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Contact LA Wallet

Published by on 2022-06-06

LA Wallet will allow you to keep a digital representation of your current
Louisiana-issued state ID or driver's license. The app will generate a unique
image that is 100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of
the 2016...

How to Contact LA Wallet

LA Wallet Contact Information

Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with LA Wallet. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact LA Wallet. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
The following contact options are available: Pricing Information, Support, General Help, and Press Information/New Coverage (to guage reputation).

NOTE: If the links below doesn't work for you, Please go directly to the Homepage of Louisiana Division of Administration

100% Contact Match

Developer: State of Louisiana

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: Visit LA Wallet Website

Common LA Wallet Issues

  • By PNeoQueen

    Nope not happing

    When I first saw this I was like wow this would come in handy if I forget my wallet book at home, but when you get into the you have to PAY to have your license in what they call a digital license. Nope not happing I already paid for my license I should have to pay more just to have it on here in a digital file for the cops to recognize it as a drivers license. Should have know the state would just want to nickel and dime us. This should be a feature we shouldn’t have to pay for. It should come as an opinion for those of who pay to get and renew our drivers license. Deleting this useless app.

  • By Hunter SB

    Need to Upload LA Covid Vax but Still Have Out of State License

    I am currently a New Orleans resident. Own my home. Moved to NOLA a few months ago, and received my Covid Vaccine in NOLA, which I would like to upload here. I still, however, have my out-of-state license. Please don’t tell me that I have to change my DL in order to use this app and upload my Covid vaccination. Now the developer has responded that other states do not allow LA Wallet to upload out-of-state licenses (mine is from DC). Well, it turns out that there are other apps, like NYC Covid Safe (from New York, obviously) which allow licenses from anywhere, and which is an app that is easier to use than this one. Additionally, that app is perfectly fine for use in states other than NY. I’ll be using it instead. It seems that it is LA Wallet that is limited.

  • By ToniPN

    New feature not know to anyone

    I went to the local grocery store. Never had a problem using the app. The associate told me to put my finger on the middle of the photo of my driver’s license. I did nothing changed. Little did I k ow it changes to a screen shot of the state logo. Mine did not. I couldn’t use the app as my I’d. She made me feel as though I stole the app and I was trying to buy a bottle of wine illegally. I’m 61. Don’t think I am near underage. Don’t even look close to being underage. Has to come home and update the app. Very embarrassing. I do not have my phone set on auto update of apps.

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Reported Issues: 36 Comments

By Hope Bourg
Nov 29 2022

My LA Wallet account is under a different email address than the one I provided for you to contact me by and I have no access to the email address linked to my account.

By Beverly Toebben
Nov 25 2022

How to upload new Booster shot info?

By Louis filipi
Jul 12 2022

Forgot my email with la wallet

By Precious
Jul 02 2022

Need help get in my la wallet call me my phone 5047010443 my email not working

By Alicia Goutierrez
Mar 06 2022

I got a new phone and cant remember my login info. And I really want the app bck on my phone it works bestly for me. Also this is my nèwemail. Plz someone help me asap

By J. H.
Feb 04 2022

Horrible Customer Service ...... or non existant Customer Service. Had had LA Wallet since its inception. My vaccination status has been on it as well and updated for both shots and booster. Renewed my license two weeks ago - license renewal went smoothly and appeared in wallet BUT ALL OF MY VACCINATION INFORMATION HAS DISAPPEARED. I have e mailed Customer Service and keep receiving canned answers so I must be talking to a machine......not a real human who can read and understand my question. Have left my name and phone number on voice mail as directed - no answer.

Jan 27 2022


By Joyce T. Aucoin
Jan 06 2022

My 3rd shot that I had in november 2021, Moderna which I had at Ochsner Kenner not showing on my LA Wallet. I called Ochsner Kenner
and am told everything correct on there end. Can you help me?

