Balance: Meditation & Sleep Reviews

Balance: Meditation & Sleep Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Improve your stress, sleep, and more with the world’s first personalized
meditation program, now free for your first year. Balance is your personal
meditation coach. Each day, you’ll answer questions about your meditation
experience, goals, and preferences. Using an audio library of tho...

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Finally, a meditation app that works for me!

I’ve wanted to build a meditation practice for a long time. After trying numerous apps, I just gave up. I either fell asleep each time or my mind wandered constantly. I just couldn’t get it. When I received an email to try this new this app app, I thought to myself, “just try one more time.” I’m so glad I did. I now have a streak of 34 days, and find myself taking moments throughout the day to just close my eyes and use the skills I’ve been learning without using Balance . It’s changing my life. I pay more attention to what I’m doing. I find that I listen better in conversations. Just an overall improvement in my awareness and peace in general. Balance worked for me because it started off with short sessions and easy skills and builds from there. I now find myself wanting to do the longer sessions. I love that this program builds on the success of each session and gives you multiple techniques for your meditation toolkit. Initially, I was disappointed that each meditation didn’t have some soothing spa music. Now I’ve come to welcome the silence because I can really hear myself. This is a fantastic app and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Please know that I’ve never written an app review in my life, so this is the highest compliment I can possibly give. Thank you for making meditation so accessible and easy to develop into an everyday practice.


I genuinely thought meditation was Nonsense

As someone who never mediated and was uninformed regarding this topic, I couldn’t see how just simply closing your eyes and sitting in silence could have any benefits….And that’s true because it doesn’t, because that’s not what mediation is at all. It’s actually way more layered and complex than I had ever imagined. I was so wrong about all of it. The idea of meditating seemed counter intuitive through the lens of anxiety and adult ADHD, both of which have kept me in constant motion from task to task. So I figured meditating would just increase my anxiety and make me more restless so I made up facts about it to myself and never tried. The barrier to entry is always what makes trying new things hard but for mediation this app was a seamless and relaxingly simple experience. I started out with only 3 mins a day and instantly felt my stress, anxiety, restlessness dissipate, while my focus and mood improve drastically. Honestly I used to think the only way to feel this kind of relaxation and lowered anxiety was from a few drinks…’s great to know there is a much better, healthier and sustainable option. 10/10 I would recommend this app to everyone and I’ve suggest it to everyone I care about.


Personalized, smart meditation. Best app I’ve used

I enjoy Balance a lot. I’ve been a subscriber of Headspace for years and like it, but this app is more engaging for me. I like that it has a small element of gamification that shows you your “levels” and experience in certain meditation techniques. I find the guy’s voice really relaxing. I also like that it is personalized, asks questions about where you are at on your meditation journey, and shares little bite sized information tidbits about how certain techniques are beneficial for us and why. Engaging, modern, interactive app that looks clean, easy to navigate, intuitive, and I even like the little sounds when you expand an information tidbit. It feels like a mediation app that’s been brought up to today’s standards of ease of use, personalization, data and being fun to use. I’ve struggled to keep to a habit with meditation but I find this app makes me *want* to MAKE time for it, rather than maybe doing it if I have time for it. I have ADHD and get bored easily. I tried this app when accidentally stumbling on an article about it when looking up smart health gadgets. Liked the idea of it. Really glad I did. This is now my primary meditation app instead of Headspace.



I have long sought a way to learn meditation that would work for me. All felt too long at first, and asked for most focus than a beginner could ever have. Balance is OUTSTANDING. Short times at first, yet the meditation WORKS. 5 days in, I extended my time to the longest available and was sad two days in a row when it was done so soon! Currently on the 7 day free trial before paying for a year, as of 2 minutes ago. I want more! I want to meditate as long as my brain will allow, and it’s currently so worth the subscription to me! I will be exploring the benifits of a paid subscription over these 7 days, and will come to update what I decided. Already, was thrilled to be able to move onto the next step in my plan tonight without waiting until tomorrow. Excited to see the other plans it unlocks. I’m a believer!! When I finish every night I sincerely feel... better. Peaceful. Calm. Working in a retirement community during COVID, this is a big deal. I told someone last week I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. I am feeling like that is lessening and I feel stringer daily in my head and emotions. If that improves with the added features of a subscription, it is worth WAY more than $50 a year to me!


