Bilt Rewards Reviews

Bilt Rewards Reviews

Published by on 2024-02-09

About: Bilt is a rewards program that lets you earn points on rent. Bilt also offers
the Bilt Mastercard, the first credit card that lets you earn points on rent and
all other purchases with no fees.

About Bilt Rewards

Use the Bilt Rewards app to pay your rent, earn points on each rent payment, track your spend on the Bilt Mastercard, and view your status in the Bilt Rewards program, and redeem rewards.

Bilt also offers the Bilt Mastercard, the first credit card that lets you earn points on rent and all other purchases with no fees.

Bilt is a rewards program that lets you earn points on rent.


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Key Benefits of Bilt Rewards

- Absolutely love this app and card

- Highly recommend getting this card

- No annual fee

- Easy to set up account

- Cardholder benefits without an annual fee

- App does a great job at showing how to use them

620 Bilt Rewards Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Pay rent with

Absolutely love BiltRewards and card! Pay rent with this every month and use the card for all of the other perks the card has to offer. Highly recommend getting this card. Also, no annual free, which is crazy!


Good app but improvements needed

Good for earning points on rent but my biggest frustration with BiltRewards is that it only shows your accurate rent payment due amount on the 1st of the month even though your property has the information way before. I like to pay my rent early, way before the due date, but with Bilt you can only pay it on the 1st of every month which happens to be the due date for my property. Wish they would fix this.


Reap the benefits

I’m honestly pretty surprised that I get all these cardholder benefits without an annual fee. Planning to cancel my other premium cards because they all charge hundreds for the same stuff. BiltRewards does a great job at actually showing you how to use them



It was really easy to set up my account so they actually get a check (my landlord only takes checks). I can’t believe that I get so many points and Bilt even sends my check in!


Let’s goooo!

I didn’t really care about credit card points but I started using bilt to pay my rent. It’s only been a few months and I was able to book a flight to europe! Woo


Game changer for renters and easy to use

Easy to pay rent through BiltRewards , tons of options for how to redeem points. Love the bilt collection. There is just a ton of new value here for renters and a very innovative program


Getting something from rent payments

Was very easy to pay rent at my apartment and earn points. Definitely better than earning nothing before


Even my landlord is happy

My landlord only takes checks and I could still pay with Bilt and earn points which I love!


5 stars

I ditched my other cards after I found this one - has all the same benefits or better with no fee


I’ve needed this my whole life

Can’t believe this didn’t exist before. So simple and makes so much sense to earn points on rent.


Points on rent

I don’t live in a bilt rewards building but I got the bilt card and can still earn points for my rent. It’s great!


Earning points on rent

App is very easy to use and generally love the concept of earning points on rent


this app is a game changer

love that you can earn points on rent. this is awesome. customer support is always super helpful, the bilt team treats you like a person, and these points pay for all my trips. love it.



Pretty cool to earn points on rent. How did this not exist before?!


What a game changer

Have been using Bilt Rewards since last summer and I’m such a fan. Have been paying rent each month and using my card in order to squirrel away my points for a big trip this summer. It’s so satisfying to see all of the points I’ve earned without really changing a thing (except where I’m paying rent each month). BiltRewards is super easy to use and I’m enjoying the search and book flight tool as Im planning for my trip.


Bilt is totally broken

I am compelled to warn anyone trying to use Bilt to pay rent about what happened to me. It’s a new service with tons of broken features.

-Bilt’s autopay doesn’t always work and is not integrated into their online service. Bilt ended up auto paying only my rent, and not other balances, despite having set up full-balance payments

-Bilt charged me erroneous late fees and interest (later waived after days of back and forth)

-Support is useless and understaffed — I waited hours on hold and then many days after a phone conversation for resolution.

-Bilt double-charged my bank for my latest statement balance by accident, which they are repaying via a check which isn’t mailed for 30 days! So I gave them a free loan.

-Wasn’t actually able to apply my rewards at all — so that feature is broken, too, making the whole thing effectively a scam

My apartment complex has received so much similar negative feedback that they are considering dropping the service. For a measly 1% rewards on rent — which I wasn’t even able to apply — it’s absolutely not worth the risk.


Amazing idea!!

