DJI Mimo Reviews

DJI Mimo Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

As the all-in-one app made specifically for the DJI Osmo Pocket handheld gimbal,
Osmo Action camera, Osmo Mobile 3, DJI OM4 and DJI Pocket2, Mimo offers HD live
view during recording, intelligent features such as My Story for quick editing,
and other tools not available with a handheld s...

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They advertise that the DJI OM4 can track pets with active track 3.0. That’s a lie. All the active track will do is actively loose your subject. The dog can walk around, towards you or past you. The camera with twitch around quickly instead of get a steady follow and often just loose the subject pretty much every time. Doesn’t matter if the gimbal is being held or on a tripod and stationary. If your dog is sitting still and looking around the room the gimbal will twitch the camera back and forth so you won’t get a steady shot. I’ve set the gimbal on a table with the tripod and it still bounces around. Worse yet, if you try to go to the forum and ask for help you can’t even post until you “earn points”! This is absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable. Eventually I was able to contact customer support to ask for help after digging around their website for ever because they don’t make it easy to contact anyone or ask any questions in a timely manner. I had already made sure the firmware was up to date and did a configuration. The advice of the support team was to return the product and get a new one because it was faulty. So I did. This one has the SAME ISSUE! I don’t know if it’s a bug, or a mechanical failure on the device. Either way, I’ll be returning it today and never buying any product from this company ever again.


MIMO needs lots of work

During the quarantine I really wanted to better my video skills and what better way to do that than with the OSMO Mobile 3? Well as other reviews have said the Story mode option is very limiting and it’s doesn’t allow users to change the text which is counterproductive. I also don’t like that after every story it HAS to say DJI or have a watermark. It’s not a trial version. We should have the option to choose how long each clip runs for. Not only that, because all of my files in my phone upload to iCloud, after a day I’m not able to edit anything because “iCloud files are not supported” and it keeps telling me to “download the files first”. I have over 17gb of files in the cloud and I’m not putting that back on my phone for Apple to tell me I don’t have enough storage. Smh if any developers are reading this, please fix this on the next update so that users can download videos that are still in their camera roll and in iCloud to edit.


Meh, sorta good.

Had to download to use with the Dji Osmo 3 Gimbal. DJIMimo can only be used when connected to the phone and gimbal. The “Story Mode” is extremely limited with poor music selections that sound canned & outdated. Zero aftermarket support is offered so you are forced to use DJIMimo if you plan on using the internal features. The double trigger tap that redirects the gimbal moves at one speed only. So if you have pan/tilt/etc. set to slow and you want to recenter the end of your shot will be out of sync. Please fix this. All in all, using the gimbal with the iPhone 11 Pro Max the experience is very “meh”. Despite having balanced my phone often times DJIMimo will tell me that my phone is off balance with a pop up screen that blocks my shot view. Time lapse is limited to a condensed 40 seconds, why? The gimbal is decent but definitely built for a Vlogger and not someone hoping to capture cinematic shots. I hope to see improvements and integration from other apps in the near future. Will update review as the Dji Osmo 3 experience grows. Also, please remove the words from the canned story options.


Limitations in Story Mode

Despite the DJI Mimo main page advertising several “Story” mode videos created with an Osmo 3 Mobile, which are over a minute long, I am only able to create stories with 4 short videos - about 11-19s for most of them. This seems silly. Can’t I make a longer story?! It’s arguably one of the most fun features with so much potential but it’s so limiting right now. I would also like to be able to customize the text on the templates. I don’t need Chinese print and would like to add my own words... can’t do it in the Custom mode either. I want to be excited about Story mode but have a feeling I’m gonna get real bored with making 11s videos over and over. Also, I’d love to be able to make stories with EXISTING photos/videos. Right now it requires that I launch into story mode and film from there. Why can’t I use videos from my album (in DJIMimo even) and make a story from them?!


