Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Reviews

Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-13

Did you lose track of your time again? We can help you out. With a single tap,
track and save your time with Toggl Track - anywhere you go. Or maybe you
don't really want to use the pesky phone keyboard - we get that. That's why you
can now use Siri to track your time with Toggl Track...

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Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Reviews

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    Honestly it’s pretty difficult to understand

    I’m not dumb by any means, and I could probably take the time to really understand it if I cared that much. It shouldn’t be this complicated. I use it because i do different freelance projects and need to time myself to get paid. Sometimes I accidentally start the time when i’m just trying to check the project, sometimes I forget to stop it because there’s no indication that it’s still running when you go off the app(which i think that would be a helpful feature, I wanted to edit my end time because I forgot to turn it off and I can’t figure out how to do that, etc etc. I feel like I need an extensive manual for something that should be so cut and dry easy. I don’t understand why there is projects and tags? It’s too much to understand. I try to use it the best I can but I try not to touch any of the features too much so I don’t mess anything up. I like that it groups my project up and adds the time together and shows me the calendar of tracked time but it’s a finicky app for sure and needs to be simplified.

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    Love this app to keep track of my time!

    This app was introduced to me by a mentor. Before this app, I never know how much time I spend on studying, you know, time flies very quickly when you accidentally move your attention to something else that’s more fun than studying. So Toggl really helped me as if I need a break, I pause it. Then come back when I am ready. It’ll sum up the time you spend on whatever you are doing on that day so that you actually know how much time you put yourself into the work. After been using this app for at least a month now, I would ask my friend, “did you really study for a long time on #{some_day}?” , if they say yes, I then ask, how long did you study? The answer would always be IDK. Lol To be able to see how much TIME I’ve actually put myself into studying, the more encouraging I am to keep it consistent everyday. I really love this app!

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    Most thoughtfully designed time tracker I’ve used

    Toggl’s biggest strength over other time trackers is the low overhead involved in starting, stopping, and editing tasks. The interface is quick and responsive and rarely leads me to make mistakes. It’s a slick, judgment-free, neutral experience that’s forgotten as quickly as it’s over. Low overhead is important to being able to make it a habit, and making Toggl a habit has changed my life! Being able to see where my time goes helps me be more productive and prioritize tasks better. As someone who’s easily distracted, setting a timer for myself helps keep me on task. I even use it on the weekends, just to see how much time goes to watching TV vs being outdoors or other enriching activities. If you’ve ever wanted to track and reclaim your idle time, at work or otherwise, Toggl is perfect for you.

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    Incredible! But keep it simple.

    I started using Toggl six months ago and it is such a fantastic addition to my life. I'm such a data-driven human, so seeing charts, graphs, and statistics on my everyday life is so powerful. I have improved my time management skills, motivation, and have been able to more accurately communicate how I spend my working hours. I use it both at the office and at home. I recommend to absolutely everyone who will listen. My only advice is to keep it simple. I began trying to write a little description for each project and session and I became frustrated and considered not using Toggl at all. But then I switched to limiting my projects to broad categories like "To-Do List", "Email", and "Exercise". Greatest decision ever. Since making that change, I have used it everyday as though it was second-nature.

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    Great cross-device integration, dependable

    I’ve been using the free level for several years to assist with timekeeping for my solo law practice. I’ve never had a problem with reliability or stability (data loss or system outage). It syncs across my devices with little to no lag and the web summaries are great for pulling the data together. My only compliant is that the monthly summaries can’t be sorted by client and then tag, so I have to keep using typed descriptions for my time entries in order to get convenient, cumulative totals of each time category per client at the end of the month. Still, the descriptions autocomplete based on earlier entries so it isn’t that onerous. It also seems like there might be a solution to this in the monthly subscription service; the inconvenience just hasn’t warranted that level of expense for me.

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    Free version is amazing for the solo worker

    The fact that the app’s paid tiers are for teams makes the free version an incredible resource for people who work alone and just want to know where their time is going. For example, I’m an academic. My “clients” are teaching, research, and service. A “project” could be a course I’m teaching or an article I’m writing. And then tasks are more granular components of those projects, like “Lesson planning, week 8” or “Lit review.” It’s eye-opening, it’s a self-accountability tool, and honestly I think it helps me waste less time because I want to maximize the ratio of hours on the Toggl clock to hours spent in my office. Also, major props for the online syncing between app and website. That’s not easy to get right, and it’s been flawless for me in my time using the app.

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    Better than Deltek

    I’ve struggled with keeping a timesheet for years, largely because of the user interface (or lack thereof) from giants like Deltek and Ajera. The simple play/stop button on Toggl is exactly what I’ve been searching for, and the graphic UI is delightful to deal with daily. The program is installed on all my devices and is very fast to synchronize, Toggl’s reminders that I have been idle on the running time-clock are always timely (yes I DID forget to change my task), and the reporting is almost exactly how I need the data to transcribe into Ajera. So far I am only using the free version, but features like time rounding are catching my interest for a paid subscription. If only there was a way to import into our company’s system- then Toggle would be priceless!

