LightCut - AI Video Editor Reviews

LightCut - AI Video Editor Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-19

About: LightCut is an AI video editor with rich video templates and video effects that
helps you make stylish videos and vlogs easily. With AI video editing, you can
make awesome videos with just one tap.

About LightCut

- You just select the videos clips and photos, after analyzing them in few seconds, the AI-powered One-Tap Edit feature will turn them into a high-quality video stories.

LightCut is an AI video editor with rich video templates and video effects that helps you make stylish videos and vlogs easily.

- Multiple creative video template styles available: travel, road trip, nature, building & cIty, fashion, lifestyle vlog, sports and aerials etc.

You can also trim, merge your video clips with adding Text, Music, Stickers, Effects, Transitions and everything you need to make a creative video.

- Auto video creator to edit your videos and photos in seconds.

- Multiple stickers, font styles help you create awesome video anytime.

With AI video editing, you can make awesome videos with just one tap.

Simple, but powerful, LightCut is an all-in-one video editor app for both beginners and professional users.

- Easy-to-use Templates: All you need to do is just choosing the template and tempo you like, then a trendy video will be made automatically.

- After shooting, a nice video will be made with simple steps.

- All features like video trimmer, video cutter, slow/fast motion with adjustment make your video more attractive.

One-stop videp shooting and editing feature makes your videos eye-catching.

- Professional editing tools with all features help you make extraordinary videos.

Various creative shooting templates help you capturing fascinating footage.


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Key Benefits of LightCut

- User-friendly interface

- Templates and AI editor make it easy to create videos quickly

- Good for beginners and advanced editors

- Seamless production process

- Well-made normal editor with most features you need

- Great for short clips and mini videos

- Fast export and upload times

1281 LightCut Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Very impressed so far

Wow, I’m really impressed with LightCut so far. I love the templates and it seems like it’s going to be a game changer and a timesaver for creating reels on Instagram. I have a question though… I can’t seem to find out how to change the titles on the preset templates. I know I can add my own text, but I can’t find a way to change the titles that are already there. They typically don’t go along with my video very well. Could someone please answer this question for me? Much appreciated!


Absolutely Clever

I’ve never been able to make great videos with ease until now. I don’t have the time or ability to make videos half as well as LightCut puts out. I can do it all with minimal effort, or even with robust deep editing if need be, all within LightCut. People have started asking how I do what I do and I just tell them, it’s all from shooting on my phone, down to editing them through LightCut and that’s it. It’s ridiculous, I’m a good way!


Overall very good but needs work

If you were editing it has a normal edit or is very good! Once you decide to use the premade templates, it takes in between half an hour to an hour to analyze the files, it should be much quicker the total file time is around three minutes! ( This was most probably due to iCloud issues )The only export resolutions are in 720p and 1080 P there is no 4K option. Some more features would be nice though.



Absolutely amazing thank you for making it easy to edit and instantly upload videos. Make sure to clear copyrighted music or use your own audio for uploading across multiple platforms. I’m able to upload videos within minutes of editing. I love how seamless it is to work through the production.


1st Video

I downloaded this because I have the DJI gimbal and wanted longer and more options than what is given with that app. I just made my first video with LightCut. It turned out nice. I’m still learning how to navigate and choose options. I haven’t explored much so with that being said I gave it 5 stars. I’ll do another review once I become more familiar.



I wasn’t sure based on the logo / Home Screen, wasn’t very grabbing- buuuut the UI / UX are both 🔥🔥🔥 once you start to create a new project. Best experience I’ve had editing on my phone. Using the new cinematic mode on iPhone 13 + LightCut is next level content. I’ve recommended to buddies and people new to film as a quick start for high quality. 👯‍♂️🥳📽


First Impressions…

Feels pretty intuitive if you have used other editing apps. If this is your first go, LUCKY! They introduce ways to learn and to create on your own - Wonderful for Beginners, Wonderful for Advanced Editors (you’ll create with a smile and a wink!). Thank You for an easier way to share, a quick way to post up quality videos 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



Found about LightCut through the DJI MIMO app and love it! I love that everything is added automatically! I try to take short clips that way they’re easier to be added in apps like these. I enjoy seeing short clips in a mini video. Hope more templates are added in the future. I’m sure there will be! Great app!!


Love the Templates but…

I love how simple this is to use and the speed I can turn something around. The only thing I wish is that you can fully edit the templates like the color of the text, and graphics. I know I can add text but having the option to edit the preset text and colors would put LightCut at the top over other programs!


