Zinnia Journal & Planner Reviews

Zinnia Journal & Planner Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-19

= = = = = Mindfulness has never been easier! Get into the healthy habit of
recording your day, goals, priorities and special moments. Daily reminders will
keep you in the habit and on the path towards a more mindful and organized self.
A variety of fun-but-practical journaling templates...

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Zinnia Journal & Planner Reviews

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    Room for improvement

    I’ve been using this app for a couple weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I bit the bullet and bought the app for the year, to be honest the free version while cool is extremely limited in the number of pages you can have which I get but it was so limited that I initially uninstalled it. Now that I have the full version I’m keeping several journals for my mental health, my personal planner, my school planner, my student meetings and my parent meetings. Two pieces of advice I would give to the developers is to include coloring pages or stickers, a little bit of a mental break activity that I think would be easy to include, it would just be the line work so the person can color in the piece, I thought this would be really cool especially with the mandalas but it didn’t work. My second piece of advice would to allow for offline access to your journals. The person might not be able to use all the stickers, but adding pages and allowing for the person to write out their thoughts while offline I think would be really nice and doable. The person can also view and add to their planners without being online, I ran into this issue when I was away from the house and needed to check my schedule, but wasn’t able to, since I didn’t have access to WiFi. I think with these additions this app would be just about perfect for the needs it wants to fulfill.

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    Potential, but not there yet

    When I saw this app off an Instagram ad, I was so excited to try it out, as I’ve bullet-journaled for years and have been hoping to find a paperless option that would give me the same capabilities as my paperless journal. I wanted to love this app and I love the idea of having online stickers and washi tape, but within five minutes of using the app I could tell how glitchy it was (using the drawing tool, my lines would shift around after setting down the pencil) and immediately deleted it. I have a couple suggestions for this app that would make it more similar to a physical planner: offer an option to disable the text feature of templates (really frustrating trying to handwrite on it), offer a tool for drawing straight lines as opposed to using one of the planner templates, offer a tool to allow people to draw an area of the paper sticker they want to use (rather than just putting a rectangle on the page), maybe portrait mode can be one half of a two-page spread and landscape would allow the user to see both pages? Yes, $40 may be cheaper than the amount someone spends on a paper journal and tools, but there’s also an opportunity cost of this app, which is the frustration and time spent trying to deal with the glitches. I would love to try this app again if the bugs are worked out, and I really hope they are, because this app is a wonderful idea.

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    $40 a Year?

    I have been saying there needs to be a bullet journal app for some time now and was so excited to learn about Zinnia. However, with how many glitches there are and after reading other reviews, I cannot justify paying $40 a year. I got a glitch not even 1 minute into the app (the app froze after trying to place a single sticker on a new journal) After reading through other reviews, it sounds like the cost of the app is a common complaint that the developers have yet to listen to. In one of their responses, they said that the app is free and the subscription is in no way necessary to enjoy the app, but I disagree. You can sample the features of the app for free, but the free version is limited to 3 notebooks with 3 pages each. A bullet journal with 9 pages has nowhere near enough room for adding habit trackers, to do lists, journals, weekly logs, etc. I would be willing to pay a subscription for this app if it were reasonable. But for $40 a year, I can easily make several notebooks on my own. If the price were to come down or more features were added, I would love to support an app like this. At this point, the price tag is preventing many potential users from keeping the app as many cannot afford that, especially when college students make up a majority of BuJo users. Sadly, it’s just not where it needs to be IMO.

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    I’m in love!

    After only a few minutes of playing with this app, I was completely hooked! There’s so much potential here, and I’ve been waiting for a journaling app like this for what seems like forever. Yes, at times, it can be a little glitchy, and yes, the handwriting could be more streamlined, but the developers are releasing regular updates and listening to their users, which I deeply respected enough to go ahead and purchase a subscription. Even with the free version, you still get access to pretty much everything, but I really wanted to have unlimited pages and hour lanes while supporting these amazing developers. As someone who has admired bullet journals for a while now, I have struggled with finding the time, resources, and money to develop my hobby (especially as someone who prefers a digital experience). Zinnia has EVERYTHING—even washi tape! I’m blown away. Literally this time last year I was dreaming of an app just like this. Please keep up the amazing work, adding new features, and showcasing talented artists!

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    Unique, but...

    I would like to start off be saying that Zinnia is a very unique app and has more than a lot of potential to be even more great than other journaling apps, but I think it still has a long way to go. When I first got Zinnia not that long ago, I was very exited because I had never seen any other app like it! But after I had read over the intro journal guide thing and I started on my own journal I came across my first problem, Zinnia only allows people with the free version to have 3 journals, all with only up to 3 pages. I’m fine with only having 3 journals, but 3 pages? I don’t know, maybe I’m being dramatic but I’d be more fond of 4 or 5 pages instead. Also, I’m sure that more than enough people have wrote reviews on this exact thing, but just the more reason to stress it, others don’t have enough money or are saving up for something more important (no offense) like a car or something so they can’t get the Zinnia Premium subscription thing. I also might add that there are plenty of glitches in the Zinnia app & it could have a lot more templates, themes, etc.