Life can be stressful and worrying about paying rent doesn’t help. With this card not only do you get to pay your rent, but you also get rewarded points by doing so! These points can be used for things like fitness classes, travel, etc., adding flexibility to your spending habits and making life a little less stressful!

Having a BILT Rewards card is a no brainer!!


Auto pay doesn’t work

Started off good but I could have missed this month’s rent payment because of some kind of bug. For some reason my auto payment scheduled for the 1st of every month was submitted yesterday, 11/30, when rent wasn’t posted yet so only my utility charge was paid. Went back on BiltRewards today when rent was posted and my autopay said the next payment was schedule for January 1st. If I hadn’t logged in today there’s a good chance my rent would have been late. What is the point of autopay if I have to check that my payment has been submitted correctly each month?


Great program, awful user experience

The program itself is great and totally innovative. BiltRewards and website are terrible. It is so confusing for the user to find anything on BiltRewards . Why is there both a card and account tab? Why can’t I easily see how many transactions I’ve made each cycle? If you’re going to mandate a minimum of 5 it should be readily available…I also have to click three times to find my balance. Home page->card->view card statement. How is this not the first thing you see? Would love to see a new rollout of BiltRewards …


This is the card!!!!

This is the best card, with rent getting sky high I can feel better with the point system from BILT. The customer service and communication has been on par. If you rent and want to get points for the money you already spend, and honestly so much more to offer once you become a member. Tons of sponsorships once you get the card!


Great app and service

To comment mostly on BiltRewards here (because the credit card and service it provides is great through and through), it’s a wonderful experience from the minute you open it, which will be often, because it’s more than just an accounting of your transactions. The articles about travel destinations and how to get value are fun for the point newbie to read and the gallery of gifts you can purchase with your reward points are truly unique. What I like most is that BiltRewards just works and has a simple layout. It’s easy to track my rent check payment status from check printing, to mailing, to depositing by my landlord. There’s options to auto-pay and automate from your bank account so there’s really no heavy lifting on the users end, just set it up once, use the card a few times a month, and earn some automatic points for making the purchase you already make every month anyway! Thanks BILT!


App is fantastic if it was accessible

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy BiltRewards. However, I am a legally blind user that navigates my phone with the VoiceOver screen reader, and I cannot easily use BiltRewards independently because a lot of the screens either don’t have correct labels on the buttons or the page doesn’t read at all. For instance, the screen reader wouldn’t read the login screen, so I had to turn on screen recognition in order for the phone to guess what’s on the screen. As soon as I click the login button, I am able to turn off screen recognition to login. Another example occurs when I’m trying to click the confirm button on the page where you remove the house address to add a new one. In this instance, I had to ask one of my sighted friends to click the button for me. This shouldn’t be this hard to use BiltRewards . I would strongly advise BiltRewards developers to consult with people, who use a screen reader daily, to improve BiltRewards. A lot of blind and low vision individuals pay rent every month, and they will not be able to use BiltRewards if they are not technologically savvy. I hope to be able to recommend BiltRewards to blind and low vision users in the future, but as of right now, I cannot recommend BiltRewards to any of my friends because it’s way too difficult to navigate BiltRewards using a screen reader.


Unreliable and No Customer Service Number

My apartment complex promoted BILT so I jumped onboard because who doesn’t love rewards?! I set up auto payment for my rent and on month two my complex emails me a 30 day notice to vacate and adds a late fee because my payment wasn’t sent in. I had perfect payment history with the complex and had just renewed my lease the week prior. BILT attempted to pull early hours of the 1st before my child support and monthly transfer from my business account went into my personal account, a SINGLE attempt to pull and then payment attempt was cancelled. I didn’t even know it happened until the 4th when my leasing office emailed. I’ve been waiting for 2 days for the “zen desk customer service” to respond. There is no customer service number and yet we trust them with the responsibility of paying our rent and handling that much money, along with our bank account info. Ridiculous. My rent money had been in there by 1030am after transferred on the 1st and it didn’t even attempt to pull again that day, most companies attempt 3 times. Funny how with me being solely responsible, my rent was never late. Additionally, it would take SIX YEARS for me to be able to purchase a simple flight from ATL to ORL with my rewards! BiltRewards is a joke. It caused so much unnecessary stress.


My money was taken out of my account without my consent!

