Weverse Reviews

Weverse Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

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Reviews (35)



To make the move from FanCafe to this app was an extreme downgrade. 1. Weverse /website is not made to handle high traffic. As soon as one of the members post, everybody opens Weverse and translations don’t even become available because everyone is using it. It also often crashes out of nowhere and autocorrect is not allowed... consequently, I make a lot of typos. This is probably a personal problem but it’s still bothersome. 2. (The most important) There is no form to protect the artist. Everyone has access to it and can post pretty much anything. Moderation of posts non-existent. I think it would be smart to implement a level up mechanism like in FanCafe where only a few can be approved to post at all. I honestly don’t care if I can no longer post as long as the artists are not constantly being harassed, defamed, and bossed around to their face by teenagers who think they owe them something... when in reality they probably don’t even purchase any merchandise and claim have been in the fandom for 10 years when they don’t even know the full names of the artists. They probably call them oppas too. 3. You can only report a small amount of posts before your own account gets temporality suspended, and it’s quite unfortunate because Weverse is full of idiots. Oh! But they allow to post spam! Ironic. I swear Amino has more control over its users than this app. 4. Costumer service does not exist. At least not the shop.


This is Dumb.

Weverse would’ve been good, but it’s not since apparently we’re just adding random racist problematic white people who talk crap about other celebrities, and I know for a fact that this app knows he’s racist and problematic, but still decide to add him to Weverse , but act like they don’t know who other k-pop artists are. Y’all probably doing this for clout and money like the money hungry people you are and I don’t know if y’all got hacked or something..but y’all need to make up something and take him off Weverse .. If you don’t understand let me explain. TikTokers don’t need to be on every platform there is. Just bc he makes music doesn’t mean people want to listen to that crap.I’m deleting Weverse. Y’all don’t even have that many k-pop groups on here but can add a TikToker- If one of the groups on Weverse that I Stan post on here..It don’t matter bc I’ll probably get that same post somewhere else. And unlike Weverse V Live doesn’t add random TikTokers so that app is valid and has my full respect. But if they do happen to add a TikToker then I’ll be damned I’m deleting that app too and I’ll get the post some where else. Until I find out we don’t have random problematic TikTokers on Weverse then sure I’ll consider downloading it but looking at Weverse disgusts me.


Needs moderation

People can post anything. There should be a limit to how much someone can post in 24 hours. That would be a very good idea. It’s supposed to be a safe place but people can still post inappropriate things, threats, gore, whatever. Sometimes reporting is not enough is serious investigation or banning needs to be done. Maybe don’t allow certain words. Protect the artists. There is a 16+ age limit but people lie and clearly their are kids on there that have no common sense or brain cells spamming and saying weird things. Also let me change my account email. I wasted money cus I had to use a new email, but had to make a whole new account instead of keeping the same account and just changing the email. Besides that I think it’s fine. It shouldn’t be like any other regular social media. It should remain more anonymous and regulated…It needs an algorithm for removing posts. And implementing something like followers is unnecessary.


Maybe a change?

I love this this app app a lot. Army’s can get closer to their bias and be on a one to one level with the group [if you are lucky they reply to you]. However, as we all know, BTS speaks Korean as do many of the other fans. We don’t really know some of their language (Japanese, Arabic, etc.) and they may not fully understand our language. I was really happy knowing that you can translate post but I was also disappointed that the translate aren’t even close to correct. I think that this is a major problem on communication and I believe this app should find a solution to this problem. It would be a whole lot better if BTS and army’s can communicate and understand each other after all this app is a place where you can get closer to them but it would be pointless if lots of users can’t understand each other. A suggestion can be that when BTS replies to an army the very first post in the comment section can be a translator’s translations of the army’s post and BTS’s comments.


Poorly Moderated, Racist Users

Not only is Weverse poorly moderated, but the amount of reports I’ve done to the racist users who have said things to me as a black person on that app so far. For speaking up about black issues that related to our fandom. I was berated and mass reported by users who were very anti-black. I have seen two graphic pictures of a black man being hung. I have seen users saying multiple racial slurs to me and other members in the black community. I had to create three acounts as they reported me for calling other fans out on their ignorance. It has caused me so much distress. Weverse is supposed to be a safe space for everyone but if this cannot be a safe place for black people, what is the point? If I could rate Weverse zero stars I would. The moderators do nothing. They just delete posts speaking up about racist situations from the fans by black people and keep it moving. The poor moderation and distress I’ve been going through due to Weverse is unbelievable. Do better.


Great app, but it’s hard to get noticed+recent crashes

Weverse is fun, I just think it’s really hard to get noticed. Also, I don’t really understand the subscribing thing. If I subscribe to another fan, do their posts pop up in my feed more often? If not, there isn’t really any point in subscribing to each other since you don’t get notified for their posts and such. Maybe so you can check their profile easier? Idk Also, I’ve been experiencing some troubles lately. When I click a notification, it opens Weverse , but then the screen turns black or Weverse crashes. I’ve been checking Weverse Store to see when the next update is hoping there is a new update to fix it.