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    Very Good Considering Most Of It’s Free

    This app is honestly so worth it. There are so many options. There are plenty and TONS of stickers, paper, colors to choose from, templates, dividers and so on. I love how much you can customize you very own journal. You can even write in them with your finger or Apple Pencil. The possibilities are endless. I think this is really great considering most of its free. However, I don’t mind as much with the journals themselves, but I wish you could at least make 5 or 6 pages rather than 3 without paying. Also I think the calligraphy and watercolor brush could be improved. The brushes are not too much of a problem to me though. I really recommend this app to people that want to have paperless journals or bullet journals. It even comes with trackers of all sorts and much more to help those people who bullet journal. Once again the only downside is you can only add 3 pages (which includes the ‘left and right’ sides of the page as 1). I would just use as many pages as I can and then reuse them 🤷🏻‍♀️. Overall there could be some improvements, but great app!

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    Lots of features, easy to use

    As someone who loves to bujo and adores the beautiful, artsy bujo layouts others created but isn't artistic enough to creat her own, I love Zinnia. I've tried bujo a few times before but failed. Having to start everything from scratch was too much for me. More over, a wrong color or even just a wrong stroke could ruin the whole page. I found myself spending too much time building the layout instead of focusing on the content. This is where Zinnia comes in handy. It has pretty much everything one would ever need in their bujo - various templates, brushes, stickers, symbols, washi tapes, backgrounds, letterings and more. I can play with different components to create visually appealing layouts without having to draw every single stroke on my own. Of course, you can also start from scratch in Zinnia if you wish. $40 per year seems expensive at first, but considering how much I've spent on pens, paints, washi tapes and stickers before, $40 is not crazy. In fact, many people who are into artsy bujo spend more than $40 per year just on the bujo notebook itself. As long as the team continues to add to the app, I'm fine with the ongoing cost. Lastly, a few suggestions to the team: add straight lines; add bookmarks; add a dark mode; allow users to reposition the dots or lines in the page template so they align with the backgrounds and symbols users have created.

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    Great app, but very laggy

    I’ve had this app for barely a week and i can say that it’s amazing! But it has a few flaws. It crashes all the time and is really laggy. IF i want to put down or take away a sticker it crashes. Or if i want to add text, it lags. I wish that the creators would fix this problem. And other thing is that 40$ per year is a bit much for unlimited journal space. I would let the people who don’t have premium make ONE journal with unlimited space. But other than that this app is amazing. There is a wide verity of stickers, and the templates are amazing. Ive always tried to journal, but this app makes it more fun than what it would be in real life. It keeps things organized, and i can print it out for further use. It’s hard to make a full, 100 page journal like in real life without premium, but I’ve found ways around it, and i deal with the crashing and the lags because this app is amazing. I would recommend it if you would deal with the crashing and the lagging.

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    I love it so much!

    UPDATE: I have now been using the paid version for 3 months. It is worth every dang penny. To those of you think it’s too expensive, perhaps you should change your thought process. This is meant to be a fully immersive journaling app. If you were to go out and purchase multiple bullet journals, craft paper, pens, paint brushes, washi tape, stamps, stickers, etc., you’d be in for far more than $40 every year. Oh and they add new content every month. It is clear that the developers put in a lot of work and are constantly making it better. They deserve to get paid. ORIGINAL REVIEW: If you are looking for the perfect journaling app that gives you a truly blank canvas to work with, this is it! This is the greatest creative journaling app I have ever used. It gives me real freedom to design every single page however I want. The developers listen to the users and add highly sought after features. This is already an incredible app but it will just keep getting better and better with every update. BTW this review is based solely on the free version. I will be purchasing the full membership today with zero hesitation! $40 per year is well worth it, especially if you consider how much you would spend trying to create a physical journal with this many options.

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    Awesome idea, needs a lot of improvements

    It’s a great idea and there is a lot of awesome content! There are definitely some major improvements that are needed for it to create a truly customizable bujo, though! There is no option to build your own layouts, and not even an option to draw a straight black line. I had to make a work-around of using some washi tape because it’s the only straight line option that you can change the length AND width of. I wanted six black boxes on one page, but making these boxes with the washi tape work-around creates a huge lag on the page. The washi tape does not even come in black. The app does have plain black box and rectangle stickers, but you cannot manipulate the shape of a sticker or the width of the lines. There are a lot of good layouts and templates in the app, but it is extremely limited and would be so improved if you could personalize your own layouts easily! And also if there wasn’t a huge lag when you fill a page with a lot of hand drawn content!

