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About: Skylight is a touch-screen photo frame that you can update by email, anytime from anywhere.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.


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1. How does it work?
2. What is Skylight App?

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1. If you have a Skylight Frame, you can send photos and videos to the Frame from anywhere! Simply log in and connect to your frame to start sending photos in seconds.

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Product Details and Description of Skylight App

The Skylight App allows you to manage your Skylight Devices.

If you have a Skylight Frame, you can send photos and videos to the Frame from anywhere! Simply log in and connect to your frame to start sending photos in seconds.

Features include:

- Video: Send and play your favorite videos on your Skylight.

- Text captions: Add fun or silly text captions to photos.

- Download: View and download all the photos from your Skylight onto your phone.

- Manage frames: Easily manage all your Skylight Frames with one app.

- Cloud backup: All your photos backed up forever.

If you have a Skylight Calendar, you can mange your Calendar right from the app, and the device will update automatically.

Features include:

- Week view: View, update, and add your events from a weekly calendar view

- Grocery List: Edit and update your Grocery List

- Categories: Customize your categories to your liking! Name them, choose a color, and edit them as you see fit.

- Sync: Sync Google, Apple, Outlook and other calendars straight from your phone to Skylight!

You can find our Terms of Service here:

Top Skylight App Reviews

  • By Kim G. Love

    Money well spent

    I bought this frame in December 2019 for my mother who lives in a nursing home and suffers from a rare neurological disorder that, among many other obstacles, leaves her unable to control her hands. Her condition hinders her from being able to utilize the internet and phone to see pictures of friends and family. This frame allows all of her friends and family to send pictures, videos and messages of love to her with her only having to lift one finger (you tap the frame when you see a message that new photos are available). This frame has been a small source of comfort to my mom given the current global pandemic which prevents people from visiting those they love in nursing homes.

  • By @reesedorrepaal

    In love with my parents’ new Skylight!

    I just purchased my parents a Skylight frame after a glowing recommendation from a friend, and I have to say... I am thrilled with my purchase! I’m constantly getting asked for photo updates from my parents (we live in different cities), but trekking to CVS or Walgreens to print them out & bringing them home when I come back to visit is way too much of a hassle. With their new Skylight, I can share photos instantaneously that they can display in their home, which they love! Using the app makes this process even more convenient.

  • By tschneiter2

    Best gift I’ve ever given to anybody

    I bought this frame for my 88 year old mother. She’s very active and such but never been much for social media. She lives 700 miles away so it is a great way for me to show her all of my activities and my beautiful flowers. I have my whole family sending her pics from all over the u.s. she calls me several times each week telling me about all of the pics she is receiving. I seriously believe this is the best gift I have ever given anybody. It is so simple to use as well! Thank you thank you thank you.

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