The only thing that has gotten me into mediation

I have been trying for years to get into mediation but it has never worked out for me. It was impossible to quiet my mind or keep myself from distraction, and I would end the sessions more frustrated than I started. From the first this app mediation, I was hooked. What I needed was GUIDANCE— instruction, someone teaching me to mediation skills, not just mediations telling me to quiet my mind and me not knowing how to do that. I have mediated everyday since downloading Balance, and each day I learn how to do it better and better, which makes me keep coming back. It’s the best app for meditation, hands down. The foundations classes are fantastic for this, but also the singles are great as well — I use the wind down and sleep ones every night before bed, I’ve used anxiety and SOS many times in acute emotional states. It’s helped me stop relying on substances as much to regulate my mood, because I’m able to do it with the skills I learned in Balance, or I can turn to Balance for help instead. I got it for free during their coronavirus promotion (bless them) but I will pay full price every year for Balance because it is worth it. Try it out, change your life.


The best meditation app

Truly, Balance is outstanding. The way I’ve built my meditation practice up from 0 and implement these teaching into everyday life is amazing. You learn and are encouraged to keep going even when you feel like you’re “messing up”. They really know what the pain points are for biking a strong meditation foundation and help you overcome those barriers. Also their rewards system in Balance really does keep you engaged. They keep track of your days in a row that you’ve practiced and I can’t tell you how many times I was thinking “ah I’ll skip today” and remembered my streak and didn’t want to break it because I was so proud of how long I had stuck to it. They track your time and progress so you can really see how much work you’ve done! All of the above is just what their foundations plans provide. They have soooo many other meditations for everything you might struggle with like eating, procrastinating, holiday stress you name it. It’s not just the normal “reduce stress and find inner happiness”. They really do it all and I’m so grateful! Whenever I can afford to buy the lifetime membership I will because it’s truly that life altering to me. 💜



I’m writing this review after a week of using this app. I’m just a week I’ve noticed a lot has changed within myself. Not big changes yet but I’m sure with more use that will change. I feel more positive. I also feel more motivated after each meditation. It encourages me to do chores around the house before it becomes a problem vs back then when I let the dishes get ridiculously stacked and the house get really dirty. I’ve used the S.O.S. single about 2 times now. Both times I was crying and feeling so much anxiety and stress. Both times I was having an anxiety attack, and both times I felt better and calm after taking the S.O.S. meditation session. I suffer and yes I do mean suffer, from depression and anxiety. I’m currently also coming off my meds with decreased dosage. Balance came at the perfect time. I’ve had high stress due to covid-19 as well. I rarely do anything at the house because I have so little energy and intense mental drainage. Life feels almost impossible at times but thank God Balance came into my life because oof I’d be lost without it. I recommend trying it for at least a week and really relying on the singles for a week to get a taste of what Balance can do for you. Definitely worth it.


I am loving this app!

I started using this app when I clicked on an Instagram ad offering a yearly subscription for free. I’m a sucker for deals. I had tried some other meditation apps, but I just never stuck with any of them. I have a history with teaching mindfulness groups, so I do have some experience with this material. So far with this app, I have a 41 day streak completing four foundations plans! I really love the layout of Balance. They do a really good job of explaining different skills and it’s really interactive. You can click on icons and it gives you an explanation in case you forget what a term means. I appreciate the little quizzes before some of my meditations to keep the things I’ve learned fresh. There is a lot of positive reinforcement and I’m constantly congratulated and reminded of how well I’m doing by simply just showing up and trying. I also love that they are interactive on Instagram. I’ve attended two of the Instagram lives where Oofasu answers questions and does brief meditations. There is just something about the setup of Balance and the people that I love, and I look forward to my daily goal of meditating. Thank you so much!


One of the Best if not the best Mindfulness meditation tool box in the market today!

