Piascore - Smart Music Score Reviews

Piascore - Smart Music Score Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-16

** More than 3,000,000 musicians are now using the Piascore! ** ** iPad Pro,
iPhone X Ready! ** "Piascore" is an iPad/iPhone application for browsing
digital musical scores. Piascore's concept is "VIEWING MUSICAL SCORE FROM
EVERYWHERE - ANYWHERE, ANY TIME." Here comes an application wh...

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Piascore - Smart Music Score Reviews

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    Convenient, but really glitchy

    This app is great for me as a music major in college. Downloading sheet music online is my favorite feature by far, and I love being able to add tags to my sheet music to organize them. Plus it’s free, that’s always a plus. My biggest problem with this app is how unresponsive it can be. It gets particularly glitchy when I’m doing score study. For example, doing a bunch of highlighting will make the undo and redo buttons respond super slowly. Consequently, it will also take a long time for the annotations on my sheet music to load, which gets frustrating after a while. Additionally, the app mistakes zooming out and scrolling gestures for writing A LOT, which leaves so many small, yet annoying, marks all over every document. The app also crashes sometimes, if it receives too much information from notating or finger gestures. I also really don’t like that there are only four slots for annotating, two for pens and the other two for highlighters. It’s really inconvenient having to switch between colors and sizes so many times while I’m analyzing a score. Again, great app, but issues like these make using it unenjoyable at times for me. Two features I would really love to see added, as well, would be a square grid that pops up when tilting the page to adjust it, and a feature that automatically zooms out when you exit the annotation mode, so you can see the full page right away. Hope this review helps, and thank you for making this app :)

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    Practical and versatile

    I love this app and use it for all my chorale scores, on which I mark up the music with my notes, but when I hand in my paper score it has stayed clean and unmarked. I use it in performance because it’s much lighter to hold out in front of yourself while standing on risers for an hour and a half than a binder full of paper and booklets. I also use it for my piano scores. I love the set lists, as I use much of the music over and over and can so easily choose the music for that days program and put it in performance order. And, as long as you have the song loaded, it’s much quicker to make last minute changes to the set list contents as well as changing the order. I would really appreciate the ability to add pages to an existing piece ( currently I have to reload all the pages again and add the new page in then). Also to be able to make notations or alterations on a page that I have copied multiple times without the changes appearing on every copy; for example, I prefer to copy the refrain of a song rather than jumping back and forth, but I’ll try to change the ending of the final refrain and it changes it on every refrain page. Great app. There’s a great potential for growth within this app as well.

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    Hits the sweet spot between functional and really easy to use

    Reliable and really easy to use, but with plenty of features. Some might need a few more bells and whistles if doing something complex, but this is perfect for me. Marked it down a star because lately it has been draining my iPad battery in the background, when I'm not using either the iPad or Pia Score. Closing the app before putting away the iPad might fix this, but it's a new issue. I can get through a 4-hour gig with PiaScore open and the screen ON the entire time, so my issue is what happens when I'm not actively using the app or the iPad. I pick up the iPad expecting it to be fully charged and it reports that Pia used up 99% of the battery power. Still a great app, if you remember to shut it down when you are done using it!

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    Used to be amazing, but getting buggy

    I love this app, but it’s becoming a real pain with all the bugs. I will note my two most frustrating ones here: 1) The app now constantly freezes. I have an iPad Pro, 1st generation. Recently, whenever I try to switch between songs in a set list by hitting the back button or similar tasks, the app will just freeze. Sometimes it freezes for up to a minute before it becomes useable again. This is extremely problematic, especially during a live concert situation when I’m sitting there with my music frozen while the song is starting. This has been happening for about the past 6 months (from August 2019). 2) For some reason recently every song PDF I import (download from iCloud) is being imported with lower-case song titles no matter how I named the file being imported. I’m fairly meticulous with my file management, and I make titles with specific capitalization where needed. It’s very annoying to have to redo this step unnecessarily because it was imported in all lower-case. This is a newer issue that did not used to happen. I do love this app, and I want to be able to give it 5 stars, but these bugs are killing me. Please get these fixed and I will put my rating back up where it belongs! Thanks!

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    Download this App, it's AMAZING!!!

    I downloaded this app after it was recommended to me by my father, who plays professionally. I'm the lead worship guitarist at my church and depend on my iPad now more than ever for the music. I have to say, I was very impressed at how simple it is to use! The program is very intuitive and easy the Set Lists are very easy to create. Adding the songs is just as simple and works with your camera or photo album to directly import. I will definitely see myself using this app from now on instead of my binder. Do not hesitate to download this app and use it! It's definitely the best one out there for free!

