DJI GO 4 Reviews

DJI GO 4 Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-14

Capture the world from above. DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's
latest products. These include the Mavic Series, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire
2. It provides near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment,
as well as editing and sharing of aerial imagery. Fe...

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DJI GO 4 Reviews

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    Was once broken - Now seems fine

    I recently purchased a Spark. Super awesome drone, especially since it’s so small. It is precise and hovers. A large upgrade from the $80 Walmart drone I had before. The app was nice, I had experience with it and the Inspire 2. But it kept crashing over and over. Just as people mention in the reviews. But after a recent update, it has worked flawlessly. It even seems to drain less battery on my phone than usual. I would give it five stars, but because this crashing problem lasted about a month, it’s somewhat crushing to that fifth star. The Spark costs a few hundred dollars. Our Inspire two after all cameras and batteries is about 6K. Not to mention that we use two Inspires for most shoots. Bad for having problems. Good for fixing it quickly. I love the fun options on the drone. It makes taking simple and fun shots so easy. And their is also so much available maneuvering, so that one can do their own thing if they want. It goes fast, and is very quiet.

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    Works well in flight, auto editing is useful

    Never had any problem in understanding the app and its functions. It’s really clear even when you have to deal with stressful situations in flight. The store needs more variety, there is no accessories I can find, only flagship products. Really don't care about the social media part of it. Most complaints I see here and in forums are about HARDWARE limitations or misuse. Despite being a movie industry professional for 20 years, I really like the auto editing features even though half the automatic scene choices I have to fine tune. I wish there are longer clips to choose from in this function, an ample selection of filters and more styles/music to select. Most of my flights are not supposed to be masterpieces of cinematography, I just want to escape from the ground a little while and toy around and this autonomous features make these flights more likely to be documented. Another suggestion: The interface does well its job, but lets face it - its really boring! How about something like “skins” to choose from? Something more aggressive like from a jet plane, or minimalistic and uncluttered for better viewing experiences or even “fantasy” like an alien ship? You can sell these, people will pay for it because not everyone takes itself too seriously. Anyway, keep the good work, guys. Looking forward for the next generation of DJI products.

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    Definitely happy

    I’ve had my drone for a few months now and have had zero issues with the app. My only problem is with the simulation mode. I’d like to be able to practice without having to turn on the actual drone. I mean, what’s the point? Other drone apps have very different controls, so that makes them irrelevant for me. But they have great courses and game play. I’d like to see DJI give us different flight modes and obstacles so that we can practice navigating around virtual things, instead of subjecting my new drone to real damage. After all, one battery lasts for a whopping 15 minutes, when in reality you need multiple hours to get comfortable. Anyway, I’m otherwise super happy with the app, haven’t had any crashes or glitches of any kind yet. I flew it out of range once(didn’t have controller yet), but that was my own problem. Connectivity hasn’t been an issue, despite flying in a densely populated city with plenty of interference.

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    App Won’t Work on my iPhone 6S

    I got a Mavic Pro Platinum a couple of weeks ago. I tried to connect it to my personal iPhone 6S. The app constantly said it was “Disconnected” with the drone. I then tried my wife’s iPhone 6 and my work phone (iPhone 6S+) and they both worked just fine. I was able to update the firmware and fly the drone with both of those phones. I called support the next day and was told to “use the other phones that work”. When I explained that I didn’t want to have to use my wife’s phone or my work phone all the time, all I got from the tech was, “just wait until the new app update comes out.” Well, it’s been 4 weeks now since an update, and I have not been able to fly my drone with my personal phone. I talked to my work and they don’t want me using it to fly the drone and my wife isn’t around all the time. I’m giving this app 1 star for the crappy support, poor ability to work with all phones, and its ability to make so many others, just like me, as mad as I am. I am very disappointed in you DJI. If only you could create software as good as your hardware.

