Seek by iNaturalist Reviews

Seek by iNaturalist Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals
all around you. Earn badges for seeing different types of plants, birds, fungi
and more! • Get outside and point the Seek Camera at living
things • Identify wildlife, plants, and fungi and learn about the o...

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Seek by iNaturalist Reviews

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    Like Pokémon Go for real world plants and animals

    This app makes me want to go outside and find things in the real world, resulting in as much extra walking as Pokémon did. Like that game, you can find life in the wild and collect them by using the camera to identify them, thus adding them to your collection. It's also very useful as it alerted me to the fact that the ant on my deck was a Carpenter ant!! I'd definitely recommend this app to anyone, though there is room for improvement. I'd love if you could add notes to the species after they're in your collection. I also love that you can send a photo to be identified by a naturalist, therefore helping to improve the app's identification skills, but it'd be nice if that species was then added to your observation list once it has been identified. This doesn't seem to happen, as several of the photos I've sent have been identified but don't show up for me in my own list. I'd also like it if you could choose which among the photos you've taken of a species is saved in your profile, since sometimes the first one you take is bad lighting or blurry. I'm sure the app will continue to improve, though, and in the meantime I think it's amazing that user submissions can help to do just that.

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    Utterly addictive but much in need of improvement

    I simply can’t stop doing this. That said there are a lot of issues. The other reviews have pointed many of these out so I’m gonna focus on the one that bothers me the most and that should be the easiest to fix, the photo management. It should be possible to import a picture into the app so you don’t have to keep interacting with your camera roll. I often have to take five or six pictures of a single thing to get a recognition, and of course often I don’t get any at all. As a result my photo roll is extremely cluttered. However it’s hard to delete the ones that are not usable because you have to toggle back-and-forth between this app and the photo roll and try to recall which of five or six very similar pictures you can delete. The net result is I usually end up deleting one that was recognizable. It would also be nice if you could look from the app into a folder or album on the photo roll so as to keep these pictures separate from your regular photo stream. It would also be great if you could replace the first picture you took of something with a later better picture. I look forward to future integrations

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    Good app, but... PLEASE READ

    Ok so I really like this app. It’s something g that I’ve needed all these years and just found. I would have given it five stars if it weren’t for one thing, which I hate so much that it brought down the rating by two stars. The fact that all the pictures taken are only stored in camera roll and not the app itself. I have very limited storage space, so I automatically back up all my camera roll to google photos and then delete the pictures from camera roll. However, the way this app works is that you won’t be able to see the pictures for the animals or plants you identified unless those pictures are saved in the camera roll. This is a huge problem for me because I take a lot of pictures and constantly have to delete my camera roll after backing them up in google photos. Developers, if you want to make this app perfect, please let the App itself store the pictures so u won’t have to keep them in my camera roll. If this is fixed in a future update, I would be more than happy to give this app 5 stars. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    I want to give 5 stars for a great concept but the flaws ruin the app for me. The fact you can’t change the header photo for a sighting is ridiculous considering the app decided to replace all my observations with the exact same photo. It also doesn’t work in anything less than extremely bright, direct light and the ability to identify fungi is abysmal. Out of six very clear, close up photos only one was correctly identified. It also was unable to identify high pixel images of a dragonfly and multiple frogs. It misread green carpet moss as a white mushroom and I have no way to delete the incorrect observation. I’m considering deleting because it’s so frustrating, especially the cloned photos. EDIT: app deleted. It keeps cloning photos and it’s obvious the developers aren’t responding to criticism, haven’t seen any updates release. it’s a pity they are wasting this app’s potential. And for those saying “you must not have a nice enough phone,” I’m using an iPhone X with the most recent software update. I take images in clear, bright light. No reason the performance should be so poor.

