Afterlight — Photo Editor Reviews

Afterlight — Photo Editor Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-22

We at Afterlight are passionate about high quality filters, real film textures
and precise editing tools, so we created the most complete & easy to use photo
editor on mobile. Get Afterlight now free! [ 130+ UNIQUE FILTERS ] Full access
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Afterlight — Photo Editor Reviews

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    Some feedback

    I’ve been using afterlight for quite a while, it is definitely my #1 app that I use for editing. I love it so much so that I actually gifted my mom this app as well so she can have a simple, yet amazing app to edit her photos with. It is super easy to navigate! But there are a few things that I think the developers should put into consideration… When using the app from the photos app on iPhone… It sometimes turns black, the photo disappears and it is starting to get a tad bit annoying at this point… I am unsure if this is just me or what, but if someone from the Afterlight Dev team sees this, I need you to try to do this… Go to the photos app, choose a photo, press “edit” on the top right of the photo, press the three dots (...) that is just left of the red “revert” button. If afterlight isn’t showing on the tab that popped up, then go to “more” on the very right, then toggle afterlight “on” , then press done, open afterlight from the photos app (don't go to the actual afterlight app), then try editing, mess around with different tools and see if the picture you’re editing randomly turns black or disappears, and if it does then can you guys please issue a fix for it? Either that or make it to where I can modify the original photo from the afterlight app so i don't have a duplicate.

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    Initial thoughts

    After using the 1st Afterlight app for a few years I couldn’t wait to get the newest creation. I absolutely loved the 1st Afterlight, using it over any other photo editing apps. That being said, the newest version of Afterlight is very much the same except for the new “Fusion” and “Double exposure” features. While the features are nice and provide an additional touch to your editing they aren’t enough for me to justify the cost to get this newer version of Afterlight. In my opinion, if you already have the 1st version of Afterlight then you don’t have a need for Afterlight 2. Afterlight 2 does have an updated look and layout which is extremely appealing and easy to use. Overall it is the same app minus a few newly added features, which I feel shouldn’t have been a qualification for a new app and should have been an update to the original Afterlight. FINAL THOUGHTS, I am an avid user of photo editing applications so I would absolutely purchase Afterlight 2 again due to the overall experience and quality of the app. Afterlight is in my opinion the best photo editing application available for your smart devices!

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    I’ve been a fan of Afterlight since its early debut. I was an early user back in 2012 or so. Afterlight stood out to me with its utility and photo customization, and it gave me what I needed and a little more with fun filters, photo flip options and some whacky frame shapes. I was really satisfied with the UI design, but I feel out of love with the app a few years ago as my interests in phone edits dwindled, then it became filler in my home screen. Now, that I’m back on Instagram with a new phone, Afterlight seemed like the best fit for a one hit K.O. But at first I couldn’t download the app because Afterlight 2 had come out in the midst of my hiatus; which was only valid for the new 10, so AppStore didn’t recognize my previous purchase. The app is now free with a series of in app features that are accessible through expensive memberships (for apps). Although it’s a change that was probably better for the team I was surprised to see how much it was. Despite the price I truly appreciate the app and its utility. From my experience this app works well.

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    Breath of fresh air

    Finally a developer recognizes that they can provide a revenue stream the old fashioned way - by building in new features and capabilities BEFORE reaching into their customers' pockets. The new Afterlight isn't a breakthrough product, but it assembles features that might otherwise require several separate apps. And it isn't just that convenience -- they are competently wrapped into a new shiny package. If you have the original Afterlight, and found it useful, I recommend buying the upgrade for no more reason than as a tip to the developers for a job well done. If you never used the first version, I heartily recommend adding it to your post-photo session tool kit. And to developers going out of their way to slice their apps up into half a dozen in-app purchases or even worse, subscriptions, Afterlight 2 shows that there is a more respectable way to make a living.

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    Great app. Practically flawless, could use a couple changes

    I love this app. After manually editing digital photos the past 15 years, it’s nice to throw a photo in this app and run some quick adjustments for a great outcome. It’s now my go-to app when photo editing. So much so that it’s replaced my use with Lightroom and other apps with 90% of my images. I do think there are a few opportunities, however. I wish the individual hue adjustments had negative value sliders in addition to positive value sliders. I often find it difficult to achieve the exact hue i’m looking for with certain colors because i can’t pull the slider backwards. I wish the adjustments weren’t permanent after you apply them. For example, I add a filter, then i’ll add some individual adjustments. Then maybe i want to change the filter but keep the individual adjustments. There is no way to do this. The history tool only allows you to go back one action at a time. It would be nice to be able to remove a specific adjustments further back in history without having to sacrifice other adjustments that took place afterwards. Also, I wish there was more dynamic RAW support. I feel the RAW data could be utilized better with exposure related adjustments.

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    There’s so many photo editing apps you could fill an entire tablet with them. Afterlight 1& 2 are ones I keep and use regularly. They’re good but wouldn’t call them great. None of them are. All the apps I use have tons of features that overlap but each of them has that one or two special feature none of the others has. Or they have some great filters you just can’t cut out and add to one app to rule them all. Now that’s an app I’d love to have. One app that lets you use specific features from a bunch of different programs without having to get in and out of them. I also like they haven’t tried to make this program a subscription based. Who ever thought that is a good idea is fooling themselves. Who wants to pay $9.99 a month for ever? That’s $120 a year for an app you only use occasionally. They can screw off. I’ll keep supporting apps like afterlight who aren’t trying to get greedy.