UPDATE ADDED to Buggy, keeps crashing, causes a click with mounted microphone

The DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 came highly recommended, and isn’t cheap. It’s great in theory. But DJIMimo keeps closing on me! Constantly! I’ve tried all the workarounds, still happens. Worse yet, I bought a pricey microphone that mounts in the lightning port. There is a click at the beginning of any video, very distracting when stringing them together. This does not happen when using the camera app on the iPhone, but then you can’t use all of the features of the Mobile 3. I’m not happy! UPDATE-after hours of experimenting, it turns out that the Shure MV88 microphone does not play well with the DJI app. When the microphone was attached, app crashed constantly, and had a popping sound at the beginning of each video. Remove the microphone and VOILA! Works like a charm. I’m happy with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3, returning the $150 microphone and using Apple earbuds instead.


Osmo 4 & Mimo

I just started using my Osmo 4 and I love it. The one thing I don’t like is DJIMimo I have to use to get all its features to work. 1 out of every 10 or 15 videos will not save when recorded on DJIMimo. I have been extremely disappointed at times because of this. It’s has lead to me losing a 20 minute priceless family video. I sat there completely helpless, frustrated and sad that I’ll never be able to replay that again. The home screen of DJIMimo is cluttered. When I open DJIMimo I want to get straight to shooting so I don’t miss a beat. I don’t want to open DJIMimo and have to navigate to record a video each time. If I want to see other creator’s videos I would much rather have it on an explorer tab or some thing. I don’t want it on the homepage. I also don’t care for the fact that it looks like they’re advertising their other products at the top of the homepage either. If my experience with the platform was entirely positive that would incentivize me to purchase another one of their products more than an advertisement taking up the top half of an app ever would. I get it, they’re trying to make this into a more social/sharing app than the Nikon SnapBridge’s of the world. But it just ruins the experience to me. I want more more streamlined app. I love the product which is why the review isn’t a one star. If I had the option to use another app I would never use this one.



Spent $500 on this device and it hasn’t worked since day 1. At first it was just getting really hot when I would turn it on, customer service said it was because it was new. It was so complicated to set up that I kept walking away… by the time I figured out you need to update it before you even start my 15 day return limit was up. Customer support just sends you screenshots of the troubleshooting they’re given and links to updates to weird third party sites (who end up saying access is denied anyway). I’ve been advised I can put in a work order (for a product that never worked). I would definitely go with a different company, what’s there point on buying an expensive product that doesn’t work. Summary: it was expensive and I haven’t even been able to use to because of so many steps and updates that won’t go through and no one actually able to help…I just finished filing the work order and it says I may be responsible to pay $65/hr to repair it


Mostly good but a few important issues to work out

App is ok, but i have a couple of issues that wish would get resolved. 1) story mode sounds great. But still lacks functionality because you can’t customize the music or the words that appear on the screen. Also, i’ve followed the steps to remove the watermark at it does not work. This alone is a no go for me with using story mode. This is not a “trial version”, I paid money for the DJI device. 2) desperately needs an iPad version. It would be much more useful if we can choose to either use the iPhone for some quick edits, but also use the iPad to take advantage of the larger screen. 3) is it possible to add story mode (once those issues in #1 are fixed) to the osmo action as well? Once those other issues get fixed, i’d love to use the feature with my osmo mobile 3 and my osmo action


Disappointed and confused, such is 2020

I bought an OSMO Mobile 3 to use with my then iPhone XS Max. MIMO is the software that comes with the gimbal. Fast forward to December 25th 2020. I set up my OSMO to use as a tripod and fire up the MIMO to record my daughters opening their presents. I’m now using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The recording starts and runs for 5-10 minutes. The girls finish opening their gifts and I stop the recording. THEN comes the disappointment. The recording is gone. It’s missing. Not in DJIMimo or the camera roll. I could cry because I had one job, record Christmas morning and DJIMimo failed me. The confusion is that when I contacted DJI support in DJIMimo they forwarded a list of phones support and it stopped at XS Max. This is confusing to me because MIMO is updated to use the latest iOS 14. The OSMO is just a gimbal. I wasn’t trying to use an of the features of MIMO outside of recording. So what exactly isn’t supported? Are all iPhones after XS Max using OSMO and the MIMO software unsupported? Before chatting with support I attempted to record summary videos. Those attempts were produced varying results. Some of the videos were lost. I ended up using the OSMO and the iPhone’s native video app because I knew that worked. Just a real disappointment.


