Dollify Reviews

Dollify Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-10

Hi peeps! I'm @dave.xp and I can't wait for you to make your own portraits! Me
and the developer team have carefully crafted this app so you can make the
cutest looking avatars on the internet! It's very easy to use and you'll get
the most beautiful results by just picking your favouri...

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Dollify Reviews

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    ok so i LOVE this game but the only thing (and i know u hear this all the time) but unlimited dolls. i understand the hair and clothes thing because that can’t all just be free because otherwise u make no profit on this app (and i don’t mind paying 7$). But it only lets me make five dolls and if i want to make a new doll, i have to delete one of the ones i already made. one thing i would definitely recommend for an update is making it were u can make ur own colors like where they have the rainbow thingy and u drag the magnifier around until you get the extract color u want. i also think that u should make the color part of the eye bigger so that you can actually see the color. i would definitely recommend adding makeup to the dolls, just to give it more personality. i also think that u should make it where u can add color to the ends of the hair or in streaks of color (i am going to dye the tips of my hair blue this soooo yeah). and i have really light eyebrows that are brown and all the light eyebrows r practically orange. my last suggestion is that if u don’t do the make ur own color thing, that could u PLEASE add more shades of of brown and blonde because a lot of my friends have dirty blonde hair and all the blondes are either super yellow, bleach blonde color, or on the verge of orange. i hope u take all of this into consideration. thank u

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    Good but...

    So... I only have a few recommendations. This app is already really great I just think that these tips could help make it an AMAZING app!! So what I think would make it better is adding makeup.. I can’t relate but some people might not like the mouth color or want to add eyeshadow.. Another tip is being able to choose the colors.. Yes, most of it you are able to choose which color. For the hair with the accessories in them like a cap or anything else it would make it a lot better if you could choose the color of the cap (or any other accessories.) I think this is the worst thing in the app which is probably the reason why I gave it a 4 star rating... Premium! I have no problem paying $7 but what you get for it? Yes, you do get a lot of new clothing and hair but I think that getting premium should also allow you to get extra filters, Better quality hair colors. Then finally we have the last tip. THE EYEBROW COLORS!! Im sorry but for the black haired people theres no black colored eyebrows... And the blonde colors are basically orange... Anyway those are all the things I have to say! I still recommend this app but I would HIGHLY recommend it if the creator makes these things possible.. Of course this app is great and I’m not trying to come off rude just trying to help so that everyone is satisfied :).

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    It’s okay...

    I hate the fact that you only have about five/six dolls in-game. It’s very annoying, because you constantly have to delete and make new dolls in their place, I just don’t like it. Also, unlimited dolls are premium, but it’s annoying, because you don’t have anything to pay for it, but you want more dolls so you have to delete dolls and make new ones in their place. Things don’t make sense like that, you should have any sort of amount of dolls (unlimited dolls) for free. I hate to say this, but in my opinion, this game isn’t good. If you want some good rating thing, please skip this one. I have no clue why you can’t have unlimited dolls for free? It just doesn’t make sense to me, to be honest. This is not positive about this game, it is negative. Now some stuff is good, like you have an option to make your own background out of your photos, that’s a neat feature. But I still don’t like the premium thing. Especially with the hair, the cutest hairs are always purchased only for the app to be deleted. Sorry if I was harsh, but I’m being honest. Now for the good stuff, eyes are adorable, maybe add a few more eyelashes or colors. The free hairs are kinda cute, maybe add a few more lip styles though. I love the outfits, maybe a few more? Sorry if that was a bit to ask... Anyways, I’m so sorry if I was rude, I never try to be. I just want to be honest to you, I hate to have to lie.

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    Pretty good!

    I really like this app. Unfortunately, every good thing has a downside. You can definitely tell that there was a LOT of time and effort in this, and I only have 3 criticisms. 1. You can’t make guys! I really wanna make my family members, but I can’t include all of them because there are quite a few dudes in my family. 2. I get that you have to get money somehow, but I feel like you could at least let us have a bit of variation with the clothing. There’s so many clothing options included with the $7.00 purchase, but only 13 with the limited version. 3. I don’t know if this is just my phone, but I can’t save the doll. Let me explain, because you may not be understanding my problem. When I’m not editing it and am simply looking at it from the screen where you can see all of the dolls you’ve made, it just shows the clothing and hair (glasses if I included them) without the body. The body is just a black screen. I thought that maybe it was just something weird, but when I saved it and looked in my photos it was the same. This is easily fixed by taking a screenshot in the editing area, but it looks pretty bad. Overall, I love this app and it has very few flaws. Once I get some extra cash, I’m definitely gonna buy the unlimited version.

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    I recommend this app!!!

