Visible Wireless Service Reviews

Visible Wireless Service Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-22

Visible gives you unlimited data, messages and minutes for as low as $25/mo with
no annual contracts or hidden fees. Now supporting eSIM compatible devices! -
Unlimited data, messages and minutes with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico
included - Pay as little as $25/mo with Party P...

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Visible Wireless Service Reviews

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    So far so good

    I’m writing this review after one day of service with Visible - I will update if I have any issues in the coming months - before I signed up with Visible, I spent days and days reading reviews and discussions on almost any website possible. It seemed it was hit or miss so I decided just to try it. As of today, I am very glad I did. I seen multiple people saying they had activation issues, number porting issues, customer service issues, etc. I have not experienced any of these problems. I literally received my SIM card next day and after restarting my phone, I couldn’t tell a difference between being on Verizon or Visible. My first day I was traveling around 1-2hours away from home and did multiple Speedtest. My data speeds didn’t change from using Verizon. WiFi calling works great too. Overall reception is identical to what I had with Verizon. I’ve made numerous calls, text throughout the day with no trouble. Two family members of mine also switched at the same time, with no issues what so ever. Mobile hotspot also works great. I hope my review helps someone - if you are wanting to try this service, give it a shot. You can cancel at anytime. **I will be monitoring my service and data speeds regularly and if anything changes I will update my review and likely will simply open my account back with Verizon - until then, I will enjoy my phone bill**

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    IPhone 8+ Philly suburbs

    I want to write a fair review of visible phone service and it’s app. First I had t-mobile and they are the worst cell service provider ever, I now have better download and upload speed, call quality and much cheaper bill. Only problem I had was when I initially switched over I had to call t-mobile to tell apple to unlock the phone even though it was paid off an entire year before... ok but then that took entire week shame on Apple for not having that streamlined makes ZERO sense to me ok so it’s about security w/e but visible has nowhere on there website stating if you make the switch Apple takes a million years to unlock your phone so if your looking for fast service switch forget about it at least if your coming from t-mobile. Now the last negative thing is it took forever for iPhone to activate the new SIM card sent over night which makes no sense why ship it over night for extra shipping if you can’t even activate same day you get it is pretty unintelligent but hey not my money, I had to get ahold of Visible customer support through facebook there no actual 1800# just to then get it activated for sure for whatever reason it’s not as simple as they instruct but it’s great service and deal after jumping through hoops it’s completely worth it

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    Has promise . But just isn’t there yet

    I really waited as long as i could to write this review because i was hoping once i finally got service active that it would be worth the frustration and time it took to activate . But honestly i can’t say it’s worth it . I switched from A crap company but the service was consistent enough and they run off the exact same network as visible (Verizon towers) . Visible service is very spotty and will randomly just shut off completely on all devices. Also the activation process is soo beyond frustrating but i tried to be patient as I’ve worked for a cell phone company and know the porting and activation is the hardest part , but it is a 50% chance you will get a competent agent when on chat. You will wait 5-25 minutes for an agent to join the chat. I told each agent i talked to EXACTLY what was going on and what needed to be done step by step and unfortunately 50% of agents i talked to had no idea what was going on and HAD to “escalate my case which would take 24-48 hours” and then the other 50% would totally understand and fix the issue. I can’t believe how hard this has been. I finally got 3 lines transferred and this fourth one has been just as bad if not worse. They charge you as soon as you click activate but , the service may not activate til apparently 24-48 hours later that is if you talk to someone that knows what they are doing. Just frustrating. And never assume you will speak with someone on the phone.

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    Post paid plan

    I came from verizon wireless post paid account my service was always crappie and my bill was almost as much as my car insurance . And I’m not being sarcastic ‘ since being with visible “ most time I have great service the data is perfect I’ve been in very rural areas as a over the road truck driver . And I was able to watch movies use my map gps most times better then my trucker GPS , and I paid $360 for it . The phone service quality over the road was a little bad at Times but it could have been the iPhone 6plus that I purchased on Craiglist “ @ $40 dollars a month I cannot complain great service . One incident I will say was not cool with visible is they charged my bank card numerous times $8+ dollars for an Apple care transaction . So be sure and monitor your bank statement . or call your bank to be up on your account it’s challenging when you give your personal account information to a company that has the power to reach their hand in your cookies anytime they feel your sleep , and not watching . But all in all I like the company hope it keeps ongoing good service I have NO ‘ clue as to all the bad reviews they have $40 dllz a month how can you complain .

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    I wanted to like it

    I wanted to like this service. I read some of the bad reviews about the internet been poor but I thought that wasn’t going to be my issue since I leave in a major city ( Boston) but this service is horrible, I almost never have internet connection, it always leaves and always when is most needed as well. ( since I never have ) I send them text some are good and try to help, before I contact them I do all the trouble shooting and nothing, then I contact them and nothing. This never happened with Simple Mobile which I pay the same but they only have 10 GB of free hotspot. But since I never have internet not hotspot I will definitely going back. ( also second line is only $25 with them, so I am saving ) I tried this for two months mostly for the hotspot, but it is horrible. Some time I am in the road and of course GPS starts acting cray cray and If I am listening something important it just stopped. I like the concept once they fix this problem I will be back. For the once that it works for them great!! I am out.

