Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Reviews

Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-22

Introducing Guitar Lessons by Guitar Tricks, the best, most fun, and educational
way to learn guitar with guided, step-by-step videos. Our system is tested and
proven to work for beginners and advanced guitar players. Guitar Tricks is
designed to empower beginners to play guitar by lear...

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Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Reviews

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    Great content but poor app

    It’s a shame this app with excellent content is almost unusable. The app’s buttons (back button etc) when in a lesson frequently become unresponsive . The video control buttons disappear randomly. And there is no way to play the videos in landscape mode, which is basic stuff! I am using iPhone 6 with latest iOS. All in all the app quality does grave injustice to the awesome content. At the minimum, the unresponsive buttons, disappearing video controls (pause, forward/rewind, no skip back 10 seconds!) and lack of landscape mode video must be fixed on priority. Eventually the app must rewritten by some quality/experienced app developers and experts in mobile app user interface/experience . The great content in the app deserves better software for presenting it! Had it not been for the awesome content, I would have given it 1 star.

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    I love this app!

    I am a beginner- I learned more in a week of using Guitar Tricks than I did in two weeks of apps that listen to you play. The instructions are excellent- well presented and easy to understand. My 12 year old and I are learning together- me on a nylon string acoustic and him on an electric and the lessons are well suited to both of us. The only thing that keeps me from putting a 5 is that the app could use options for some of the things available on the full website such as the tools and being able to mark lessons as complete. It would also be a great feature if the music sheets would scroll down with the songs as they are played - songs that are copyrighted can’t be printed which means it is impossible to play along without memorizing the song.

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    Don’t hesitate

    I’m 47 and have been playing off and on since jr. high. GuitarTricks is the most helpful thing I have ever found to advance me as a player. The lessons are in depth and amazing! Every thing is broken down and taught extremely effectively. You can even loop a portion of a lesson until you got it down. Having the jam tracks to all the great songs on the site is awesome! No more do I learn bits and pieces of songs I go through each lesson within a song and then jam to the backing track. The backing tracks are fantastic quality. Kudos GuitarTricks! And thank you, you have me more excited to pick up my guitar than ever! I also go through the lessons when I’m not near my guitar they are so good

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    I’m a beginner

    There is no doubt the content I encountered so far and the teachers are great. I enjoy the lessons and practices and try to use the app on the iPad everyday. I even dropped fender play because guitar tricks is so much better. But, the user interface and experience on iPad is lacking. 1. It’s really important for me to keep track of where I was and my progress as well as history of usage. While this is available on desktop and web, it’s not on mobile. The need to keep going back and forth from app to website to look at progress and history so I can jump back to a section or continue where I was is the reason I only gave 3 stars. I prefer to use the iPad for everything and I’m sure the future is in mobile, so please make the UX friendlier and easier.

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    Totally worth the price!

    I’ve been playing guitar for over 35 years and in that time I’ve sought out numerous instructors, none of whom were particularly good. I decided to give Guitar Tricks (which is anything but a “trick”) a try. To my delight I have found it to be very informative and covers such a breadth of topics, very easy to use, and very flexible. Even at the monthly subscription rate (vs the annual rate) it is still a screaming deal. I said I’d never have an app that was subscription based but this is different given that it is an ongoing instruction app. So very glad I signed up. My playing and understanding has definitely increased and I look forward to using the app daily. Good job!

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    Spend the money it’s worth it

    Listen if your like me, which is , I need to know how things work Before I do anything, then this is for you, yes you could jump into songs and they have easy modes on that, BUT they’ll say things like sus4 , Barr , power chords.. etc I need to know what that is completely to understand what I’m doing, their beginner stages goes into that in detail, does it take a while .. yes .. is it sometimes boring .. yes. But you’ll understand why they go into detail later on.. and it’s def worth it..I don’t like to rush into the next lesson.. I need to have the chords sounding almost perfect before I go on..oh and tons of songs to learn.. love this app

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    5-star content, 1-star App

    I really want to rate higher because I’m loving the Guitar Tricks content, but using the App is extremely frustrating. The back-arrow in upper left is virtually unusable on my iPhone touch; that alone makes it pretty much unusable. The Jam Station has no navigational controls to go back or control your position (it’s a learning app!), and it renders askew and unusable much of the time anyway. Then, the sound can’t play when the screen is locked, meaning I have to manually futz with my device settings to disable the lock, and drastically shorten my battery life, making it useless for extended practice. I could go on. I paid a lot of money to have full member access, and while I really like the content, I feel that as a company you have drastically underestimated the role of the mobile device in something so inherently portable as learning a guitar.

