ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks Reviews

ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks Reviews

Published by on 2022-04-11

One app to replace them all! ClickUp is the place to work on anything with
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Reviews (20)


IPad App is terrible

The Web interface is ok, would be nice if ClickUp indicated the name of the Project/Folder in the Task description, so when you have projects/folders with similar Tasks on other projects, you know which one your updating. This is challenging when working on multiple projects with similar workflow and tasks w/sub tasks. & list. Would also be nice if ClickUp linked with your other calendars. Has potential with some additional enhancements. If your a drag and drop person using Kanban, you may like this. I prefer Kanban, List and Integrated Calendar. All these tasks apps appear to be lacking in Calendar integration with visibility and clear naming of Task association to Folder/Project; as if Outlook email, meeting invites and other standard office tools no longer exist. Example: Common Tasks performed on every project might be “Send Intro Letter to Customer”. Since the view arranges in order of flow with not Project name indicated, there could be several “Send Intro Letter to Customers” indicated with no means to know which project its for. It’s also Difficult to indicate due date/time if you can’t see the other things in your Outlook Calendar such as Meeting request, etc. Again has potential, but these items are a must for me, so.....maybe in the future I’ll reconsider if the added functions are there. Again, iPad interface is terrible and not even remotely close to that of the web version.


I prefer the browser version.

I’m a new user to project management apps and ClickUp and so I can’t say I’ve had anything else to compare it to. But I am a designer and I have to say the app UI leaves something to be desired. It doesn’t feel intuitive and just gets me frustrated using it. The browser version is much more easier to use and I prefer to sign on through the browser on my iPad rather than the app. I hope the design team at ClickUp will consider redoing the UI in a way that makes it easier to use and understand right away. I don’t enjoy having to really think about how to get to my tasks/subtasks when I have to get them done. As far as features that ClickUp has to offer, I am happy that there are so many ways of customization that can allow for different brains to process information easiest to them. This allows for everyone on the team to work the best way suited to them. This is one of the main reasons why I continue to use ClickUp. Inclusive design rather than exclusive design!


The best project management/ productivity app I have used

I’m a true end user (not a paid writer or so.) Tried nearly all the mainstream project management tools in the market and found none of them helpful - their UIUX were ugly, too complex, or incompetent. Until I found ClickUp, nothing has really caught my eyes. (Maybe the PomodoroToDo, but it’s slightly different.) ClickUp has nearly fulfilled all my needs for personal task management and has the most aesthetic interface I’ve ever seen. The functions are relatively complete (only a few for improvement) and comprehensive. I rarely write a review but I’m doing it because it has really impressed me. The product manager of ClickUp seems to understand all the user pain points. I believe it’ll become big one day, and I wish all the best and good luck to the hardworking team! (If you are hiring, let me know! Lol)


I don't understand who this is for.

The fundamental job of a task/project management application is to be as easy to use as a post-it note, but provide more organization and tracking tools than a post-it note, without getting in the way. Fundamentally, when working, adding or removing a task must be as easy or easier than writing it down on a checklist, or checking a box; because you aren't just competing with MS Project, Trello, and the like: you're competing with *free* lists, spreadsheets, and post-it notes. After ClickUp was recommended to me I've spent over a week trying to understand what it is, how it works, watching videos, etc. And yet every time I open it to add a task, check it off, or see what's next, I find myself starting at perplexing menus with no intuitive way to do what I want, and no discoverable hints at how one would. One particularly awful example is Spaces. You cannot add a task without it being in a Space (which is bad). You cannot add a Space from a draft task, so if you wrote it out, but don't have a space for it, too bad. You have to write it out again after creating the space. What's worse, you can't add a Space from the *Spaces* context! You have to go to the *Discover* context for that, which has an icon that looks more like "Safari". Who would think "I want to add a basic task. I should click Safari, add a Space, then add the task to that Space from a different menu"? Nobody would, and I think that's who this app is for. :(


What an improvement!

I have tried ClickUp before but could not figure out how to navigate it. Well, this latest version is a whole new app. I just started using the free version and am thoroughly impressed. I have been working on improving my work flow for years. I thought I was almost there with my use of Apple reminders, Google calendar and Evernote. I think ClickUp could be the one tool to replace my current system. I’m still trying to figure out if storing documents will work as well for me. I have contacted ClickUp support three times today with questions and they have responded more quickly than any other vendor I’ve used. And I’m only on the free plan. If you’re like me you owe it to yourself to see what ClickUp can do for you.