I couldn’t agree with Jared who also took the words out of my mouth. Although I have been through some formal trading in a grip setting with a Counsler and even have a therapist Balance is fantastic. It’s starts you off slow and had me actually pick up on some of the things I missed in my class. They start you off slow and ask you personal questions so that they may build the sessions around you on a personal level. I love that! It’s like a real one one and it keep me wanting more. I retired now at 55 with a full pension with Medical and now I watch a spend time with my grandchildren. But who would have ever thought the rest of my life sound peaches and cream. I suffer from anxiety and stress that I know I bring upon myself which gets me physically and emotionally sick! I can’t watch my grandchildren like that. I have to be wit a sound mind loving and caring and let go and let God. I love Balance as it allows me to do just that!!! Please continue to grow and help others as this is a blessed app for all that need it!! Happy holidays to all and may you find your peace! ❤️


Changed my life for good

I am writing this review after using this app app for 6 months (got 1 year free). Will buy the full version soon. Have used all the meditations in Balance whether it be a plans, singles or the immersive (these are pretty interesting too). Short summary 1) Bit size meditation will help you form the habit of getting into meditation which is pretty cool. 2) Each plan will develop a specific mental skill and continue to strengthen your mental well-being 3) Skills it will help you develop : Focus, Communication, Breathing, Relaxation, Concentration, Positivity, Labeling (i might be missing few) 4) Labeling skills is so great which allows mediator to bring back their focus if you wondered during meditation. 5) I like both meditators but Ofosu is my personal favorite. Overall i have learned over the period of time from great people that keeping myself happy is my responsibility 100% and no one else’s. I am fortunate that along the way , found this app app which has changed my life for good. Disclaimer: This is not a paid review nor the this app app will ask you 100 times to provide a review. I wrote when I felt encouraged to write one.


Helped me to find my “Balance”

I don’t leave reviews. Ever. Balance is AMAZING. The plans are great. Even if you are experienced in meditation, the plans help you build onto what you already know. If you’re new to meditation Balance has the foundations plans with different levels. You finish one plan and you move on to the next. The immersive music meditation is absolutely beautiful. All of the immersive meditations are beautiful and unique. I’ve tried to find similar meditations on other apps or even on the web but can’t find them. They are unique to this app. this app has... well.... helped me find my this app. Over 15 hours spent meditating and it doesn’t get boring. They keep adding new plans and I can’t wait to finish them all. I’m currently on the Fear plan, the Fear plan isn’t my favorite one that I’ve done so far but it’s still extremely helpful. Can’t wait to see what else is to come! If you’re new to meditation or want to deepen your meditation practice, get Balance. You won’t be disappointed with its user friendly interface and it’s beautifully designed meditations.


Locked Trial?

First off, I really like Balance . The sleep meditation narrator’s voice is extremely peaceful and helps you fall asleep quicker. The software is easy to use and well thought out. However, this “1 year free trial” barely has any options. This is the only free trial I’ve used where the software appeared to be fully locked. Free trial means you get the full app for a certain amount of time, to see if the subscription is worth the cost. Unless other options are unlocked through using Balance , it appears as though they are locked due to being on the free trial version of Balance . It’s not a free trial if the software is locked. Just saying. I cannot give Balance a higher rating right now as I cannot use 99% of the features, therefore I cannot evaluate how they work. If more options open up during use or the developer addresses my concerns of locked software on a year free trial, I will update my rating. Opened Balance today and all items appear to now be unlocked. Unsure if it had a timer or the reasoning behind locking software. Updated to five stars.


Life changing!

As someone that has dabbled with meditation at various points in my life I thought I knew what to do. It seems easy right?! But, I can say that actually doing this program and staying committed to it is really laying a beautiful foundation to build upon. I love that it is very customizable and even on the days when life is busy I am still able to keep my commitment to daily meditation. In the past I would feel overwhelmed about not getting everything “right” with meditating or having wandering thoughts. The way this app addresses this, helps you to acknowledge, and bring it back is really encouraging. I love that today the message was meditation is a workout for your mind. This analogy gave me an immediate flashback of starting to workout when I was overweight and how “bad” I was at it and I compared it to now and how strong I am. I found Balance on an IG ad and I can 100% say I am so happy I followed this ad and joined! The free offer was enticing and I will stay committed to using Balance even after I start paying for it.


