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Reviews (25)


Great for personal use too!

I fully recommend this to everyone for business and personal use!! I use this in an unconventional way-to track house projects in our 1976 fixer and this app is EVERYTHING! I can easily track contacts, purchases, stuff to fix, important dates. My husband and I can see what the other is working on on any given day. And my to do list automatically generates for today, tomorrow, this week and next. It’s so amazing for staying organized I’m thinking of creating more for other parts of our lives. It’s seamless to use, attractive, and an absolute joy. With a new baby I was drowning in projects, now we are staying on track, spending less time wasted on remembering what to do or making lists and spending more time being productive and relaxing with each other. Thank you, Monday creators for giving us back our family time!


Transformed my business, changed my life

This app is AMAZING. I use it for every aspect of my business, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life! I only wish I had this sooner. All the things I felt was impossible to juggle and keep track of, is now not only possible, but easy and fun. This app is addicting, I LOVE IT! And all my employees love it too!! It’s like a social media community just for my business & centered around productivity. It’s amazing, I can’t say it enough. They are also constantly adding new features and improvements, this app will never be stale or out of date, the developers are not only attentive but also so innovative staying ahead of the game, releasing new features of the exact things I was about to request for. It’s like they read our minds of our business’s needs. UGHHH I LOVE THEM.


Such an amazing app for just to costly

This application is amazing... What I love most about it is the functionality and the ability to move smoothly step by step until the project is completed. It helps to organize thoughts and task and leaves room for improvement!!! Amazing !!!! but the downside is that the application is costly if you are self employed or just starting a business the monthly subscription is extremely pricey. Such an app could benefit more by dropping the price making easier for freelancers and collaborate artist to join. No application should cost more than an avg phone bill of $50 especially for a month to month subscription. I don't want to sound cheap but for a business trying to get started a monthly payment of more than $30 for an application just isn't feasible. But overall the application is amazing again and will continue to use. Hopefully the prices near future can be adjusted


Pretty Horrible UX

The app on the web is far superior than its mobile counter part. The designers of this app did not take into account an actual mobile UX. It feels like they ported the functionality over without any guidance from a seasoned UX designer. I wish there were not only iPhone but iPad versions of this app that truly feel like they were made for mobile and not just a weak attempt at making things function. Specifically having everything separated in tabs is pretty terrible. There should be a home view that takes into account when your on such a small screen you want the ability to centrally access lists, inbox and notifications. There should be some thought put into taking the function of Monday and adapting it for someone to use with their thumb. I imagine that this product was developed for web with mobile as an after thought. Seems a bit odd with the rest of the world going mobile first or even mobile only. iPad OS is around the corner, you guys better seriously consider starting over on the mobile front.


Simple and straightforward

Love the ability to use the app on my phone with little to no “showy” features to get distracted from what I’m doing. I like the simplicity compared to other project management apps. The ability to search and to create your own color coded statuses are my favorite feature. My only issue is that I use this for my own personal life and wish there was a more affordable version available for a single person. The current price is pretty high for someone who doesn’t use this for business purposes (everyone uses subscription model now and they add up considerably for the average person). I’ll probably stick to google keep since it works well enough, but would prefer to use this app if it becomes more affordable in the future


Great production tool

Great app for construction field. I use this to plan sections of projects and keep up with billing. I use it to keep up with change orders, materials orders, and current work. Some upgrades that would be beneficial for mobile is the ability to list all groups on the same page so I can scroll down and see ALL pulses on one screen rather than swipe to the side. However, I would like to be able to choose between the current presentation and the “view all on one page”. Sometimes I need a concise project view but other times I would like a quick full overview of projects. Also would like to see the ability to attach pictures to pulses! That would make me able to use this for collaborative tool with superintendents to communicate change orders and track RFI’s Great app for now though and GREATLY improves my production and customer relations.


Love the web version Mobile Version needs work for sure

My productivity increased so much within hours of using this program. I absolutely feel this is the best one out there, yes it’s simple to use and not a lot of bells and whistles but I would rather have a quick and easy way to jot down what I need to do and handle things the way I work instead of wasting time filling in my CRM so I can actually do the work my clients need in a timely manner. My favorite thing about this CRM is that I can customize it to my design thought process and break my clients into groups by current projects, retainer clients, maintenance clients etc. The mobile app would be better if you can see all your groups down the page instead of having to scroll across the page to select one and if you can add items to the info box from the mobile app it would be perfect.


Changed the way I manage my team!!