I recently got my money taken out of my personal account for the rent fee WITHOUT MY CONSENT from Bilt Rewards!!! Tomorrow is the last day of the rent, and I can’t even talk to this company to get my money back! I have called the APT Management to find out what happened, because I have been paying with my eCheck for the last 4 months. I even gave my personal check in person for this month because we are moving out. When I reached out to our Management, they told me that I should report to the bank for Fraud and stop the transaction immediately, and I did. Make the long story short, I have to go back to the bank tomorrow first thing in the morning again, because I couldn’t get it done today. Also, I have to notify or call all the autopay as well after I get my new account. Currently, my account froze, and I have to cancel my original check. Then, I have to pay and make a Cashier’s check tomorrow from my new account to pay the rent fee! The funny thing is, even our APT Management don’t even have Bilt Rewards contact number as well! All we can do is just to get a ticket from BiltRewards and wait for them to contact us. This is totally RIDICULOUS!!!


Not a pleasant first experience

I received the card and I called the number to activate it and a message said to do it online then hung up on me. So I went online and I put the info in 3 times and got an error message every time. After three tries BiltRewards gave me a number to call. I called the number and the gentleman told me he can't help me because he doesn't handle that kind of card. Idk why BiltRewards gave me that number. He gave me another number to call and another guy answered and told me he will transfer me to people who can help. He transferred me to the original number I called and I was hung up on. I called back and finally a lady spoke to me and was able to get me to someone who could help. I had to speak with the fraud department to get my card activated. I know it's too early to judge but I will say it was not a good start with this card.

Also, the lady I spoke with on the phone to open my account told me my credit limit was a certain amount but when I activated my card and went into BiltRewards I saw it was $500 less than what she said. That's fine because it's still more than I need but I found it strange that she would tell me one thing and it end up being another.

A lot of inconsistencies from the start.


Rent - Mortgage

If you’re self employed or don’t make a lot of money, this BILT WILL HELP YOU GET A HOME LOAN BY PROVING THAT YOU PAY YOUR RENT - MORTGAGE ON TIME! The best part for a lot of people suffering from the economy, is that you can use BILT to pay your entire rent or mortgage and all you need ito do is pay your BILT CC payment on time. It’s a normal CC balance, not the full amount of the loan. The customer service is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! The points are also amazing! You can shop, travel or even use your points towards the rent / mortgage payment. I personally think that this is the best CC I’ve ever had. You can use it for purchases, cash advance’s just like any other credit credit card. IF YOU’RE STRUGGLING BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMY YOU NEED THIS CARD!


Not worth the effort

I like playing the points game as much as the next person but there are rules. The first rule is that you make your payments on time otherwise there’s no point, since the interest and late fees wipe out any credits. Even though we pay a lot in rent every month living in a HCOL area, BiltRewards/card isn’t worth it because signing up for auto pay is very difficult and can’t be done through BiltRewards . I’m assuming they want it to be difficult so people miss payments so they can hit you with fees.

Next, they have been the subject of multiple fraud attempts, so they lock our card and tell us they’ll send another. They don’t. We call because we need it to be active to pay our rent and make 5 purchases in order to be eligible for the points from rent. They said oh, we won’t send you another card, we’ll just activate your old card that possibly had fraudulent charges on it. Try to use it, still doesn’t work. We ask if we’ll still be eligible for points, they say, not my department, can’t help.

Would not recommend this to anyone.


Awful Customer Service - Do Not Use This App

I just got this card and on my first ever attempt to use it to pay rent I am already having issues. My rent check was mailed but never received and the funds have already been pulled from my account. I now have no money to pay rent or a check to pay rent with because I have no idea where the check is. They provide tracking but it’s not detailed. When I try calling customer service NO ONE helps and I can never get a real person on the line. After 2 days of trying to get someone from Bilt, I’ve had to escalate to Wells Fargo who are the only people who answer callas and actually help. I have now had to escalate to get a payment reversal because essentially Bilt has taken my money with no service provided.

I thought this card would be cool and fun but it’s actually a nightmare and I don’t recommend this AT ALL. I will be cancelling the card after this because this is actually insane. I am so glad I have an understanding landlord or else I’d be stuck laying late fees or dealing with a 3 day notice. DO NOT USE THIS CARD.


Almost very good system…

I’ve just completed my second rent payment through the Built app and have also received the credit card which I have used several times. Since the rental payment service is the meat and potatoes of the offering I will only review this portion of the offering.