    I love this app so much! This is my go-to app when I have free time. On another review the person had mention to get unlimited dolls... I don’t have a problem with that, I can make “more than five”. Also with that review, I agree with their hair color ideas... to have an option to put streaks of a different color in your hair, or to have the tips a different color. And also with the hair, I agree we should have multiple options on a specific hair color, like brown, my friends have a light, but dark brown hair color, which is not an option on this app, also with blond, some of my friends also have a dirty blond color, which is not an option either. I also agree with the person, that the color of the eyes should be wider to make it more noticeable. These suggestions should be considered. I do love this app and it has saved me from being bored or feeling alone because I would have something to do... and some new characters to make. I like writing stories, so this app help me visualize what my characters would look like... in a not-so-realistic-way... A GREAT WAY! thank you for letting me share my thoughts and the way I feel about this app... I would recommend this to anyone who is considering to install it.

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    Ok, so, I’ve heard that most people have a limit of five characters, but as soon as I opened the app, I learned that I could as many as I wanted, which is weird because everyone is obsessing over the fact you get limited characters, but enough about MY problem. Overall, I think this is a pretty good game, I mean of COURSE there is something you have to pay for, but I mean, it’s predictable, almost every game has that, and the apps characters are super adorable and there is still a lot of things to use even if you don’t pay for premium. But for every good thing, there’s a bad thing, the thing I don’t like about this game is that there isn’t enough colors, I mean, there’s not really any blond colors or brown colors for hair, there’s only blond-ish and brown-ish. Another thing about the colors is that the creators should add more backgrounds, there’s only like five. One last downside is that there aren’t very many talking mouths, it would be cool if there was a mouth open for girls and boys, on this note, mabye some mad eyebrows for them too. Well, this is a GREAT game, but no game is perfect. This is all, byeee! (Stil download the app even after everything I said)

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    This app is great, but ...

    This app was awesome and I don’t even have premium . It worked and I used it to make all the profile pictures or just for fun. Lately I thought I would recommend it to one of my friends. So I downloaded the app for them and it had so many new things that I hadn’t seen before. I thought I just needed to update mine so I did. I made a new character with the update and it was awesome. I started to look over some of my older characters I had made before the update. Every single eye color had been changed to blue and I couldn’t change it back to the original shade 🤔. I improvised and changed it to a similar color. When I went to change the last one it completely malfunctioned. The avatar was male and simple and he looked like who I modeled it after. It had long hair which I had never put on it. It had the dog filter and a flower background with some weird blue thing that none of the original backgrounds had. When I tried to fix it it just stayed the same. The original one was bald wearing a grey T-Shirt and thick eyebrows. The glitch was HORRIBLE. I don’t know if this is a problem with the app or my device but I just wanted to make it known because either one it is it can definitely be fixed.

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    Great app! Just a few problems that I ran into!

    I love this app it works great! I just have a few suggestions to make. One time while I was using this app I decided to get the premium membership which is a one time payment which I thought was a good, but I must get back to the point. When I bought the premium I waited for the payment to be confirmed. I waited and waited and finally when my screen was back I looked and the premium items weren’t showing up. I was very disappointed in this and I was just about to give up when I noticed the little i in the corner of my screen I pressed on it and I saw a button that said “ restore purchases” now, I wasn’t quite sure what it meant but I pressed it anyways. To my surprise it gave me the items I had purchased and I was happy about this! My suggestions are to make a little more obvious on what to do when this happens so other people know and can easily fix it! Also another suggestion is to make more clothes and accessories because I think not just me, but others are hoping for a little bit of a change here and there! Thanks

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    One recommendation.

    I love this app! I am really into making cool characters and having them all have their own unique look, and this app let’s you do just that! However, I just have one recommendation. I think that even if you don’t buy the premium version of the app, you should still be able to make an unlimited amount of characters. When I first got the app, I was looking forward to making a bunch of different characters that look like my friends and family, and even making some random characters that I just make up in my head. However, when I found out I was only able to make five characters if I didn’t have the premium version, I was pretty disappointed. The overall point I am trying to make here is, I am fine with the fact that if you don’t have the premium, you don’t get all of the options when designing a character, and if you have the premium, you don’t get watermark on the dolls. However, only being able to make 5 dolls without having bought the premium is honestly a little ridiculous. PS: the dolls are SUPER PRETTY!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    I would like to actually do my own hair like doing something to wear you can make your own hair and color I would also like more choices of outfits so I wouldn’t have to buy it my parents wouldn’t let me so if you could make more and free I would also like to actually see something wear you could edit the body and wear you scroll up and down to edit it maybe even add things wear you can change the weight of the character and also I recommend this app to everyone!!! I would also like to do makeup shads like lipstick and eyeliner and eyeshadow and other things I would also like some spicky hair styles in the girls section so I can do black hair that’s spicky and also some perching like eyebrows perching and some lip peer icing Also some things like maybe bags and skirts and ripped jeans maybe converse And headphones maybe boba tea also some more options for earrings and chokers maybe some tattoos and head pieces and nail Polish.. and maybe food.. that’s all I can think I would like too see hope you like my ideas and shoutout to David!