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    Best Drones

    I’m still in my first year of flying Drones and yes like many other people I started with the less expensive drones on the market. After purchasing 5 other companies Drones I purchased y 1st DJI mavic 2 zoom. I feel in love 😍 1st flight. The are may extra features on DJI verse the others I purchased my favorite extra feature or the sensors all around the Drone that prevents crashing into objects. My wife decided to by me a spark to also go with my collection. I also feel in love 🥰 with it also. The reason why I love ❤️ both is they both have there on unique features. I love the spark being Abe to fly in close quarters, the Mavic 2 long flight availability. As a matter of fact I’m looking forward to the new mavic mini that’s will be hitting the market any day ( done ask Santa for one under the tree 🌲).

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    Push fw update notifications pls!

    I give 4 stars, however I came back from my last shoot wanting to give 0.5 stars (literarly). I do understand that the DJI systems are getting more complex and therefore it is necessary to keep everything update. But people have better things to do than to constantly update sw. I was on a shoot, remote location (fully legal, no restrictions, just mountains with some 2G spots. The app crashed all the time, image transmission issues sometimes preventing me to do the imagery I was actually out there for. It seems fine after the updates. So ... DJI, please, could you push notifications about these app and firmware updates that are required on the phone, drone and controller to fly reliably and safely? Updating on location is sometimes impossible and as the drones get smaller, the times of “prepare at home before flight” are over.

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    When in flight iPad mini 4 live footage cuts off all the time

    I been flying for 2 years or more also have 70 plus hours flying and I started off with phantom 3 standard, crashed it human error, but never had a problem with that drone or app. I bought the phantom 4 and use an iPad mini 4, well my live feed keeps cutting out after the first upgrade. Never done it the first 2 weeks I owned the p4 using the same iPad mini 4. Now it cuts off or glitch’s all through the flight. I’ve changed cords etc... u name it, I’ve done it and still the same problem. They worry about the mavics and the other little drones they make instead of the ones that made them who they are today(phantoms) they sure need to start taking care of the phantoms and their problems. Spend more time on the phantoms so they to won’t have an issue or issues. Other than the live feed glitches it has been a pleasure flying!!

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    Great App to use, BUT with a few flaws...

    I recently purchased a DJI spark about a month ago. First let me say as my first drone this UAV is soooo much fun to fly. Amazing the technology that’s in the DJI drone family. Probably why the app seems to work 98% of the time. The other 2 % is having connectivity issues. I’ll try every trick in the book. My last attempt was to delete the app and reinstall it which worked. I think because you have such variety of drones that can be used on the same app is bound to have a few bugs. Not to mention the wide variety of variables to cause connectivity issues. In conclusion, I use the app almost every day multiple times and have had only a few problems. I would’ve given it a 5 star review but it’s just not quite there yet. Thank you DJI for the amazing drones you’ve given us and a great app to use them!

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    Great app but a few flaws

    This app is unbelievable. The technology is amazing! Unfortunately, it was super disappointing at first. Right off the bat it says to scan the box but it doesn’t work. Everything I read while trying to solve the problem said it doesn’t work for anyone. I was so excited to get a drone but then was put through hell trying to set everything up because it didn’t scan. The other complaint keeping me from giving it five stars is that the pop up messages/warnings keep popping up over and over again distracting me from flying. This seems like a safety hazard. For example, a message pops up on the screen and tells me I am flying in a particular zone. I hit “X” to make it go away but then it pops up again seconds later, then again and again and again. I was five miles from a heliport but I did call them so stop nagging me. Everything else works awesome!

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    Drone went crazy after update

    I was having connectivity issues between my phone and the controller. I went to the updates and saw that Mavic needed to be updated, so I updated the app. When I reopened the app, my camera connected and everything looked great. I lifted off and everything was going fine... got up to about 75 feet, was shooting some video, then all of a sudden, the drone started spinning around uncontrollably. I tried to correct it which I had very little control over, but I did not want it to fall into a neighbors house. I was able to control it just a little but then it came crashing down. Needless to say, the drone crashed and was completely destroyed as it ended up in the pool after hitting the edge of the spa. The drone was working perfectly fine up to that point but it wasn’t until I updated the app that this issue happened. I’m curious as to what Mavic is going to say about this...? More than likely, user error.

