iNaturalist Reviews

iNaturalist Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-08

iNaturalist is a social network for sharing biodiversity information to help
each other learn about nature. The primary goal is to connect people to nature,
and the secondary goal is to generate scientifically valuable biodiversity data
from these personal encounters. iNaturalist helps...

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iNaturalist Reviews

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    An amazing app all around for identifying species.

    I’m just a 20 year old that wants to know what every creatures purpose is around me and this has been the most fun way to do it. There are no ads, you upload a picture of the animal of reasonable quality, it helps if there’s multiple pictures and you describe what you saw in the description area. You put your location, which can be moved around so that your location isn’t known. It’s important to note that the location is key in determining a species sometimes so be decently accurate on the location. Once you’ve done that, AI, that’s right, artificial intelligence studies the pictures and compares them to other picture alike and species in the area to often give you a suggestion that’s correct or another 10 suggestions below of which I usually find the species I’m looking for if it’s not too obscure. I’ve also contributed to the knowledge of where some species are which feels great. My only complaint is there’s no place to provide feedback but here and the upload speed is reasonably slow. But this is a wonderful app that I recommend for any biologist. Yes, you can submit species under the microscope, too!!!! Thank you California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society for helping create this app!!!

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    It’s amazing and it could be more amazing

    I love inat. I use it all the time. The taxonomy suggestions are almost always on point. I use it to explore areas I already am familiar with too to learn about the things living around me I’ve never heard of. Even the projects and guides are cool, because I can see which species in a group are most commonly encountered based on how many times they’ve been observed compared to others. The range maps you get for species etc are dynamic. BUT, the social component to me is abysmal. “Leaderboard?” No one cares. It’s a meaningless statistic. I’d like to be able to see who is observing similar things to me in an area. Who is consistently identifying a specific phylum or genus? (Not me lol). They should be acknowledged as someone with some knowledge in that area. I know inat has powerful algorithms capable of identifying species based on photos - use some of those algorithms to connect peoples’ observational powers and curiosity. Sometimes I observe something that scientist haven’t completely determined what subspecies lives in my specific area- why can’t scientists send out questions for people to find out? Don’t know the southernmost extent of a plant? Ask people who have observed it before and live in the area to look for it. This is a powerful app for taking citizen science to the next level. I’d love to see what they can do.

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    Love the app maybe make it more like a social network of naturalists?

    I really love this app and use it pretty much daily since I’ve downloaded it. It’s great to have with you to quickly identify a species using the picture instead of having to go and google the characteristics of what you saw and hope it knows what you mean. I would like to see them update it with a section where you can go to a person’s profile and see all of their observations in one place like the way you view a project and all of its observations. Perhaps even add an option to follow a particular person and then see all the observations of people you follow in a feed. You can do kinda already do this but you have to search for the person and then be confined to whatever given map area you have on your screen. I think it would be better to have all of them on one page because sometimes I come across an observer whose observations I like (camera quality, focus on a specific species, or just like their observations) and I want to see all of them. Also, they should add a place where you can view all of the observations you’ve added to your favorites.

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    This app is my life

    If I could, I would marry this app. iNat is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have learned so much and have met so many amazing people through this app. Before iNat, I was the weird person who liked bugs. With iNat, I have slowly blossomed into an amateur subject matter expert documenting previously unknown behaviors/species relationships/coloration variations and submitting specimens to university entomological collections. I went from not being able to tell the difference between rice stink bugs and brown stink bugs one year ago to knowing hemipteran scientific names better than the common ones. Sure, iNat didn't do that in and of itself, but it facilitated my self-education and gave me the means to organize my data/photographs, and my competitive nature motivates me to go out and DOCUMENT ALL THE THINGS! The iNat people are continually improving their platform, and this mobile version is the best yet. The photo suggestion tool is amazing and sorely needed. Not perfect, but it's THE BEST version of photo ID out there and I'm frankly amazed by how good it is.