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    I did not find this to be a good service

    The primary place I use my phone is at home and I have never had more than two bars in my apartment. I have an iphone 6s plus, I updated it and still... two bars. In this day and age it is not acceptable to have to go to your front window just to take a call. I also find the internet and tethering to be quite slow. Worst of all, at least once per day my phone says “No Service” and it stays that way from 3 to 10 minutes and I just have to wait like a jackass to use my phone. That has never happened with any other service and I’m not sure why its such a persistent problem. Tech support was unhelpful, the only thing they will suggest is that you update your phone, that’s their only move. They also have no idea where you are in the world, apparently. My service person asked me if I was around any hills or mountains, which might explain why I never have more than two bars, but I live in downtown Chicago so the mere suggestion was laughable. I don’t think its acceptable for a company to say “I dunno, maybe its all the buildings or heavy traffic” when you ask for help. why are they guessing? Overall, I think $40 a month is way too high a cost for what they’re bringing to the table. I will not continue using this cell phone service after my month is up.

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    Scam Artists

    Don’t be fooled! They are quick to take your money, but when they make a mistake it only effects you! I had to buy a new phone from them because mine didn’t work on their service. I spent all week trying to activate the phone they sent, doing weird ‘troubleshooting’ like turning airplane mode on and off, factory reset, etc. then they would escalate the problem to a specialist which took a day or two to resolve without fixing the problem. it took at least 7 times during 4 days of going on the chat until someone realized visible sent me a phone that isn’t compatible with their service. They said I had to ship the phone back, wait until they received it in the mail, THEN WAIT 3-5 business days for the return to process THEN BUY ANOTHER PHONE. God forbid they own up to their mistake and fix it themselves! They had the audacity to tell me to make a fake account TO SPEND MORE MONEY AND BUY ANOTHER PHONE WHILE I WAIT!!!!!!! This is such a SCAM! I should not have to wait what will be 3 weeks to have a phone again! I can’t even afford to go elsewhere until this stupid refund process ends! Thanks for messing up my life and time. Single struggling moms can’t afford to waste hours on chat and weeks for a working phone! I swear if something happens to my kid and he can’t reach me BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A PHONE...

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    The best for what you Pay.

    Honestly it’s some complaints but as time goes on there’s really nothing to complain about the (service bars) on your phone is obsolete. Does your phone place calls ? Does your phones internet work? The answer is Yes. This service is actually pretty good and over time as they continue to improve the service will only get better. They’ve added new features like visual voicemail and WiFi calling over the last few months. Yes I’ve personally experienced the “no service” situation but all I’ve done is reset my network and keep it moving. Visible sent me a $100 gift card within two months of me starting services and just recently sent a summer gift with some nice items. What cell phone company do you know that gives you things for free? I honestly think this company can be better but I’m willing to wait for them to figure things out. This is a 5 star customer service company. That alone I’m willing to stay and be loyal. If visible is reading this.... send more free stuff 😂

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    Some issues, overall great.

    I’ve been with Visible since about June of 2019, and I have to say that their service is pretty awesome. They have handled my needs, concerns, and questions with care and with as much speed as possible. I’ve never had to wait on hold for hours, never needed to wait all weekend for a reply, etc. At times the issues I have seem a little odd, like when my phone’s cellular stops working and I have to fix it manually. No biggie to me, and it’s only happened once or twice. The customer support is always super nice. However, please fix your mobile app. It freezes and crashes a lot, and that’s not promising when it comes to new customers. I’m happy with the service, phone I purchased, the monthly price, and I appreciate that they use a live chat feature in their mobile app. I used to be with places like MetroPCS and Sprint; they overcharge and scam their customers constantly. I have never had that type of experience with Visible.

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    Constant Harassment

    I loved this company at first but in the last few months it’s gone way downhill. They start text messaging you with payment due messages a week before due date at ALL HOURS. They text’d me last night at 12:17 after midnight. I’m a senior citizen who is disabled & they wake me up all hours of the night. When I complained I was told first to mute the texts. If I do that I then may miss out on desired or needed texts. Then they “ suggested” I enroll in auto pay to prevent texts which I don’t wish to do & since I have NEVER been late in paying my bill I can only assume they are attempting to force auto pay using harassment technics. I’m going back to one of my old providers cause two months of being harassed is enough. They don’t appreciate good paying customers obviously. I signed up for phone service not to provide them early payments that gain them interest in their bank accounts also. I’ll keep my money in my own accounts until the due date thank you & reap my interest myself. If ever I am hospitalized & can’t get make my bank transfer autopay overdrafts will get charged to me not them. I’m reporting my suspicions to FCC & BBB & Consumer Affaires & every other agency that’s relevant so they can monitor this.

