Prêt-à-Makeup Reviews

Prêt-à-Makeup Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Designed by the Prêt-à-Template team, Prêt-à-Makeup is a digital face chart
notepad with unlimited pages and all the tools you need to create beautiful and
realistic looks, all on your device. Face charts are used by makeup artists to
test out, plan, or register a look, keeping track o...

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Love the app, here are some tips though:

Hi, everyone! I should start by saying I wrote this review about two and a half weeks into using PrêtàMakeup . The world just needed to know how wonderful this is. Very professional, very nice, very easy, very addictive. I’m not even a professional and I have it, and love it. It’s SO not like other makeup apps either, where the model has zits everywhere and you have to give her a whole spa, that cheap stuff. It’s fun and realistic! However, I wanted to suggest some tips, tricks, and suggestions to you guys that might make your experience less stressful, and might save you some money. PrêtàMakeup gives you two free make up palettes. I know, ridiculous! But you don’t have to pay for the other ones. Here’s a fun tip: If you don’t have blue eyeshadow, use the blue lipstick! PrêtàMakeup allows you to apply makeup in spots it isn’t usually put, but that way you don’t have to purchase more palettes! People won’t even know that you used the makeup differently. How cool? Also, if you mess up, keep in mind you have two handy undo and redo buttons in the top left corner. Finally, I just had to put one complaint. I downloaded PrêtàMakeup because it has a male model option as well. I think it’s a bit ridiculous that for free, I can only access one model. Do you think you can add one more? Thanks! Now go download PrêtàMakeup! I’m sure you’ll love it!!!!


We want you to see my sister‘s masterpiece

My sister is a tiny genius artist she’s in the honors class and she’s super Duper smart even though she’s a five-year-old she can simply answer any math equation by X not only if he an amazing mathematic she’s also an amazing dryer we used procreate to let her explore her imagination but we realize that she was more into makeup than anything she would steal make up in the middle of the night and put it on her face It was amazing and it looked outstanding she’s good at art and good at doing backflips I listen she started using your app it’s keeping her away from any makeup products and she’s been so focused on PrêtàMakeup she made an amazing masterpiece even better than your representatives it was a rainbow lookI called it the rainbow away it was it was it amazing And perfect now I’m not saying my sister is perfect but she’s in the honors class and she’s a five-year-old in middle school who can barely talk and she’s really good at listening and art class so if you mind sending us your email we would love to send you the masterpiece we aren’t trying to do anything to any other people. We’re not trying to offend them or just saying thank you


Please read app developers!

Hi! I’ve been using Pret-A-makeup just for fun and not for the professional term. But I would like to see some changes in the thing you have, starting off with- please make the people with no subscription have more color options! I understand that you want to make profit but people who aren’t willing to spend money won’t make much practice out of makeup if they don’t get to experience ,and experiment with all sorts of styles and colors! Next is a blending brush or tool for eyeshadow. Since I, and many others are not on a iPad with digital pencils it makes it extremely hard to blend colors together and makes the makeup look trashy. So please consider more tools, And please fix your highlighter, the colors are great but when you glide it along the nose bridge or cheek it goes in a straight line and it looks not so hot, this is also why we need a blending tool! Finally I would love to see more makeup items, you only get limited items you can use, they are great but I would love to see maybe bronzer or different types of other makeup! Thank you for reading my request and complaints. Overall this is a great app if you want to get into or even better at makeup. Thank you- a curious customer.


Nicely made but...

The graphics are very impressive and I completely understand how this could be a great tool for make up artists and other professionals. But, I wish there was a slightly better basic package, even if PrêtàMakeup cost 2-4 dollars from the get go. If there was an initial purchase with a wider range of basic make up, I might be more convinced to get a subscription. I can’t get a good enough feel for how much I’d be able to do with PrêtàMakeup without being able to test out the kinds of colors I’d like to use. It’s also challenging that I can’t do anything to select the size of the brush that is being used to apply the make up. It’s particularly frustrating with eyeshadow, where the type of tool is so important. I can’t really get a clean line of eyeshadow if I wanted to. All that being said, the prescription cost seems very high. I could see this being purchased by more people, even young girls, if it was within a more affordable range.


