Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Reviews

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-12

Create your very own Barbie Dreamhouse experience! You can design every room.
Meet my BFFs, my puppies and Blissa! Join us for a bunch of fun activities in
the Dreamhouse: baking, dancing or epic pool parties! Go out and explore Malibu
with my pink convertible for even more fun activitie...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Reviews

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    App is fine except one thing👍☝️

    First of all only nine The reason I don’t like this App is because I have the VIP now I had my stuff when I did update today I had the 🎁 and don’t now and it cost so much for just a game you guys to make more simulator apps of Barbie and her house and have everything except buying stuff but this is really fun game and this is the only game that I like about Barbie in the season two and Barbie you should have Zach game the people who made this game are really good except you guys should just not put my part and I tried to call and we hung up because nobody would answer and we wanted to get the VIP and the numbers are really easy so kids could go in and buy it themselves and I think you guys should make that more better so that kids can’t get on that stuff and know their own 💴 The number inside the game kids can just call the number on your cell phones or their mom someone sneak it in a kitchen I grabbed her self phones I really love this game you guys are going to half to look at my Settings and take off the money part we don’t like this and my mom is talking to this to asking me to tell you guys OK love you guys look at this and just make sure that it’s safe before you buy it or do anything with it I want to make another review and I do I didn’t mess anything up in the house too so you can just go on there and love you bye my name is Lexi Chloe kitten land in your car man so just have a good day and we love you bye

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    Its cool but some changes NEED to be made!!

    I love the game! It’s so cool that you can explore Barbie’s house. At the same time I hate it because you only have Nikki,Barbie, and a few rooms. Then your like “oh yah you can get more! Phew because Stacie is my favorite character! “ ...................................”what...? You have to pay for the characters and cool stuff.? Oh good there’s a vip where you can just be happy and have them all......” but later “you gotta pay some money...okay...........umm............did I read that right?” WHAT IM SAYING IS you shouldn’t have to pay money for everything and instead you have to solve a problem like in episode one where the house was malfunctioning. Also that it is online! That would be super cool! But people could mess up your house so either make it possible to lock the house or that people can’t change your house only you can. Actually it’d be cool if you can do Barbie,ken, AND the mean neighbor people’s home! But PLEASE listen to me! I love y’all but honestly some changes need to be made! I do love this game it’s so detailed! I also think you should add mr. and mrs. whateverbarbieslastnameis are included and their rooms and Chelsea’s room and Stacie and skipper’s room. Please 👏😞I’m kinda dying here!!!!!!!!!!,☹️⌛️⏳📲

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    Pretty good except a few things

    First of all I think it’s a really good game except why does everything cost so much and almost all the clothes are locked second I think that you should add bedrooms for Chelsea, skipper, and Stacy it would make it more fun to have more rooms to explore I love that you added the bathroom but another thing is if you accidentally put something in the garbage that you did not mean to you should have a place where you can get it back besides that it’s a very good game! I’m just adding on to my review about the new festive Dreamhouse. Can you please add some Hanukkah🕎decorations? Everything is Christmas and not everybody just celebrates Christmas. So add a menorah(or two!), Hanukkah wallpaper, and Hanukkah toys to wrap. As I said before I love the app but if you add these items I would up my review to a five star⭐️ so yeah just fix these things and again I love the game!!

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    Very cool app but would like more

    This is a very cool app where you can change outfits, cook, have them watch videos and interact. I love that they added a bathroom. As much as I like getting lots of gifts every time you get enough hearts there’s so many items that I don’t know what to do with and they can only go in certain areas like on certain parts of walls or certain shelves that are big enough. It would be really, really awesome if they could go in the back yard at some point. You can make out a gazebo and everything and I think the back yard is pretty spacious so you could put some things there. Also if each sister had a room or at least shared another room so you could decorate their separate rooms that would be so fun! And of course it would be great if every now and then we got new outfits and hairstyles :) it is a fun app though so thanks but I agree if you’re paying basically $6/month I would expect a little more like more rooms to be opened up later and new clothes to earn like for example when you reach the 7th day gift box maybe get a new hairstyle or outfit or piece of clothing. :)

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    Why does Teresa keep eating my food. But no offense best App ever