I finally got unstuck thanks to Balance

I have wanted to have meditation be a core part of my routine for a long while now. For the last two years, I have ardently fought finding this journey through an app. I didn’t want to have yet another routine dependent on a gadget. But I realized that depleting my energy by resisting the support of an app was beginning to outweigh the benefits of starting somewhere. I share this because this app has addressed my trepidations of app-based meditation instructions. The UI/UX is thoughtfully designed to not have Balance be the core focus. It doesn’t ping me everyday for my attention. It is there when I am ready for it. It’s Ofosu’s coaching and guidance that has made it stick for me. I especially love the feedback loop, which accurately personalizes the meditation foundation for my needs. Thank you, this app and Ofosu, for this incredible contribution to our community. I have my good days and my bad about the tech world (as someone who works in it too!), and you have proven all of the benefits that it can have, when done right.


1 Year Trial?!

I got Balance upon finding a social media ad that said Balance was free for the first YEAR. Yeah you heard that right. 1 YEAR! After the 1 year it’s $50. Obviously I was skeptical because as with many trials you think the company’s just hoping you’ll do it for a few days and then forget about it and in the end paying for a full cycle accidentally. Well I’m here to say that Balance is AWESOME and for a little more than $4 a month I plan on keeping Balance after the year and this is only after 4 days. All the meditations offered is perfect for ANYBODY! Kids, older people, younger people, professionals, ANYBODY! The quickest meditation is 3 minutes and I believe goes up to 10 minutes on some. I find the questions asked on some meditations before and/or after a meditation makes it more like a ‘Choose Your Own Meditation’ adventure. With just a few minutes everyday Balance blows every other app for meditation out of the water. Don’t hesitate! Take the 1 year trial before it’s gone!


Best app for sleep/anxiety

I’ve been using Balance for about 2 months now and my sleep has been better than ever. Was having a lot issues going to sleep due to high anxiety and panic attacks and Balance has helped me so much it is now part of my daily routine to meditate every night with this app. Since using the subscription version, I have begun to branch out to other meditation lessons as well. I love how personalized Balance is and how it feels like I’m meditating with someone who actually knows me. I’ve never signed up for a paid version of any app before in my life, so I really feel like Balance is worth it. Even if you are not going through a stressful time and just looking for overall well-being, I still recommend it. The only “criticism” I would have is that I prefer the Ofosu voice to the Leah voice and that is not an option for all the single meditations. I would also be interested to see either a single or a meditation plan for burnout recovery.


My favorite meditation app, but…

As someone who has meditated for years, I felt the need to have a refresh and broadening of my skill set. Balance appealed to me because of it’s claim to adapt to the user based on usage and feedback, and that it has plans for people who have more experience with meditation. I succeeded in my goals to refresh and expand my skill set, and I’m actually still using it daily. However, I wish there was an unguided option that is *completely* unguided, since even the “unguided” single still has vocal cues. There are times where I still want a minimal reminder of how much time has passed. So, I still use a different popular meditation app that has an open-ended meditation option, which has further options such as no bells or a bell after a certain time interval. I truly hope the this app app adds this option, because it seems very easy to do, and the other app has these options as a free feature in their app.


Definitely worth the money!

Because of the pandemic, this app gave out free subscription for their app. So I tried it because I can always just cancel and delete Balance if it’s not good. And ohhh my gosh! I’m so happy I have Balance a chance! Even if there was only a one week trial, I’m 100 PERCENT sure that I would pay money to keep Balance! It’s honestly helpful, and has been helping me build a better sleep routine. This is my first time meditating, and my psychologist recommended me to try it, and I thought it’d be crazy hard (it is) but Balance is so relaxing, it’s just hard NOT to do it. For the past few days, the moment I go to my room, I turn off all the lights and set Balance up. Again, try it before you knock it! Thank you for creating Balance! Also, I love the educational part of Balance before going into meditating. I also love the permission to teach or asking if I’m interested in learning about the information before sharing it to me. Balance is great!