Looks cool but….

This looks really cool and I’d love to try it out, but looking at the full picture it doesn’t give me access to my data where I need it and how I want it. I rely on workflows that move with me from device to device and offer different strengths in different places. For example, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps of Things are all designed slightly differently, according to the strengths of each environment. It’s not a feature difference, it’s a design difference, and it shows that they’ve dedicated thoughtful design to each one, not just their iPhone app. What that means is that sometime I’ll put one device down and pick up a different one to see and think about my project differently. That Change of mind is incredibly useful, especially when mental flow is getting clogged. The iPad app for ClickUp looks like an awkward upscaling of the iPhone app - there’s no benefit of that vs the iPhone app other than its bigger. And there’s no Mac app at all, which is a deal-killer for me.


Love it, wish I could do more

I changed jobs last year & at my old job I used ToDoist (paid version) for task management. However once at my new at my new job, I found that ToDoist didn’t have enough capability anymore. I found ClickUp and signed up for a paid account at that point. I pay for task management independently bc my past/current employers didn’t/don’t provide it. I *love* ClickUp because I can create Spaces for different categories of work, then projects within each space. For the projects, I love that we can create tasks, sub-tasks, and checklists. I do way more detailed work now compared to my previous job, so this is huge. I also have tons of follow up to do all the time and ClickUp prevents all that from slipping through the cracks. Since I’m paying for it, not my employer, I’ve also added personal projects to it too in their own space. I only say I wish I could do more in the review title because the nature of my work doesn’t allow me to attach documents to tasks for confidentiality reasons. If I could I’d absolutely use that feature, it would be invaluable. Thanks for a great app/website! 😍


Incredible app!! You need this

I very rarely write reviews because they take too long but ClickUp deserves it. I’m a business owner and iOS software engineer who needed a better productivity and project management app. After setting up my click up account in dashboard on the MacOS app, I downloaded the iOS app to give it a try. WOW! It works incredibly well and everything is well thought out for mobile. I believe this was made using Flutter but, for me, it still feels native to iOS. Also the customer service is out of the world. You can actually call and talk to a REAL person if you’re having problems. Kudos to the ClickUp team!


Good except one thing

The app is pretty good, but there is one thing that is very frustrating and ruins the entire experience. This is notifications in comments of tasks. It shows you “new” comments below a line for clearing notifications. But the new and old notifications get all mashed together and appear out of order from oldest to newest. So obviously you want to clear the notifications so you can see them in order and actually read and understand them, but when you tap clear notifications it takes you out of the task and back to the home page. The home page it takes you to doesn’t even have the tab bar, so it’s impossible to get back to the task you were just on! Please fix this bug/feature and the app would be a lot better.



ClickUp is incredible, and constantly working to improve. HOWEVER, one of the strangest ironies has me stuck confused: Why would a project management app prioritize the functions( updates/upgrades) that are most useful/needed? For example: in its current capacity, I can not invite guests to new folders/users to tasks, select slash commands, and/or use the timer feature. Strangest of all, the above mentioned missing functions both work and are available on the legacy app. Just seems to me, regardless of its level or difficult, these are 3 things that need immediate attention.


Like! Needs a couple corrections

I love ClickUp - primarily use for work and the computer / internet browser version, but use the mobile phone app on the go, computer getting repaired this week so also using on the iPad. I’ve noticed in the new home/inbox section - the TODAY list contains things for today but also for tomorrow (please fix), then tomorrow items also showing up on the NEXT (or whatever it’s called) list. Also noticed it doesn’t seem possible to manage or create recurring tasks within the app - would love this feature in the app! Overall ClickUp has helped me be much more productive and organized. Thanks for a great product!



The Today view widget should also include any overdue tasks. Currently when tasks are overdue they no longer appear in the Today view. This is fine inside the app, because the user can easily see the overdue tasks just below the tasks due today, but in the iOS Today widget overdue tasks disappear and tasks that are out of sight, are out of mind. I would also love to have a widget that lists all tasks even those without a due date. I don’t always need to assigned a due date to every task, but I still would like to be able to quickly view them in a widget rather than having to open up the Clickup app every time.