Good app

I think Weverse is pretty cool and helps communicate from fan to artist pretty well, though I’d love for a feature that would allow live streams as well as professional translators or fan accounts that can be awarded with a translator badge and they would automatically be pinned at the top that would help translate, in bts’ case, for armys who don’t speak Korean :) Another thing, it’d be awesome if you can set up your home screen only for the artists that you are a fan of. since you cannot open other artists’ this app unless you officially joined them anyways, it might be a waste of space for them to be there, I think it would be more convenient and simple.


Perfect App!

I think this place is great for fans and idols to interact and share memories together. It also helps builds friendships with other fans! I have made lots of friends from Weverse . I have also seen SO much support and love being sent to each other. I think it’s really wonderful. Love seeing all the content available!! Lots to do and see. Dont think there could be a better app than this app. One more thing... dark mode should be added! Many users have been requesting this for awhile now and I think it would be a great addition. In conclusion, this app is the ideal app to interact and share content with kpop idols! Overall I like the layout of Weverse . Great work!


Great App but how bout a change?

I really like Weverse but I feel like it'd be really great if this app was just made for kpops or asian idols and not for any tiktokers like lil huddy or something. Just my opinion, letting tiktokers in will ruin Weverse for many of us. We want actual peace in our little world of kpop. We don't really want these problematic teens to ruin our happiness. Plus he's not even a celeb. That's a huge difference between an idol and an influencer. It really does bother us.!! And if you don't want to then please consider creating another app JUST FOR KPOP..! ^^ So please consider doing something nice for the fans. Thank you!! :)) + I still don't get notifications when the artists are online/when they post something


Great app overall! Needs improvement on some things.

this app is a great app! A way for a lot of fans to get closer to their idols but one thing I have noticed is that the translations aren’t anywhere near correct. I used to be so confused about what my idols were saying and then when I translated it, I understood. If you fix the translations then you may get a 5 star from me. Also the notifications for the new posts by the idols are kinda delayed for me. I’m not sure if it’s just me or if it’s been for others as well but I have been noticing that as well. Besides those two things, I have nothing else to point out.


The feed room needs to be confiscated for as long as necessary

Genuinely the most disgusting and ugly hearted comments filled with hate and prejudice. I have seen gore images posted there, even some of black people being lynched. The entire chat room for enhypen needs to be confiscated, it will give less of an opportunity for fans to spread hate towards black people in the fanbase. There’s apps like Twitter and Instagram that can fully keep fans updated any projects going on. Or this app should get rid of the feed option, so fans can still use Weverse without spreading harmful messages towards others. this app doesn’t have to do this for long if they don’t want to, just a few days or weeks until fans learn fo resolve their own conflicts. This is not meant any hate towards the group, I am expressing my concerns in the fanbase and the fanbase only.


definitely needs improvement

don’t get me wrong, this app is a good app but there are some things that DEFINITELY need work. 1. better translations- majority of the translations make absolutely no sense at all. you probably have a better chance of a transition making sense using google translate and that’s saying something. 2. suspending accounts- there needs to be a CLEAR explanation of why someone’s account is suspended. recently all three of my accounts (on different artists) were suspended for seemingly no reason, when I know and have seen multiple people using their account to post hateful things, gore, etc. seriously, better monitoring on that is definitely needed. 3. protection of the artists- people can, and will, post absolutely anything on any this app. majority of the artists who use this app are semi active on it and can see anything their fans post. which again brings me back to the suspending issue. most of the accounts suspended are actual fans! why not put the same effort of suspending accounts that are posting inappropriate or rude posts? it’s a good app but some things definitely need change.


Deleting member post without any reason is not the best way to build user trust

I’ve been using this app for over a year. It’s been overall good and it’s been advertised as a platform for open communications between fans and artists. However, what happened today is not acceptable. One fan’s post was deleted without any reason, and more importantly, it has an artist’s comment. Enhypen was just debuted on 11/30 and member Heeseung commented on a fan post on 12/1 afternoon, but by the evening, the original post was taken down for no reason (unsure if it’s a system glitch or user report.) The original post does not violate any rules based on what I saw, and it hurt the feelings of fans and artists a lot. Now the original poster’s account gets taken down as well. I don’t think randomly deleting user post without any reason is the best way to build trust. 2 asks: 1) Recover the post and original poster’s account 2) Build functions to appeal for any post deletion / account deletion Thank you! As Big Hit embarks on the platform play as a core strategy, it’s critical to build trust with the users. I really hoped that you could have done better and I’m very disappointed. Best, Yuki


Image post trouble

So I have been having this app for a while now and it has been really good. But I have had some issues with uploading pictures. I click image to post something and it immediately opens the camera and 10 images are automatically selected and it’s very weird. Every time I click cancel, the camera opens up again and i can’t upload any image without this happening! Can you please fix this please? Also, can we have a header with an image from our gallery? Is there was an issue with it then I’m sorry but it would be something that can look cute :) Also, DARK MODE? :D


Filterable notifications!