Amazing App Definitely Download

I can’t rave enough about how much I’m enjoying Balance. I struggle with focus (ADHD,PTSD). I’ve been trying various apps for months. And now I’ve been consistent for over a week now. I actually look forward to opening Balance . I crave it throughout the day to settle my mind and body 1. The immersive experience of reporting how I feel then having the instructors adjust to it best feature hands down. It feels like I have a personal coach. 2. The Design is clean and not many distractions which is why I prefer it to Calm. One coach multiple options. 3. Walking meditation, procrastination meditation, so many body scans which I love. Who new 10 mins could be so life changing. 4. The educational part isn’t overwhelming. It comes in bite sizes over time. I appreciate the questions along the way that show me I’m learning. 5. There’s a feature showing how many hours I’ve done total and it checks off how many days I’ve been consistent(streak). I could go on but I’ll stop there. I’ve shared it with everyone I know who would value it. I just want to thank you the creators. Balance is really impacting my life in the best way and I couldn’t be more grateful. Well I might be, every new meditation I try I appreciate Balance more. Did I mention the walking meditation is a game changer. Thought I was present on my walks until I was shown a better way using Balance. I’m looking forward to walking way more now.


Favorite Meditation App for Newbies

I am REALLY enjoying this app. I signed up for it because they advertised a free year, which is pretty incredible these days! I have tried a few other meditation apps but nothing really stuck, and I’ll be honest I’m still new to this one too, but it feels different. Reasons I love it: • The Design: Hats off to the designers and developers, you guys did a fabulous job of making a pretty, minimalist, and not-distracting app (which are my favorite qualities in an app). • Customization: From the first moment in Balance , you begin creating a custom program based on your needs (stress management, focus etc), and from there you can even choose the voice of your Guide. You are also able to choose the length of meditation you wish to complete, so whether you’re overwhelmed by the idea of sitting still for 10 minutes or just “don’t have time” you can always fit it in. • Content: The techniques used in the program I am following feel far more effective in capturing my attention than other apps I’ve tried. I feels like a it clicking more this time. There are also lots of to choose from when you are in need of something specific. So while I am still new here, I am very much enjoying it. All of the above factors make Balance worth revisiting on a consistent basis. So if you’ve been in the market for a meditation app or just want to try a new one, I would highly recommend this app!


Great app but the sessions go by too quickly

I really enjoy Balance. However I was disappointed when I unlocked the year of it and it seems I still can’t adjust my sessions to be any longer than 10 minutes. 5 or 10 minutes are the only options. Is this going to change? Usually I’m just getting settled and my mind is only just staring to quiet as she’s asking me to open my eyes. Also when she asks to count your breaths up to 5 and start over, I rarely get to 5 counts before she’s on to the next exercise. I’d really like to see Balance offer 15 or 20 minute sessions with more time in between each of the prompts. Otherwise I’m wondering if I can get a refund because 10 minutes just isn’t enough for me. Balance is great otherwise, I love that it’s personalized and tracks your skills and how long you’ve done each of them but I find I meditate much more deeply after 10 minutes of getting my mind to settle down first.


Not for everyone

Conceptually Balance is great, but it is not right for everyone. I have been out of my meditation practice for years, so thought it would be best to start as a beginner again. I only did three days before deleting Balance. Each day was breath focused, which is not great for certain types of anxiety and PTSD. In fact focusing on breathing can cause a panic attack to happen. (It has happened to me) The meditations were some of the worst I’ve experienced, they were poorly done and left me feeling worse each time. I initially downloaded this after a physician suggested I get back into meditation. This is not right for me. Each day the teacher would say something along the lines of ‘you will always be able to breathe so just breathe’... I have a neurological disease that causes me to stop breathing, and I have been put in the ICU for it... that statement being repeated over and over, was awful!!! I hope that others find benefits from Balance, but if you have any serious issues with trauma, anxiety or a breathing problem this might not be right for you. I wish I had known. I will keep looking.


