SMOKE IT Reviews

SMOKE IT Reviews

Published by on 2021-08-27

Control your PitBoss grills with multiple smart devices from anywhere in your
world. Works with Lockhart and Combo series smart grills.

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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SMOKE IT Reviews

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    App works when done correctly

    I believe the manual from Pit Boss could do with some adjustments. There are obviously a lot of issues that people have had with getting the app to talk to the grill. I initially left a bad review. Not two days later an app developer contacted me. Extremely nice and knowledgeable person who spent the time to make sure we could get everything working in harmony. Biggest problem ended up being that I was trying to connect via the 5GHZ channel on my router. Their systems only support the 2.4GHZ bandwidth, as that generally works better through walls (most of us use our grills outside, I hope). We ended up having to reset the router a couple times, but were able to change the router settings on the grill by deleting the app and downloading again. After all that, it does take a minute or two for the grill to talk to the app. Once it does, though, changes can be made instantaneously to grill temps. The real key to knowing that the grill is attached to your wi-fi is that the small “iT” icon on the top left of the grills digital panel will be glowing solid. If it is blinking, it is not connected. I hope this helps some of you, and I look forward to a lot of years of use out of this grill.

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    Gets the job done, but could use a few improvements.

    The good you can monitor the set temperature and the actual temperature from your phone. It will alternate between the two. It will show the two prob temps. You can adjust the set temp from your phone. You can shut down / power down the Pit Boss from your phone. The bad is it could do all those things in a much better way. It would be nice to have the set temp and the actual temp shown at the same time, or at least be able to manually toggle each one on the fly instead of having to wait. It will let you set a target temp for each prop, but when it reaches the target temp it didn’t really do anything like an alert or an notification so I don’t really see the point in setting a target temp. Would be nice to be able to set a program like “smoke for x amount of hours then turn to x temp for x amount of time. Anyway there is some potential and I hope Pit Boss pays attention!

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    I never write reviews but this app deserves....

    This app deserves a review because it’s just that bad. First of all when you change the temp on your app the grill may or may not receive the change. It does monitor well sometimes. Currently right now as I type this I have two probes plugged in and only one reads out. I have a Weber igrill2 that I may go back to for meat probe temperatures. I was hoping that the smokeit app would provide graphs.... it does not! I was hoping I would be able to change temperature setting of the grill from inside my house and I can....SOMETIMES. This app leaves a whole lot to be desired but instead of just having the Weber app for cooking I’m now in between two apps. One which works all the time (Weber) and one that works 18% of the time or less (this one) For those using the WiFi connectivity and app as a tie breaker between this and something else, consider the fact that you will still have spotty responses or hit and miss reliability.

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    Needs work!

    Just got my Pro Series 850 assembled and did the burn off tonight. While temp was coming up I messed around with the app. I’m an IT professional and have been for 20+ yrs. I live in a remote area in the country with my family so I have no password on my WiFi. The app/controller requires a password but I was able to get passed that and set my PIN but I keep getting ‘Can’t connect to WiFi, password incorrect’ message. Sure...I could remote into my router, setup another SSID for the grill and set a password but there’s no need! Should just work with an open connection. I’m able to adjust the temp with no issues and toggle between C/F but none of the timer functions work. It doesn’t ask me how long or anything. I tap Set and it does nothing. I def think with some more development this app could be awesome but as it stands right now, this should still be in a developer’s project list and not in full production with many poor reviews. It doesn’t change the use of the Pit Boss for cooking. I def think it’s still a great grill/smoker, but get this working and you’ll make this techy’s day!

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    So it works. You can see two probes and watch it remotely from anywhere. It can be quirky - if you try to turn the knob left past S(130) it will sometimes jump to the far right H(420). I would love a recipe function but that is just wish list. More than that - when I first installed it - I could turn the knob by 10 degrees and it absolutely worked on the grill. My dad had the same experience but eventually it will give you a screen saying it is adjusting to your grill settings and then you can’t!!! What I want is for the developer to fix this! You can only adjust like you can with the physical knob. Which means they can fix it but they don’t. Come on! Fix it! I had it working for a whole day and then boom - back to the Stone Age of 25 degrees and then 50’s. Just fix it. Fix it and 5 stars.

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    Does what it’s supposed to do

    This app is definitely not the top of the line app and there are things I would love to see added and changed; however, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s a grill that I can control from my phone! It connected right away with no issues, it stayed connected, it shows accurate/up to date information it changed my grill temp when requested. So not sure why people are having issues with connecting it to their grill, it connected right away for me. Anyway, but the grill for the grill, not for the app, and you won’t be disappointed. My grill: PB Pro Series 1150 from Lowe’s.

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    WiFi won’t work!!

    UPDATE......after manually entering all my WiFi credentials from the network name to the password it finally connected. Still takes a while to update but push notifications work. Initially it did shut the grill off 2 times but a couple uses later I haven’t had that problem anymore....... If and when the Bluetooth works it is extremely laggy, UI could use improvement as well. But the main issue is the WiFi won’t connect. It just keeps telling me I have the wrong password, I have restarted and unplugged the grill, deleted/reinstalled the smoke it app, restarted the WiFi, obviously ensured my password was correct... still nothing.