Great for quick edits

The templates and AI editor are really great. You can make a neat video within minutes. The normal editor is really well made with most features you want. I just wish they had templates for longer videos. Seems about 30 seconds is max you can get with the AI. Overall great app.


Game changer

LightCut is a game changer. So easy to use and super fast. Even if you have no editing experience LightCut will be self explanatory with a very user friendly interface. The provided templates are super helpful and plenty to choose from. Definitely my go-to app when creating a fun video.


Awesome quality and super easy!

The quality of the videos I am able to make has gone up substantially thanks to LightCut. It’s super user friendly for beginners and makes your videos look professional. 10/10



I downloaded LightCut after I saw this on dji website.. this is terrific . I tried so many Video editing apps and non were satisfying.. finally
Thanks to to whole team for the hard-work. This is simply the easiest editor app I used


Great app for mobile

LightCut is great for fully editing videos from your phone. There are a few bugs like one that that prevents you from adding too many videos at once but otherwise great app for making content quickly from anywhere.


Great when I’m on the go

LightCut works great for me. When I’m traveling or running errands I always have my camera gear with me and LightCut makes it so quick and easy to get my vids out on my business page. 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻



The iPad version is a poorly adapted version of the iPhone original. I can’t wait for it to work smoothly. There is a need for an excellent AI editor that also works for professionals that want to save time and LightCut has the potential to be the one. But professionals can’t put up with glitches and poorly designed interface, specially when the goal is to save time


A simple quick editor.

Something that regardless of your skill as an editor you can open up and immediately create something. Great tool to start your video editing journey.


Super simple to use

I found it super easy to use. I just wish there were longer edits maybe even just a little over 30 seconds but otherwise perfect


Loved it! There could be some improvements

The button “edit more” could be more available. I have a hard time finding it.

Other than that, it’s a great app.


First timer

So far so good. I am impressed. I only had three cuts to make in a 35 minute video, but it was fairly simple to figure out on my own. I can’t wait to use it again and I hope I find things to be more specific to this software in the future.


I must have for drone pilots in videographers

It’s too easy these days, NOT to look like a pro! You should make yourself feel good with this one! I love light cut because the templates and the tools that it gives you actually teaches you how to elevate your editing skills no matter what level you’re at. I thought I was good until I realize these templates were training me and that like cut slowly made me what I would consider professional! Seriously I owe light Cut for taking me on a quick ride through editing school! don’t let your people in on the fact that it makes it this easy! I hear big shots say I use adobe pro and all of this malarkey, I am a professional drone pilot and I own an advertising company… And I use this app every day


First time use, so many possibilities!

It is hard to be creative. It is even more difficult for a novice drone hobbyist to produce genuine content, while understanding how to properly use video editing software.

LightCut shows you many possibilities for creating genuine content as well as using premade content and features to familiarize yourself with cinematic areal photography.

I’ve only used LightCut for less then an hour and as a novice, I can tell that I am going to enjoy the sheer amount of premade content that LightCut allows you to play around with.


Good app but need to be able to edit templates!

Just starting to use LightCut and it works well so far but need to be able to adjust or edit the included templates. Videos would be considerably better if the each video clip time could be adjusted separately. Also would be better if you could see what type of transition is used for each clip and have the ability to change that too. This would give complete control of the template to the user resulting in better videos. This would also allow the user to make a template from scratch that closely simulates the supplied templates. Please consider these enhancements in the next update



This is super helpful specially when you ran out of ideas of just what to shoot. I absolutely love it! And the actual app where you edit is actually pretty smooth and not sluggish like other app.
I hope they keep updating this and add more templates! This made me use my dji gimbal now because I’m able to connect my drone and the gimbal and it auto connect to the templates it’s ridiculously good.


Never loads last 1%

LightCut is good and design in the templates are way better than in the DJI fly app. That’s where it will never load past 1% once the images/videos are selected. I have tried to reboot both the phone, and to no avail. Update: issues fixed with update. HOWEVER there should be a way to edit the text on the video template preset text. Most are corny at best but the layout/fonts are nice. So, for instance, let’s say, a preset was “flying in the sky”, we should be able to add/delete/edit that to say “…in the night sky” for example.


Can download videos wirelessly directly from my Mavic 3

Sometimes when I have way more free storage space on my iPhone than I need DJI Fly erroneously reports "Insufficient storage on mobile device" and refuses to download the video but LightCut is able to wirelessly download videos directly from my drone without using the drone's remote even in scenarios where DJI Fly fails.


