Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Reviews

Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-24

*THIS APP REQUIRES SPARK SMART AMP* The smart amp and app that jam along with
you using intelligent technology. Play and practice with millions of songs and
access over 10,000 tones powered by our award-winning BIAS tone engine. *Smart
Jam* The Spark amp and app work together to learn...

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Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Reviews

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    Good but problems

    After waiting several months I received my spark amp today. The various amp models work fine and sound better than I expected. The smart jam feature also works quite well. However, I am having a serious issue with the auto chord feature. I synched the app with my Apple Music account and downloaded several songs, however when I tried to play along, none of the songs would play. For most of the songs the app created a chord chart that was fairly accurate ( I downloaded several songs I know well to see how it wold do) but none of the songs would play so that I could play along. Since auto chord was a primary reason I purchased the amp, I am not pleased. I updated the firmware, turned the amp on an off and deleted and reinstalled the app on my iPad and my iPhone. I also made sure the amp was not connected to both the phone and iPad at the same time. Nothing worked. I have emailed positive grid and I hope there is a solution, but I didn’t find anything in my online searches.

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    Awesome amp, App still needs help

    The amp itself is terrific, but I continue to have connectivity issues between app and amp. It typically takes me 2-3 retries to connect initially, but even once connected some odd things happen from time to time. Often the selected tone on the app will not change the amp tone. Ejecting the amp and reconnecting usually fixes this. But my biggest complaint is with the play along feature, which I sorely want to use more than I can. Songs will playback with horrible stutter, and often will slow down and speed up oddly. I’m on the latest firmware on the amp, and have the latest version of the app on my iPhone 11. I’ve also tried on an iPad 5th gen and get similar results. I’ve even gone so far as to take the amp out of the house to avoid other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interference but that didn’t change things. I’m not sure if it’s the amp or the app or the phone/iPad, but there is still some gremlin loose in my setup.

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    Good start, but unreliable

    Currently, the synchronization with the Spark 40 Amp is unreliable. Whether that’s the amp’s Bluetooth modem, or the app, it certainly needs improvement. Sometimes I turn on the amp, give it some time for the Bluetooth modem to kick on, then start the app, and it attempt to connect but then fails. Sometimes the app will do exactly what I expect it to, and sometimes I select a preset in the app and the amp audibly responds with a short pause, but then nothing changes on the amp. Sometimes I try to save a preset to the Spark 40 and the app returns an error that it had problems doing so. Other times I’ve tried selecting presets in rapid succession and it causes the Spark 40 to completely freeze up where the LEDs are froze and the knobs do nothing. Most of those times, I got a very loud ear-damaging tone played by the Spark 40 when it freezes, and in one scenario it played absolutely nothing. Only power cycling it “fixes” the issue. Mind you, this doesn’t happen when working just off the amp. The communication between the amp and the app is causing this to happen. I’d be happy to update my review once this is resolved, but this isn’t acceptable behavior for a product that will be launching to the general public within months.

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    Totally Bummed!

    After waiting for a long time l finally received my Amp, plugged her without BT. Sounded pretty good, then gave the App a go, first l was stuck on one page then deleted the app and re installed it, that worked to get off the page. Now l tried out a few Amps off the cloud after about five minutes of trying different amps the amp just started screaming a high pitched noice and had to turn off the amp!! Once again stuck one page? And this is on a iPhone 11 that’s updated, so l hooked up to my iPad 7 and here we go again, stuck on one page? Went through the delete process and it worked to get off the page. Once again tried the amp models on the cloud which by the way are 90% terrible?? And got that loud screaming tone out of nowhere. This thing needs a lot more work! Too Sad!

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    Great Fun!

    I love my Spark amp! I haven’t had any connectivity issues with my iPhone 8. There are thousands of quality tones to play around with, and the amp is loud enough to practice with. I love that there is a separate volume control for both your guitar and the backing track. The automatic backing drum and bass track feature works well enough, as long as you don’t play anything super complex. The build quality is quite sturdy. I wish I had had this amp to practice with 30 years ago when I was coming up. It is a lot easier to play along with drums and bass rather than just a metronome click. The price is more than fair for everything you get.