By Rhonda Dauzat
Dec 14 2021

When I got my vaccinations, my drivers license had my last name as Walch and my vaccines showed on my LA wallet but I recently had change my last name to my new married name which is Dauzat. Now it isn't being linked to my LA Wallet.

By Skyler gatte
Dec 09 2021

Keeps telling meet audit number is wrong

By Renee
Nov 11 2021

I keep getting code f invalid license when I try scan my license. How do I fix that?

By Maureen Walker
Nov 04 2021

Some information concerning my Covid-19 shots is incorrect. Who can I contact to get it corrected? Thanks, Maureen Walker

By Eddie Ramsey
Sep 30 2021

Trying to get login but the email address is not letting me in .

By Christopher Jude Dore
Sep 29 2021

Needs help getting another license it's was loss in my wallet not suspended or revoked

By Amy dixon firmin
Sep 23 2021

I don't have access to my email address. How I signed up to change it to the new email. My old email is [email protected]

By Tammy Wilson
Sep 20 2021

Hi, I love the la wallet app except for the covid vaccine shot part. Me and my husband Roger Shane Wilson both went to Walmart Friday September 17th for our second shots. Both of our apps still show parcial. Please help.

By Dennis Everett
Sep 07 2021

I can't acess my LA Wallet because I began the app under a different email that I no longer have and I can't remember password- How can i start over?

By Arthur Charles Cook
Sep 06 2021

I'm trying to recover my ID I downloaded a while back and Im now trying to reload and get my ID on my phone but I'm having problems and it's telling me that I'm already on some other account. Can you assist me in way of telling me that of what I need to do and nothing is a resolutions that I need to go to to be able to get my ID downloaded from my phone I don't remember the last email address on the last phone that I downloaded the thank you so very much.

Aug 25 2021

Like many others, it won't take my D/L information. Also got cut off from chat. What should I do?

By Frank Goldsberry
Aug 21 2021

Having problem
When I try and put in my license
License number

And press enter
It pops up oops

I know everything is correct

What am I doing wrong

It scans my license ok


By Deborah Montgomery
Aug 20 2021

I can't acess my LA Wallet because I began the app under a different email that I no longer have and I can't remember password- How can i start over?

By Leo Lowder’s
Aug 18 2021

Where it asked for my information on the license it won’t except it

By Charles Jackson
Aug 15 2021

In error I put my wife information on my phone for the la wallet and I cannot change it. How can I remove my wife la wallet from my phone & enter my information

By Gerard Mills
Aug 14 2021

Your LA Wallet has me down as [email protected] com. And cajunater1! Mine is! But it won’t take it when I try to start an account.

By Scott Murphy
Aug 14 2021

I lost my phone, I have my password but it won’t work to get the wallet information on the new phone.
Thank you

By Edgar Wayne Stockwell
Aug 13 2021

I am locked out La. Wallet. Please unlock or give me instructions on how to unlock.

By Richard Morris
Aug 13 2021


By Jacob Raffray
Aug 13 2021

Can't get into my other wallet got all my login information but once I love again it tells me that the account has been locked how is one to unlock it

By Agnes segura
Jul 28 2021

Why I keep getting locked out

By Maureen Breaux
Jun 09 2021

I keep getting account locked. What is going on?

By Melissa gibson
Jun 08 2021

Says my account has been locked

By Raymond Domingue
Jun 01 2021

getting"account has been locked out" message how to correct?

By Kintina andrews
Apr 23 2021

I forgot my email and password to log into la there a way to reset it

By Doug Guillory
Apr 16 2021

I forgot my email and password for la wallet I have new phone and I can't get it back

By Shantie Moore
Feb 23 2021

I am having trouble with getting my LA Wallet back working

By Amber
Feb 01 2021

I lost the password to my email and had to make another one so I can't get the confirmation number to see my license. So I made a new email which is shown above and im having trouble trying to get my license on my new account I made with yall . Plz pls help. My old account email is [email protected] and my new one is [email protected]

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