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    Good app, needs a few more housekeeping items

    I just downloaded this app in early June and thought it was amazing. It instantly identified some trees that I have been wondering about for a while. However, I have gotten slightly concerned over a few of the identifications. For example I recently scanned an eastern hemlock, but the scanner said it was western(I’m on east coast and it did this for multiple specimens). A fix that wouldn’t be to hard would be a flagging system (which would let the scanner know an organism isn’t getting identified correctly) or the option to go back from “western hemlock” to just the “hemlock” ID. This would allow seek to realize that you haven’t actually identified a specific species. Another useful function would be the ability to post to iNaturalist after viewing the species page without having to rescan the organism. These suggestions may sound “easy”, but coding and implementing them is complicated. Thanks for all the work so far!

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    It’s improved but still needs work

    I’ve had this app for about a year and there has been some improvements in the past year. However, there are still a lot of issues on identifying a lot of species. I seem to have the hardest time with arachnids and fungi. This is especially frustrating when trying to complete the monthly challenges. For example, yesterday I had a perfect, in focus picture of a silk moth (identified through a quick google search) and the app simply wouldn’t recognize it. I’ve had other pics taken on a Nikon d750 which are professional level pics it wouldn’t identity. Another reviewer suggested maybe some questions or possibly something user based to help identify specimens the app otherwise has issues with. Allowing zoom will help as well. Personally I don’t want to get inches away from a fast moving spider to get its information. Overall the app has been mostly enjoyable and I hope it continues to evolve.

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    Needs work

    Unlike iNaturalist, there is no option to see what the most likely possibilities are and choose one. If it doesn’t correctly identify the organism by itself, you’re just out of luck. It also doesn’t identify still photos very well. I tested it with the camera and it correctly identified a tree when I took the photo. I then used the saved photo that it took and it was unable to identify it even though that was the photo that it took when it previously identified it. And unlike iNaturalist again, you cannot choose other folders when selecting photos. So my only option to identify things in older photos on my phone is to spend a considerable amount of time scrolling as there is no way to scroll quickly in the app because it only loads a few photos at a time. I love the idea of this, but it’s missing some basic functions. I’ll give it another try when it’s less frustrating to use.

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    Great Update

    I’ve been using this app since it was release a year ago. And I’ve been steadily waiting for an update since then. I was so excited to see an update and I immediately downloaded it and started using the app again. Since then I have collected over 400 species and with this new update I was able to collect a few that never went through the old edition. I wanted to make sure that all of my old species make it through to the new app but every time I go to the “My observations” the app freezes and gives me a blank white screen. I thought maybe it needed a minute to download all of the species so I left it on that white screen for hours and nothing changed. Although this doesn’t break the game for me, I would like to see this feature work for me. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to continuing to use your app to explore the world.

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    Great app ! 🐸

    I love this app and use it all the time for identifying organisms. love the challenges too :) my only issues with it right now are 1. i’d prefer if, when you go into the details of an observation, it doesn’t put you back at the top of the list when you go back to all your observations. it’d be a lot easier if it just put you back where you were on the list. 2. would it be possible for the app to take range into account when identifying species ? i’ve run into a situation a couple times where a creature is the only one of it’s genus or family in the area, but the app still can’t identify it. 3. it’d be cool if your observations on iNaturalist could transfer over to Seek !! so that anything the app can’t identify, i can just log myself. Overall it’s a great app, i use it all the time and love it !! 🐸

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    A good and promising start that needs some tinkering

    Seek is a very promising extension of iNaturalist and has a lot of potential as a family-friendly game. The Badge System is pretty cool (interestingly similar to Pokémon GO?), but it’s unclear if there is any long-term “goal” or incentive to getting higher badge rankings other than bragging rights. I think this is ultimately what will hinder long-term use of the app. The interface is great though - much better than the actual iNaturalist app and more aesthetically pleasing. It feels like Seek can serve as an actual learning tool, and I sincerely hope that the core iNaturalist app adopts some of its concepts. In terms of how accurate it is... well, it’s limited and not always 100% accurate (it recognized my Goat observation as a Dog) but it’s also as complex as it needs to be. My biggest grievance is that when a genus lacks a Common Name, it doesn’t show up in a species’ taxonomy. It‘s a little jarring.