It’s good and bad

The game is creative and the graphics are amazing but I find it quite annoying that without the subscription the little amount of colors you can use for the eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, etc. It’s the exact type of game I love to play because there’s so many ways to get creative and do things that I personally could never do on myself so it’s a real letdown when I have a very limited amount of colors to get creative with. I just wish that there was a money system of some sort, for instance watch ads to earn coins and then with those coins buy new colors and hairstyles and such. The second thing that I wanted to mention was just a good idea for this game that I had. I’ve seen this before with a couple of apps and it’s really cool when you can analyze your face and turn it into a drawing. I thought it would be a great idea for PrêtàMakeup because then you could truly do the makeup on yourself which would make PrêtàMakeup ten times more noticeable and fun for other users. It may even catch the attention of many other people. Thanks for reading :)


This should be more popular

Honestly this is a really good game to play if you love art and if you a make up artist and you have not clients you can have your own styles and but whenever I just stop or go it of the Game to do something for one sec it automatically saves my heart so I don’t get to finish it that’s one of the bugs I think that’s just for me I don’t know if that’s good or bad I’m just kind of struggling with it but and I think we should have more free things because you only get a sugar skull make up sets and I normally make upset so so we don’t have to pay for it sorry that’s kind of confusing so what I’m saying we should have more unlocked because we could do way more creative things with what we have and I’m not saying you have to I’m not trying to be picky this is just my opinion of the game


😭😭😭😔😔😞😞 pls listen and read:

I’m sad. So sad. Here’s why: At first the game was amazing, and I had made all of these amazing makeups, and then one day I go into the game and all of it is gone. All of my makeups, purchases, and art were gone. I’m very sad and unhappy. I have considered deleting PrêtàMakeup bc it is so disappointing when ALL (and I mean everything in the whole game) is deleted. I had made so many cool works of art on it, and now they are all gone. So I hope if anyone is looking into getting this game, I hope you read this review. It is very discouraging to lose everything. And to the game developers, PLS fix this. Less people will get this game if this problem is not fixed. They will be mad about losing all of their purchases and art. This might just be a problem with my phone, but I’ve looked it up and it seems pretty unlikely. So I hope you game developers fix this, and to those who consider getting the game, I don’t recommend getting it if you plan on making real money purchases and pro art. 😩😩😫


Kinda good but..

Let me start off about how I ADORE this game! I was playing a game with makeup but it sucked and I really wanted to do something with the full makeup routine and PrêtàMakeup is exactly what I wanted. I downloaded it and.. I thought that I would get at least more than 2 packs of makeup kits. It’s kind of boring that you only get the basic essential one, and a sugar skull one that’s free. I wanted more so I could get creative. I love doing the makeup on there, it’s just that I wish there were more makeup kits available, basically all if I’m going to be needy. Another thing is that I want a tutorial where you could try the makeup yourself with a guide. It’s kind of hard to get the eye shadow even, the lip pencil (for me) is IMPOSSIBLE as well as the eye pencil to get on there. Please make a few updates!


Love this app!!

Ok, PrêtàMakeup is amazing!! It is very realistic and is helpful for practicing makeup. I myself am addicted and have gotten others on the trend as well. It’s great compared to other makeups apps because you have a lot more freedom in how you can design. However, I tried to email Prêt-à-Makeup but I could not find their email or maybe they don’t have one open to costumers. Although I have a few suggestions that I think would improve PrêtàMakeup . First applying the highlight can be a bit of a struggle and hard to apply. So I think adding some makeup brushes to choose from would be very helpful. Also brushes would be helpful for blending in eyeshadow. I would highly appreciate it if some bronzer was added to the selection. It is a little bit expensive but 1000% worth it. EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.