Too little documentation to new users

I am brand new to the video editing process. I am basing this review on my initial impressions as a newbie. I will revisit my rating as I become more familiar with LightCut . It’s very possible that I am the weak link in the process rather than this app. So far, the documentation is, in my eyes, almost non-existent. I need clear labels and explanations for buttons, functions, and errors. The tutorial/guide won’t load for me. That got me off on the wrong foot from the start.


Great editor

This is a great editor app for people that don’t actually have a lot of editing skills and are just starting out, all the way up to people that actually do know what they’re doing. The only thing I do not like about it is the selection of music, and even on copy, written music that I have on VN is not allowed on LightCut. So it’s annoying and I wound up using VN again because of the music.


A truly incredible app!

I am truly amazed at the brilliant way that LightCut includes 99% of the functionality and features of the most advanced video editors. I do, however, wish they were some sort of a reference, manual or guide that could be used to look up specific functions and features.



Just used once so far and pretty user friendly, or in other words, not too hard to figure out the basics and edit a quick video just by diving into it and going at it. With time, I can see how it could be very useful for making some epic videos. 4 of 5 stars only because I don’t have enough experience with LightCut , but really like it so far!


A little tricky to master but a good start

I use my gimbal to shoot my drawings as I create them. I was happy to see an app specific to DJI. It seems pretty intuitive but it will take some practice as when I edit in some places, it throws off the time line. But all in all a great app and no annoying watermarks since I purchased the gimbal! Thank you.


Great app simple to use

I was up and running after about 15 min of learning the interface. First video took about 10 min after customizing it. I’m looking forward to saving hours and hours of time and being able to post my videos in a matter of minutes.


Wow Light Cut makes it so easy and user friendly!

I don’t know 🤷 but LightCut is way better than other major software companies world 🌎 wide! I made my first ever short film 🎥 and turned out grate ! With other apps I ran into so many issues beyond my control! Just a great app to have for everyday use ! 👍🏿


Simple , helps you with ideas with the one touch edit

this app is an absolute game-changer in the world of video editing apps! With its sleek and intuitive interface, creating stunning videos has never been easier. LightCut boasts an impressive array of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned editors. From trimming and cutting clips to adding transitions and special effects, the possibilities are endless.

One of the standout features of this app is its seamless integration with social media platforms, allowing users to effortlessly share their masterpieces with the world. The real-time preview function is a blessing, as it enables users to see the changes as they happen, enhancing the editing experience significantly.

Moreover, LightCut 's speed and efficiency are unparalleled, making the editing process smooth and enjoyable. The user-friendly tutorials and customer support ensure that even novices can quickly grasp LightCut 's functionalities and unleash their creativity.

In conclusion, this app is a top-notch video editing app that elevates video creation to a whole new level. Whether you're a content creator, vlogger, or just a video enthusiast, LightCut is a must-have!


Super Easy and Super Quick

This is what an editing app should be! This is the very first time I have used it, and I was thoroughly pleased to be able to have a quick video to send to family without having to spend a lot of time on it. The only thing I noticed is that my horizontal pictures, I was not able to fill the frame in the vertical video even though I had chose that as the option. But other than that everything sent to go smoothly, but I will play with it when I have more time I’m hoping it was just an error that I was making.


Loving it so far

I like LightCut so far. Lots of templates to choose.
Would be a big help if the number of clips you need were mentioned on the screenshot of the template. My only complaint is I don’t like having to open each template to see how many clips I need.
Other then that, I think it’s a great tool to learn with. Everytime I make one, I begin to have my own creative ideas.


Limited potential

I’ve been using this app for about 30 days now, and I do like the templates, and that is of trimming and rearranging your clips, however, I find it annoying that LightCut only gives you limited options and restricts the full potential to really have full control over the editing process. I think LightCut has a lot of potential, but I find it very frustrating that most of the things I want to do are either unavailable or extremely difficult to figure out how to do. Also, every time I post a video I get a copyright notice which I have to dispute so I find that very frustrating as well.


LightCut Rocks!

Editing with this app is super easy! Navigating throughout can be challenging but it was a breeze here.

Lots of fun effects & generating a button for every executed command is such a bonus! For example, when clicking for music & sound, more option buttons appear for music, canned sound effects and what have you! So innovative! I can’t wait to make more videos with this app!


Amazing App!