    I am trying to make food for some girls out on the Garden field but whenever I try to get Teresa to hold it she just eats. Anyways please respond as fast as you can because this is really hard to deal with🤗. Oh and one more thing try to make skipper with out the VIP thing is I really want to and I can’t afford it because my dad doesn’t let me. Well I am seven years old. Oh and one more thing try to make mom and dad and please still make there a limit to the gifts I just think it’s not fair and like I said I’m only seven years old so it’s really unfair and you should get unlimited gifts and maybe one of the gifts like I said should be to get mom and dad so well they are part of the series so you got include him and also you should also get a garage in the game thanks please try to include one of these things cause it would make the game a little better but I gave you guys a five star review so please don’t take any offense

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    Eh it’s pretty good

    My little sister has this game and somehow she stays entertained for a good amount of time. Even though we have a five year difference I grew up with all the barbie movies and had lots of the dolls and play sets. I opened the app to see how it was and you can barley do anything without vip. All the fun games and basically more than half the app is vip. I get it, the company needs to gain money in someway but maybe you could make more things “non-vip” something all players can play for free. Or like a small video of all the games / perks so if you do consider buying vip for yourself or child, you know what your getting for your money. The vip itself isn’t that expensive and it does give you good perks. But again people who can’t waste money on games, you can barley do anything without a way the company shows off “but vip for the action and/or game”. Other then that good game and the house is exactly like the show! The graphics are great and it’s colorful and vibrant. Wish you could buy the pups though. Would have been a nice edition. Other then that great game!

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    Fun for a bit

    This app can be fun, but the tasks and environments are fairly repetitive. Also in my opinion it’s not worth a $4.99 monthly subscription fee for the VIP package. Maybe a one time cost would be fair, but I found the additions to be pretty lame. Before purchasing it seemed like it’d be more games ect, but it was really just more rooms/things for the characters to interact with as well as unlocking all the characters. It’d be nice if the characters could interact with each other or there were mini games and/or challenges. You basically just have your characters eat, shower, get dressed, and do yoga on repeat. Even the VIP version of the wardrobe is pretty limited in choices. There is potential here for more engaging and enjoyable play that I wished the developers had taken advantage of. Also it’s not entirely user friendly for younger kids, even as the adult I wasn’t sure how to do some of the task (like make a stuffed bell pepper.) Overall this is a bright happy game that’s safe for kids, but it’s not worth $4.99/month for the upgrade, and I’m afraid without the VIP package this game would get boring quick.

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    The thing that will make it the best

    You know maybe add Chelsea and Stacy and their mom and dad and get the ADDS UNDER CONTROL!!! But I was thinking maybe you can make the photo shoot the concert and the puppy playground that would be great if you made it free and why are the characters locked with the set? Just maybe make all of the characters free and yeah please but make Stacy and Chelsea free and not locked and also maybe add some more rooms and the bedrooms make 3 of them 1 is Chelsea's and the other 1 is stacys and keep the first room also just maybe make it online where you can talk to other people and visit their houses and freind them and please respond and also WHEN IS THE BATHROOM COMING?! Also I got all of the gifts and well now I can't get anymore because I would have to get a set but also maybe make all of the clothes free and not in the sets please that would be awsome! Bye

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    Pls read

    Ok so im like basically 12 and i love this pls add stacie & Skipper’s room their room is totally awesome also I don’t know if you work with the tv show Barbies Dreamhouse adventures it’s been a while I don’t remember anyway if you do ask them if they can add mom and dads room so we can see!!! Also,i think you should add the trailer Ken’s house and if you read this and ask the creator’s of the show add mom and dad and there room as i said in the title pls read i know you need to read alot but I barely write reviews and this my first I’ve ever given 5 🤑 stars so pls read!hi this is edited cause i forgot to say you should also add barbies friends house👯‍♀️👯‍♀️!we should also be able to go to the beach and go to Wisconsin (just like in the episode were Barbie visited her aunt)😜Thanks guys this game is the best i hope you read and respond! Byeeeeeee!!!