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    Needs improvement

    So far it’s been just ok. I paid for a year and am not seeing the value yet. The text boxes each have to be edited individually though the app will remember your font choice, size and color be damned. Selecting elements is frustrating to the point I tossed my iPad across the bed today. This is normal for this app. I don’t see the reason for layers to be so badly managed in an app that encourages layering and being creative with elements. Not well thought out. Resizing and adjusting components don’t always snap to pixel. Meaning tapping inches away can have a varied effect on the element. Sometimes it will resize it, sometimes it’ll rotate it, sometimes it will move it. Moving it is what that’s supposed to do. The styles need to be expanded. The library seems extensive until you realize you don’t like any of the elements. Needs more basic elements. Had to use washi tape to turn down the contrast on a background. Workarounds aside, the app could use some improvements to be worth the yearly price.

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    Love it but wish for some slight additions

    Let me start by saying I genuinely love this app. Between the versatility and the customization potential, this is the perfect app for the elaborate bullet journal-er looking to go green. It combines analog design with digital neatness. I think, though, that even the best things have some room for improvement. Things I’d love to see include: 1. Customizable shapes (backgrounds and colors of shapes.) For instance, even with the wealth of stickers and templates available, there is no way to create your own shapes with a filled color. It would be nice to have the ability to not just draw outlines and letters, but also filled shapes — or at least have the option of inserting shapes with customizable backgrounds. 2. the ability to crop stickers and templates. Sometimes, you want part of a template but not the whole thing and being able to crop would be awesome. 3. More options for playing with stickers and templates like adjusting their translucency and flipping to a mirror image. 4. Some more stamp-like effects, which are just a style I e often used in my paper journals. Again, in spite of these wishes, I do highly recommend this app. If you are someone who spends tons of money on a good quality blank journal and endless decorating supplies, the $40/ year, while still steep, can balance out — though I’d be less inclined to pay more than that without way more options.

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    There’s Potential!

    Let me start off by saying that I love this app. The versatility of a digital page has taken away my fear of committing stickers/text/ink to a physical, blank page. I cannot even tell you how many incomplete journals I have, or my desire to purchase more, my desire for a sense of content organization never being met. The designs are gorgeous and I cannot wait until more artists can contribute. The online community has pitched some great ideas that I can’t wait to see integrated. In my one week free trial I used this app for several hours most days and I’m not going to be the first to say that there are bugs. However, it’s clear to see that the developers are listening to the comments. I’m sure they’re combing through bug reports just as thoroughly, as evident in the 4 updates since the release not 1 month ago. I will not complain about the price - despite my frustrations when using the app sometimes. The bugs are little things that are annoying, but not annoying enough for me to remember or to stop using the app. Since I have easily spent hundreds of dollars in stationary I can see the great appeal and potential of this digital version that lacks nothing in design. I will continue on with the $9.99/month version until I’m less frustrated but I believe I will be committing to the year soon enough. Good work guys!

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    I love this app

    I love art and bullet journaling, but don’t do it regularly because of the time commitment and cost of buying stencils, stamps, Washi tape, markers, etc. This app cuts out all of that and just helps you create cute and creative journal spreads on the fly. The pro version is less than $50 a year and for me that’s totally worth it since you could easily spend that on materials for a physical journal in one shopping trip! I only gave it 4 stars because I think there are some features that would make this program really fantastic including changing the colors of stickers, lettering guides, the ability to modify stickers and custom or prearranged color palettes. I think if these features were added, this would be my all time favorite app next to procreate. I particularly like that I can add my own artwork or saved images. Keep up the great work!

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    Deleted my journal!

    This app has so much potential to be the best journaling app out there. The customization is just off the charts. It is gorgeous and really helpful for any level of creativity. The tips are great and show you a hands on approach to get good with the app quickly Just two big problems. I made a journal and after a week of use, it just vanished. Every time I click, it says the journal doesn’t exist. Imagine putting hours of effort into your tracking system just for it to be erased! I’m completely furious. The whole point of a journal is to keep a system and if it deletes, you’ve lost all your data! I cannot believe I was going to pay such an high price for this. It is so much more expensive than similar apps. Most with less customization, but free. I understand they are more customizable, but it’s still way too expensive to ask for a digital journal. I deleted my app. I won’t be back unless the issues are fixed and I can afford it, because who can do any sort of planning on 3 pages?

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Is Zinnia Journal & Planner Legit?

Yes. Zinnia Journal & Planner is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,520 Zinnia Journal & Planner User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zinnia Journal & Planner Is 64.5/100.

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Zinnia Journal & Planner works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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