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Published by on 2022-09-12

Welcome to Survey Junkie, where incentives and influence meet to create a better
tomorrow. Survey Junkie is an online community with over 11 million members
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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Common Survey Junkie Issues

  • By loooooosooooo

    Will Restrict Your Account Without Warning

    These people are ridiculous. I’ve used them on and off over the years and they’ve gotten worse and worse. Twice they have restricted my account. I fought to get it back the first time because it was $30 on there, if you take these surveys you know how much effort that took to accumulate. After two weeks of back and forth they gave me my account back with little to no reasoning for the restriction and THEN I couldn’t cash out for 72 hours or some arbitrary deadline. I finally did and set the app aside for a while out of frustration. I went on there periodically over the last few weeks but after doing survey after survey and being cheated out of my points I gave up. (Cheating meaning I spend 30 min getting to the end of the survey, after answering in great detail to numerous questions, they acknowledge and thank me ask my demo info and then the screen refreshes and says I didn’t qualify and they give me the 2 or 3 pity points) Today I am setting up a new laptop so I go to log into my survey junkie account and it’s restricted again. There’s $5 on there I won’t bother fighting about. Don’t waste your time, it will seem nice the first few days but after your first cash out be prepared for shady surveys stealing your time and then eventually locking your out of your account and not compensating you.

  • By ExperientialDesigner

    Not really worth your time

    The points versus time spent is ridiculous. 1 point equals 1 cent. Some surveys pays 20 points for 5 minutes spent filling out the survey. That’s 20 cents for 5 minutes of work or $6 an hour. Sometimes you spend 20 minutes filling out a survey and then you’re suddenly not qualified to take the survey. this app of course awards you 2 points for wasting your time if the system catches it. If not you get nada. Anyway that’s 2 cents for 20 minutes or $0.06 an hour. This has happened to me on multiple occasions. I have contacted their support but received a bunch of standard copy/paste nonsense back. Now, I know that this is not a job. However, I believe that people should be receiving a fair pay for the service they provide this app and the survey companies they represent. Furthermore, you are actually required to file taxes on the cash or gift certificates you receive from this app - not necessarily pay taxes but file that you have earned “Other income.” That means that you have to spend additional time filling out your taxes. Keep that in mind before signing up because it will be considered tax fraud if you don’t. Remember, this app and the companies they represent are for-profit companies - meaning they are in it for their own profit. Not paying you for doing work for them should be considered a scam.

  • By LearnByExperience

    Stick with the website!

    APP PROBLEMS- You'll lose money using the app. If you plan to specifically use this app on your phone, be aware that certain surveys will require you to complete them in landscape mode. You can be halfway done with a survey in portrait mode using the app and be suddenly required to continue in landscape mode. Unfortunately, this app does not support landscape mode and you'll be forced to exit the app and forfeit the survey points you were about to collect. The website gives you no such problem. This app occasionally times out mid survey. I have experienced the same thing on the website, but unlike the app you're able to refresh the page and continue the survey. If it happens while using the app, you have no option to refresh the survey. You'll have to exit the survey and walk away from any money you were about to collect. REDEMPTION PROBLEMS- If you took the time to read this, do yourself a favor and cash out on the website and only through PayPal. I've cashed out through PayPal and had no issues whatsoever. However, I know plenty of people who've all had issues WITH EVERY SINGLE OTHER METHOD OF REDEMPTION. I've cashed out $50 as of the time of this review.

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Reported Issues: 24 Comments

By Lora
Jun 15 2022

Trying to cash out my balance on my account I get a message from them saying they need W9 I sent it to them. Asking for a confirmation that they received it. They never got back to me saying they received it. Still waiting for the money from my account to be released.

By Queen Queen
Apr 25 2022

My payment has been on hold and now they are asking me to complete survey which none is coming up again because I have finished the ones on my dashboard ...please you guyz should reach out to me on my mail([email protected])or mobile(+2348035120465,because I worked so much for my first payment and now is on hold please reach out to me thanks

By phyllis dodge
Apr 20 2022

I am waiting on verification call. I want to redeem my points. I have been in call que but noone has called. Please call me. or email me what i need to do.

By william burnie
Apr 15 2022

can't cash in my points

By Debbie770
Apr 06 2022

So get this right, I started doing the survey junkie stuff, spent like a month to complete the cash out requirements(the cash out requirements involves completing surveys, referrals, referral commission and one other thing and you have to complete all before you can cash out your first payment) I managed to do everything right then after I completed all I requested to cash out my earnings, they scheduled my payment for ending of April(in my mind I was like maybe this thing is not scam after all). On April 5 they put my payment on hold saying I'm an inadequate user and I should be referring 2 people and completing 2 surveys DAILY until my scheduled date before I'll be able to get any payment. How am I suddenly an inadequate user after struggling to complete the cash out requirements and doing all that, now for me to get my payment for my hard work I'm an inadequate user? When I was referring people and completing surveys I wasn't considered an inadequate user. And I had already put all my hope on the payment I was going to receive all for them to tell me I'm an inadequate user.Please don't waste your time on survey junkie, it's a lot of time and effort referring people and at the end of the day you won't get your payment, it's just a scam to help them cash out.