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    Needs some work

    I love the game but I just noticed this only Barbie gets a room everyone else has to share and there’s only one bed so how the heck can fit 9 people in one bed. I had this idea but may need a lot of time so you could give everyone one a room that fits there personally like let’s say the pups they get a cute room that has a dog treat maker so they get treats and a puppy bunk bed so like two dog beds on one normal bed. You should do bunk beds or something for everyone cuz like everyone wants to sleep at same time you can’t put 10 or 11 people in one bed. Here’s another idea to make a library so it has tons of books and fire place and stuff and if that happened I would play for hours and hours but I only play for 10 minutes then play a different game so please make a big update soon.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🐶

  • By

    Nice to play, but overpriced

    I’ve been playing this app on many different devices since this app came out. However this means that I was able to see the previous versions of the app. The first of these versions, for one, did not contain any adds and had a one time payment feature for the VIP Club. However, that was still pretty overpriced at $20 for everything. However, with the new rooms that come with the newer versions there are things you lose. Like the fruit. I think only giving regular members access to 3 fruits is one of the changes that this app made that I dislike the most. At one point, they gave you a lot of gifts. But after the new update, I got much less. I didn’t update the version on my phone because I like the older kitchen and amount of gifts better. However, I love the core aspect of the app; pretend play. That is why I have been playing the app for months and will most likely keep on playing this game until I grow out of it. I will hope that the developers expand the house, remove the adds, and add more things in for free or just lower prices. Either way, I tried the free trial and will probably not purchase this app but adored playing it for one week. And that made the experience worth it for me. PACE!

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    Love it but..

    Ok. First, hey sole eater! Do you mind chilling out. Their are kids in this world that don’t know what cussing is. You should watch your mouth. As a mom, your bad at it. I mean, I’m a 11 year old, but you are acting like a idiot. Sorry but when theirs cussing around, I freak. So shut your stupid mouth and look in reality! Please! Your daughter is probably going to be a handful with all you bulcrap! So shut you dumb, stupid mouth! Then again, I’m really sorry!! Anyway, I love this game!! But why the money!!!! I mean, no offense, but your game is not worth $6.99 a month. I joined the VIP group but then I lost the game In storage. I got the game back, but the vip was gone, I tried restore purchases, but it didn’t work!!! Please!!! No more money!!! I’m poor and so is my family. It’s sad!!! Please change! And sole eater, no more cussing, I will sue you!!

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    Love it!! But...

    I love the game in many different ways. But...I think there can be a few ways to make it better!! So just sit and listen. My first way to make it better is, so you know how it says “This character is on vacation but will come back soon.” Ok so I think they should come back on certain days for a week or so, so someone how wants to buy can experience it more than just a 7-day free trial. Or you can earn them a certain way. And about the new garden I know it is really cool you get to go outside! But I think you should give the seeds more often. Not just in the VIP pass. I hope you change these thing so people can enjoy the game a lots more! Well that’s all I have to say, thanks for reading this review! And I hope you have a blessed rest of your day!😊

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    Overall this is a good game but more things need to be free

    This game is really good but I want to interact more with my characters like the pool needs to be free some more characters need to be free and at least a animal can be free instead of me buying things and it also needs and update where you can have a car and it takes you to the city and you can go to stores and shop and mingle with other people and go on dates but overall this game is really interesting and awesome but please upgrade this please and add the dream camper to the house so we can travel and please please please make the pool free so we can swim but thank you for all that you do and looking forward for a new update and can you make the pool free plz my parents won’t let me buy anything

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    Not saving

    So I love his app I even spent money on it, which makes it even more annoying that it’s not working. I worked really hard to decorate my house but one day all my work just changed my house had either gone back to the original way or completely changed to a new thing. It is very frustrating because my house was really cute and it’s gone. Every time I try to fix it and then go to a different room come back and it’s gone again. I even tried deleting the app and re-purchasing it. Not only did it not work but then I just wasted throwing out all the gifts I earned. Please, please find a way to fix this bug because I really like this app and don’t want to delete it. Of this problem is fixed I will happily right a new four or even five star review. 🤞🏼thanks!

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Is Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Safe?

Yes. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 71,017 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Is 29.4/100.

Is Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Legit?

Yes. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 71,017 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Is 29.4/100.

Is Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures not working?

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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