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We pride ourselves on making BC Healthline a safe and secure space where you can join live discussions, connect one-to-one, and read the latest news and wellness articles about your condition.

Five nights a week, join our BC Healthline guide in live chats about all things breast cancer—right from our Live Discussions group.

There’s a whole world of people living with breast cancer just like you, waiting to connect and lend support.

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As humans, we’re hardwired for connection. Belonging to a community makes us feel safe and helps us thrive. But so often, living with breast cancer (BC) can make you feel physically and emotionally isolated. Not only can it be hard to do things you loved before your diagnosis, but it can also feel like no one understands what it’s like. Until now. Our mission is to cultivate a space powered by the BC community and empowered by each other. From one-to-one chats to conversation forums, we make connecting easy. This is a safe place to find and receive advice, to seek and offer support, and to discover the authentic stories of members, just like you. Bezzy BC is a free online platform bringing new meaning to the word “community.” Our aim is to create an experience where: - everyone feels seen, valued, and understood - everyone’s story matters - shared vulnerability is the name of the game Bezzy BC is a place where you are more than your BC. It’s a place where, finally, you belong. HOW IT WORKS Social-first Content Like all of your favorite social networks, we’ve designed an activity feed to connect you with other members living with breast cancer. We pride ourselves on making Bezzy BC a safe and secure space where you can join live discussions, connect one-to-one, and read the latest articles and personal stories. Live Chats Need to vent? Get advice? Share what’s on your mind? Hop into a daily live chat to join the conversation. They’re often led by our amazing Community Guide, but you can also expect to chat with other advocates and experts, too. Forums From treatments to symptoms to daily living, BC changes everything. Whatever you're feeling on any given day, there's a forum where you can connect and share directly with others. 1:1 Messaging Let us connect you with a new member from our community every day. We’ll recommend members to you based on your treatment plan, lifestyle interests, and needs. Browse member profiles and request to connect with anyone from our community with members listed as “Online now.” Discover Articles and Stories We believe that shared experiences empower the kind of belonging that can help people not only survive—but thrive—with breast cancer. Our stories offer perspectives and tips from people who know what it’s like. Get handpicked wellness and member stories delivered to you each week. Connect Safely Anytime, Anywhere We take thoughtful steps to build safety, security, and privacy into our platform and foster an environment where members feel safe sharing their personal experiences. Check and send messages, see who’s online, and get notified when a new message comes in—so you’ll never miss a thing. ABOUT HEALTHLINE Healthline Media is the top ranked health publisher and number 44 on Comscore’s Top 100 Property rankings. Across all of its properties, Healthline Media each month publishes up to 1,000 scientifically accurate yet reader-friendly articles authored by more than 120 writers and reviewed by more than 100 doctors, clinicians, nutritionists, and other experts. The company’s repository contains more than 70,000 articles, each updated with current protocol. More than 200 million people worldwide and 86 million people in the U.S. visit Healthline’s sites each month, according to Google Analytics and Comscore, respectively.

Top Reviews

By nicolel1279

Everyone whose had breast cancer needs this

This app is beautifully designed, easy to use, and a great space for people with breast cancer to connect. If you have or had breast cancer, you need this app to connect with others who are going through the same experiences you are!

By Mommy love grands

People Working together love and peace

I am just going to say hello and then say I love this place so much I feel like then ladies are like sisters and we can talk about everything thank you for allowing this program to reach out to all it’s the best place ever.

By TArocks


I have met some of the most wonderful helpful ladies here ! I have also learned things and enjoyed podcasts! This app has been very helpful in this scary trying time!

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