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    I love this game but I have a few suggestions

    Honestly, I love this game,I play it a lot. It is really fun to play. I love how there is so many hairstyles and colors and stuff like that. But I think you should be able to have more than one hair color. There should be more free things. My friend plays it too and they didn’t buy the pack so she just deletes her characters and takes a screenshot of it, and does the same thing over and over again so I think you at least should be able to make more than 5 characters at least 10! I though still bought the pack because I loved making the characters! I also, think there should be more things that come with the pack. But I needed to say this but after I made so many characters it kept shutting me off. :( I don’t know why but maybe the bugs need fixed?That would really help! Thanks. Those are just suggestions you do not have to do it but it would make a better game. Overall I think it is a really awesome and great game so I think anyone who is thinking about getting it you should go for it . Thank you!

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    Great, some small issues/glitches

    I really like this app. I especially like the addition of male dolls. I’ve had a lot of fun making dolls that look like book characters, family members, and friends. There are a few issues, like the app causes my phone to overheat, sometimes certain clothing items overlap where they shouldn’t, and when I try to edit dolls I’ve already made, a bunch of random items get layered onto them and their face is replaced with a large blue bar across the screen. Sometimes I can make it go away, but not always. It’s made some dolls uneditable and other a hassle to edit. But other than those issues, I really like this app. In the future, I’d especially like to see different options for eye shape and nose shape, maybe make more glasses color options that are sunglasses, (also some aviators would be killer) more dark brown to black shades for hair and eyebrows, maybe some more hairstyle options for curly hair (loving that new pack of hairstyles that came out recently) and maybe some more of those Snapchat filter effects.

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    the best, but

    i love the app. I really do. I love all the hairstyles and one of the new updates adding male characters. And also I love all the new hairstyles and clothes for the girls. But, here’s the thing. I submitted an update awhile ago but things are still not working. I added 2 new contacts and so for the picture I always go straight to Dollify, even before you added the male character update. So, since I don’t have premium/pro or whatever, I deleted some of my dolls to make space for more. And since all my dolls before had the black screen bug, I went on my OC, changed a couple of things to match what I was wearing, and to see if the black screen bug had been fixed. But, it wasn’t. And, even when I make the dolls and save them to my camera roll, it still doesn’t work. The review I made before said the same thing. And before I made the review I wrote before, the update said “Black screen bug fixed”. But, still, it is not. Please try and fix this. I can only be without contacts without pictures for so long.

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    What you might want to add

    you need more hairs different hairs because some people have long and curly hair but you don’t have that and some people would want two buns in their hair instead of one. Another thing you might want to add is more color to the glasses and hair because I wanted black hair but the closest thing to black hair was the purple hair so instead of black hair I got brown hair but I didn’t want that and you need more glasses and accessories because for accessories you need headphones and for the filters or the face changer like the little kitty cat you need more clothes like I don’t know like different colors or like something that is casual but not too crazy and you might also want to add boy stuff maybe because some boys want to use this app it’s crazy though and Other than all that stuff that you might want to add everything is perfectly I like everything I like how it’s organized by what you can choose from hair skin color accessories filters I think the stuff that I’ve told you that can make your app better will make it better I hope you will read my review lots of love?

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    The overall reviews I’ve read I have agreed and disagreed with. Yes there should be more choices for those who can’t buy the premium, but for those who don’t like it? Common, this is a new app and already hating on it is quite cruel. The artist is obviously doing her best to improve it as the best she could and I give her a lot of support. But sadly, I would like to see more choices for the free version. Unlimited characters for both free and premium version, more variety of clothing for the free version; even out the variety of choices between each version that way all of us are at least satisfied with what we can do with the app. But overall, I do enjoy creating characters and having fun coming up with random characters as well. The large eyes are really fascinating and the little details are very cute. The game is cute overall. I gave this game rating as a 4.8 only because it’s so close to 5, but it has a few problems that the most of us are having trouble with. I will totally recommend this to some of my friends!

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Is Dollify Safe?

Yes. Dollify is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 41,944 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Dollify Is 47.4/100.

Is Dollify Legit?

Yes. Dollify is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 41,944 Dollify User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Dollify Is 47.4/100.

Is Dollify not working?

Dollify works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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