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    When I was in my twenties, I taught 10+ people how to fly a helicopter, from zero experience to a private, commercial, instrument, instructor, etc. rating, using a structured program. Works almost every time. When I tried taking guitar lessons (3 different instructors) in my advanced years, the instructors had no plan, no structure, no stated goals. I spent a good portion of each lesson watching them display their talents. Then another third of the lesson sitting and watching them decide what they wanted me to practice for the next lesson. It just didn’t work for my mindset. I’m sold on this program. I think they are doing it the right way.

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    Incredibly easy and successful

    I am a beginner and have taken lessons from two different instructors, who were in my mind, real good. When people told me to go on-line for lessons, I had the impression of a young dud in a garage teaching me what he knows to earn some extra money for beer. This is not the case with GuitarTricks—it’s structured, well organized, has a jam track for most lessons to practice with, and I can binge lesson when I have a lot of time. These folks have guitar lessons nailed, I have no questions after each lesson and I feel progress with each lesson. It’s propelled my guitar success and gratification with playing.

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    Guitar tricks is a tremendous boost for me.

    I had just been essentially doing warm up exercises and dabbling with various guitar apps. It was not until I started with GuitarTricks I expanded my playing by an order of magnitude. I was basically just trying to exercise my fingers and toughen up my finger tips on my fretting hand. I didn’t not want to pickup any bad habits. It was not until this I began picking cords and building a base. The more I am learning the more I am wanting to play. I feel by the time I finish the beginner courses I will have a solid foundation. From there I can pick up other guitar tabs and other theories.

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    Long Time User

    Some instructors talk way too much, especially with the advanced Learn How to Play songs. When teaching a phrase, why not play the notes as a slow musical phrase instead of singularly reciting the position or name if each note out of the phrase context? It’s really frustrating. I don’t think advanced players need as much hand holding. Also why can’t I search for a single song (mobile app) without scrolling through the lists? On the bright side, I’ve learned many more difficult songs with you guys than I ever did ruining my old records! Just wish you could get those private lesson costs down for long time users. Keep up the good work, I’m still a paying customer!

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    Good learning and practice tool

    The app is great for easy access to good content. I like the instructors level of detail and pace for each level. The app gets ongoing improvements which is good. I use it almost every day and they keep adding content which is key. Update : Nov 2018 > still using Guitar Tricks daily and am starting to use courses for different styles which GT provides. I've see no other online sites that have the level of video training for beginners through to advanced. Lastly GT's content covers many genres. Always best quality for each and every lesson.

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    Great Learning Tool

    Guitar Tricks is packed with beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Tons of tools, practice videos, info on gear and types of music and artists. The instructors are top notch!!! The app is easy to use, intuitive, has everything the website has in an easy to use package. I have not encountered any technical problems with the app. I like guitar tricks because they stay true to the songs they teach, the don't "dumb down" the songs, slow them down, or abbreviate them - they teach the authentic version of the song. They do offer some simplified versions, but label them as such.

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    Lessons are fine, App needs work.

    No fast forward, rewind, or scrubbing through the jam tracks? There isn’t even a simple way to stop and start over from the beginning, you’re forced to listen to the entire track before you can start over? Super frustrating. Screen formatting on iPads seems a bit off in places. Things are cut off on the screen. Come on. Biggest problem. There really needs to be a way of bookmarking where one is in the countless core learning system and song lessons. It’s very easy to forget where you left off and looking in the history is not convenient nor entirely effective. Good new is that there is a ton of great content, bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be a way of organizing it in a way that is useful to the user in the way of favoriting lessons or bookmarking. I seem to be spending a silly amount of time trying to find things I want to easily return to. The low rating is because these seem like app fundamentals to me. Focus seems to be on the website (where all these functions exist), but the app, which I would prefer to use, lags substantially.

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    Don’t Believe Negative Reviews

    Guitar Tricks, their organized approach, small bite lessons (typically 5-minutes), and tracking system is phenomenal. Better than anything else out there. I can’t understand the few reviews that are at all negative (most are very favorable). I think some people just like to criticize because it makes them feel in control, powerful, and good despite their miserable lives. If they could do better, then why don’t they? Hard to do better than Guitar Tricks, in my view. Guitar Tricks is outstanding and I highly recommend.

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Is Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Safe?

Yes. Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,122 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Is 53.7/100.

Is Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Legit?

Yes. Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,122 Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks Is 53.7/100.

Is Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks not working?

Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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