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    Horrifying customer service & UNRELIABLE App

    Just purchased my Mavic Air. Tried completing the setup process on the app with my drone and the remote but the app continuously crashes. I cleared my cache, deleted and reinstalled the app as suggested and yet no changes, it still crashes... The app works fine when it’s not connected to the remote or drone but the moment you try to sync everything up all hell breaks loose. Customer service is a complete joke. The rep I spoke to said he didn’t understand English well (made sure to double check that I called the right number; which I did) and when I asked to speak with his supervisor he finally spoke clear English and said she’d tell me the exact same thing he did, which was that I needed to wait for the newest update release of the app and that no one had a solution. Then he said “We can’t help you” and hung up. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER dude! Paid almost $1,300 for a drone I can’t even fly. Talk about an expensive paperweight. DJI, you need to respond ASAP! This is unacceptable-

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    Plea for better simulator!

    Hi, I’m hoping by writing this review I can get through the app developer. I have been waiting for for first person view perspectives while using the “simulator” on the app its 2019. I have spent 100+ hours flying. Please add a First Person View on simulator so the user can get use to the control. There are times where I take a break from flying and often forget the fine controls of the drone. By adding FPV on the simulator your not only giving a chance the user to learn how to fly safely, but responsibly. There should be course where the app trains you on how to be a responsible drone pilot just like in real life. DJI a huge company, be part of the solution on how to train new drone pilots. I’m hoping that this review can bring to light on what’s wrong with new drone pilots and that can cause avid users like me to loose the ability to fly because so idiot decides to be irresponsible. Thank You

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    Joe Brooks-Kahn

    This app is good, it’s easy to navigate and see other creators’ work which is very cool. It’s nice to have the sort of social media aspect to the app as well as the hardware aspect. The video transmission can be unreliable at times but that seems to only be based on the WiFi link to the drone through the remote. However, this app is terrible to fly you’re drone with! If you have a Mavic of Spark BUY A CONTROLLER! It will help make sure you don’t loose your drone and greatly increase it’s range. The app is also very persistent with its pop up warnings which can get annoying. It seems that I’m always in an “Airport with Unpaved Runways Zone,” (I also fly planes a plane at the local airport and know this isn’t true). My only other criticism is that these frequent warnings take up a lot of the viewing area of the screen. But otherwise, it’s a good app.

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    Newbie drone world

    My first time ever buying a drone (spark) definitely in my infancy when it comes to the drone world. I’m excited about this product but I have some complaints which after reading I’m not the only one with the same problem. 1) The app and it’s signal is pretty weak - I have 8 Plus and the remote controller and I’m in an open field and the signal is still weak. This is even when I have everything updated to the latest 2) the photos and videos are super choppy, again in a middle of an open field. There’s a huge delay when I take a photo it freezes and then it takes the picture about 10 seconds later 3) I never knew that this thing came with so many and I mean so many restrictions on flying. I under safety is imperative but, no flying when you’re over 5 to 10 miles away from an airport ? Really ? The spark is really cute and it’ll probably be my first and last drone that id get from DJI itself.

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    I Actually Love This App

    The DJI Spark is my first drone. I recently got it and I am in love with it. I also purchased the remote. I had issues with connectivity to my Spark without the remote, but with future app updates It got better. Either way the remote really brings out the ability to fully appreciate what you’ve got in your hands. Recently this app is pretty darn flawless for me. I can break out my Spark, power the remote, open the app, and I’m in the air. That still just blows my mind every time I fly. I love the improvements they make with each app update, I love the Sport mode, I marvel at the technology, and I just admire the ease of use compared to what I initially thought it would be. I’ve got a flying friggin camera on me all the time. How cool is that?

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Is DJI GO 4 Safe?

Yes. DJI GO 4 is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,669 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.0/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for DJI GO 4 Is 45.4/100.

Is DJI GO 4 Legit?

Yes. DJI GO 4 is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,669 DJI GO 4 User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for DJI GO 4 Is 45.4/100.

Is DJI GO 4 not working?

DJI GO 4 works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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