Overall I give this an 8.5 out of 10. BiltRewards is easy to use- simple to navigate and works as it claims it should. I now have an easy, safe and reliable way to pay my rent while receiving points- what’s not to love? Previously - because my rent payments are above what Wells Fargo would allow with Zelle payments I was unable to make monthly automatic on line payments- and now I can and I get points for using it.

The only draw back- and it is NOT insignificant is that once you program your auto payments the only field that you cannot edit is the $ payment amount. So my rent just went up and i CANNOT edit the transfer amount and as of yet I have been unable to delete my original auto payment to make a new one. So now I have had to turn OFF auto pay and manually send the rent each month.

This is a minor oversight on the part of web developers but has an outsized impact on users. Once this issue gets cleared up I would be happy to rate BiltRewards a 10.


A small problem

I just got BILT so I can earn points on my rent payments. I’ve run into a small issue though, I received an email notification that my card arrived in the mail when in fact it hasn’t. I then received a notification that I would be able to earn 5x the points if I make 5 transactions within 5 days but I don’t have the physical card yet. I was however able to add the card to my Apple Pay so I can still use it that way. There also isn’t an option in the email to notify Wells Fargo that my card did not actually arrive or that there is a delivery issue, that would be really nice. I have that option in the emails from other credit card platforms I use. Other than that, BILT is a great idea and I look forward to using BILT more often!

Just a small problem, thanks!


Awful customer service

The concept of getting points for rent is great, but any credit card company needs to come prepared to have a well functioning customer service department. Getting through to customer service is a nightmare with Bilt. The number on the phone doesn’t direct you to a human - it’s automated rerouting system will keep rerouting you to one robot after the other and will not let you speak to a human no matter what. I was trying to get through with a question about redeeming my points and after following the prompts, I was redirected back to the very first step. It’s extremely frustrating and you will stay on the line for a very long amount of time without getting access to a human. I then tried to email them and made sure to list out all my questions in one go. I emailed on 9/1 and didn’t receive a response till 9/9, at which time the rep only responds to 1/5 of my questions. Just awful customer service overall.


Such a cool concept, excited to see what the future holds

When I heard about this card, thought it was too good to be true. Even though there is no traditional sign up bonus, having inly held the card a couple months there have been a number of opportunities to earn bonus points. Because of this I’m already half way to there silver tier where you cans start earning interest on points

BiltRewards works and I’ve had no issues with it although I am excited to see what they do in the future to further improve the UX. (E.g. You need to track your status, card opps, etc in the Bilt Rewards app, but must use Wells Fargo to make payments / see latest transactions. So, not most space efficient solution.) But, for me, the benefits way outweigh the smaller inconveniences.


Points for rent paid! Great!

Interest rate about the same as others. 3x points on restaurants is great too. We pay our rent via the Bilt app and Bilt Protect, which simply pulls directly from bank account then they sent payment to apartment. Day or two for processing. Not bad! One big issue we had though. We accidentally paid our $1,880 rent one month but charged it to the card, instead of it pulling directly from checking. When we got our next statement bill the minimum payment due was $1,880, not just 1% of our balance. This was a shocker! Be careful paying rent and use the auto protect option they have. We have 38,560 points in first year of card use, so that’s a free RT airfare from DC to Denver! Free after paying the monthly interest of course!


An absolute game changer!

I have been in the credit card game for a while now and have cards with most big banks. The problem though, is that most point earning cards either come with a hefty annual fees or are tied to specific points redeemed only for a certain airline/hotel. Bilt addresses both of those issues while also allowing me to earn points while paying rent. Not only do they have partnerships with properties but also provide alternatives like a checking account number to pay rent on non partner portals. Too good to be true for a no annual fee card.



I love supporting up and rising companies and the idea behind this company is great. EXCEPT my account has managed to get hacked not once but twice. The first time around their security measures were so weak that the person committing fraud was able to change my phone number so I got ZERO correspondence on the fraudulent transactions happening. I only discovered the fraud once I logged into my account. They closed my card, changed my password, and added a verbal password. I gave them a second chance. And a month later SAME issue except this time the fraud clearly happened by someone getting access to BiltRewards . It’s very very clear they need to raise the security measures for their accounts. Consider this your warning. Stay away. Both cases were so bad I closed my account and didn’t care about the damage it did to my credit score.