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    Don’t wait another minute to download!

    My only regret is not downloading this app sooner. I love the flexibility of being able to use Toggl on both my desktop and my phone. Toggl makes tracking my consultant work super simple and efficient! If I forget to start the timer I can easily create an entry with a previous time/date. And best of all, the basic version is FREE! Thanks Toggl! (Note: I primarily use the web version on my desktop. I can’t speak entirely of the functionality of the app but so far the iOS version has synced without a hitch to the web version and the UI seems simple enough to navigate. Since I just joined Toggl, I can’t compare the app to previous versions but it works well for me.😊)

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    I always come back to this one

    I think I've tried every time tracker out there to track my project hours for work and freelancing gigs. Most other trackers can get really complicated with billing and requiring projects, but Toggl is only as complex as you need it. It's especially great for those impromptu meetings--no need to assign a project and client before it lets you track your time. I invariably end up with a few line items with a description and no project, but it's super easy to go back and edit those later. If you forget to track something, it's very convenient to add it in later to get a picture of the day and see if there are time gaps that need a time entry. I like the web interface but I really love the simplicity and visual design of the mobile app. I can quickly edit the time entries I messed up or forgot while I'm commuting, or stop a timer I accidentally left running all weekend. I can easily enter my hours for work either for the day or week, or if I've tagged items with process tags, I can easily see how long tasks take and better scope future projects.

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    Good, could be great

    Toggl is good, but it lacks a few features I like. E.g. if I am working on laundry and switch to cooking. That’s as easy as stopping the laundry timer and starting one for cooking. But it would be easier if starting cooking automatically stopped laundry. Basically, a “switch tasks” function. Go a step further, sometimes a meeting starts, and I forget to switch. When I remember later, I have to stop cooking. Roll its stop time back. Start meeting. Roll its start time back. Instead, as an enhancement to the switch function, I should be able to click “switch tasks.” Then set an optional “switch time”. Doing so would automatically roll back the start time of the new task and the stop time of the previous.

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    iPhone app has syncing problems

    I mainly use toggle from their web UI and there everything works great for me. Occasionally, when I am on the go, I would just use the iPhone app to start/stop timers. Unfortunately the iPhone app is not a great experience: it takes a long time to sync, and sometimes it happened that the sync does not work properly at all. An example of sync not working properly would be me stopping a timer using the iPhone app, but the timer would still be reported as running in the web UI. At first I thought about a network issue, but this bad syncing experience has been happening across multiple wireless and cellular networks, when other apps are able to connect to internet just fine, so I think there should be something wrong in the app.

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    Good service, app need improvements

    Toggl is a really good service with nice API and therefore shortcut integrations. It would be nice to have local shortcut interactions that then sync online when you open the app. It would also be great to have an Apple watch app, as time tracking on the watch is really the best experience. The app is also slightly buggy on an iPhone 6, but it mostly doesn’t seem to conform to iOS design. The biggest offense is a quasi menu on the bottom, that should be in the top left corner within a menu button. This would give more space to look at entries and plots. Instead there’s just a blank spot in the upper left corner and a bottom chin on the bottom of the screen with only 3 buttons/pages.

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    A letdown

    This app worked so well for me for so long. One of the key features that I found helpful was that I could use it on my browser and in my app, and that my tracked time would sync between the two. This stopped working a few months ago; the time I tracked in the browser would vanish into thin air and I would have to update it manually in the browser. For someone who is busy and trying to increase productivity rather than detract from it by spending a lot of time manipulating a time tracker, this was very inconvenient. Every time I’ve contacted support about this, they’ve told me to reinstall the app or log out and log in, but nothing has helped. I’m quitting Toggl now, which is a shame since it served me so well for a long time and I recommended it to many friends and colleagues. Now, to carve out time to learn a new app... yay.

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    Recommend Toggl

    I definitely recommend using Toggl for tracking time. It’s very easy to start and stop the timer (& edit if necessary) for the task at hand, including the quick assignment to projects and tags. The free version also provides a dashboard, which is very helpful to see the time spent by a selected time frame as well as by project. The only down side is having to create entries you want to include before having Toggl. That was more time consuming than I would have liked. As noted above, however, it’s a very easy and intuitive tool to use tool in real time!

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    So helpful for attorneys

    My firm’s timekeeping software doesn’t allow me the flexibility to go mobile, start and stop timers on different devices, or keep entries without finalizing. Can’t tell you how many times I have lost days of billing because I closed my laptop before finalizing. This app has made a huge difference for me in capturing my time without having to recreate at the end of the month. You can also adjust the start/stop times for entries manually if you forget to start the timer right away, or accidentally left it running. Love it.

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Is Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Safe?

Yes. Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,429 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Is 55.4/100.

Is Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Legit?

Yes. Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,429 Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log Is 55.4/100.

Is Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log not working?

Toggl Track: Hours & Time Log works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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