I love the apps user interface. It’s so easy to use. The only thing that is missing is longer video templates (1:30 - 2 minutes). Either than that it’s so nice to use. I love the amount of templates there are. Every video is different every time. I tend to use it quite a bit when I am on the move and don’t have enough time to manually go through each clip I have. Amazing app, I will definitely continue using it for years to come! Thank you so much for the awesome app!


First Video

Using this new video editor for the first time was a fantastic experience! Despite the initial learning curve, I quickly grasped its features. As I created my first video, it became evident that practice makes perfect - the more I used it, the easier and more intuitive it became. I'm excited to see how my skills will improve with each project!


Great find, but please add more templates/songs!

I love it, and I will be using more of it in my blogs. It's clean and easy to work with, especially with my Gimbal DJI pocket 2 cams. I'm hoping to work with it more on other projects where hopefully, there will be added space for about a minute to 2 minutes of video footage of customizable templates making room for that space. I love everything about it! I recently got the DJI mini 3 pro drone to work with, which makes it more demanding for the need for different customizable modifiable templates. The songs/scenic sounds and tones should be free from copyright issues, as I've often been asked to take a video down or change the songs/sounds because of copyright laws on Facebook. It would help if the templates made room for lengthy videos.


Very easy and quick

The auto recommendation option to just select videos and photos and it come up with a great template is amazing. I use it all the time. Awesome product.

But it does seem to have problems with anything over three minutes of total winks it airs out and can sometimes corrupt the file. Hopefully they fix this in updates.


Awesome and easy editing

LightCut is really cool and also easy too use. I use it pretty much all the time for my drone videos. You can either use a tablet to make a quick video and it auto generates it or make one yourself with even songs from your playlist. Especially the tablets are cool if you want to make something for social media like Facebook or instagram stories. The only thing I wish It had was a save your favorite tablets.


New to content creation

I recently bought a drone, Flying camera and I love it. I’ve always been interested in photography but never considered really getting into it because of life but I’m older now so I’m trying my hand at it since I’ve got a camera that flys. I’ve never edited any video or photographs and using LightCut is very easy to do. I would recommend to anyone


Loving the new features!

I’ve been using LightCut for sometime now, and would use to edit some of the video here, and then take it to another app to further add, or enhance the video which this tool did not provide previously. Now with the improved version I am able to do everything in one app. Loving the fact that the developer is constantly updating LightCut with new features!


Lighthouse has exceeded my expectations as a video editing software.

Its user-friendly interface makes the editing process seamless, even for beginners. The array of features is impressive, offering a perfect balance between simplicity and advanced capabilities. The intuitive design allows for efficient navigation, and the quick learning curve ensures that users can create professional-looking videos with ease. Lighthouse has truly set a new standard for user-friendly video editing software, and I highly recommend it to both novices and seasoned editors.


Impeccably Easy!!

The writers have simply thought of everything. I’m brand new to both drone videography and video editing. I created an epic home movie of my kids literally two days from opening my Mini 4 pro. The learning curve in the editing app is extremely small thanks to the “dummy-proof” instructions that pop up as you go through the first editing process. Truly a masterclass in user training! Well done.


Fun tools to edit on the fly.

I am all too aware of the tedious nature of professional editing software programs. But with this Dji on the fly editing App, you have some really fun tools to import my previous roughly edited projects to your App and play around with them and have a lot of fun doing so.

One area of improvement I would like is more preset effects available for on the fly video editing.

Great product for those learning to edit their footage they’ve worked hard to create for the first time


Time Is Money!

They say time is money. This video editing software uses AI to automatically create incredible video edits by wirelessly connecting to your DJI device compatible device, allowing you to select your images, and a template and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. You can modify the results to your taste if you’d like. I’m glad I finally checked LightCut out. I’ve always wanted to, but have been just too busy to Vlog, but now I’m looking forward to it.


Making my first video

I recently bought a new mini pro 4 drone and took it on a few flights. To my amazement the drone is incredibly easy to use. So after I flew it I saw this program as it was part of the drone package. Well I couldn’t believe the things I could do to make my videos and pictures from my flights into these awesome movie/videos!! It is awesome how you can personalize them and add your own flair. Not to mention they give you so many templates to use to make your video/pictures better!! I did my first video and it turned out ok, but as I use the program more and more I’m sure I can produce some amazing stuff. Thank you DJI for creating such and amazing product!!!!!! I’m so glad I went with you guys instead of some other drone company.