There have been some nice enhancements to Weverse recently that have made it a richer experience. I think Weverse is an innovative way to connect with the artists and I love that opportunity to feel a little closer to them. I’ve been using it since it launched and one thing I have found is that as new artists continue to be added to app, the notifications section can get unwieldy if a user is part of more than one community. It would be very helpful if the notifications within Weverse were filtered by community OR had a way for the user to filter in that screen.


Good app, but lots of room for improvement!

I really like this app! I’m not on social media often but I do check my notifications whenever my favorite artists post, and i like having all my media in one place. But translations for artists’ posts can be better! And better comment moderation. Also, a night mode option would be super nice. Oh, and I LOVE this app Magazine, it’s one of my favorite additions as of late, most topics are pretty interesting. It would be nice if fans can submit their own works to the magazine in the future.


More Community + Harder To Access

Though Weverse is good, I’d really appreciate it being harder to access it. Maybe have a quiz before being able to access a specific artist's this app? The way that it is now makes it much too easy for people who want to spread misinformation and hate to access it. I’d also like more opinions to talk with fellow ARMY. Like being able to follow each other and having a home page made up of those I follow. The home page as it is now is so chaotic, I hardly talk with anyone. I love the community aspect of ARMY, and I feel like I’m missing this on Weverse. As I said before, Weverse is good, but I think with these adjustments, it can be great!


Can’t Use App

I downloaded Weverse maybe 3 days ago made an account and it was working just fine. I had Weverse crash once and it kicked me out of Weverse and I’m usually fine with a bug like that as long as I can use Weverse . But as I said I got Weverse 3 days ago and now I can’t even use Weverse , it just kicks me out immediately. I downloaded Weverse again to see if that would fix the problem and restarted my phone but none of that fixed the problem. Please fix Weverse soon so I can use it again. I guess I’ll try to use the official website instead. Hopefully the website works.


A Great Place to Talk with Fellow Fans

this app is a great platform to interact with fellow fans. It’s way safer than other social platforms too, and while there has been instances of bullying and hate, it calms down quickly thanks to the efforts of fans who continue to work to make this app a safe place for everyone. The features that allow you to follow your favorite artist are awesome, but the real draw for me was the ability to interact with fans from all over the globe. It’s allowed me to have really wholesome and meaningful conversations.


Password reset issues.

I absolutely adore Weverse , I’ve had it ever since I became an Army back in 2018, never had to reset my password or anything ever, but I forgot it when I was trying to log into my computer and I had to reset it, when I tried my new password it said it wasn’t right, I’ve tried it multiple times, even waited 24 hours to try it and then reset it, but it’s not working. It’s really aggravating because I love Weverse and I can’t log into my account :(


Official Announcement Translation

Hi! English speaking fan here, love Weverse ! Only problem is I can’t seem to translate the official BTS announcements into English! Which I’m sure are important! Please help thank you!! 💜


I think it needs more

it is cool that we can interact with our idols on here but I wish there are more regulations on inappropriate posts. and I also wish we cud post videos cuz I wanna post videos of me singing their songs on their Bdays to celebrate since I love singing! other then that I think it’s good!


it’s alright

i like that we have the chance to interact with our idols and other fans. however it would be nice to be able to have a profile here, like other social media. it would also be nice to be able to reply to someone’s comment or tag people. having to rely on hashtags for everything is annoying. it would also be great if we could block people from commenting on our posts, though i do appreciate being able to hide mean or irrelevant comments.


Problem with signing up

Iv had Weverse for about a month now Iv been deleting it and downloading it over and over BUT ITS NOT LETTING ME SIGN UP I tried everything . I tried with my google account . I tried with my email account . I even tried with my twitter account. Even if I’m done signing in ITS NOT VERIFYING . Pls send me a guide or fix my problem.


Amazing App!

I like how they put in the translate button! Also Its so interactive, and it’s nice to be around your own fandom. Great app!


Ok but needs few improvement

First of all thank you BIG HIT for giving us an APP like this. I really like how Weverse worked though you do need to do something about your server because it crashes too often. I have 3 suggestions: 1. If we don’t get notification for members commenting under others post, could you at least allow us to see it when we click on artist’s profile like how fan cafe worked. Or, if you can automatically set the members’ comment on the very top of comment section under the post. Or ranking it by the amount of likes. 2. For the moment/feed pictures, would you please allow it to swipe to next picture instead of exit out and click on another picture. And please teach Jin how to use feed since he asked about it. 3. For translations, please allow ARMY’s to give feedback and suggestions to those machine translated sometimes weird translations. This will allow us to fix the nonsense error of translation.



y’all just HAD to drop something and make preorders TOMORROW didn’t you. still gonna buy it but we need more notice!!