Good game but…

So I tried out this game I opened it up and a video pops up. Of course I watch it. After I watched it, I saw a subscription form…what why do you need that I thought I went down and everything but 1 pack was unlocked I love this GAME but please make a few more free things. Y’all are hungry for money. Stop this immediately please not everything is about money people it’s about food air water and most importantly care. It’s not all about money, why are y’all so greedy now here is three tips. One make more colors. Two make some more stuff free. And three add more hair detail now that’s all I have to say I’m just saying people would like the game more if y’all would not make them think ok I have to buy this. Some people DONT HAVE MONEY so I say stop this bull crap and make people happy not sad please listen to this sincerely. PS p,ease respond to this and I’m saying this kindly ❤️



I love PrêtàMakeup so much, it’s so much fun when I want to do makeup but I don’t want to waste expensive products. There’s only ONE thing I would change about PrêtàMakeup: I’m a tiny bit annoyed by the fact that you only have ONE face to work with. I want to try different hairstyles and faces, but I can’t because I don’t want to spend my money on an app. Also, you only get two makeup sets which I guess is okay, I don’t need too much. But I just wish that their were a bit more options that didn’t involve money. My suggestion is that maybe you can use that set once if you watch an ad, that way everyone can enjoy your game! Other than that, I really enjoyed this game. It’s super addicting! Thanks for reading!!


Some flaws but good concept

I had this on my phone and ipad, now just my iPad. I love the concept especially working with makeup and photography. However I wish there was a blending tool. Why is there concealer if you can’t use it to be like actual concealer? Same with eyeshadow you can’t blend so you either use one color or it won’t turn out right, or looking good at least. I’d also love to see a sizing slide, so that you can pick the size of “brush” you’re using for each item instead of them just spreading everywhere (blush) or being a straight awkward line. I’ve tried with my finger, and pen. Ultimately I use the pen most, but still without the features mentioned above it just doesn’t look great. Also worth mentioning I do pay for the upgraded one on my tablet, you only get the additional pallets no new tools or anything if such.


Exceptional Game, One Reccomendation

This game is very entrancing and a capital game to perfect your more artistic makeup game. The only problem I have stumbled across when playing this game is that in order to get the more excellent makeup kits, you must buy a monthly subscription. I highly doubt that many really want to pay money for a video game such as this monthly, so it leaves so much to be desired for the people who cannot or do not want to pay money per month for the makeup kits. That said, the graphics on this game are splendid and there turns out to be a lot that you can do with just some simple makeup. I really do like this game, and think that it would flourish truly if you charged money at the initial purchasing or the game and then nobody has to pay monthly.


GORGEOUS!! The BEST and REALISTIC makeup app ever

PrêtàMakeup literally brought tears of joy to my eyes when I first tried it on my sister’s Ipad Pro with her Apple pencil. I had an older Ipad with a cracked screen which was incompatible with the Apple pencil, so I was using my finger to apply the makeup (which worked, but kept me limited from using PrêtàMakeup to it’s full and potential), and PrêtàMakeup made me run out to the Apple store the next day and buy a brand new Ipad Pro with an Apple pencil. No joke. The graphics are so realistic. An iridescent eye shadow actually appears iridescent when you move the Ipad around. The whole face is 3d and it’s incredible. I’ve been waiting for something like this my whole life. My only suggestions are: Brush options. It’d be nice to be able to choose a way of applying the makeup. I.e. specific brushes. Brow applications, pencil & brush. Brows are a big deal right now, and I can’t seem to figure out how to mimic brows correctly. Adding popular brand’s palettes to experiment with. All in all it’s a great app! I’m hooked!