Meditation Magic 🤩

i’m going to start off this review by saying that i am a generally stressed person. school, work, personal life, presentations, etc. so you can imagine once i heard of meditating, i was going to find an app that could truly help me. this app is by far the best one i’ve used. it is free, and though it does have a premium feature that requires payment, i feel like you have a good selection of things to choose from regardless. Balance itself is very organized and calming. i’ve been meditating with Balance for about a week now, right before bed, and it’s been amazing. it really does help me get into a calmer state and slows my heart rate down. the voices are very calming, and i like how they have plans to teach about meditating techniques and tips and tricks that could help. i used to have headspace, simple habit, and calm, but i have deleted them in lieu of this app!! you won’t regret getting Balance!


My favorite next to Headspace!

Even though I know these two apps aren’t affiliated, Headspace was my go-to meditation app for a LONG time (2 years) for when I first started my meditative journey. Now that this app has come along, I feel like I have two of the absolute BEST apps helping guide me along this journey. I’ve also been using Elevate which, ironically, I found out was behind this app AFTER I got the this app app. Elevate is by far my favorite ‘brain games’ app though, with Peak right behind it. All in all, a fantastic app. The people in the audios don’t speak in an overly mystic, weird, distracting kind of way and their advice is always practical, well explained, and easy to instigate. I love Balance and can’t wait to see all the benefits it’ll bring me! Thank you to the people who developed it and everyone who contributed to creating it!


Top 20 in health for a reason, worth the download

Let me start by saying I was skeptical of Balance, most mediation ones that I’ve downloaded either don’t work or you can only use them for 2 days before needing to pay a subscription. This one is different, in every way. I’ve been having issues sleeping for weeks now and when I do lay down to sleep it takes me 30min at the very least. With Balance I use the sleeping section (with ofosu’s voice) and the man doing the sleep meditation is so good, his voice is very relaxing I love it. I find myself falling asleep so fast that when there’s pauses and he randomly talks I jolt awake surprised that I was even sleep. First app that has ever worked so well at getting me to bed at a decent interval, will continue to be a devoted user as long as ofosu is employed!


Improved my life, saved me money on therapy

I have never written an app review and I genuinely hate doing it, so you know I really mean this one! I have suffered from PTSD and anxiety for most of my life. I have been in and out of therapy when I could afford it, working mostly on grounding techniques and guiding my thoughts. After using Balance for three weeks, I can see a marked improvement in my ability to do both of these things in the moment. Big things and small things that would have stressed me out or made me have thoughts of self doubt before have just slid off my back for the past couple of weeks. I am so thankful to the creators of Balance and so happy I heard about it through Elevate. It has truly made a difference in my quality of life!


So happy with this app 🧘🏻‍♀️

I downloaded this after I found out about it from the Elevate app I use and I’m so happy with it so far. I’m only on my 3rd day meditating with this app, but so far, I really appreciate that it’s a customizable approach to meditation. A lot of other meditation apps are general and not as personal, but this one factors in what your goal of meditating is. For me, it’s focus and mood enhancing. So, it takes that into consideration along with your age and meditation experience and creates a meditation program for you. I really like how Balance also has a meditation tracker too, at the end of every session it’ll fill in a bubble for the day of the week you meditated, which helps keeps me accountable. Anyway, really dope app and gentle guidance, so ya girl is happy.


Finally a app that works for me

I’ve tried both Headspace and Calm. I found them both to be too “busy” for a mindfulness app, cluttered with all kinds of junk and options. I really enjoy this app for the UI/UX. It’s minimal, almost zen-like to me. From the sound effects as you click through the various screens to the peaceful and calming voice of the female narrator of the meditations, it just works so well. I like that you are encouraged to relax in whatever position works for you during meditations, not coached in some rigid fashion like the other apps. The options are wide, yet focused in a great manner (the personalization is fantastic!) From commuting to wake up to bedtime, there are a multitude of choices. My wife and I have embraced Balance and use it daily.