Needs some refinement

Several things I think that could make this better. 1. Allow user to set defaults. It seems like every time I go start shooting I need to reset the settings. Like the one press active track. Don’t know why but every time I start shooting, I need to reset this setting. And stuff like being able to set it to automatically start in landscape mode vs portrait. The last thing this world needs is more video shot in portrait mode. Why should I have to have it start in portrait mode by default? All of the main settings the user should be allowed to set defaults for. Right now it seems like it starts up with random settings. Ones I wasn’t even using during my last session. 2. Make the camera app the main part of DJIMimo vs starting in advertisement mode. The videos and informational stuff should be in the background or something people can go to for reference and the camera app should be at the forefront of DJIMimo itself. 3. Last but not least, DJI needs to be quicker to offer updates to support the latest phone models. Shooting with an iPhone Pro Max currently. Phone was released September 20th. It’s December. The update to support the wide angle lens should’ve been release months ago. Right now if I want to use the wide angle lens I need to switch to the iPhone camera app. This should’ve been addressed by now.


Mimo App is not very Useful

I love the Gimbal, but the Mimo app is lacking features that makes it better than the native camera app. FaceTracking is awesome! But it can only be used in the Mimo app. I can’t use facetracking when I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max as a webcam during Zoom meetings at work. This makes the gimbal no more useful than a block of wood when it comes to utilizing it for Zoom meetings. My suggestion is to allow FaceTracking to run in Mimo app when it is a background process. This way, I can set FaceTracking, and run it in the background while my webcam app is running during zoom meeting. This gimbal can have multiple uses other than photo/videography, but the Mimo app currently retards it’s capabilities.


Dope concept

I love the Gimbal itself provides amazing content WHEN using the native iPhone camera. Using the dji mimo app to record provides shaky clips at first I thought it was just me until I did some research and seen it was just the DJI app. Also the motionlapse I set it up for a 5 min time lapse with given points and it gives me a 0.1 sec motion lapse then I thought maybe 5 min isn’t long enough so I bumped the time up to 10 min and still same thing 0.1 sec time lapse.. So I tried a time lapse in the native iPhone app and only left it for like 3 min or so definitely not as long as I left it while I was shooting on the DJI app and the 3 min gave me a beautiful 20 sec clip. The Gimbal itself is amazing doe. Just some of the features in DJIMimo need to be fixed.


Fails in many ways

No live stream. I have used DJI software for many years, and have been able to live stream on my Mavic Pro for just as long. For some reason, DJI fails to acknowledge customers request for this feature. A quick google search shows many requests on the DJI forums for several years. The typical response given is “we hear you, and have passed it along”. I saw that several times over the past three years. Yet DJI fails to provide. Maybe one day they will begin to listen to feature requests of their customers. This feature is already available within their other apps for other DJI products. There is zero reason given as to why this isn’t available. Should DJI respond to this review I fully expect their response to be “Thank you for your feedback, we’ve past along your feature request.” Then do absolutely nothing about it.


Don’t waste your money on Osmo..

I bought the OM3 mobile for us for Christmas hoping to make some great videos of the kids opening Christmas gifts. It has been a very bad experience. We have an iPhone 11 Pro and 12 pro in our house and it seems that neither phone is supported by this device, despite Apple selling it on their website and DJI support saying in their forums that it should work on these phones. The tracking feature is garbage and it will lose focus 99% of the time in even the most perfect conditions. DJIMimo and the osmo in general need lots of work. I’m disappointed with my purchase and just cannot recommend DJIMimo or the device it is supposed to work with. I gave it two stars. One extra star for the extreme slow motion feature but it is not a good reason to buy this thing.


DJI should be ashamed of this app being representative of the quality of their products.

App needs work DJI should be ashamed of DJIMimo being representative of the quality of their products. iPhones can do more than 8x slow motion why can’t I do it in DJIMimo? Why are 100% of attached and supported phones photo and video capabilities available on DJIMimo? Every hardware feature that a device can handle and is available in default app should be available to customers of DJI and included in the Mimo app. OM5 gets a slow, medium, fast follow mode OM4 gets only slow and fast. Really? Active Track and StoryModes are 100% software and should be available to OM4 and not just artificially limited to the OM5. This is really unfortunate and shortsighted way to try and sell hardware. Why, why, why during a global pandemic where people have been forced to work and study from home can’t DJI either add or or offer DJI api so support for both live-streaming and by 3rd part apps can be added. This is a killer feature for your product. Let it live-streaming, work with Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, FB, etc… Seriously, listen to your customers!!! Some of these requests go back years.