By john cawley
Mar 19 2022

I was about to redeem 5000 points and I was given 500 bonus points before I do so. Now I can not redeem the points as it is over the 5100 mark. Can you please help me? Thank You

By kathleen clark
Feb 11 2022

I have 1699 points and i have been trying to redeam them for almost a week to get my money $16.99 transfered to my bank account and it keeps giving me errors for all kinds of things. I transfered two other times with no problem, but now i can't seem to get my money

By Lisa Lujan
Jan 26 2022

Can't redem points it says having error submitting the points

By Margaret Johnson
Jan 18 2022

I wish I had read the reviews prior to me wasting my time completing surveys. I understand now that SURVEY JUNKIE IS A SCAM. I had rave reviews until January 7 2022. That's how long I've been waiting for a response to verify my ID so I can redeem points. Maybe Better Business Bureau can help.

By Cindy Garner
Jan 17 2022

I having been trying to redeem my points to my bank and it keeps saying, the code is incorrect, I have done this several times over the pasted few days, I have been doing surveys for a long time and have never had this problem, can someone please help me with this? Thank you.

By Melissa schermerhorn
Dec 17 2021

Hi yes I can't cash out I don't understand why I can't cash out I did everything they wanted me to do I just don't understand can someone please help me with my account please it's very important to me

By Kenneth L Palmer
Dec 13 2021

Trying to do a redemption but system says I must speak to a person for verification even though I have been doing inline verification and cash outs for over a year. Has the process changed? I entered the phone queue as instructed for 3 days and have not heard back. So what's up?

By William robinette
Nov 05 2021

I was supposd to recieve a payment oct 31st and never got it still is pending have gave nothing but good reviews and did everything correct if not made right with me i will have all the ppl i have got using this to stop they waiting to see if i get anything before continuing thanks.

By Doris lockhart
Nov 03 2021

I have not get paid for 40 dollars in2020 and now 25 dollars where you sent the code and No where to put it . Now I out 65 dollars and that is wrong. I need net my money otherwise I would not do surveys so please send it to me.

By Linda Bolduc
Oct 23 2021

I have tried to redeem my points for at least 2 weeks. I have almost $50 owed to me. I have contacted customer support many times by email, by phone, by live chat, which by the way wanted me to pay using my credit card to talk to an expert. The time I have spent taking the surveys, trying to get my money has been so far a total waste of time and energy. Is there anyone who has any information that can help me resolve this? I spent a lot of time taking the surveys because I need the money.

By melissa ball
Oct 05 2021

I want my account terminated and this app doesn't help to do that.

By Colten Riddle
Sep 10 2021

I need help changing my phone number to receive rewards.

By Ntombi
Sep 02 2021

I suppose to got paid on 28 August 2021 but still now I did not get my payment what must I do.

By Robert Ribikauskas
Aug 25 2021

OK now that I've sent you your form [TWICE]. So now when ARE YOU GOING TO reopen your redemption..

JUST IN CASE I’VE SEND YOU ANOTHER COPY this makes three [3] . God only know what you’re doing with them cause you sure aren’t processing them. Do you even bother to read it

It seems that it only took a few seconds for you to block me….

And so far it’s taken you people well over two [2] days and counting.

As it took you guys over 24 hours for you guys to even get back to even tell me what in the hell you’re wanted.

And now it’s yet another day has gone by and you still haven’t done anything to reopen my redemption.

I’ve already spend two [2] FULL days in you CALL QUEUE and still NO ONE HAS BOTHERED TO CALLED

So now how long do I have to wait for you guys to unblock me.

I’ve already sent you the W9 you wanted [08-24-2021 at 8:30 PST] it’s now over 8 hours later and still my account is not unblocked [08-24-2021 7:58 EST]

I hope I don’t have to wait as long as it took you to tell me that I needed to fill out this form. Somebody SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME YESTERDAY.


By ianculescu ciprian
Jul 14 2021

Error 1020 Ray ID: 66e808b40e2f5364 • 2021-07-14 04:33:37 UTC
Access denied
What happened?

This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 66e808b40e2f5364 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare

What the fuck is this? What attack? Is it me or you deny romanians from opening your website? Sounds like racism to me.

By Kristyn Schlenk
Jun 21 2021

I received this message from Survey Junkie when trying to redeem my $20.56...

We couldn't complete your verification online. You must speak with our support team over the phone to complete this process. Click below to be placed in the call quene.

They have yet to call me. I've been a loyal customer of theirs for about a year or more, so I hope this gets resolved soon.

By Sonja Hemphill
Jun 03 2021

I had another problem today I completed a survey again and it told me you complete 100% of the survey when it got to the main part it didnt pay me this is a continuing problem

By Sonja Hemphill
Jun 02 2021

I just did a survey that was about alcohol and different kinds of drinks I completed the survey and I already had 4.97 worth of points and as soon as I finished the survey it told me thank you and you will be re directed and they did not pay me for it and this is the second time that I was done like this.

By Jacques Grenier
May 21 2021

Hi, i'd problem with the cumputer so, i changed for new account.The last email box, not sure exactly but suppose to being , the one seing up
here or [email protected] and changed for [email protected]

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