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    My favorite world

    This wonderful app extends your pleasure in exploring the world, sparks your curiosity and deepens your knowledge all at the same time. Your own photos are the starting point to dig in and find out more about plants, animals, and natural phenomena anywhere in the world. You get to be a part of a friendly community that collectively has a huge amount of knowledge and enjoys sharing it. You get to use, for free, the creative work of the coders and designers at iNat who are figuring out better algorithms and integrating new science data all the time. Using iNat encourages you to take a generalist’s exploratory approach to the natural world - to look at everything. Not only is it a great app in its own right, it’s also a terrific field asset when used in conjunction with apps that concentrate on one element of the natural world, such as birds or trees. Along the way, your photography improves because you figure out how to take pictures that capture and reveal the most. You learn to see better and to see more.

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    Amazing but a few things

    I love this app so much! For new people, this is a very good app with tons of stuff. Identifications, exploring, and commenting are just a few. I still have a few suggestions. Maybe what you could do, there could be tournaments for who can find the best animals or plants under a theme. People of the community can vote it up or skip it. You get points for likes and liking others, or identifying a plant or animal correctly. (To when they change it.) You could get coins if you win 1st, second or third, and you get more coins the higher rank you get. The tournaments hold 10-15 people. They end in 4 days. You upgrade tournaments by getting trophies. Maybe using the coins to upgrade the rim of your avatar, or maybe special colors on your screen instead of white. I think this will make more people motivated to have this app. Of course, the app is perfect, and maybe adding focusing the camera by tapping would be nice.

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    I love this app

    When I heard that there was an app that would help me identify birds, mammals, fungi, insects, plants and other organisms from photos, I was very skeptical. After all, there are millions of living organisms, and they look different at different ages, in different seasons, and even in different environments. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how often this app correctly identifies the subject. It works even better if you are familiar enough with the organism to know what specific characters to include in your photograph (for example, the app is more likely to be able to identify a plant from a photo of the flower than one of a single leaf). I often get an ID correct to the genus level in plants and species level for many animals. Even if I only get as far as a family-level ID, I know where to turn for further info. I often get a second or third ID within a week or two. Great app!

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    iNaturalist is a great community sourced nature application that allows users to learn about a comprehensive amount of wildlife whether plant of animal and and observe and record their findings. The application makes it easy to learn about wildlife with all the captured data from scientists and other users like yourself including titles, descriptions and photos of subjects. The community can also aid you in your findings with suggestions on wildlife you have observed. Users can look up wildlife captured in their location or easily add it with the camera on the device they are using. The app allows users to create projects you can continually add to as well as follow projects from others you are interested in. iNaturalist also has a news section detailing the latest captures from the community as well as the latest developments concerning the application. For professionals as well as amateurs iNaturalist is a great tool to learn more about our everyday surroundings both near and far.

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    iNat fan

    I love this app and use it every day. I even use it in my classroom to teach about technology, citizen science, and biodiversity. My students are involved in a school-wide project to post species seen around out campus. Before traveling, I explore my destination in iNaturalist to learn about the flora and fauna that I should look for. A lot of times, I choose my hiking and vacation spots based on the observations that have been posted in different areas. There are a couple of things that I would like to see improved, though. For starters, it would be nice to see more alignment between the app for phone vs for the computer. The phone doesn’t allow for interaction with the community like the computer app does and the maps in the computer app are not nearly as good as those on the mobile app.

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    GPS nags

    Gave it another shot recently. Glad to see login requirements are relaxed. Identification suggestions are surprisingly good at narrowing down possibilities if you’re not sure what you’re looking at, though I’d be hesitant to rely on them as the final word of course. One thing which would be useful in the Suggestions section is the ability to flip between your photo(s) and those of the suggestions for easier comparison. Access to dichotomous keys would be cool too, or at least inclusion of identifying features which would appear in the keys. It’d also be worth considering inclusion of brief warnings on important aspects such as toxicity. UI could do with streamlining as well, but I’ll hold off on going into that for now. Original complaint over Location Services still relevant though—it doesn’t seem to have a way to enter your location manually as the dev said would be done in an update. It’s also baffling why the app wants to use LS while using the Suggestions tool when it already has locations set for each photo; there’s no reason to assume a user will be searching for suggestions anywhere near where the data was gathered, so it’s asinine to do this. Or shady. Original review, April 2017: As others point out, the app is set up to rely on location services being on. Nope! Not doing it, guys. This also makes it tedious to explore areas you're not currently in. Deleting this nagware.