OM 5 is ok, this app is only good to set it up.

You absolutely need DJIMimo to setup your gimbal which works pretty well 90% of the time. However shooting video through DJIMimo will cause your video to be shaky, as it disables the image stabilization that my iPhone 13 comes with. You also loose the HDR (Dolby vision). If you have the Osmo gimbal for filming, use DJIMimo only to link the gimbal’s Bluetooth connection to your phone so you can use the record button on the gimbal, but record your footage through the iPhones built-in native camera app only. ( filmic pro is also good but also disables some features of the native camera app ). Unfortunately you will loose some functions of the gimbal itself, but you footage will be steady and with the highest quality the iPhone can deliver.


Drains battery fast

Travelers beware! I bought this for my upcoming trip to NYC. I was really excited to use all of the features and they work really well. Although it might use a little modification for iphone12promax, it does the job, most specifically for 1.0 lens. However, sometimes the gimbal can be seen when panning with a 0.5 lens. It also drains iPhone’s battery so hard that I have to charge my phone in between destinations. One time I was not able to prepare for it so I did not bring my charger. Later on that day, phone is dead, no memories, no way to book an Uber because my phone was dead. The gimbal itself can last the whole day, but DJIMimo is a letdown.


Usable, but some rough edges.

My main complaint is the constant reconnecting to the device. Every time you close DJIMimo , it needs to reconnect to the device. Sometimes you can see it tries to automatically connect, but that attempt always fails for me. This means you have to wait for the auto attempt to fail, then connect manually anyway. The other complaint is that the gimbal controls can have a mind of their own. Sometimes it feels like the camera doesn’t want to move in a specific direction. If this is because of the follow settings, that should be indicated by the gimbal control itself (maybe not showing the arrows for locked axis)


3.5 stars.

I love the equipment. DJIMimo is a little behind. Not much behind but a little. Purchasing a gimbal means we want more cinematic shots. We want to step up our video. We are entering into a semi pro status with our phones. No it is not the same as dslr but we could be near that level. DJIMimo holds us back. When I use manual mode DJIMimo stutters. I am filming 24 FPS and need a shutter of 1/48. When I do this it stutters on the screen. When I view the footage it is smooth. We need to be able to see what we are filming. Also it would be great to add things that we see in filmic. Flat or a way to color correct. Log. So on. We want an app to make the pro level we are trying to get to accent the hardware we purchased. I would still recommend this product. I have a DJI mini. DJI mavic pro. I have a DJI copilot. DJI makes great items. Need to step up DJIMimo to match now.


Outstanding App for making quick shoots happen

Color me impressed, I like DJIMimo. Obviously I got DJIMimo because I own an Osmo Mobile 3. I put it through a pretty hefty workload today and it was perfect. The weight was right (matched to my SE 2020) and the controls were smooth. But the footage? Yeah. It’s good. I’m proficient with Filmic Pro, and I know I can rely on it to make some great footage. The DJI app blew my expectations away. Other than minor frame rate/shutter mismatches, everything was smooth. Files were decently sized and easy to work with on my post workflow. Keep up the good work.


Good, not great

DJIMimo is good but you’re prioritizing features for Instagrammers rather than taking advantage of the latest in iOS hardware. Particularly, you’re missing the following: 1) Dual camera recording on iPhone 11 Pro line 2) Stereo audio recording. Everything records in Mono despite iPhone Xs and up supporting Stereo recording. 3) You don’t support the Ultra Wide Lens on iPhone 11 either, or switching between Wide Angle and Telephoto. I don’t even know if zooming automatically switches cameras or not. 4) Timelapse and Hyperlapse can only be done in 1080p. Why not 4K? I end up switching between the DJI app and the iOS native camera app and doing so will exit the DJI app from Memory thus relaunching DJIMimo when I switch back—when it does this, it doesn’t load me into the camera, it loads me into the content section of DJIMimo which I never use. Camera should be able to be set as default or not require a tap to re-enter.