I originally never wanted to buy Monday because of the frequency and intensity with which they shoved ads in my face. My business is growing and I needed a more effective way to manage projects, so I eventually checked out Monday along with various other options and decided to give it a try. The app (both browser and mobile) is fantastic and everything is very intuitive, with lots of useful automations. It integrates with Slack, which is pretty cool - we can see our progress marked in our chat channels as we communicate about our projects. I would highly recommend Monday over other project management systems, and I have used many of them in the last decade.


Unintuitive, cluttered app, fire your UX team

Inside of "items" your app is calling rows "columns." The part where you see the column names are cut off with "..." When you have an item with an author column, the word author is CUT OFF and all you see is "Aut..." This might be understandable if it were the collapse column but no, this is the default. There is no option to adjust column width and it doesn't autofit or use symbols in place of text that doesn't fit. Why is the "Write an update" hidden into items while you use a floating button for adding other items? Why is the "Dashboard" button completely useless? If you're removing a feature, just remove it all. Don't leave a useless button behind. Your app needs to use separate tabs or ANYTHING instead of trying to show everything in one home-screen in a cluttered mess with a poor attempt of using scrolling elements. God help your company because your UX team is terrible and UX is everything for an app.


Great for CRM

I like this app a lot. I was recently tasked with finding a CRM application that met my company’s needs. After a 14 day trial with this applications and others, I felt this one had the most capabilities and features that would replace excel as our CRM tracker. They gave me 7 extra free trial days which I really appreciated, but our vp asked me if I could maybe get 7 more to get 14 extra days so that they could use the application after the demo I gave them. Hopefully they say yes, but all in all it’s a good app and so is the computer one. I recommend and the support is helpful and nice as wel


5 Stars, but...

I have recently added several iPad PROs throughout our warehouse for different production areas which has greatly increased our ability to communicate. That’s the good part. The problem is the boards don’t show updated information when coming back in from the locked screen. We have to back out of the board and re-enter to see up to date tasks. You can see how this is a problem when you need production teams to always see the most up to date information. I have also noticed throughout the day the ipad boards are not showing up to date information for some reason. The boards, when using the app, need to sync up, in all potential scenarios. I hope this is fixed soon as this is really a great program, but this is a serious flaw.


Interface and My Inbox are incredibly lacking

Monday is a great tool, with some great abilities to manage workflow and offers some great board templates. However the UX and Interface of both the web app and mobile app are lacking as it’s too broken up and not easily visually accessible unless you really optimize view columns. I hate the sub task view structure. The mobile app almost feels like a reskinned and more robust excel sheet. Migrating over from Asana as an organization made sense, but now dealing with the lack of in platform notifications, and “my inbox” feature many of us are not able to view tasks that have been “assigned to me”. Which is really becoming a problem. Apple is to Microsoft in comparison Asana is to Monday...not sexy and not new user friendly. 🥴


Great App...Please update on Mobile 🙏👊🙂

I like the functionality behind this app, but it is somewhat clumsy for mobile formats. Would be cool if it could be used in a list type format on mobile. I would love to have to option to see all my lists under a certain board on one screen. Switching between different ones. The setup on the desktop is fine and allows this function, but there doesn’t seem to be that option for mobile. Also, would love to the automation for a owner of a pulse to to have that pulse be synced with an alternate list. (For instance, when assigning a task in one group, that pulse appear in a general to do list and can marked done on both simultaneously.)


Great! But, they pretty much priced themselves to Enterprise only...

What can I say..? At first I was pretty impressed by the app, both on my iMac as well as the iPhone. The plethora of functionality is amazing. It would have become my best ally in bringing the several projects I’m involved in/responsible for together in a coherent and well organized way. But..., it ends up there isn’t any free option. And I get it. I work in IT as well and I expect to be paid for doing my job, but they could very much have priced themselves more realistically with an individual subscription of around $5 a month. I’d definitely pay that. But with their current prices, there is no way the app is worth it for me. Overall, 5 stars. Price point, insanely expensive, hence useless to me. Grand total: 3 stars.



I have downloaded this app to bring myself into the 21st century. I tried the weekly planners and sticky notes everywhere to keep track of everything but that was not working. My phone is the only thing that I have on my consistently. This means that at anytime I can see what I have to do or what is done. I also don’t have to call everyone to get updates. So so nice. The only problem that I am having right now that is almost unbearable is the lag time. I have the new XS Max and when I got to type it takes a little bit of time to register what I have clicked on. This really throws off that typing groove you get in on your phone. Once that gets fixed I will be able to better access everything else.


