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About: Shgardi connects people to the things they love through personalized discovery and affordable
on-demand delivery
Headquarters: Al Khobar, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia.


Shgardi شقردي Overview

What is Shgardi شقردي? Shgardi is a delivery app that allows users to order anything from nearby stores, restaurants, and other places on the map. The app has a quick delivery service with a competitive delivery price. Users can track their orders in real-time and choose their delivery location based on their preference. Shgardi has a support center available 24/7 for any issues or concerns.


- Order anything from nearby stores, restaurants, and other places on the map

- Quick delivery service with a competitive delivery price

- Real-time tracking of orders

- Choose delivery location based on personal preference

- Save favorite delivery locations for convenience

- Support center available 24/7 for any issues or concerns

- Available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Are you thinking about dinner for tonight, grocery for home, Or an early morning coffee ? Then Shgardi app is your magical solution. You can order anything through Shgardi app, by selecting the wanted store either through typing the store name in the search bar, selecting it from the nearby stores, or by defining its exact location in the map. After submitting the order requests, one of our couriers will go directly to the shop to pick up the requested order. While he is in his way to deliver your order, you can find his location in the map and track his movements all the way from the store to your delivery location. You can choose your delivery location based on your personal preference, whether its home, office, or any other location. You can too save your favorite delivery locations for convenience purpose. We are distinguished at Shgardi by the sufficient quantity of couriers in every area we serve, and this resulted in a very quick delivery service for our customers, at any given time. Our delivery price is the best among the market, and this is basically due to the elimination of commissions fees imposed on the couriers by other delivery apps. The full amount of delivery costs goes directly to the couriers, which entitle us to set competitive delivery price, without facing objection from our couriers. If you have any issue regarding your request, you can reach our support center at any time during week 24/7. You can communicate with our support center either through an instant chat in the app with one of our agents, or by calling the united call center number. You can order from Shgardi whatever you want from restaurants, grocery, perfumes, juices, sweets, or any place in the map, at the best price and top-quality service. Simply, Shgardi is your strategic partner for delivery needs. Shgardi is currently working in kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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By Foriddjeicisnfcvmcmmckdkekkve

بداية قوية

موفقين والله يعطيكم العافية على وقوفكم مع ابناء الوطن

By البقميfh

تطبيق رائع

تطبيق رائع لكن فيه بعض الملاحظات مثال التعليق وصعوبة التواصل مع الموصلين اتمنى تحلون المشاكل هاذي وشكراً

By amd840

التطبيق يحتاج تحسين

التطبيق سيء في التعامل مع الشات (بعض الرسايل تختفي) ما يتيح التطبيق الغاء الطلب وغيرها

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