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    Sadly it’s way too buggy

    I really wanted to like this app. Unfortunately the irritations started the moment I installed it. First, developers should disclose mandatory login requirements. Most app users are like me: I’m not keen on setting myself up for a spam storm until I’ve had a chance to determine if a new app is useful. This app appears to be virtually non-functional if you skip the login step. Then the error message start. LOTS of them one after another, and they’re the classic head-scratcher sort that make the user feel stupid because you have no idea what they mean or what to do to stop them. Five minutes of this was my limit. This app sounds like a nice idea, and the well-done illustrations featured in the App Store and the splash screens fooled me into thinking the app was designed by an experienced developer. It’s not. The user experience is just no good. Please hire a good UX designer and try again. You’ll likely find that 10x more people who download the app will continue to actually use it if you improve the UX. The concept is good. However as it stands it goes straight to “Delete”.

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    Amazing, Brilliant, Engaging!

    An awesome and brilliant way to engage with the natural world around us, iNaturalist is a wonderful application and community for anyone interested in the flora and fauna we share the planet with. Inspiring a budding community of naturalists, with the curiosity of John Muir and David Attenborough, the iNaturalist team has developed a truly amazing product. This app instantly and reliably identifies plants, animals, and insects from just a single photo which contributes to scientific research! Not only are you having fun, inspiring curiosity, and satisfying your own personal discovery, but you’re helping with actual scientific research, too! What more could a user want? I can’t recommend this application and community highly enough, I tell all my friends and colleagues about it and visitors to the wildlife conservation facility I volunteer at, too. It’s truly an amazing tool!

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    Breakthrough app

    Opens up a whole new world of outdoor learning and fun. So many plants, moths, mushrooms, wildflowers would catch my attention but I never knew what they were. This app helps identify them quickly and also lets you find other instances of the same species. Want to know what other species have been seen in your area? Click the explore button and view sightings on a map or in a list. The app is really well thought out - obviously designed and continuously refined by people who actually use it and listen to feedback. For those of you who use eBird - one of my other favorite apps - this is kind of like eBird but for all species - with the added bonus of helping you identify the species you don’t know!

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    Great to take into the field

    I’m a big fan of the full-featured iNaturalist web site, and used to dismiss the app as a gimmick for more casual users. But I just did a couple of quick local trips to round out species for the City Nature Challenge, and found myself actually enjoying submitting pictures through the app. My major remaining complaint is that I have to do my cropping in my photo app before I go into iNaturalist, but I think that’s being worked on. Also, I don’t think the app interface gives enough guidance to new users on the fact that they should upload multiple distinct informative pictures of a subject to a single observation, as opposed either to making multiple observations of the same individual or putting multiple different species in the same observation. A slightly more wizard-like interface might help that.

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    I absolutely love this app with one exception

    This is one of my all time favorite apps and it has broadened my knowledge of my local flora and fauna so much, however I wanted to write this review because I think there’s one thing that could really be improved upon. I would love the ability to rate the quality of people’s photos and sort the lowest quality ones out of my explore page. It seems like about a quarter of the finds I see are completely unidentifiable or at least questionable just because of the quality of the photo and this may seem selfish but I think the ability to easily tell someone “hey no one is going to be able to figure this one out you should try to get a better photo” without having to comment on every one would really improve everyone’s experience on the app.

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Is iNaturalist Safe?

Yes. iNaturalist is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,898 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for iNaturalist Is 51.1/100.

Is iNaturalist Legit?

Yes. iNaturalist is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,898 iNaturalist User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for iNaturalist Is 51.1/100.

Is iNaturalist not working?

iNaturalist works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of iNaturalist to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a iNaturalist customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using iNaturalist.

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