Since Pocket camera relies on DJIMimo to control most of it’s features it actually takes the value away from great hardware. Someone needs to also explain why their is a story feature editor in DJIMimo but one is stuck with default text that can not be removed or changed. Many having Japanese fonts and subtitles that are completely odd to be forced to used on your own footage and no way of removing. This entire story template feature is useless without being able to remove the default text and foreign language watermarked all over your footage. Seriously, who approves these apps that actually breaks the great Pocket Cam hardware ? Perhaps developer can answer how to remove default text and DJi watermarks on your footage using DJIMimo.


Does not allow the OSMO Pocket to connect to iPhone Oct 2019

I experience and read that many are unable to connect the Osmo Pocket to their iPhones via the lightning port. Some say to put the phone into airplane mode. That didn’t work for me so I’m unable to transfer media or update the device for whatever improvements have been made since I bought it a year or so ago. The issue right now if that when connecting to multiple iPhones all that happens is my phone would buzz and indicate it’s being charged then buzz to say it’s off and on, off, on, off forever. I chatted with their support and all they said was he would note it to the software team and have them check it out. Pretty sure that was just a way to brush me off seeing that DJIMimo hasn’t update in a while


Seriously dropping the ball

DJI why with such a promising product are you seriously dropping the ball??? Like someone else mentioned, after the update I can no longer download videos to DJIMimo . Updates are supposed to be improvements. Not make things worse. Also, what’s up with not making all accessories available upon launch of the product? Customer service is lacking and there’s no real response to issues so it kind of makes the company look amateurish or very unprepared for a product release. The Osmo Pocket is a brilliant idea with a lot of potential but so poorly executed. I can’t say I’m ready to give up yet because I think this could be a great device but it’s definitely a thought to consider. Wake up DJI!!!!


Very pleased with Osmo Pocket and Mimo app so far

I purchased my Osmo Pocket at the Apple Store in San Luis Obispo, CA, a couple of weeks ago, and I think it a great device. I haven’t mastered DJIMimo yet, but It’s working quite well for me so far. The one thing I would like is for it to capture all EXIF/meta-data about a photo and video when using the OP connected to the phone. If it already does, that’s great. However, I haven’t discovered this capability yet if DJIMimo does this. For anyone who are concerned about the OP not connecting with the iPhone when the phone’s in a protective case, I solved this by buying a IPHONE 8 PLUS SI CASE. It’s cutout at the bottom is large enough that OP connect with the phone perfectly. Also, to secure the OP when tethered with my iPhone 7+, I bought the RCGEEK Phone Mount that’s compatible with OSMO Pocket. It has an accessory mount with aluminum quick release and magnet to keep it tightly fixed to the bracket. It has cold shoe accessory adapter for an external microphone and a 1/4” screw hole for tripod mounting.


No 4K Download?

I think the Osmo Pocket is awesome. With that being said, DJIMimo is not. The more you use this device, the more you need this application to capture the shot you want the way you want it to be seen. I have had the Osmo Pocket since its release. I use it in the go all the time to capture footage, and I love it. Sometimes I will make a quick short to place on my social media pages from my iPhone, and the fact that I can’t download the 4K footage bothers me. I can’t shoot 4K on my phone, why is this something that can’t be done? Please update and fix this. I can even download footage from my GH5 in cinema 4K to an iPad or iPhone. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.


DJI Go app much better in comparison

DJIMimo works well for what it does, but there's so much it DOESN'T do that I wish it would. For instance, if controlling the original osmo with the DJI Go app, you can get buttery smooth super slow joystick camera movements. The Mimo app joystick is terrible and very difficult to get slow movements or diagonal movements. Also, there is no option for filming in 2k, which is my preferred filming resolution. Lastly, when in photo mode, there is no option for 3 or 5 shot AEB. I use auto exposure bracketing on all my DJI products, but can't on this one. Really wish they'd make this available. All of these requests should be simple software upgrades. I know the hardware is capable.