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    I’ve never written a review, BUT this app deserves it!!

    Super cool concept and well implemented! Yes, it can be a little slow to identify a species, but I appreciate the fact that it will tell you what stage it is on in identification being the kingdom, class, species etc... The interface is beautiful and easy to use. Of course there are minor details out there that could improve the app, but I would say it’s executed far more beautifully in terms of being user friendly and its interface design than most apps out there. As I said in the title of my review, I have never reviewed an app ever, but I love the concept of this app so much, I felt it deserved it. I have already suggested it to many of my nature-loving friends and can’t wait to keep identifying and learning about more species!

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    Great app. Has been working really well, though of course with expected difficulties with identifying incorrect species on occasions. With the new update, I miss the ability to zoom in on already taken photos within the app so as to improve the ability to identify. Instead, I now have to edit it with my photo app, where going between the two apps can be a bit cumbersome. Additionally, the new update came with a glitch. The app will close when I attempt to look at my observations. Plan to delete and redownload, hopefully that fixes the problem. Update - I deleted and redownloaded, now all of my observations have been deleted and I don’t know if there is any way of getting them back. I’m pretty disappointed by this.

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    When I got this app I was under the impression that I take it out and take a picture then it would identify the organism. But much to my delightful surprise, it was identifying the organisms BEFORE I even took a picture! The scanning feature is AMAZING!!!! We just moved to a new place and have organisms I am not familiar with so this has been so fun and informative to use! This is awesome!!! Everyone should have this in order to being more awe and appreciation to what’s around them! What I love: 1. How it recognizes things quickly and pretty accurately just by holding your camera over it 2. How it gives you details within the app about the organism you identified! That’s wonderful because you can learn right then and there without having to get out of the app and find the info somewhere else which could lead to distraction. 3. IT’S FREE!!! 4. EASY!!! Instead of searching through pages of books for what you might have found, this easily opens the “page” of info for you! Recommend for: - Everyone!! - Gardeners - Homeschoolers - Educators - Homeowners - Animal enthusiasts - Plant enthusiasts - Nature enthusiasts - Camping - Hiking Suggestions for developers: Keep up the great work!

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    Seek by iNaturalist

    I say that Seek is a decent app, but needs some improvements. For example, it doesn’t always get very accurate identifications, and once it identified a harbor seal in Boston harbor as (and I quote) ‘we believe this is a member of chordates’. A chordate is a type of fish. The closest it got that time was ‘true seals’. That proves the sometimes incorrectness of Seek. But it is also accurate sometimes. I myself have gotten to the top level, and fortunately, most of my observations have been true, or at least close to accurate. But since I am just an eleven year old girl, not a researcher or scientist, it doesn’t matter a whole lot whether it’s accurate or not, but if I were, that would be not very good because then I would need the exact identification, so that is why I give Seek by iNaturalist 4 out of 5 stars.

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    Could be improved

    I love this app, and I can see it going really far, but right now it’s simply not there. I’d love to be able to help the app identify things by giving it information (for example, if it can see that a plant is mint, but can’t figure out what kind, it could prompt with questions to help discern what mint it is). Along those lines, I’d also like to see you be able to put in your own things, because sometimes getting pictures, especially of more skiddish animals and fish) is hard! If I know I saw a robin, I could take a picture and log it independently, and that might even help improve seeks algorithm. I’d also like to see some social aspect, like the ability to look at what your friends see, or a local chatboard to help identify things the app can’t.

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Is Seek by iNaturalist Safe?

Yes. Seek by iNaturalist is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 11,806 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Seek by iNaturalist Is 83.1/100.

Is Seek by iNaturalist Legit?

Yes. Seek by iNaturalist is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 11,806 Seek by iNaturalist User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Seek by iNaturalist Is 83.1/100.

Is Seek by iNaturalist not working?

Seek by iNaturalist works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Caryl Inglis
May 13 2021

When trying to identify a plant with a picture on my phone, the app does not want to connect with my pictures for plant ID.

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