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    Needs interspersed capability

    I love my spark amp and the app is fantastic but I have a substantial investment in positive grids mobile apps like bias amp 2 mobile and bias effects 2 mobile and would like to be able to use them with the spark. I don’t know if it’s because of technical or marketing issues but inter app capability of some sort really needs to be addressed.

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    Like most of us here I waited a very long time for this. I really like bias fx 2 but It’s a chore to get put my computer and interface to play with the software. I was hoping this would fill that gap, however the app will not connect. Out of the box it connected, I used it for 15 minutes and it had a connection error. I figured it was a normal thing and it would resolve itself later. I am on my second time using the amp and it will not connect. My Bluetooth audio from my phone works fine but the amp will not connect via the app. I have an iPhone XR at recent update. I attempted to connect several times and it forecloses every time. I deleted app and reinstalled with more foreclosures. I am regretting this purchase.

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    Amp sounds good. Smart jam is unusable

    If your thinking about buying this and enjoying the smart jam feature. Think again. You cant turn the bass accompaniment off. You have no click track or way to set how long smart jam is in learning mode to record your rhythms and this almost always leads to weird unusable backing tracks. You also cant adjust individual pieces of the drums, like if you think the snare is too loud there is no turning it down. Smart Jam was touted as a major feature and in my opinion it does not live up to the hype.

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    App not working plus Tone of Death

    Got the Spark amp after an almost 6 month wait - and there are some problems: 1. The second tone I played from the Tone Cloud (a Hendrix rig) it didn’t play; instead, a very loud, ear piercing shriek emanated from the amp and I had to power down. Then Tone Cloud stopped working. 2. I just opened the app and it tried to pair and kept failing then I noticed it was ALREADY paired. However, the home page kept trying to pair it and failing. I power cycled and still, it’s paired and I cannot get past the first screen. Not loving it. Please advise.

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    It literally screams

    Great practice tool. Love it. However, this thing has screamed at me for no reason on numerous occasions. I will be practicing and it will all of a sudden disconnect and make a high pitch squeal which scares the heck out of me and my dogs. It is like an alarm that you are not expecting. It also does not connect to my phone or iPad easily. It disconnects from the app quite often. But, when it is so much fun!! I truly hope this issue gets worked out because I really do like this little amp!

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    An amp that sounds professional and more!

    I am blown away by the tone qualities of the effects and amp sims. Nothing I’ve heard from any other brand gives me the sound I crave. I will mic the spark before I bring a huge pedalboard because it’s a superior sound. I also love the chord software and jam along features. It is almost perfect!

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    Needs better filtering for tone library.

    Pretty cool but the app really needs better filtering for the tone library. They say that there is 10,000+ tones but they all are in 7 categories so you have to scroll through thousands of them or you might get lucky if it’s named something your looking for. At a minimum there should be a filter where you can choose the amp type so you have at least a base to start from.

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    One of the most enjoyable tools for anyone interesting in playing and/or learning guitar. Really nice tone and nice line up of effects. Hope to see a set of envelope filters added to the software. Best investment I have made -playing 2-4 hours a day is to easy. Thank you to all that worked on this platform.

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    The tones are so good that just placing your fingers on the strings and strumming makes you sound like a guitar hero. Everything works flawlessly and it just makes me want to play again way more often. Highly recommend!

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    Very nice little amp

    Only had the Spark for about a week and just got every thing set up a couple of days ago. So far Just jamming with backing tracks, but it’s great fun. I figure I will learn more about its capabilities as time goes by.

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Yes. Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 7,676 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Is 46.8/100.

Is Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Legit?

Yes. Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 7,676 Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords Is 46.8/100.

Is Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords not working?

Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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