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    This app is awesome for photo editing for me. I was able to create my own preset and there are tons of great features to apply to projects. The only critical feedback I have that I would REALLY like to see a solution to is that after a couple edit applications, the app freezes, and then crashes without warning sending me back to my home screen. If there was a feature to save a project in progress or have a studio of projects in the process of being edited (think VSCO gallery but with Afterlight) that would be incredibly beneficial. Getting really frustrated not being able to just apply four or five edits after my preset to my engagement photo and just have it in my camera roll. Resorted to applying an edit, saving... repeat until done. Which is lowering the quality I’m sure. Please fix this crashing issue. It is getting really bad.

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    My Ride or Die Photo Editing App

    I started using the first Afterlight several years ago, and never used anything else until their newest launch of Afterlight 2 came out. What I love about this app is that it allows me to create a seamless color theme on my Instagram, but beyond that, the pre curated filters are so stinking beautiful. They don’t look overdone and they don’t minimize the quality of the photo. They add the perfect artsy flair. I also love all the new effects added to this app, and the fact that it’s a one time purchase. They keep adding more cool effects and i don’t have to continually purchase them as they’re released. I recommend this app to literally everyone. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    One of the best editing apps

    I used afterlight for about 3 years since the first one and i loved it , i like the new one but it still cant beat the first one. Amazing features have been added with tons of filters and the tools are really fun to tinker with. On the bad side, most of the new features and filters (and old which was free) is now required within the paying membership I remember it was just pay for the pack of filters and boom thats it , no more payment. Previous filters like relic(my fav) is now not accessible for me to use in the new app....i still have the first app and go back to just to see what am i missing exactly in the new app. Honestly disappointed on that side but hey great app, hopefully you take this into consideration

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    moving in the right direction

    I love afterlight and have been using it to edit photos for years. I recently upgraded to afterlight 2. All of the fine tuning tools are great and in my opinion, now rival any of the major editing apps there are to choose from. But as a long time user of afterlight, I found that a lot of the legacy filters that I’ve been using to give my photos their quintessential look for years are different in the new edition. Why even include them if they aren’t the same? I’ve been processing photos between multiple apps for years which completely ruins the file integrity, and I really thought this would be the solution, yet even still I’m going back to the original afterlight for my final filtering.

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    mixed emotions

    out of all the photo editing apps I use, I find I’m always editing through Afterlight. It’s a really good app, keeps the picture quality, lots of filters to chose from, love the history portion of editing (drop down menu tells you everything you’ve touched up on the pic). My 2 issues are, 1- after a few edits in, the app will randomly freeze and crash 😩. 2- I truly HATE the fact the app starts over when you press the home screen and go to another app. There should DEFINITELY be a section on the app that automatically saves pictures being editing and holds them in a folder. It’s very frustrating having to re-edit a picture 3 and 4 times just because I went to a different app.

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    Still the best photo-edit app out there

    I have the iPhone 6S (model A1688), and in recent weeks I’ve been experiencing more crashes while using the app. Typically when I’m toying with the “gradient”, and “color overlay” filters. Aside from that minor inconvenience, the first Afterlight was great, this new Afterlight 2 is amazing, nearing perfect. Two years ago I had 5 photo editing apps, but because of Afterlight 2’s new features, it’s rendered three of those apps useless. The ONLY thing keeping me from deleting my second photo-edit app is it’s “focus/tilt-shift” tool, and it’s “blur” tool. That would be the only thing I could possibly imagine you doing to improve this incredible app!

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    Freaking amazing.

    I had the original Afterlight for a month or so and used it along-side VSCO until I deleted Afterlight cause I didn’t like it. I finally decided to buy the new one to see what it is all about. I highly, and I mean HIGHLY recommend this app. I just got it today and I’m obsessed. The new features are amazing, and THE FILTERS. I have so many themes I want to do for my Instagram now. I can’t express how much I love this app. I absolutely love all the tools and especially the Selective Saturation, game changer. I went back and edited some of my old photos and they look litterally 110% better. Again, as you can tell, HIGHLY recommend this, worth every penny and more.

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    Favorite app for quick and quality editing

    I’ve tried nearly all photo editing apps and have yet to find one that is worth its bang for buck. This one came recommended by someone from Instagram after I saw their great quality photos. I took a leap and purchased it right before a vacation. It changed the game! Easy to navigate and use. My photos look incredible after I’ve spent some time on them with this app. All I wish that they offered is a resizing option similar to VSCO. I don’t mean cropping, but an actual option to reformat the shaping for instagram sizing. Overall- worth every penny and then some!!

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    I’ve been using Afterlight for years, and I’m disappointed that this new version is still slow.

    I love Afterlight. I really do. Its been one of my primary iPhone photo editing apps for years, mainly for the filters. I really love the color overlay in this new version, as well as all the new filters. They’re awesome! What I’m disappointed in, is that Afterlight (1) always tended to be on the slower side. Not just compared to other photo editing apps, but even compared to other apps in general. I was really hoping that would change with this app. But saving photos causes it to freeze, picking filters sometimes makes it freeze. It’s not close to the end of the world, but it is frustrating. You guys rock. I’ve been Afterlighting for years and I’m going to stick with it

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Is Afterlight — Photo Editor Safe?

Yes. Afterlight — Photo Editor is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,587 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Afterlight — Photo Editor Is 55.9/100.

Is Afterlight — Photo Editor Legit?

Yes. Afterlight — Photo Editor is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,587 Afterlight — Photo Editor User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Afterlight — Photo Editor Is 55.9/100.

Is Afterlight — Photo Editor not working?

Afterlight — Photo Editor works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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