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1. Most apps make you choose: Are you sketching or writing? Are you arranging images or working with PDFs? Are you collecting links or files? A single Muse board lets you do it all.

2. So it’s easy to bring material into Muse, but also to get ideas out and into other apps.

3. Once Muse has become indispensable for your work, you might want to buy a membership for more cards and larger board sizes.

4. Once you get the hang of how Muse works, other apps will seem slow and clumsy.

5. We designed Muse specifically for iPad + Pencil, with a gesture-based interface that’s fluid and fast.

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Dive into big ideas with Muse: flexible boards for notetaking, whiteboarding, and connecting the dots. For iPad & Mac, with local-first sync between your devices. Free for basic use, buy a membership for bigger boards and more storage. SPATIAL TEXT & INKING The joy of visual thinking meets the efficiency of linear text — express your most complex ideas with ease. CONTENT SNIPPETS Anything goes on a board — add images and videos, clip content from websites and emails, drop in documents and tweets. NESTED BOARDS A wide-open canvas mirrors how you think, with smooth navigation and a unique zooming interface. IPAD AND MAC A native approach draws on each of your device’s unique strengths with blazing fast, local‑first sync. BETTER WORKFLOWS Drag and drop content between Muse and your favorite apps, switching fluidly from thinking to production work and back. ~~ THE PRINCIPLES BEHIND MUSE ~~ Muse is your creative sanctuary for thinking work. Use it to push yourself mentally and emotionally as far as you can go to find a pure, original, fresh result that is yours and yours alone. Here are some principles we used in designing Muse as a tool purpose-built for thinking. → Thinking is messy. Embrace the non-linear chaos of creativity. Don’t force labels, organization, or structure too early. → Ideas come from other ideas. Breakthroughs come from discovering new connections between seemingly disparate pieces of information. → Ideas love a sanctuary. Creativity is an act of vulnerability. Deep thinking needs a dedicated space that gives you confidence to express half-formed ideas, without fear of mistakes or judgement. → Tap the information firehose, but keep it at a distance. A thinking tool should help you take advantage of social media, email, and the web — without drowning out your own voice and original ideas. → People think best away from their desks. Reading in a relaxed posture in your armchair, sketching in a notebook in your favorite cafe, taking a long walk in the park — these are where some of our best ideas and freshest thinking emerge. LEARN MORE Website: Twitter: @MuseAppHQ Contact us: [email protected] Terms of service:

Top Muse — dive into big ideas Reviews

  • By CGunn5

    Game Changing App for Business and Life

    The team at Muse have created an incredible product oriented toward creativity and organization. The app uniquely manages to combine a blank canvas with structural organization, in turn presenting an opportunity for unrestrained thought and productivity. Never before have I been more effective in terms of idea generation and project development than I have with Muse at my disposal. In addition, the founders behind Muse have been incredible to work with. Their ability to source feedback on the product (and most importantly, act upon it) has allowed them to take a game changing application and continually improve on it. With a dynamite product and a special team committed to improvement, Muse will only get better with time. I’ll be along for the journey, and am excited to see how this app will impact others in similar ways to what it has done for me.

  • By kcfg13

    Life changing

    I have ADHD, and I have always struggled to complete my readings for my classes and take effective notes. I’m also an art student and really think visually and spatially. Because of muse, for the first time in my 4 years as an undergrad, I’m getting my readings done (using side by side mode) and am able to organize my notes and ideas in a way that has really enhanced my learning experience and creative process. It’s like an extension of my brain! I also emailed the team with a question and they were quick and friendly in their reply. Thank you so much for creating this app! A few things that could be helpful in the future -Larger card space/ able to go any direction rather than just to the right (I have an iPad mini so I fill up the space quickly) -Ability to add cards within a Scribble card

  • By Andrew Anonymous

    iPad at its most creative

    I was about 75 cards into Muse before the light bulb went on: This is a game-changer! Finally, an app that views the iPad not as an iPhone or laptop, but as a unique tool for creative work. A board is a Tabula Rosa where you can place and move cards, drawings, other boards, etc. The interactions are visual and tactile using fingers, the pencil and the keyboard. It took me awhile to appreciate all of the design choices as I was coming from the usual Drafts/Bear/Roam/Notion/Notes world (yeah, finding the right notes app is a quest). Muse is truly different. Now, I use Muse for the creative stuff and Notes for more quotidian needs. I'm guessing that this is still early days for Muse and that it will add features like links in future releases. The subscription prices is much less than Roam's $180/year. Given the power of Muse, you could almost say it's a bargain.

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