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    Terrible app

    This app looks like it was built by a child 5+ years ago. Bluetooth connection is very spotty and you have to reconnect every time. Still haven’t managed to get it to connect to WiFi. When it is connected, the temps regularly fail to update and even if they did, there’s no sort of graphing to see how the cook is progressing. And don’t even think about being able to shut the grill down or change the temp, that’s just not going to happen. This isn’t new territory here, there’s plenty of other grill and thermometer companies with much more useful and reliable apps. Seems pretty clear to me they’re way more focused on just pushing out new model after model without any concern for the software. The grill seems to work fine without it and I’ll be sticking to another company’s thermometer for monitoring.

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    I have the Pitt boss of combo and I was hoping that the “smoke it” app would be an amazing addition to the grill sadly though the app has many flaws first when I use it to monitor my grill temp while smoking meats it doesn’t show my actual temperature of what it shows on the grill and when it does update the display on the app it takes forever. Very unreliable on that stand point. I wish the app could do more it has so much potential. Some other flaws I have notice is that it has issues connecting to the grill as I can click on my grill and it won’t connect to it. Hopefully the app becomes better with time and future updates. Hopefully the developers of this app takes the time to read all the reviews and take into account what the people that have downloaded the app are running into.

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    Thought I had made the right choice 🙁

    So far this app hasn’t worked right at all it doesn’t show you the current temp on the grill it will show what you had set it to but it comes up different when you look at what pops up on the grill. The temperature probe worked one time till 117 degrees then it has been stuck on that ever since the first use they work on the grill itself but not anything on the app at all that’s one of the major reason I went with this model for this feature since I have a lot going and can monitor from my phone but it’s also not letting me connect to regular WiFi neither. on the grill temps are also fluctuating more that 18 degrees I have seen the +/-5 accurately yet. Please get a fix for the app I really like the build quality but the electronic aspect and programming is lacking.

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    My second pit boss grill I decided to go with the laredo,not because it had an app I liked the reviews on it and how itlooked. I was having problems with the app ,just got a new iPhone 3weeks ago and still in the learning curve to say the least putting it mildly. So I called customer service told the guy I was a dumb country boy help me out . And he did was very helpful and patient with me and this new phone,would just like to say thanks Danny Phillips from North Carolina, you sir are a champion,been cooking every night since,sorry for the profanity I used while figuring out to work this phone. And thanks pit boss grills. Yours truly Byrd Walker Powersville Ga.

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    Customer service

    I am a fairly tech savvy person but had troubles with the app. After a few weeks I broke down and called the app support number. There was no answer and I left a voicemail. I never thought anyone would ever call me back. 2 days later I received a phone call from one of the nicest and most helpful app assist representatives I have ever spoken with. This person was all American and genuine with helping get my smoker online! I would highly recommend contacting the app assist number of your having problems before leaving a bad review!

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    Don’t like the app at all

    First of all I love my kc combo. It’s wonderful! And I was too excited to see that it was Bluetooth and I could control it from my phone! But when I downloaded the app, I had nothing but issues. I’ve had my grill almost two weeks and have only been able to get this app to work once. First of all it kept glitching before I could even set it up with my grill. Then when I did it wouldn’t word, still. I seen it needed a firmware update so I proceeded to install it. It took me forever to install it because it kept kicking me out of the app. I’m really dissatisfied with the app for sure! Need some major updating. I gave two stars only because I love my grill!

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    Needs improvement

    The app is very basic. I don’t have connection problems like many do, I use WiFi. My grill is the pit boss 1150 which has its own issues. Yes I wish we can change the temp by increments lower than 50degrees but that’s not the apps fault I don’t think. My biggest complaint is that the app must load/connect to the grill every time I open the app even if it’s running in background. A bit annoying you have to wait. I do get notifications when the temp is reached and I do like the probe temp notifications when I set a desired temp. All I need. Don’t care if the GUI isn’t pretty like traeger. Just need it functional and seems to work fine.

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    Poor functionality

    The app paired pretty easily with my Pit Boss pro series 4 v2 via Bluetooth and WiFi but unfortunately that’s where the success ended. Consistently while using the app the temp reading was different than what was on the smoker’s control panel, regardless of my proximity to the smoker. On multiple attempts to adjust the cook temp of the smoker from the app it failed to do anything on the smoker even though according to the app it was successful. While the app says you can control the smoker from anywhere in the world, that proved to be false as well. Once I left the house the app showed a completely incorrect temp for the set temp and probe, wouldn’t show auger, fan, or igniter working, and then the app crashed and wouldn’t let me log back in until I was back on home WiFi. These issues are on top of the already limited capability of the app by comparison to competitors. Although I would love the ability to pull recipes, program cook settings, and have other useful features available...I’ll settle for this app even working remotely close to how it’s supposed to. Love my Pit Boss smoker hate he app. So much wasted potential.

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Yes. SMOKE IT is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 118 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SMOKE IT Is 26.2/100.

Is SMOKE IT Legit?

Yes. SMOKE IT is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 118 SMOKE IT User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SMOKE IT Is 26.2/100.

Is SMOKE IT not working?

SMOKE IT works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a SMOKE IT customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using SMOKE IT.

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