Mellowsound Reviews

Mellowsound Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-31

About: Mellowsound is an emulation of a legendary instrument, a keyboard sampler from
the 60s used by many famous artists like the Beatles, King Crimson, Radiohead
and many others, this mythic instrument is called The Mellotron. You probably
never heard his name but the melodies created with it are mythical.

About Mellowsound

What is Mellowsound? Mellowsound is a keyboard sampler app that emulates the legendary Mellotron M400, a keyboard sampler from the 60s used by famous artists like the Beatles, King Crimson, and Radiohead. The app allows users to play Mellotron everywhere with professional audio quality. The app has a smooth and photo-realistic user interface as an homage to the Mellotron. The free version includes three instruments, while the full version includes 18 instruments, four effects, and live recording.



- Emulation of the Mellotron M400

- Professional audio quality (16bit/44Khz)

- Smooth and photo-realistic user interface

- Free version includes three instruments (Flute, Clarinet, Sax)

- Full version includes 18 instruments (including Sad Strings, Electric guitar, Vibraphone, and more)

- Four effects: Tube Amp, Tremolo, Delay & Reverb (full version only)

- Live Recording (full version only)

- Classical Mellotron settings: Volume, Tone & Pitch

- Blend mode: play two instruments at the same time

- Metronome

- Full Mixer

- MIDI support

- Full MIDI Mapping support

- Audio Unit full support with all automation parameters exposed

- AudioBus & Inter-App Audio support

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Key Benefits of Mellowsound

- The app is as good or better than other apps that represent themselves as a true copy of the mellotron.

- The sounds are recognizable from psychedelic to blaxploitation to 70s horror film soundtracks, as well as commercial music of that era.

- The guitar sounds are remarkably nostalgic and familiar from 70s horror soundtracks.

- The app sounds amazing, even through the iPhone speaker.

- The app is arguably as authentic as possible within the confines of digital media.

20 Mellowsound Reviews

4.4 out of 5


Potential to be the best one

It has been frustrating finding the perfect Tron app, as they all have a lot of issues. This one seems promising. The interface looks great, as are the effects, and the upcoming adsr update is something to look forward to.

Two small gripes...I have the latest version, and the battery drain problem is still there. I left my phone unplugged overnight and it was almost dead in the morning, settings said that 83 percent of battery use was from Mellowsound .

The other small gripe... Some of the Tron sounds they include are not the ones commonly used. Of course, the flute and sad strings are there, but the Tron isn't exactly known for its electric guitar samples, so I hope that in the future, some more of the popular bigger choir sounds and some more orchestra variations make it into the mix. A small gripe, but I play old school Berlin School music and those tones are vital. this certainly has the potential to be the best Tron out there.

Suggestion/wish. Ability to blend sounds, like brass and violins, so I can play Watcher of the Skies.😏 Thanks for a great app.


Pretty darn good

I like this a lot! I’ve seen and heard the original, and I’ve gotta say That Mellowsound is as good or better than other apps that represents itself to be a true copy. A true copy would present with a plethora of problems if one say, wanted to take it on the road. A true mellotron would have a pitch that varied by temperature. Moreover, it would be a surprise if the thing would have worked at all! I suppose if you tinkered long enough with Mellowsound you could tweak *all*of the sounds, making them nice and shiny... But then Mellowsound wouldn’t be able to trigger thoughts about the past and the inclination of some users to create new arrangements with tools to represent something worth keeping. In short it wouldn’t sound like a mellotron. Serious well done folks, I liked it enough to pay for it:)


Version 4.0.1 Update ruined the app for me (fixed)

Before the 4.0.1 update Mellowsound worked great on my iPad Pro 12.9 1st generation running IOS 12.3.1, now when trying to open Mellowsound it just crashes to the home screen. Useless now. Really thinking about ditching IOS and going back to my desktop PC’s and Reaper. This has literally been the most unproductive year for me since switching to an iPad only workflow, IOS and its apps bring new meaning to the old Windows slang term ‘plug and pray’ Anyway hope Mellowsound gets fixed to run again on IOS 12 cause it sounds good.

UPDATE: The developer fixed this to work on IOS 12 again almost overnight. Excellent support! ( and a great sounding app, wish there were more presets though) Thanks!


Needs more options

I like it and all and it’s really fun and easy but there’s not much for you to do except use the instruments. I mean... at least make Two strings free for and ad or something, or I sound horrible.


Real Vintage Sounds

Recognize these sounds from psychedelic to blaxploitation to 70s horror film soundtracks in addition to commercial music of that era.

The guitar sounds are familiar from 70s horror soundtracks as dramatic accents & leads. I never knew where they originated from. That was an unexpected bonus: remarkably nostalgic.

Considering the sound source of the real instrument is pre recorded samples, this is arguably as authentic as is possible within the confines of digital media.

Any limitations of the sounds or the ability to customize them should be consistent with the real instrument.

One of the best vintage synth apps. Very inexpensive & worthwhile & no issues w/ excessive battery drain or connectivity. It’s a big app & uses a lot of battery but still seems more efficient than others apps of this size. I would expected to pay at least 3x the price if not more.


