AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Reviews

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

AmpMe™ is the record breaking #1 iPhone music syncing app that boosts the
sound of your music by syncing it with all of your friends’ phones, bluetooth
speakers, desktops and laptops for FREE! Over 20 Million users already use

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AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Reviews

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    This app is great!!! But-

    This app is so great!! It helps me and my friends make our music loud let just off of our iphones. One problem with this is that it really drains your battery. It also doesn’t help that you can’t use the app while having your phone turned off. Also- The app also needs better design and directions because it’s kind of difficult to use. Other then all of this I find it a HUUUUGE help! Thanks a lot! Thanks for the response. What’s difficult is that we can’t use the app with our phones off. It also glitches sometimes. Like the music will stop and start a lot. There’s a lot of pop ups that are kinda annoying as well. Once you get used to the app it gets a little easier to use.

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    This app will go viral if you guys remove subscriptions and do one time purchases in the range of $2.99-$4.99. This app is designed for groups of people to use and expecting groups of people to all subscribe is outlandish and prevents the viral spread of this app. No one at a party is gona download this and subscribe. It’s an immediate turn off. People wouldn’t think twice about a one time purchase though. I’ve been in countless situations since this apps launch where many people would have bought it as a one time purchase but I currently don’t know ANYONE who uses this app and I have a feeling it has something to do with subscriptions. This app relies on multiple people subscribing and I find that counterintuitive because the more people you have willing to spend that money the more likely they are to just all pitch in on a speaker... why have 5+ people all subscribe when you can start to buy speakers in that price range???Also if you guys want more money to develop the app why would you do subscriptions that would turn away millions of dollars worth of one time purchases? I’m not sure how much you guys make from your subscriptions but I do know it’s preventing an exponential increase of popularity amongst your app and I really find it hard to imagine your subscriptions are making up for the money that you would make off one time purchases

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    Arranged reviews by “most recent” and saw 20 five⭐️ reviews in a row...all from 6hrs ago...sandwiched in between a bunch of negative reviews. Scrolled more & ran into another bunch of five⭐️s. It’s easy to pick out the fakes, bc the developers actually respond to the real five⭐️s thanking the reviewer. It’s sad bc Amp Me was receiving plenty of legit five⭐️ reviews before they decided to adopt the subscription model. The subscription model used by this app (like many others in recent years) is ludicrous. If I subscribe to a magazine, newspaper, streaming service, etc... I’m receiving brand new content monthly, and even daily in some cases. That is not the case with these photo, music(sharing), note-taking, etc... apps adopting this strategy. I’d gladly pay a 1 time fee for apps like this. It’s ridiculous to expect people to pay monthly. It means one could pay your subscription fee for 2 years and decide to which point they’d be out of (at least) $200 and still not be able to use the service moving forward. Even more ridiculous is for users to expect to be in a room full of others who signed up for this subscription. I’d pay up to $10, one time for this app...& I bet many others would too. Then again, maybe all of those fake reviewers subscribed & u guys are raking in the cash!😕

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    Okay I'm not one to write a review, but I have kinda been sitting on this for a while. I've been using AmpMe pretty much since it was put on the appstore. I went wild and showed all my friends every chance I got. It was the answer to the problem all my friends and I were having. And I really enjoy how much progress the developers have made over time to fine tune the auto sync and other features. What has made me use this app less and less is the fact that it requires a subscription to use it. Not sure if it is a bug on my end or not, but I can't even attempt to host a party without the full page being filled with why I should buy the subscription. If I edit that then I can't host a party unless I deleted and reinstalled the app. Then it would only let me host on the first instance I opened it before doing the premium thing again. Aside from the outrageous subscription, this is an awesome app and unless something can be done to help remedy that, I will be finding an alternative or making my own.

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    Far too complicated

    Not only does it take 10 minutes to sign up and verify your account, but you also have to sign into every music streaming service you want to use...and so does everyone else. After 15-20 minutes of the 4 of us linking accounts, finding passwords and attempting to sync up some music we got an error every single time we tried to play music. After a while it even just muted the music coming out of my phone (host) and just stopped playing all together. The interface is not terribly easy to navigate and understand what’s going on. A 1) open invite 2) join party 3)sync phones 4) have host pick a song and enjoy Kind of thing would have been nice, at least for new users. After several “successfully synced” messages we still never got it to work and eventually gave up. What we thought was a good substitute to our BT speaker dying on the beach turned into a frustrating waste of 20 minutes. GREAT idea, disappointed in result. Especially after seeing all the ads portraying its simplicity and fast setup. P.S. We were all using new iPhone 10s so its not like the equipment is to blame.

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    I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that I could just connect three or 4 phones together and play audio simultaneously! Finally this app exists and it works pretty well. The only small qualm I have and it’s totally understandable but it’s that sometimes the syncing time takes just a little long and I could see it creating awkward silences during a party environment. Hopefully that can be worked on and optimized in future versions. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a feature that was mentioned in another review where guests can press a Please Skip button where the host is notified that so many people would like to skip this song. Otherwise this app is fantastic!