I only applied to get the card because I wanted to use my points towards rent. I saw that my apartment complex was on their Reward Alliance list. While when I tried to make a payment & use my points I wasn’t able to, called customer service & they stated my apartment wasn’t on the list. That it was other locations but not mine. I thought it was misleading & now I believe in order to use my points my only option is for me to make a payment & Bilt will send a check to my leasing office. Which is going to be an inconvenience if I do that, because I’m going to have to follow up to make sure they receive the check & to have the stress thinking, if it’ll arrive on time, if it’ll be correct or what if it gets lost. Not what I expected unfortunately.


If you’re a renter, you NEED this card!

BILT is the only major credit card company that gives you points for paying rent (with no processing fees)! But the best thing about this card (and BiltRewards ) is the customer service. I haven’t had many issues, but when one arises, the team goes above and beyond to make sure the customer is taking care of. BiltRewards is extremely intuitive, making it incredibly easy to transfer points, pay rent, make payments, etc. All around thumbs up for me!


Useless customer support

I used BILT protect to pay my rent, BILT is supposed to extract fund directly from my linked checking account and not affect my credit balance. It has been 20 days since I paid my rent, and the charges showed up on my credit card, but the credit that was supposed to cover that charge has never showed up, and it’s been 2 weeks since they extracted the money from my checking account. I called BILT support 4 times, wrote them 3 emails, Each time getting a different answer on what’s going on. Yet at the end of the day, they still never post the credit to my account. They are still holding $8300 from me right now. Will file CFPB if nothing is done in the next two days.

The customer support department is totally useless.


Easy to use app good rewards opportunities

App is kind of fun to use. The interface is simplified. There are some things that are not intuitive but still I like it better than other credit card apps. Love that you get rewards from rent. Travel portal is essentially Expedia and it is also well laid out and intuitive. We already saved more than $100 from travel bookings just from rewards during the first month of using this card. Definitely worth using


5 Stars

Honestly, BiltRewards is amazing.
I wish this was something that existed before - earn points on doing something you’re going to do ANYWAY, which is pay rent. And they also have credit reporting, so if you pay your rent on time each month - automatically reported positively to the credit bureaus. I have no complaints. BiltRewards is easy to navigate and use and I had no problems setting up my account. If your place of residence offers Bilt, use it.


The biggest pro but also a major con

Just having my rent automated and not needing to worry about remembering to write and drop off a physical check to my landlord every month is a HUGE win for my ADHD self. Plus I can earn points?! 😍 definitely recommend for those reasons, but….

Big BUT… the onboarding process where you need to make both a Bilt account *and* a Wells Fargo account and set up auto payments in two separate places was confusing. I didn’t realize I hadn’t paid the other transactions. My rent was auto-paying. I always set up autopay because, once again, ADHD. I had only charged like $150 to the card in 3 months so it wasn’t a significant amount that I noticed, until my credit score dropped 157 points. It’s been an absolute nightmare trying to fix this.

I was able to get the late fees refunded after several phone calls of Bilt and Wells Fargo passing me back and forth like a game of telephone ping pong not sure who was supposed to handle what, but no short term solution to revive my credit yet. Hopefully it rebounds by the time I need it for something (glad I decided to wait to buy a car). Turns out my SS number was typo-ed somewhere in the setup process and now I need to go into a Wells Fargo to gain access to my account, which is only open while I’m working 🫠

So be careful! Take your time to do the setup process. It’s definitely worth it if you do it right, but it’s pretty confusing and can have MAJOR consequences if you don’t set it up right.


Unable to Apply for Card

I was denied for my first application since my credit was frozen. I called and was asked to unfreeze it for 24 hours. I did, but they tried to pull after the 24 hour mark (note, they need a 72 hour unfreeze, despite being told by wellsfargo 24 hours). After I tried to reapply, but there is no option too. The apply button disappears. I looked it up and other users reported being told to open an account with a different email. I attempted to do so, but you cannot re-use the phone number. I asked support to delete my old account, they did not delete by deactivated it. Meaning my number is still being used, and I cannot open a new account. Now I’m stuck, and can’t sign in and can’t apply.

Update: Bilt Support has been trying to resolve the issue over the last week. They have not been able to resolve it yet, but they have been very diligent and customer friendly.


