Publix Delivery Reviews

Publix Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Publix Delivery lets you order groceries from your neighborhood Publix to be
shopped and delivered by Instacart* the same day, in as little as one hour.

Just create an Instacart account and then order
from the South’s favorite supermarket via Instacart. Get f...

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Publix Delivery Reviews

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    Let me share my experience of getting no groceries

    I placed an order today - about $80 in groceries. While I was pleasantly surprised with the fee structure and ordering process - that’s about where my approval stopped with this. As my order delivery time approached, I got an email telling me that my order is delayed. The new estimate time was sent. That time came and passed. I waited 30 min after the new estimated delivery time and my order said it was still in the store . I finally called customer service - and the customer service rep apologized and offered me a free delivery on my next order. When I explained to her that offering me a discount if I should choose to spend more money with them doesn’t rectify the situation. I asked her to go ahead and refund my order since she couldn’t give me an estimate on delivery and had no details on the status of my order. The net result was 3 hours later - no food and waiting 7 days for the credit back to my card. This will be the first and last time I order with them. Next time I’ll just drive to Publix and save myself the wasted time.

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    Convenient but atrocious cust svc

    I love the idea of ordering groceries for delivery and this app handles the basics just fine. But one of the features I would like to enjoy is the ability to place an order for delivery several hours later. I do this while at work and want things delivered at night. The app lets you do this but every single time - not just sometimes, every single time - I do so the delivery comes early. Sometimes I’m home for this but not always, and if you’re not home they cancel the order. When I called to complain both the cust svc rep and his supervisor said they didn’t know how to fix, explained how this wasn’t really a cust svc issue and tried to explain that their algorithm for giving orders to drivers probably was the issue. i asked a simple question - how do we make sure this doesn’t happen next time? They couldn’t answer it.

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    Ok needs some improvements

    The app categories are not organized well. There should be a category for BOGO and organic items. Also BOGO only works in the app when you buy the exact same item.. not like in the store where you can mix flavors for the BOGO etc. You also can’t save items for easy access next time. You also pick the time at the end which I don’t like, i’de prefer it to be at the start. Also, there should be something to indicate them to substitute items (last week my item was out, they couldn’t get ahold of me and then I didn’t get my item), They should model the app to be like the Walmart grocery pickup app which is really easy and user friendly. I don’t mind paying more for the food to get Publix quality. I’ll keep using the app for now but am looking forward to updates.

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    Couple kinks in the process

    If an item is not available, you’d think it wouldn’t be offered. The app doesn’t seem to be in sync with the stock. And the prices are not the same as in the store. So you’re not only paying a delivery fee and a service fee and a gratuity but you’re also paying more per item. The app also says that The service fee is 5%, but it is charging me 10%. I was told to just call the next day and get it refunded. Plus when you enter the option of a 20% gratuity, when the shopper can’t buy the item because it is not in stock, then my total is lower, But the original 20% gratuity is the same. Some problems need to be figured out… It’s a great service to have when you really need it though. I can’t often get out because of health issues. So this is really really convenient for me and I do greatly appreciate it.

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    Great until the item isn’t available

    Convenient and occasionally super fast but I once checked the map during delivery to see how close they were and I watched the driver stay in the same place on a road that was opposite the direction of the store and my home for over ten minutes. Did he go home for a while before bring my stuff? I don’t know but usually I get a better person. My only complaint about the app is I hate that I choose a replacement ahead of time and the shopper doesn’t use that information. I constantly have to check if I need to tell them the replacement again. And if the replacement isn’t available you get a refund instead of an opportunity to replace again.

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    Be careful!

    They show you buy one get one free items and let you place them in your cart and even pay. Once your shopper is at the store they will message you and tell you that these items are not available and they preselect replacement options for you. Feels like they lure you in with false advertisement just to get you to buy groceries. You also have to pay delivery fees and pay driver tips as well. Not to mention that in the writing it shows you that prices are higher on the app than in store to cover costs for insta cart!!!! Use caution will never order like this again. How do we know the people in the store are sanitizing their hands while handling your groceries. Also they charged me about 30% more money to cover any issues but yet it takes them up to 7 days to refund left over balance??? Where is my interest for borrowing my money??

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    Lots of changes/ missing items

    I can never trust that the items I choose will actually be available. My order tonight had 6 “changes”. Two of those were for a recipe that didn’t allow for changes, so I had to delete the other ingredients in the recipe after the shopper had already gotten those items. It’s never odd items either. One time they were completely out of bananas. Another time I had friends over and one of them required a gluten free item. It was canceled and no alternative was offered. This time it was cilantro, ice cream, green onions, almond butter, raspberries. The reason I use this service is so I don’t have to deal with the hassles of shopping, but I find I have to constantly watch my phone because of all the changes.