App keeps crashing in GarageBand ** UPDATE: FIXED!**

Great sounding app but every time I keep trying to use it in GB either through IAA or using Audiobus it keeps crashing. Re-installed it and it still crashes. Can’t get any audio recorded.

**Update: With the latest update the problem with GB crashes and with Audiobus have been fixed making this one of my favorite apps right now! Thanks for the quick fix and I’ve changed my review accordingly. Hope to see new sounds available soon!



Besides the recent bug related issues, this is an excellent app. Some of the sounds are better sounding than the mellotron included in Logic Pro. This is astounding for their $5 asking price (the full version). Even so, using the apps free version is sufficient enough for messing around with. Thank you developers for updating Mellowsound with new sounds. I love the one preset glockenspiel & voices. The voices has an authoritative and eerie vibe to it.


Not getting full use out of this.

July 10, 2021: Even after the most recent update, only the Flute sound shows up using this as an AUv3 instrument in NanoStudio 2

Great sounds all around, very authentic! But, even after the latest update (June 2021), only one sound appears for use as an AUV3 plug-in within NanoStudio 2. If all you want to use is the original Beetle-esque flute sound, then great. However, there’s so much more to Mellowsound then that!


World class app - gorgeous sound

This is a review of the for-pay upgrade version.

I’m obsessed with the Mellotron, and I’ve owned several emulator apps over the years - none come close to this one. Beautiful authentic sounds, the ability to easily record and share, metronome, reverb, tremolo and echo effects, a slider to go up and down the keyboard. LOVE IT!! Great UI - compliments to the developers.


MPE? (Checking back in...)

I really love what do you’ve made, and I’m waiting for MPE to be able to fully embrace it in my rig. You mentioned it was in the development pipeline?

Update 2/7/20: You mentioned in a response dated Dec. 2018 that MPE was to be included in the next update. It seems like that didn’t happen. Do you have any news about your MPE incorporation plans?


Simple controls, accurate sound

The controls on Mellowsound are deceptively simple, volume, tone and pitch. But numerous photos of historical units prove this was enough to make those classic 60s sounds. The full app unlock add off board effects, also pleasantly simple, to recreate the recordings used with this instrument


Beautiful / 1 request

This sounds nicer than any other instrument app. I love recording layers and exporting them. Is it possible to record external audio? My acoustic guitar played along w piano ?
If not, I’ll layer it in another app. Please don’t change this and make it corny.


Love it!

I truly love Mellowsound! I keep coming back to it and the sounds I can make in it never disappoint. It was great even without the envelops, layers and other recently added features, they bring this little app to the top.


Serious battery life drain in background!

This sounds amazing, even through the iPhone speaker. However, there is a SERIOUS BUG - according to the Battery control panel in my iOS 12 7 Plus, when Mellowsound was in the background, it was a huge battery drain, responsible for 48% of the total drain while the phone was idle (the next highest was 15% for Facebook.) Developers, consider this filing a bug!


Sounds great

Already have several other Mellotron options, but this does sound good. Very good.
Also, it comes courtesy of a developer rightly known for both quality and reliability.
Go ahead.. get it. You won't regret it.



Had to buy the full version the sounds do work for me I’d rather have a couple instruments that I can use on records vs a bunch of unusable sounds Good job Fingerlab


These sounds are epic

Quality over quantity is what Mellowsound is about. The sounds are great and I want to thank the designers for not resting on their laurels by continuing to make improvements. I’m looking forward to Au3 capabilities like I looked forward to Derek’s Blue Steel.



I was hoping to get some more piano presets with Mellowsound, but for the price, this really isn’t worth it.

The FX settings are nice for Mellowsound but honestly, the quality of the sounds just don’t meet that professional grade you might hear out of other better-known brands.


Terrible - Do NOT buy

I purchased for “Glockenspiel & voices.” Different parts of the keyboard corresponds to either a really weird human voice or a tinkering sound that sounds nothing like a glockenspiel that combine to make a terrible mix. Also pop up / help menus appear randomly at unexpected times and you cannot close them unless you shut down and reopen Mellowsound . Do NOT recommend.


Thank You

I love the heart and soul that the team put into Mellowsound.

Thank you for all your hard work.

It's wonderful.



Besides the recent bug related issues, this is an excellent app. Some of the sounds are better sounding than the mellotron included in Logic Pro. This is astounding for their $5 asking price (the full version). Even so, using the apps free version is sufficient enough for messing around with. Thank you developers for updating Mellowsound with new sounds. I love the one preset glockenspiel & voices. The voices has an authoritative and eerie vibe to it.


I’m ready for the real thing, found this!

I’ll be ready next week, great stuff here!


Just what I was hoping for

Just enough features + easy to use + awesome sound = total winner.

Is Mellowsound Safe?

Yes. Mellowsound is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 205 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Mellowsound Is 51.6/100.

Is Mellowsound Legit?

Yes. Mellowsound is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 205 Mellowsound User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Mellowsound Is 68.4/100..

Is Mellowsound not working?

Mellowsound works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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