Good idea, execution can be improved

Being able to accumulate points on rent is a greatl idea. However, it is hard to use the points efficiently. I tried to use the points to buy an airline ticket. It turns out Bilt uses Expedia which totally messes up my reservation and I had to spend hours fixing it. This is not totally Expedia’s fault, but part the airlines’ which actively undermine these third party services. The bottom line, I was sold a Delta flight to Italy and paid extra to have the seats assigned, but then I could not get the seat assigned because the carrier was actually another company and it would not honor seat assignment on a ticket soled by Delta.
Bilt needs to switch to a better provider or develop its own. Right now I do not trust Bolt’s travel reservation system and I am switching in part to other cards.


Love the Card, Don’t like the App

Long story short, the card is fantastic- but BiltRewards is just okay. My first complaint is that I want to see the page with my card’s balance (the Wallet tab) when I first open BiltRewards , but instead it takes you to Bilt’s Rewards tab, which is annoying and kind of confusing. Especially considering the Rewards tab looks like some social media home page and not an actual credit card app. My second complaint is that it stops your music (assuming you’re listening to music) when you first open BiltRewards , which is annoying too. My main gripe though is that I can’t really customize my notifications with BiltRewards - I don’t want to be texted and emailed each time I do something, like make a payment towards my balance or pay my rent, and I wish I could change those settings in BiltRewards . I’m sure BiltRewards is in its infancy stages, but the user experience is a bit mediocre.



Super disappointed with this new card. Hearing that renters could take advantage of the point system while paying your monthly rent certainly sounded like a good thing. However the links for BiltRewards and the payment processing system via Wells Fargo is extremely poor. Not at all user friendly. The customer service is laughable. Trying to get a person on the phone, any customer service choice, is a joke. The assistance has been less than poor and highly unacceptable. This is not easy to use, payment options are limited. Trying to decide whether or not to just cancel the card altogether.


Best credit card out there for anyone who rents

You can get up to 50 days to pay your rent interest free plus earn points on your rent payments. There’s also double points on the first day of the month bonus points on the first day of the month as well as multiple points on various categories, which can also be doubled on the first day of the month there are probably more valuable points out there, but there is no other way that I’m aware of that you can get float on your rent as well as earning points. Just make sure to pay it off so you don’t end up paying interest on your rent


Poor quality product; useless customer support

Got the card some time back and just had my first rent payment come about. Tried to pay, and got an email saying that the transaction failed due to balance restriction. Ok, fair enough, no biggie. I reached out to customer service to ask if this means that this transaction will not go through no matter what now, and they assured me that that is the case. Ok, great! I turned on the debit feature that draws automatically from my debit account and paid my rent again - smooth sailing, everything goes through. I’m checking my checking account a few days later to see that both charges went through, and that I had paid rent twice. Great!
I reach out to customer support asking them why they deceived me and they basically feed me nonsense about “oh well it tried again after you turned on the debit pay” - remember, I asked if I can safely assume the transaction won’t go through no matter what.
As a consolation prize they offered me some measly 1,000 points (which is less that the $ interest I would’ve earned on my rent amount that I ended up paying a month in advance essentially cause of their double pay.
Useless customer support and non-intuitive product hidden behind a shiny UI.


Wanted to Love the Card; Unfortunate Customer Support

I absolutely wanted to love this card. Right after I signed up, I told several other people about it. One of those people was my girlfriend. She signed up the following week, but mixed up the links and it didn’t get connected with my referral. I contacted support looking to resolve this, and they told me she needed to reach out. So I awkwardly brought it up with her, and she did. The response was they still refused to grant the referral points even though we could prove I had referred her. What an unfortunate experience with the customer support. I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep the card after this, but I certainly won’t be recommending it, knowing that the support experience is so poor.

Edit: after a few more back-and-forths and a tweet that caught their eye, I finally got the referral bonus. So they did the right thing. It just took a lot more effort than it should have.

Is Bilt Rewards Safe?

Yes. Bilt Rewards is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,655 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Bilt Rewards Is 25.1/100.

Is Bilt Rewards Legit?

Yes. Bilt Rewards is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,655 Bilt Rewards User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Bilt Rewards Is 100/100..

Is Bilt Rewards not working?

Bilt Rewards works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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