Directors Cut

The video editing quality is professional, edge of your seat, directors cut. The quality of my videos look like a seasoned Hollywood movie producer did the work himself. You won’t be let down! The possibilities and options give you complete control from the first clip to the last clip. Your videos will gain maximum exposure and popularity right before your eyes. When you run out of ideas they offer an AI video editor and it never sleeps. Once you use Light Cut you will never use another video editor again. Thank you light cut I look forward to our future.


Funky/retro/Goofy I love it.

If you want to explore and enjoy the fundamentals of music theory in a well thought out program this is your gateway to AI created music, It does four instruments with a few variations, you have no control over note placement or composition, only suggesting a genre/year/Style/instruments/tone and seeing what the Music Master comes up with. I use it when I draw and find it to be indispensable and endlessly fun.

Pieces sometimes skip or the composition might be bad, that’s the randomness and I adore it, because eventually it makes something so perfect it breaks your heart.🫶


Amazing video editing app

Tried it today to edit a short video, and it is by far the best video editing mobile app in terms of both ease of use and functionality.

Two feature requests from initial use: 1) ability to search for music instead of importing. Though I understand if there patent issues that prevent this. 2) more granular music volume control, being able to fade music volume between two points instead of only allowing fading in or out from 0% volume.

Thanks for the amazing app!


Fast and Easy (even for a Old Man)

10 years ago, for every 1 minute of video would take me 25-30 minutes to edit, Nowadays, 1 minute of footage takes me 8-12 minutes with so many new effects, programs. I just wish todays technology I could have had 18 years ago when I first started flying drones. I just wish I could live another 20 years to actually see how AI Is going to change the world, but that would put me at 88 years old, my “Line of Sight” would be no more than 20ft.
Fly Safe My Fellow DJI Pilots


A very capable editing tool

I downloaded LightCut as I wanted an easy editing solution for my pocket 3 gimbal camera without having to transfer media files manually. When on a trip, I can create really nice videos on my phone quickly and export them for my social media sites. While I prefer not to use the supplied templates, Light Cut has a robust assortment to choose from. I’ve found LightCut has grown on me and look forward to the developer updating LightCut with new features to stay relevant.


Fantastic - So Easy

I just purchased the Omso Pocket 3 and was looking for an easy to use editing app. this app is absolutely amazing. It’s so easy to use and so intuitive. If you’re not looking to spend hours editing your software but want professional footage then this is your go to solution. Use it on your iPhone or iPad for fast and spectacular results. Literally 3-5 minutes to make a really great looking video with music and titles.


Good rangers of edit features

I’ve been flying the DJI mini now for a few years. Id love to upgrade but can’t afford it yet. I haven’t mastered the art of editing professionally but there tech integrated with AI sample templates definitely will help you get better at creating good content, if you aren’t skilled with videography!

You still have to play with all of the editing to capture your best shots, but for me it’s just right for an amateur with a low budget drone. You can’t go wrong with any DJI products.
5 stars


So Easy To Use!

For someone who has enough film experience to know just how difficult it is to create quality work I was skeptical about the positive reviews of this product. However having used it just once I was stunned by the results.
I used a template to get started then built my film from there. this app worked beautifully. Considering this is included with my purchase of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 this is real value for money.
I’m still just learning but this app reduces the learning curve considerably.
Well done!


Great tool for creating memories

This has made the adventure we call life so much better. Being able to take videos and photos of our life and share it with others brings unfathomable joy to us. Family vacations and trips made into meaningful videos has changed the way we share it with family and friends.

There are so many tools to make these videos yours. From sounds to filters to overlays. It just gets better and better!


It’s cool but…

I find it rather concerning that it will not let me continue any project unless I give it complete access to all of the videos and photos in my pictures. Other editors doing require this. They don’t even keep the files in LightCut they’re linked to the video that they have gotten permission to to remove. And the info of the edit is kept in the apps memory. I’d assume it works similarly however LightCut wants full access likely because the terms of service says they don’t upload pics unless they get your consent and id wager that consent is all they need. Nothing is free and the fact LightCut is free means a certain user data is harvested and sold to data brokers. It’s unfortunate that LightCut won’t allow me to access my projects unless I give it all my photos and videos and it’s a good app but it’s not worth the violation personal privacy.

Lacota Hines   8 months ago

Esse qui ipsum sit

Is LightCut Safe?

Yes. LightCut - AI Video Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,580 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LightCut Is 45.3/100.

Is LightCut Legit?

Yes. LightCut - AI Video Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,580 LightCut - AI Video Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LightCut Is 58.1/100..

Is LightCut - AI Video Editor not working?

LightCut - AI Video Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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