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    Great App For A Keyboard Player

    I’m a keyboard player at our church and I needed an app with which I could quickly re-order our set list, and easily change out songs. I also needed to be able to write notes on the page as needed. I have an Apple Pencil and this app is wonderful. I easily added all our PDFs to the app, and can create set lists adding any of them I want. I can reorder the set list on the fly, and once I figured out how to change the color and size of the pen tool, I can easily add notes. I can create several playlists for any gigs I have to do. I love this app.

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    The perfect hands-free scrolling app! No more page turns!

    Best app for hands free scrolling. I was using the Musicnotes app since I buy a lot of sheet music for their website. However, I found manual touching of the screen to be awkward. Even the use of a Bluetooth pedal wasn't natural for me. This app allows the music to vertically scroll, so there's no page turning at all! Hallelujah! If the screen moves too fast or too slow, you can easily move the screen up or down with your finger to get you back on track. Over time, you begin to know if a song is too slow and the scrolling has to be set at a slower speed. I selected some free classical songs. I also loaded some of my favorite sheet music into my Dropbox account, and it easily transferred to this app. I made setlists which continue to scroll, song after song. Love it! No complaints at all!

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    Great for score reading

    This is a great app for holding my many books of charts. It seems to crash frequently when I add a lot of charts at once, but so far it hasn’t crashed while on a gig. It doesn’t let you create charts in the app like some other apps do. It’s very user friendly and I love it that it changes the page orientation automatically when you put the iPad on its side. However, when you make sets, sometimes it splits the pages incorrectly when viewing two pages at once (ie, pg 1 of one piece is displayed with pg 1 of another song.

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    New owner/ user

    I’m finding this very frustrating. I have a lot of music I have purchased and would like to put it into Piascore to simplify my life but for the life of me I am not able to figure this out. I don’t consider myself outdated for computer functions but this sure has me stumped. Good luck new users. I look forward to someone stepping in so I can move this to 4 or 5 stars from the one I gave it. I paid for the upgraded version. Please help, somebody. Thanks.

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    Indispensable tool

    I think the title of the product and the perception of what you can do with this is different than what you end up with. Or the reason you’re looking for a program like this in the first place tends to get skewed In the description. This is an all in one Swiss Army knife of sheet music. And you can search and get your hands on the notes you need to see to learn. If you’re studying scores it’s a must have. The access to composers is unsurpassed in any legit app.

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    Fits like a glove

    I really like this app. If you are going to use the camera import, I would suggest using the camera app, balancing the black and white, and then importing from the camera album. The only thing I’d like to see is a way to combine playlists. All the other features are great. I use it with a page turning pedal, and it is wonderful. In the Beethoven scherzo, I have to turn forward and back several times. Works great.

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    When uploading files to the app, the app will often crash and cause my I pad to completely shut down. It will flash a purple screen then turn off. I have a brand new 12.9 i pad pro so I know the device isn’t the problem. The app crashed very similarly on my IPad Air. Sometimes it also crashes when I leave the app open and lock the I pad. I like the app its self and the ability to create set lists but I hate that it crashes literally every time I use it. It makes me nervous as to whether it’s going to crash or not during a Sunday morning service.

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    You can’t do anything without support...

    Good editing features, page-turn scrolling and probably many other amazing things - if you can actually find a file. And upgrading to save MusicXML files, it worked once, now photos only become PDFs, and the XML files I saved? Nowhere to be found... I want my subscription $$ back. As most tech, it’s for the high-end users who do complex stuff. For the simple daily tasks? Good luck finding basic functions in their minimal “Help” files...

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    Great app well worth the price

    Intuitive and seamless to use. Very useful to search for free music scores on line or take photos of paper copies or open PDF files into PiaScore by “sharing. Easy to organise and annotate music. Handy page turn feature integrated with Roland digital pianos. Developer very responsive with questions/suggestions.

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    My music is finally organized and mobile

    I love this app and have puts 100’s of songs on that I can now easily take with me anywhere I go. Simple to use and very robust to share music and download songs. This is the best thing I have used to get and stay organized with my music.

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Is Piascore - Smart Music Score Safe?

Yes. Piascore - Smart Music Score is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 561 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Piascore - Smart Music Score Is 65.0/100.

Is Piascore - Smart Music Score Legit?

Yes. Piascore - Smart Music Score is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 561 Piascore - Smart Music Score User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Piascore - Smart Music Score Is 65.0/100.

Is Piascore - Smart Music Score not working?

Piascore - Smart Music Score works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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