Waste of time

Balance feels like another example of developers focusing on look/feel and implementing some kind of fancy analytics to supposedly allow them to customize everything for your needs... But dropping the ball on the basics, making it totally useless. I started out with the "advanced plan" after completing a survey about my current level of experience. It is not advanced at all. It feels more like a bunch of dumbed down lectures about meditation basics than actual meditations, and far from enhancing my practice, it has just been a daily source of frustration. I have to use my existing meditation skills to deal with the frustration of trying to meditate with Balance lol. The worst part is that even some of the basics they took the time to explain were explained poorly, so it wastes time for experienced users but I'm not sure how you would understand if you were inexperienced. I've been meditating for several years and Balance spent several minutes talking about how my mind was like an empty garden when I first started using it, and how setting intentions is like planting seeds?? This feels like a metaphor you might use for teaching children. Apps like Simple Habit, Buddhify, and Headspace are so much better than this, both at guiding you thru the basics and at helping you learn more advanced techniques.


My sleeping savior

I’ve was wondering how on earth I was going to get sleep without waking up feeling unrested. I finally have an answer. I came upon this by accident but since I started I have been feeling more relaxed and have had better deeper sleep. Even though some of the more advanced courses are hiding behind a small price tag, I still haven’t finished the various free courses available, it even adjusts the speech to include or exclude information about meditation depending on how familiar you are with meditation. At this rate that price tag looks like a small insignificance compared to my will to try the more advanced courses. I say definitively that if you try this out and put your trust in its capabilities you won’t feel disappointed.


For me, just what I've been needing..

I'm a newly disabled artist living in NYC. That could be crazy enough, but there's so much more. Ive been wanting to maximize my self control. I believe that's the answer to my life existential questions or at least managing events better in life. With Balance I've been getting better at changing or delaying my focus from bad thoughts, or my anxieties, or wanting to smoke, to something else that more suits my desires. It's not magic, but it's enough for me to actually do this a few times a week and really want more. I hear myself a bit more clearly. I kinda think I'm funny lol I hope to see this through even more. Helped me find my happy place 🤣😂


Amazing but I need soothing sound file

It’s amazing as it is right now, but I wish it had a soothing sounds folder because when I feel anxiety I need to listen to ocean waves and natural sounds to sooth myself. It would be nice to just have that on Balance . If you choose to add that I would be very glad if you just keep it as a separated folder with sounds not as a backtrack to the guided meditation because I like the meditation how you have it right now. I just need natural sounds and native flutes to sooth myself while I’m working or doing school. I cancelled my subscription to headspace because I really like this app and will get a subscription here. Thank you it’s a great app...


New to mediation

I am new to mediation, trying to find something that helps with anxiety and stress. I had a hard time finding a good free app that was easy for me until I found this one. While there is some stuff locked behind payment, so far what I can access for free has been a great help! I love how personalized it gets. The guided meditations are easy to follow along with and great. The voice I have is very soothing to me. I enjoy coming back each day to a new class like session! I really enjoy Balance and will probably be paying soon to unlock the other parts of it as well!


Private Meditation Coach in my pocket!

I’m amazed at the level of personalization in this meditation app. I really do feel like I’m getting what I specifically need in the moment over the course of each “plan”. There’s something more satisfying, comforting and compelling about my morning sits now. I’ve used many meditation apps and have been certified as a meditation instructor...and this app feels like a gentle guide that helps me to deepen into my own practice...and hone in on the skills to teach and share more effectively. Loving the delicious blend of self-compassion, clarity and structure that is expressed through Balance . Brilliant!

Is Balance Safe?

Yes. Balance: Meditation & Sleep is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 55,600 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Balance: Meditation & Sleep Is 62.0/100.

Is Balance Legit?

Yes. Balance: Meditation & Sleep is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 55,600 Balance: Meditation & Sleep User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Balance: Meditation & Sleep Is 62.0/100.

Is Balance: Meditation & Sleep not working?

Balance: Meditation & Sleep works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with Balance: Meditation & Sleep?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Balance: Meditation & Sleep to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Balance: Meditation & Sleep customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Balance: Meditation & Sleep.

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