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    If I could give them negative 5 stars I would

    People talking about dead sports this and that. How about living in Los Angeles and not being able to receive or make any calls for 3 days. They said they have excellent coverage in this area. That is a false promise. In addition I was just in Vegas and was unable to make a call to friends because there was no service coverage there. Absolutely ruined the trip for me and I need to be connected Wi-Fi to do anything on my phone. Now I am back in Los Angeles and it is messing with my business. No one is able to contact me and I am unable to make calls in the middle of the day during business hours. It’s horrible. I switched from T mobile to this scam of a service. Don’t let the flashy marketing fool you like it did me. There is no substance or reliability at all. The price was so much cheaper I had to give it a shot because what did I have to lose. You definitely get what you pay for. Their trouble shooting was to turn airplane mode on and off. I hope they do figure it or one day because the idea is nice but the execution is laughable. We are all their test dummies as they try to figure it out. I could not recommend this less to anyone if I tried. Stay away. Just trust me!

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    Worst phone provider EVER

    I have regretted changing to Visible Soooooooooo MUCH. My calls fail constantly an every time the call/number fails that number will no longer fail or better put the number when filed revives a CAL FAILER. Some times I can power off my phone and that might reset the phone and I can make a call to the failed number but now that’s not working any longer. Customer service is only available through text or twitter. Each time I open a live chat to try to repair my problem there is no resolution and a ticket is opened and now I an getting email saying there is a problem in my area and it is being worked on. Just this week I have logged 5 or 6 hours in text trying to get my phone to work. you think 40$ is a great price BUT not if u need ur phone to acutely work The savings isn’t worth the price you pay for the poor quality of service Save Your Money and most importantly your time DO NOT USE THIS PHONE PROVIDER for your phone service

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    This is a subsidiary of Verizon. They are 100% online, even support you just chat through text. They try to help, I’ll give them that. But the website is absolutely broken with errors and double feedback loops. Finally after 3 hours of talking to Verizon, chatting with Visible and being extremely patient, I get through to the end. I plug in all of my financials information and for the 5th time I was greeted with a “review your order” page that was blank. It needed to still load, but acted like it was done loading. The tech support “tried” everything. Such as clearing cache and browsers, something I did once but di again to humor them cause it may work, who knows? Well, it did not, THEN after 3 hours on my one day off, they tell me they will let someone know and they’ll be in touch with me within 24 hours! Unbelievable. I looked up US mobile. Same prices as Visible, cleaner site. Runs off of Verizon and Tmobile towers. Chat and phone call assistance available. Ordered a super cheap starter kit to see if I like the program or a full refund. Start to finish 3 minutes flat. US mobile, not this absolute joke. Negative reviews, which I always take with a grain of salt, are right in this case.

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    Sacrificing customer care, and more for the signal

    I really want to love visible, and have been a customer for at least 6 months as of June 2019, maybe longer. Unfortunately, directional apps like Waze and Google maps, even pandora do not operate well using visible service. It’s a huge sacrifice to take when I personally do a lot of business traveling to new cities for my work. I can never know where I am, or going in real time. The plus side is I have way better phone call coverage than AT&T, Sprint, and t-mobile when I am in remote areas. Usually my phone calls are clear. Customer support using visible is just awful. I am always on hold with a chat robot for hours when I need assistance, and it’s disappointing, because I’m not even on a phone call hold to speak with a real person. I will not switch visible at this time because my phone calls are vital for my work and family life to get a hold of me, but I will probably need to change soon, because even tracking my self when I’m in Uber or lyft is impossible with this visible app. I can never rely of directions either, which is extremely dangerous for everyone. Hoping they can remedy these major issues soon.

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    Side by side

    I’ve been with Verizon since it began, but had a spare iPhone7 so I gave Visible a try. The app is okay; simple intuitive GUI, but it has some poor English grammar and misleading language. So the app Works okay but needs a lot of editing and improvements. The service itself is another matter. I got my SIM in one day, installed it in my spare phone, and was up running immediately. The Visible vs. Verizon phone performance in general use on LTE (WiFi turned off) was the same on both phones. However when I ran the Ookla SpeedTest App to check maximum capability, the Verizon phone was 5X-10X faster on LTE data (swapped SIMs between phones (Xs/7) too to be fair). So the claims of uncapped speeds are not what I saw. Also be aware that if you earn referral credits, they will let you use only 1 ($20) per month on your bill, so you always have to pay at least $20 even if you have $100s in referral credits! The customer service is nonexistent. Out of about 20-30 attempts to “live chat” I only got an agent twice and that was after an hourlong wait. I don’t do social media so got no help there. So I’m letting my Visible service lapse and sticking with big red.

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Is Visible Wireless Service Safe?

No. Visible Wireless Service does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 31,127 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Visible Wireless Service Is 15.0/100.

Is Visible Wireless Service Legit?

No. Visible Wireless Service does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 31,127 Visible Wireless Service User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Visible Wireless Service Is 15.0/100.

Is Visible Wireless Service not working?

Visible Wireless Service works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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