I did not have trouble getting activated, that’s a plus. Everything else about DJIMimo is 1 star, embarrassing that DJI can make great equipment and seems like they put DJIMimo together as an afterthought in 1 day. Nothing about it is user friendly, and I will never open it again unless I find myself needing to reactivate, the frustration is t worth it. Why am I stuck on a DJI twitter feed when I use DJIMimo ? Why is my entire phone’s camera roll loaded into DJIMimo ? Why are none of my osmo pocket pics and videos showing in DJIMimo ? why are my drone videos/pics from years ago the only DJI media in DJIMimo ? Why doesn’t slo-mo or pano work or even show up in DJIMimo ?


Conceptually good. But needs more polish.

Base functionality there, but execution leaves much to be desired. First. There's a weird bug where I try to do a motion timelapse. But when I go to record it says my Osmo needs to be still, even though it's attached to a solid mount. And after that, auto focus stops working for all modes until I restart the gimbal. Second, we need an adjustment for sensitivity of pan and tilt. Also, the pan tilt controls should be relative to where your finger moves after pressing the screen. If you try to tap the controls and your finger isn't dead center, the gimbal will immediately start moving in the direction you're off by.


Not even close

👍🏿 Great For what it does but not doing enough... Good: Consistent updates have made it better Gives me hope they aren’t going to stop supporting.🤗 Love ability to control viewing angles and the aperture, iso and view audio loudness.🤗 Bad: inconsistency in wireless connection to Osmo Pocket I’ve taken over 20min to get app to reconnect when I needed it most 😑 Wireless module does not have audio pass thru to be able to use your 3.5mm Mic adapter 😑 I love my Osmo Pocket and will be buying a Action but DJIMimo does really need some polish I’m sure over time DJI will as they have proven and hopefully since it’s camera line is expanding they begin to app some editor tools to get videos as close to final product as possible before export I would love to clip out all the “umm” sounds I make when speaking or space where there is no action going on. Thank You 🙏🏿 DJI For this incredible camera I didn’t know i needed🤗


Not iPhone 11 Pro friendly

The product I use DJIMimo for is the DJI OSMO Mobile 3, so far as a gimbal it’s just pure perfection for traveling with and getting those smooth and steady shots. However, I recently bought it to pair up with the new iPhone 11 Pro Max and the software just isn’t there. Meaning DJIMimo does NOT take advantage of the phones outstanding 3 cameras. From what I’ve seen, it’s only using the standard 12 megapixel camera/lens. I understood that this phone is a new device and I will be more than happy to revise this review when DJIMimo has more features to actually use these cameras to there full potential.


Missing features that are expected based on other products

There are several features that are missing that should have been a no brainer. The top of them being Facebook live. It’s as if they didn’t even consider their previous apps used on their drones when building this out. How do you forget that? Other than that I’m happy with DJIMimo and I enjoy the accessories but there’s definitely some room for improvement here. Therefore there is some improvement available in my rating.



This is a. Sry good camera, hobbled by an aggravating app with an extremely problematic workflow. The short of it is that getting your content off thier camera is quite difficult, if not outright impossible. DJIMimo has no direct download option, it’s editing is mediocre, panorama builds are shockingly low res, and the camera control layout is squirrelly. At this point I’ve formatted the SD card, DJIMimo still shows pix that I don’t have downloaded elsewhere, and there is apparently no way to actually get them. If I’d known how bad and yet how necessary DJIMimo was, I doubt I would have bought the camera.


iPhone 11 Pro lens support missing

I have the Osmo Mobile 3. Great app for simple usage and the story mode is fun but it would be really good if DJIMimo can support the usage of all the lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro. Currently zoom and filming uses the one main lens instead of switch between the 3 lenses, based on the zoom level. The phone has been out for several months already and other gimbals already have support for this. Please implement as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

Is DJI Mimo Safe?

Yes. DJI Mimo is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,792 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DJI Mimo Is 51.0/100.

Is DJI Mimo Legit?

Yes. DJI Mimo is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,792 DJI Mimo User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DJI Mimo Is 51.0/100.

Is DJI Mimo not working?

DJI Mimo works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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By Rae71267
Jun 22 2022

Diji is a piece if crap. I haven't been able to successfully use it since I bought it a few yes back. Now the ap is broke! It's an expensive piece of CRAP!

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