download the apps and the music change some settings etc. nothing worked so I’m not sure where to go, maybe just say goodbye in the near future)

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    Good! Suggestion (Please)

    I love the app and I don't know if there's a way to change this certain thing and I haven't noticed because I overlooked it, but I have one suggestion When I add a song to a playlist it doesn't add it to the top but adds it to the bottom and I was wondering if you could change that so I don't have to scroll all the way down to see if I actually added the song? Maybe you could make it so that there's more options on editing a playlist instead of just being able to move the songs around and deleting them because it's such a bore when I have to do it again and again. It helps when I see the new song I put on the playlist is on the 'cover' for it to know I actually put it in the right one. All in all I do love the app, that's my only request. Keep doing what you do (which is great stuff) and thanks for reading my suggestion, have a nice day •-•

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    Content winner, though lacking some polish and features

    Hands down, the most music of any service. If it's a song that was recorded by humans it's probably in here. And will at some point come across your station. End of the day that's what matters most to me for a music service. Exposure to content. That said, the app is missing a few minor convenience features present in other similar services. My biggest peeve, no Windows PC music only mode. I listen to music a lot at work and would prefer not to eat bandwidth for videos I'm not watching. While in power the app has no option to keep the screen on meaning I have to unlock my phone to thumb a song down while driving. And the most minor, no way to thumb down a song that's not currently playing, gotta stop playing the current track, start playing the other one, then thumb it down. Also, why no access to comments?

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    Love it!!!

    I really love this app because I can lock my phone n the music keeps playing. I also love the fact it adapts to me but I do wish it wouldn’t try to slip crap songs in on me that I don’t care for. I’m particular about my music but I love music nonetheless. The price is a little much for my liking because I am on a budget but you take the good with the bad. If I haven’t given it the thumbs up, don’t play it. 9 times outta 10 they miss with the song they suggest. I would give it 5 stars and not complain about the price if it was not for this hiccup in their design. Id really like to only pay 10 bucks a month for this app, but thems the breaks. All in all it’s a good app. Fine tune it, n I’ll praise this app from the rooftops. I already suggest it to all my friends but id go viral if they either A-come down on the price, of B- not try to slip me the BS songs. Other than that, good show ladies n gents. Thank you

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    Why Did You Remove The Feature That Allowed Us To Find Remixes From The “More” Button?

    (Updated On Exp) Starting to love this new look actually. I can see the songs I enjoy replaying come up well at the top section. What was great before was tapping a track that I’ll enjoy, and wondering - what would some remixes/covered/related tracks sound like. The older “more” button or what the current “i”/“Information” button had previously done this. It was awesome! I was hooked. I could find so many great songs from other artists/DJs and so on by finding a great hit, then tapping those buttons. Now those features aren’t to be found. I don’t feel confident paying because I can get the same great hits/music from streaming services that I’ve never tried before. I was a student for all the time I’ve used it (1.5 years) as well - so I really do love the app! It’s harsh pressing the info button and seeing nothing.

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    Can't customize anything

    Alot of the recommended stations are just some main stream popular artist I never listen too. Let me add my own playlist or artist to my main menue play lists. Let me add or move wdgests around. And for crying out loud all the playlist have the same songs... Like if I click on a dubstep song or something why put something non related to dubstep there? Same with Nightcore or electro music.. let me make my experience with this app better by allowing me to change and move things around. I don't even scroll down because it's all garbage that I'll never click on. It's so sad that this app just get worse and worse. Now you added that song video thing when the old one worked perfectly fine. Now It randomly switches to video even if I selected song. I had a grate experience with this app for like 3 years but it's just getting worse and worse over that time

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    I downloaded the app and it very graciously gave me 2 weeks premium for free. I could download music and listen to it offline and it was add free. I was building up my playlist and towards the end of the 2 weeks I had about 50 songs downloaded and in my playlist. The end of the two weeks finally came and premium was gone. Here comes the problem. All my downloads were gone, you can only access them if u have premium. I was alright with that because I still had my playlist and could always use data. I go into my playlist and shuffle, the first song had an add. It was expected, but as I continued on I found that there is an add at the beginning AND end of EVERY song. There is an option to skip after 5 seconds but I don’t want to be pulling my phone out every few minutes to skip an add. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN ENJOY THIS WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY PREMIUM. Thank you for reading my rant on why you shouldn’t download this app. Have a great day!