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    Horrible customer service

    I’ve been using this app forever, mistakes happen no problem. But the complete lack of customer service is ridiculous. I not only had an entire bag of groceries missing, I got someone else bag, and got an email saying someone would contact me shortly... no one connected me for days. I tried calling the number just rings and rings. I finally sent an email, finally got a response saying they needed more information? Um, ok? May 10th 31 items, 3:16pm delivery. I made the list of missing items the day of but have no access to that information now days later... and then no response 2 days pass and I sent another email!! I don’t understand how I got someone else’s bag of groceries I’m missing a complete bag of groceries and no refund no email... really? I won’t be using this service anymore. Extremely disappointed.

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    Expensive and dangerous

    I had hurt my foot so decided to give this a try. I was upset with my first order because as stated on the app I payed higher prices to cover the service but they then charged a $9 service fee on top which is outrageous. They also messed up and charged me for both items with bogo deals. They fixed the pricing error but the rest they explained was they were a business...this was double charging. I decided to try one more time before my trail period ended and that charge is $149 for the year. The person that showed up at my door was not who they said it was going to be on the app. A person who did not work for them showed up at my residence. The solution? They offered me a $10 credit towards my next purchase. Hardly comforting after putting my safety at risk. Also useless considering I will never use this again!

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    Poor Customer Service

    Rude and condescending. My brother tried to use this service and his order got dropped not once but twice. When he called to have the issue resolved and possibly be refunded, he spoke to a person named Jason who thought it appropriate to belittle my brother while he was frustrated by calling him “bud” and “buddy” and told him- the wronged customer- to “keep it professional”. My brother called again after dealing with Jason to speak to a supervisor, and while speaking with her she started laughing at him. Unbelievably bad customer service, use with caution. If your shopper decides they don’t want to complete the order, you won’t be told why and will have to deal with rude incompetence to have the possibility of getting your money back. I’m surprised and a bit saddened that Publix is associated with them; Publix usually has such good customer service.

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    Being elderly and having spent lots of time in hospitals and rehab, I am not able to do my own shopping at present! The instacart gives good opportunity to look at each item before purchasing, and you can edit and revise your list up until the time they are actually starting to shop for you!! A great convenience for those of us who need it for whatever reason! I now know more younger people who use this service because it is a great timesaver for them!!

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    This was literally the worse ever. If ic an give this no stars I would. I’m not the type of person to leave reviews but this was so bad I had to make one to advise you not to use this. I ordered a sub that said it would take 2 hours to get here ! I thought wow that’s a long wait but no matter they’re usually busy. 3 hours go by and nothing ! 30 mins after the shopper asked me what bread did I wanted when I already wrote on the instructions that I wanted white so I didn’t reply hoping they will figure it out. Another 20 mins later , frustrated I asked what was taking so long and he replied you never told me what bread !? They have my phone number and never thought to call if they really didn’t know ? So almost 4 hours later ? Poor customer service for almost double the price. Never again

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    Pathetic customer service

    I had a delivery today that was delivered early, before the time frame that I requested when I put in the order. I messaged the delivery driver advising I left work early to meet her, even though she was early and asked her to wait for me. She then proceeded to leave my groceries by the front door, in 80 degree weather, in the blazing sun. All of my perishables were spoiled, I had to drive to the store and replace them myself so we could have dinner. I messaged customer service, and they offered free delivery for my next order. They refused to reimburse me for the spoiled food their driver ruined. I am shocked by their insulting response to this situation. I will be filing a complaint with the better business bureau, deleting the app, and I will recommend everyone I know who uses Publix Delivery to do the same.

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    takes forever if you want it soon!

    nothing is the same as a publix sub which is why i decided to order one, but when i used this i had no high expectations. most other delivery apps are awful as well, because they take so unnecessarily long to arrive. i was supposed to have my order arrive in 2 hours, but it went to 3 hours. this would have been acceptable except i live 5 minutes from publix. it would’ve taken less time to walk there, get my food, and walk home! my person spent 40 minutes in the store getting 3 THINGS. i’d use this if i wanted a large amount of things and didn’t have time to shop, but any other reason i would not. not going to use this app again!😀

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    Higher prices and shoppers constantly get wrong items!

    First off, this app is charging you around 20-50 cents extra per item, which I can somewhat understand as it’s a convenience but there’s also a service charge and of course you should tip your delivery driver. However, the shoppers/delivery drivers are constantly not finding the correct items when they are clearly in stock. I just placed an order for pickup and all of the most important items on the order were swapped for something else when they were actually in stock, the person just didn’t bother to find them. Called instacart to refund whole order and they said there’s a 15 dollar cancellation fee?! Luckily, the person said they are putting in to get it waived.

A better way to Contact apps

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Is Publix Delivery Safe?

Yes. Publix Delivery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 9,054 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Publix Delivery Is 20.3/100.

Is Publix Delivery Legit?

Yes. Publix Delivery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 9,054 Publix Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Publix Delivery Is 20.3/100.

Is Publix Delivery not working?

Publix Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Publix Delivery customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Publix Delivery.

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