Over half of the money you all make is because of us international non-Korean people. How about to treat us better and star’s translating stuff. Please and thankyou


Notice for Lag

Why do I always having a trouble opening Weverse ?? I already reinstalled but nothing happen. I cant open!! Please help 😭



Idk how to join someone plz help me😅🥺



i do not know how to log in so someone help me out please!


Good Idea, Needs Improvement

While I like the concept of Weverse, there are several issues (both big and small) that need fixing. The biggest issue is the server problem, which lags or crashes whenever the artist posts something, and presumably half a million people open Weverse to see it. Some people, including myself, have a bug that doesn’t even notify about the posts, and I see news about the this app posts on other apps. As of now, there doesn’t appear to be any organized moderation that prevents art theft, genuine hate, or even misuse of the report option. While I understand the problem with moderating such a huge community, hiring moderators or admins such as for a forum may encourage more following of conmunity guidelines. Finally, there are small UI issues; the “cheer” button (the like button) is extremely small and always lags when i press it, it’s not a large clear button like twitter or instagram’s like button. this app also uses “stories” similar to snapchat and insta, but unlike those apps you can’t swipe to exit or switch between different member’s stories. If it sounds like I’m nitpicking it’s only because these smaller problems can be easily fixed by emulating the ease and accessibility of modern social media apps, especially if this app wants to become a main platform for artists. I hope they continue to listen to feedback and can improve the experience


Artist comments & Report function

I’d love to give a higher review, but I personally think there are a couple of issues the developers of Weverse need to address asap. One: a fix should be implemented so that users receive notifications for EVERYTHING an artist posts, including their comments. BTS frequently interact with fan content and it’s a big downside that these interactions are not readily visible unless we go searching for them through each post. We should be able to go the artists’ profile to see their comments at least, but even that is not an option. Two: the report system is NOT being used as intended. It appears that some envious fans or haters have been reporting popular posts (all of which follow this app guidelines) to get them taken down, and this is extremely unfair to the original poster and the community. Even artist comments end up getting removed in the process and that’s just outrageous considering how Weverse is a place for them to communicate with fans. There is quite a ways to go to make this app a more ideal artist-fan communication portal and I hope you’ll take everyone’s critiques into consideration.


Still needs some improvement! But still good

Okay I have been on Weverse since the start of it and I want to share some stuff that I experienced on Weverse. So first of all Weverse can be great but I do think there should be different categories for the post instead everyone posting on the same timeline. this would give the fans who write these long letters for bts a chance and does not get lost in all the meme post. and the same thing goes with fan art. so when bts goes to look at post they can pick a category and go from there. it just would be easier on everyone. also maybe bts should set some rules with army and posting it themselves because the timeline is like the wild west and people are posting some crazy things! And all the letters and amazing art is just getting lost within all the craziness. I am not trying to hate I just want to share some ideas that may help Weverse to be better, not just for army but bts. thank you for reading the long post and I do hope someone from bighit or the creators of Weverse would keep these ideas in mind !


The app is okay, but still needs work

While I do like the concept of Weverse, this still needs some work. Like for example, every group’s this app needs monitoring. There are a lot of comments that can be inappropriate sometimes and BTS, TXT, and/or GFRIEND can see that. What I like to suggest is to place some rules and regulations on what’s allowed to comment and what’s not. Because if these groups continue seeing this, what will they think of us? Second, for every comment report made, also needs monitoring. There’s been an incident in the BTS this app where a fan blocked another fan’s (her name is Christina) comment out of jealousy. Just because she was noticed by Jin and got a happy birthday greeting from him. Who knows, there may be a lot of incidents like this in either TXT or GFRIEND’s this app. In order to stop this from happening, you need monitor everything because you never know when a fan can go overboard. If these things will be added in the next update, then I’ll certainly give Weverse 5 stars.

Is Weverse Safe?

Yes. Weverse is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,556 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Weverse Is 49.7/100.

Is Weverse Legit?

Yes. Weverse is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,556 Weverse User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Weverse Is 49.7/100.

Is Weverse not working?

Weverse works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 3 Comments

By Sara
Aug 06 2022

buenas wevverce no me permite subir fotos ni textos desde mi pc ayudaaaaaa porfis

By shoo
Nov 12 2021

Ive been banned on weverse when i didnt do anything agaisnt the community rules. please help me when am i getting unbanned

By Eknoor Kaur
Jul 15 2021

Hey, I accidently joined another artist and I want to leave the artist but there is no option could you please guide me. Thanks

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