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    Great Concept - Terrible Execution

    I honestly had high hopes for this app, but in the end it was just a major let down. The music selection is great, but everything else about the app is there to make sure you can never actually listen to the music. Most songs will stop after 10-30 seconds and restarting the app won’t fix this problem. It will happen often, randomly, and unpredictably. Also, one you pause a song and leave the app it loses it’s memory. So let’s say your on a road trip and stopped to get gas, when you get back in the car you essentially have to restart the entire playlist you were just on. Individually these problems aren’t terrible, but combined it is the absolute worst. Which is really upsetting considering the content on here is actually amazing. Overall, only use this app if you’re at home and don’t mind consistently trouble shooting. Not an app for on the go people with busy lives.

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    Saved items keep don’t update automatically

    Please, if I have a playlist synced in “saved items” it supposed to update (download automatically) all the new tunes which I put on the same name “online” playlist, but it never uptade itself, the only way is deleting the playlist (in saved offline) and download all the way AGAIN to get sometimes just 3 new tunes I must to download like 3 hundreds tunes in order to keeps up-to-date my offline same name synced playlist. I’m thinking to cancel my subscription only because this, it already bugging me a lot. Second thing the music VIDEOS in a playlist synced to play offline some of them just play the music sound, if I created a Music VIDEOS playlist it’s supposed to play ONLY VIDEOS in all of musics which i put on it, not just a few aleatory (p.s: off course I added the video option when I did the prior search). TKS

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    Dude Waht

    I really enjoyed this app. . . Up until recently. See, with the past few updates, it getting harder and harder to find the music I like. It recommends different versions of a song I like, but I don’t want different versions, I just want to listen to the song the way I like it. Be it faster tempo or otherwise. Also, first page I see when I enter the app now offers less of the things I’m interested in. While my favorite songs are cramped in a corner all together, a bunch of things I don’t care about take up the entire screen. I don’t want to listen to ‘New Releases’ or ‘Hottest Country Albums’ because that’s NOT WHAT I LIKE. The music I want is shoved in a corner under ‘your favorites’. SURE, those are TOTALLY my favorites and not just DIFFERENT THINGS ENTIRELY. I don’t even know what half of the stuff recommended to me are! I had high hopes for these few big updates, but all I see is failure to pander towards the audience. Please, staff. I know there is a low chance of someone reading this, especially since it’s a negative review. Please give me back the app that I loved! Instead of just calling random music you’ve thrown at me ‘personalized’, just go back to the way you were. This isn’t difficult. All you have to do is take away the new bad stuff, and replace it with the old good stuff. Thank you. Sincerely, An unhappy customer

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    The revamp changes everything.

    This is a great app, has the absolute biggest library(YouTube), option for video and all of this is just the early access version! Very excited to see what the future updates bring with them. Few complaints are: Remove the swipe to delete from playlists, or make it harder to trigger, like requiring a double swipe. This was an issue in GPM, still an issue here. Also add shuffle and repeat buttons on the play screen and the ability to add whole albums to playlists. Other than that, keep up the good work and keep expanding the official library, as it’s missing big albums like Stoney by post Malone and 4 your eyes only by J Cole and so on.

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    Giving it four stars will change if app changes this.

    I want the app to change the premium version I want the app to where I’m able to play it off the app it’s frustrating cause I wanna do other things and if I turn my phone off then woop the music turns off I don’t like it at all and u ask for a lot of money when using the premium since that I never bought it It would be fine if u could let us listen off the app that way we could do other things on our phones it’s fine if u add ads skip turns or something but u need to a least let us listen off the app that’s all and I will change this rating to a five star when that is fixed anyway I hope u get this and change it have a nice day...

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    Good app but bugs with last updates

    Hands down, this app has the most music. Nice to be able to listen to lesser known artists, covers, live performances, etc. Editing and sharing playlists on the app is really easy. One peeve of mine is that it has an option to download songs, but if you are out and have no cell service - you can’t open “library” to access “downloads” without needing internet - they should have an icon for “downloads” separate from “library” that opens right away without internet. Since the last update - it’s hit/miss with the app staying on. Before, you could lock your phone and the music would still play. Now it feels like you have to remember to trigger/wake the app to keep it on.

Is YouTube Music Safe?

Yes. YouTube Music is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 238,610 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for YouTube Music Is 100/100.

Is YouTube Music Legit?

Yes. YouTube Music is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 238,610 YouTube Music User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for YouTube Music Is 90/100.

Is YouTube Music not working?

YouTube Music works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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