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Combine this app with the LEGO DC Super Heroes App-Controlled Batmobile (76112),
the LEGO City Cargo Train (60198), or the LEGO City Passenger Train (60197)
(each sold separately) to operate the motorized engines via Bluetooth controls,
or use your imagination and build entirely new crea...

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    Needs documentation

    Most of the app works great now (it used to be really finicky), but figuring out how to use it is really challenging. Most block coding environments have either a basic description of what each block does, or words on the blocks, but the LEGO powered up app provides no such descriptions. It seems that LEGO has backed themselves up into a corner by trying to making the app understandable by kids as well as attempting to achieve the full functionality of the Powered Up system. Adding a text programming mode (with Python or some other simple language) that unlocks the full functionality and contains thorough documentation while reducing the complexity of the block programming is the path that LEGO should take. (I am aware that the new Mindstorms system will be programmable in Python, I am hoping that that will be compatible with the rest of Powered Up)

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    Controls won’t work

    At first the app was working really well, but then some problems started appearing, firstly, some of the controls just stopped working, (specifically the speed, the slower parts were the non working ones) I tried the battery on the train, I tried un-installing and re-installing the app, the list goes on. Secondly, you can rename the power piece of your vehicle, the only problem is it won’t let you rename the power price of your vehicle, you’ll delete the name and it will glitch right back on. Very frustrating indeed. And even if you write the name before it glitches, it’ll just glitch on top of it. All of it is just very infuriating, the only reason I’m keeping this app is I need it to power my train.

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    No instructions

    This app looks promising but has no instructions or troubleshooting. The intro video did NOT play on my phone or my wife’s iPhone. The app appears to connect to my son’s train via Bluetooth because I can see battery life and the device name. However the train doesn’t move and the controls don’t work... when I press a button nothing happens. I can’t find any help or instructions anywhere. Legos are typically a premium product but the experience with this app is disappointing. I have tried the LEGO website and instructions there are not clear either.

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    Good, but needs updates

    Got this app for the Lego grand piano. It works well, but a couple of things would make it much better: - the motor resets when going into play mode, but it spins longer than it needs to. It feels like it’s damaging the motor and I cringe every time - PLEASE make it so that it keeps the phone awake while playing music! Very frustrating to be listening to a piece and watching the movement, only to have it abruptly stop because my phone shut off the screen. Most apps override this when playing video or other content, please fix!

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    Only 1 problem

    When I play the pieces for the piano, everything works great. Whenever I try to listen, often the keyboard gets clogged after not long. At first, when we weren’t done, it was simple to fix but when we were done, it was extremely hard to fix. It happened today and it took us 5-10 minutes to fix.

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    No way to exit the app

    So I downloaded this app onto my iPhone X. Connected via Bluetooth to the new LEGO Batmobile and everything works fine. EXCEPT when I’m done with the app and want to exit the app, I can’t! Swiping up on my phone to go back to home screen or to show all open apps doesn’t work. The app simply does not allow you to. Only way to close the app is to power off the iPhone via the volume down button and the main button on the opposite side and then swiping the phone off. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. Going to return the batmobile if there is no immediate fix. What a horrible experience after spending well over two hours to put something together that totally locks up your phone.

  • Works Great 👍

    Connected to my Batmobile almost immediately within one minute. Great simple instructions didn’t even need to watch video. Great STEM activity for kids and adults of all ages. Even though the car itself is very pricey, would recommend for everyone. App was just amazing too! Keep up the good work LEGO looking forward to seeing what other STEM products you come out with!!

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    Getting better for custom set-ups, but not great

    I have a train MOC with the PUP hub, train motor and color sensor. Without instructions, it’s very difficult to “trial-and-error” my way through the places/color plates where I want the train to stop, wait X seconds, reverse, etc. Also would be great to save a program sequence from the app to the remote controller. Doubt it’s possible unless there’s a memory module, but it would make it easier to turn on and “run”. A desktop app would be even better.

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    Great app - well executed!

    Gave this app a try despite the mixed reviews. Really glad I did. The app was quick and intuitive. No issues whatsoever connecting the devices on my iPad mini 4. A software update was required for the hub itself and straight after, my son was enjoying his train! Great for the kids, even better for the parents in saving x4 AAA batteries 😃

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    Train stops when leaving app

    Just did the Croc train and works fine but when trying to access the iPhone camera to take video of it moving along it stops. Does the same just by leaving the app. I see others have had the same issue. Wondering if fixed. Would be cool to show the train off.

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    Best app

    The reason why it’s not working that well is because you have to put in battery’s. It’s not that hard! Just look through every page of the instructions and you will literally see how to make the motor work! It’s nice and you can watch the train move on the tracks.

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    Bluetooth speaker support

    On Technic Control +, I can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and the Technic hub at the same time, put my speaker in my Technic model and play sounds from the model, not the phone. In this app, you cannot do that. I would like to run my trains with sound, please update the app so it is consistent with Technic control +

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    No instructions

    Like many other reviewers, I am rating this app low because of the lack of instructions. Another very important feature is missing: please prevent the phone from auto locking when this app is in use. I’m trying to run a long program but after a minute everything stops because the phone screen auto locked!

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    Needs work.

    The app is cool but the train is too dependent on the app. Having to have the app open at all times while using the train is extremely limiting. Some people just want the train to run for an hour and relax and watch it. I understand wanting to save battery but Lego needs to address this either by having an override on the actual motor or something in the app.

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    Decent when it works

    It connects fine and you can drive the car (batmobile in my case), but none of the programmed buttons work. I finally figured out if I disconnect and reconnect again after trying a programmed button they’ll start working.

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