🎵 Nothing Compares To You... 🎵

I’m a solo business owner who wears all the hats 🎩 and who enjoys weaving technology 🔌 into my workflow. Because of my love for apps, I have literally tried each of these > Monday, Asana, Wunderlist, Notion, Trello, Evernote. Click-Up allows me to manage my daily tasks, Quarterly Goals while documenting my progress each month. It’s very customizable and if you are familiar with any of the other apps I listed earlier, you will find some familiar ways to display your projects. (ie: if you like Trello, you will love the “board view” that can also be viewed as a list, Calendar, Gnatt, Timeline, etc) My favorite part of Click-Up is their mobile app 😍 because I can literally do everything I can from the computer on my phone. They continue to improve their application which has empowered me to hit some major milestones in my new business. I highly recommend you give Click-Up a try to see how it evolves your workflow.


Excellent mobile interface

I really like how this version of the ClickUp app is taking the program’s experience to a more mobile adapted interface. While there are still plenty of features to be implemented from the roadmap, the app is off to a great start. The legacy 2.0 app was the web version mobilized. While this interface keeps the same functions, but makes it easier to precisely change task information and data in spaces. Well done, looking forward to implementations from the roadmap.


App is restricting

First of all I love ClickUp. However, the app is very limiting and boxes you in. When I am in the field with my iPad I find myself logging into the web app before the installed app. The app does not allow you to view timelines, Gant, or tables. We use these features daily and they are critical for our projects so the app becomes useless and more of an inconvenience for us. Hopefully the development team can find a way to port these features over. I know it’s not a simple task, but it would be nice to see these features sooner rather than later. All in all ClickUp is great! The only reason the rating is 3 star is due to the app being so limiting.


why relaunch an app that doesn’t do everything the previous one did?

I love Clickup, and I use it all day long, every day. I was excited to see a new mobile app because there are a few issues with the current one over using the Windows client or online version. But right now, this app is unusable to me because it doesn’t have some of the backbone I need to plan my day. I must have the inbox function. I don’t want to be hobbled by an app rollout over months. Maybe this should be called a beta version or playground to test rollout. It’s not ready for prime time! I uninstalled and went back to the previous version, waiting for everything to be in place before I get fooled again.


Search for listing is still missing

This app is good, seems faster but missing some essential items. Searching for listing name does not return anything, currently is for tasks. I have many lists and some tasks have the same name, so there is no easy way for me to use this app. The legacy app allows sewrching for list name. I would think this should be available in the new app. I am giving 5 stars for continuous improvement on this new app, please respond and provide timeline for this. Thanks.


Where is the ability to see today’s tasks?

It pains me to rate this app at 2 stars because I adore the web and Mac apps - but I just don’t understand how you can release a to-do list app without the ability to see a simple summary of today’s tasks! That is literally the #1 most useful thing about a mobile to-do list app. This app is worthless to me without it. I tried for 5 minutes to use it as-is by scrolling through all of my tasks and looking for what’s due today before giving up in frustration and re-downloading the legacy ClickUp. I see that the ability to do this is in-progress on the roadmap - but truly, I cannot use this app until that’s available.


Everything I Need

it’s a great app! I love using it! I use the desktop version, but the only thing missing from the mobile version, is the widget feature. Looking forward to when that’s implemented so I can see immediate tasks or a project view without having to open up the app. It’ why I have considered other apps that has the widget feature vs clickup to use on my phone. Update: Widgets are in and now so am I! Shoutout to the hardworking developers and team at Clickup!


Too many missing features at launch

I adore Click Up; so much so that I encourage all my clients to use it. A 1-star review hurts. But the new app just wasn’t ready for launch. For now, I must recommend the legacy app. I’ve been patient but as is the new app is unusable and we really need a mobile solution that offers more of the features the desktop app and browser portal provide. And unfortunately, the iOS browser solution is unworkable because it pushes you to the app. The icing on the cake is that you can’t even log in from the iPad app to vote on the new features you most like to see; and the road map is a bare bones to-do list with practically no useful information. So I would have to go to the computer, navigate to the app roadmap, and the navigate to the features hub to log in to vote / comment on proposed new features. ClickUp has been the gold standard in useful features, easy UI, and phenomenal customer service - but this new direction and attitude really has me worried about the future. Are they growing too big too fast to maintain that level of excellence?

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Is ClickUp Safe?

Yes. ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,793 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks Is 45.3/100.

Is ClickUp Legit?

Yes. ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,793 ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks Is 45.3/100.

Is ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks not working?

ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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