Let’s make a change 🤷🏻‍♀️

Over all i think this game is AMAZING 🤩 but i feel like they should make a change because you have to pay 💰. Why waste money? In my opinion…….i think you guys should change the fact we have to pay 💰 The game is so cool but you guys should not make us pay 💰 because we will probably get bored of it and delete it and all of the money we spent go to waste? You guys should make a change! And i bet more and more people will download your game and give you guys more reviews and likes 👍 after all your game is amazing 🤩 and fun! Have a good day/afternoon!


Why no blending brush!?

I was so excited when I first got this game because I have been waiting to find a game where I did not have to follow steps to do a look and I could just do it how I wanted. But, I found that there was only one person you could do makeup on and there's limited color choices for tools without having to pay. At least let us have 3-5 characters and I was excited because I wanted to make a rainbow look but now I can't! Also the tools are trashy like for example the highlighter looks like a white colored pencil and when you want to do a different color of concealer than foundation there's no blending brush to blend them together. Please fix this I really want to be able to make good looking make up look for once. Thanks!


Not awful but flaws

Personally I think the flaws outweigh the good aspects of PrêtàMakeup . As someone who works with make up there are some things I find lacking. There’s so many great colors but not being able to blend eyeshadow colors, and the eyeliner out is greatly annoying. Same with concealer. There’s option light and dark which would make great to contour, but it falls useless if you can’t blend it out. Different “brush” sizes for choice, for applying different products would be nice. And if given the opportunity to blend possibly being able to rotate the model to get better angles for application. I currently have the paid subscription but renders useless without the blending at the least. Planned to cancel my subscription when it’s up.


Obsessed :)

I really love PrêtàMakeup, and although I do think that not everyone can pay for the monthly subscription, I think that you can still do a ton with the two collections you start off with (I did that for six months before getting the subscription), and I also understand that the developers need the money to keep PrêtàMakeup running. I do have one recommendation though; I think it would be really nice to have a blending tool or ‘brush’, or maybe even a few in different sizes and shapes. I often put down product and then wish that there was a way to blend it in more. Thank you!


Good, but needs some work

I love this game so much! Knowing that I want to be a makeup artist some day, it really does help with my technique. But 2 slight issues that I want to point out. There are only 2 pallets I can use! TWO! I mean, you could at least have a courtesy to let us watch a add to get it for a period of time. And the fact that you only give us 1 model to use?! Seriously, you can give us at 4 different ones, because you have like 8 of them! As much as I love PrêtàMakeup , it needs some major improvements. If you are reading this, I hope you put this thought.


Good app

I like PrêtàMakeup completely but there are a couple of glitches, for example all my work was gone all the makeup I did just flew away. Also sometimes when I need to undo something the undo button won’t work so I’ll have to erase it which also may erase some things a don’t want it too. When I press the button the copies my work from the other side it will completely stop working so when I check the other side my progress isn’t there. Overall I like PrêtàMakeup but please fix the bugs!



PrêtàMakeup’s ok........ish.... The fact that you only get two sets of makeup without paying the subscription fee is just sad, especially when each product comes in very few colors. It’s fun at first, but since there’s not so many variations you can make, it gets boring quickly. I’m sure if I paid the subscription fee it would be more interesting, but because the basic game wasn’t very interesting or detailed (and kinda like just coloring something) I’m definitely not getting it. Also, I expected to be able to do a whole look, and when I found out it was just the face and not even the hair or anything.... yeeeaaaahhhhh.....


Great game! But I have a suggestion.

Don’t get me wrong this game is great! The quality is exceptional and there is many choices to choose from. But, I do wish that there was a contacts option so that we could color the eyes, I want this because once I complete the makeup look her eyes look so bland. Another suggestion would be to have a wide variety of different hair colors, most often I have to use foundation to color the hair, and I really want some different colors to complete her hair to make it match the makeup. Other than that I think it’s a wonderful game!


It’s A Great Game but...

This is by far a good game for testing makeup looks. Obviously like all games there is room for improvement. First there should be way more than just 3 foundation shades per kits also a majority of these kits have to be purchased honestly just make the game cost money instead of just letting people download the game then having to pay just to get a decent look. Also I recommend adding some time of tool to blend. I hope you can take some of my recommendations into consideration. This is a lot this game has but at the same time it is missing so much.