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    Terrible product

    Speakers exist for a reason and would be cheaper than your horrific in app purchases. Not to mention far more effective. Also PLEASE fire whoever is in your marketing team for some of the cringeworthy and horrific ads i have ever seen. Your undoubtable attempt to appeal to younger generation is horrific with attempts at making memes out of an already horrible advertisement. Be ashamed for a terrible product and an even worse way of marketing it. For those who haven’t seen these advertisements allow me to give you a generic breakdown. The video starts off with a girl close up and offbeat cringe twerking into a small speaker on a table that then falls into a pool. (OH NO) The video then pans to a group off girls all in bikinis giving off a skin sells product kind of vibe so strong it’s undeniable. Its a true cringeworthy spectacle you truly need to see to believe for a product I tried and deemed pointless.

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    Great App! What they don't tell you...

    The app is fantastic. It's a huge step in the right direction and syncing speakers is great but they mislead you a bit. You CAN'T stream music from one device to multiple Bluetooth enabled speakers. Technically, you can control the music to multiple Bluetooth speakers from one device but each Bluetooth speaker needs its own host app or device to enable multiple speaker playback. Example - 1 Bluetooth speaker needs an iPhone or app to enable playback on 1 speaker. 2 Bluetooth speakers require 2 iPhones or devices running the app to have multiple speakers play music through them. They don't do a good job explaining that and the app doesn't either. Knowing that information - the app is pretty awesome.

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    Great app flawlessly but..

    I download this app with this idea in my head that you could sync multiple phones together to play the same music and low and behold here it is ! And it really does work ONLY one complaint that’s stopping me from using this app more often is that you can’t stream your Apple Music library and that’s a huge blow to me ..especially being that I’m part of the Apple ecosystem and being that this app is on the App Store ...I really hope with a new update that can be addressed ..besides that delivers on everything it sought out to be

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    NOT FREE. Charged me $20!

    This app does not make it clear that it is an automatic subscription service. As soon as you download the app which has no price range stated, you automatically confirm a weekly subscription of $9.99. It is free for a week but they automatically charge you without permission after. There was no option to pick a subscription, it was picked for you. They don’t ask if you would like to continue paying to use the app after the free trial ends, they bill you without your consent. There is an obvious dishonesty towards the customer. They try to have you forgot about the app so they can charge you a ridiculous price. $10 a week, that’s $40 a month! Thank god I caught it before too much damage was done. I’m taking this to Apple support to see what can be done.

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    Great concept but poor pricing

    I was excited to use this app when I saw an advertisement on IG. So I went to the App Store to download it and try it out, I had to do a double take when I saw the subscription of $9.99 ... per week. That’s pretty much $40 a month, that’s $480 a year. Unless this app is making me money, I don’t see a reason to get this app and commit to a subscription of almost $500 a year, on top of my $1000 cell phone bill, on top of my other bills. If it was a one time charge, it might be different. If this was free, I would definitely download it. I would use it regularly and tell my friends to download the app. I’ll be looking forward to an app that offers this service for a better cost and possibly free.

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    GREAT! But...

    So this is a really great app to get pumped up with some friends over in a room or something but first of all. It REALLY drains your battery and you can’t turn off your phone or it won’t work. They also need better instructions because at first it’s really hard to find the live thing and you have to pay sometimes. Otherwise it’s really fun and it can connect to other apps to play music!

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    I had the worst experience ever. I spent so long trying to sign into my music account and the the app had me answer 17 about if I was a robot. After clearing the app to try again it made me pay so I deleted the app and got it again only for it not to let me play any of the songs I wanted. It did not have all of the music apps so to make it work I had to make a bunch of fake ones And the they did not let me play music. I am so frustrated and angered. Me and my friends were just trying to hang out. Don’t get the app unless you plan to pay bc that’s the only way you can actually use it. Never again will I use this app and I have already deleted it. I am disgusted at how much time this app took up😡😡

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    Needs to price correctly based on market data

    A simple app, does the job, gets it right, expect for one thing, the price. I am a marketing major undergrad (attending Texas A&M Commerce) ive learned a lot about business models and price models. One thing I can say for a fact is this, Ludicrous prices can really hurt a businesses bottom line. It’s price is too high, you may need to hire a marketer to help with setting a correct price to maximize your profits based on expense, supply, demand etc... it’s not hard honestly, believe it or not Walmart makes billions not from setting high prices but from selling low, yes low. Trust me you’ll make more, you'll be able to spend more to improve this app this way, trust me it works. Don’t spam ads, just work on pricing and your consumers with do the marketing for you. I hope y’all take this as constructive criticism and work on improving your business and price model as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to read this. TLDR; price is too high, cuts into bottom line. Lower price = more revenue, more paying customers, more app investment.

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    Not a radio guy at all:

    I don't listen to the radio in my car, I prefer my own music. After using this for a while I figure it's worth a review. One thing that's definitely very handy aswell is that I don't have to disconnect my phone, my friends can just add music to my private party playlist. Which is great because then i don't have to pull over to type in my password and disconnect from the BT so that they can connect. Potentially a lifesaver... Just saying.

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Is AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Safe?

Yes. AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 50,526 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Is 40.0/100.

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Yes. AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 50,526 AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster Is 40.0/100.

Is AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster not working?

AmpMe - Speaker Volume Booster works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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