Good app, pricey

First of all, PrêtàMakeup has really great make up art supplies and it’s actually pretty realistic. I really like how you’re able to use my stuff or make up you get to use in real life on this online app. However, I wish we had more colors for the make up. If you do not pay for your subscription, you only get two make up sets and two different pallets. For the faces of the models, you also only get one or two faces to draw on. Good app, but I wish there was more free colors and palettes to use.


I guess it’s cool

So I downloaded this game because I love playing with makeup but you should really consider younger kids like me because we can’t pay for stuff and only getting two packs of makeup it got boring I’m not saying you have to make everything free just give people more than 2 packs you would get at lease 5 stars if you fix because almost all the reviews say that they want more than 2 packs and people looking to download won’t because of the reviews please listen to you downloader’s it will leave much better results .


It’s okay

I like PrêtàMakeup but the blending is not it. It is so hard to see and the ‘ white’ skin tone looks like a whole ghost but I do like that I can play with the makeup please add more colors because the amount given often becomes boring after a couple of uses. If the was met for iPad Pro you should’ve modified it for that so iPhone users wouldn’t get confused because were seeing all these beautiful designs that use a little writing tool which we don’t have but overall it’s an OK app. Thank you for at least trying to make a makeup simulator.


wish there was more...

i love PrêtàMakeup, but it has a few problems. first, you only get two make-up pallets. in those pallets, you get weird, overly-saturated foundation tones. in addition, there is no contour, so you either leave it be, or use something else for contour. lastly, the kajal is worthless; i really only use it for adding the inessential things. i would recommend PrêtàMakeup for the people who are new to make-up, and want to explore and create. it’s not the best, but you CAN create, design, and express yourself!


Very well made, but..

Overall the graphics of this game are very realistic and obviously well made, but the fact that you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription seems irrelevant compared to a one time purchase of all the tools. PrêtàMakeup is still very well made and helpful, but the subscription seems a bit unnecessary. A solution could be that they provide more makeup for free to encourage subscriptions to the game.


Make the game cost money to begin with

This game is fun and I love playing with makeup, BUT I want to explore more with the makeup pallets and I guess “brands”. If I’d rather not have to pay money monthly and just pay money in order to get the game in the first place. I’d also like it if you guys made a blending tool because I am fairly new to makeup and sometimes I might put too much on the model and I want to be able to blend it if I have to. I really hope you take my review and others like mine into consideration!!


Good, but gets boring

Ok, so when I first got this game, I was playing for what seemed like hours. But, you only get two makeup sets!!! The rest you have to buy!! I know it probably isn’t much, but you have to pay for each individual set! I really would love to have some more choices. Also, each makeup utensil only has three or less colors. Please read this, developer, and please add more onto this game. Sincerely, An almost satisfied player


Did not give me my money back

I am highly concerned. I did the monthly subscription which comes with a 7 day trial. PrêtàMakeup was supposed to charge me after the 7 day trial and PrêtàMakeup charged me before the 7 day trial. Also PrêtàMakeup did no unlock any of the features that that it was supposed to. So, when I went to cancel the transaction it charged my card. It did not give me and money back not even a penny. On app it said that you can cancel the transaction. I demand a full refund of my $5.99 + tax. Please do let this happen to you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD PrêtàMakeup. IT IS A RIP-OFF. - a highly upset customer

Is Prêt à Makeup Safe?

Yes. Prêt-à-Makeup is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 17,644 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Prêt-à-Makeup Is 74.2/100.

Is Prêt à Makeup Legit?

Yes. Prêt-à-Makeup is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 17,644 Prêt-à-Makeup User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Prêt-à-Makeup Is 74.2/100.

Is Prêt-à-Makeup not working?

Prêt-à-Makeup works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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