It rarely works

The app functionality is not as good as the desktop version. Most days I just get a white screen when I open the app, with greyed out areas where content should be. Other days it shows the dashboard menus but they can’t be clicked. And yet other days the features will suddenly stop working. Just like the desktop version, there is always an issue with the time tracking widget, but it’s harder to refresh on the app (on the desktop version, the issue normally rights itself a few seconds after hitting the refresh button. Sometimes it has to be refreshed more than once though) I keep trying the app though, because I really appreciate the desktop functionality.


Nice app

We used this to organize our efforts making face shields for doctors during the peek of the ppe shortage. It worked great and was very helpful. It’s basically a spreadsheet program which was great for us because we all basically live on spreadsheet. The ability to assign privileges was not very intuitive but it worked great once we figured it out and the ability to see the change log was helpful when we had someone decide it was a good idea to delete our data. Overall a great program. I would highly recommend it.


The best ADHD app - a review from an actual adhder

This is the only app that has ever been able to help me keep track of my schedule, random ideas, projects, chores and more. It’s really beautiful ui on mobile and desktop site. The plethora or ingratiation apps is great for email reminders and updates. My wife and started using this to organise all of our house, and her etsy store. Chores, bills, projects, wish lists, expenses, braindump and more have been so much easier for me to keep track off. We have an expense report for when we want to buy things. I keep track of all my meds with status and upgrade tabs. The comment tab in like it’s own forum thread, you can copy images fonts, hyperlinks, and my favourite is that you can copy whole html scripted pages into the page. Turns out all I needed to organise my brain was a app that is made to organise businesses.


Five star for the trial, not worth full price

I actually like this a lot, I've looked through every major project management app and this is the most intuitive. That being said, the cost to value is seriously out of whack. To the point where you're paying $30/month for an overrated spreadsheet, they throttle the sharing, simple filtering, and other seemingly basic features to upgraded $40+ accounts. Their UI on the desktop app is fairly buggy, but the iPhone app is great while the free trial lasts. Will hold a basic monthly account until a better option is found. I understand developing is costly, but with rebranding you would think there would be a better cost evaluation. This is a five star app for the trial run, but not worth it's full featured price.


It is ok, needs work.

Generally the app functions ok. The issue I have is that you cannot edit comments / sub tasks you have added with this app. So basic functionality is missing from the app in my mind. Please add support for editing / deleting updates and sub tasks. My employer is looking at this for the team and to be honest while it seems very flexible in many ways the mobile app seems like an after thought. Mobile devices have been in widespread use for 10+ years now, this app should be better. Needs some work to make this usable on a regular basis and I will stick with a full functioning task manager for now (TickTick).


Student Appreciation Day!

Well finally every day is Student Appreciation Day. & I mean that if mentally interpreted in both directions. They show their appreciation & support to us as gradual (sic) students and I as one happily give my feedback here. Their introductory weekly classes are very well thought through & the advanced topics (treated separately) are wonderful & timely. Their development team is highly intelligent, creative & responsive. Kudos. “First time caller, daily listener” here. I’m watching this product as well as the team like a hawk as they position this great product in a field that is growing horizontally. But whereas some products work to “level the playing field” these folks are RAISING the playing field. I couldn’t be more pleased. And frankly, if I wasn’t so successful & happy with my current job, I would be clambering at their doors trying to get a spot in their team. Go Team, go!


Monday makes my tuesday-friday so manageable. And my monday’s too.

I love the color coordination, the ease and customizable features of each board. it makes juggling 50+ projects in flight, across 25+ contractors so much more efficient than any other platform (and we’ve tried several others before committing to Monday). Plus, they’re always working to develop better user-experience, by actually looking at our requests and feedback on the fb group page! So thankful! Never have i loved the name Monday more. Maybe i’ll name my next pet after it.


Stream lining project management on a big colorful platform

This is the project management app I’ve been looking for! Its big colorful platform makes it easier for some of my team memebers to effortlessly navigate and access the information. Being able to customize boards that specifically meet my data needs and to let non-administrative team members and customers view projects with the “guest option” has been a huge plus. The desktop platform is well organized and their support team is so quick!


Can I join the team

I really love this interactive collaborative project management tool. This should be used to do anything related to projects. I am using it to plan a huge annual group trip and it’s helping my committee members stay on task as well as visibility to see all that’s being done behind the scenes by all on the committee. I love that it has the social media flare with the GIFs that can be used in your communication. Projects should be fun and lively even when we are trying to accomplish a common goal. Comedy always makes things better.


Best one yet!

Excellent tool! Especially for those who’ve never organized their work or projects in a structured way. Monday makes it super easy to get started. We have found innovative ways to use the platform and its completely changed how we work. We’ve integrated with our enterprise platform to create a seamless workspace. Easy to use, intuitive, excellent support, very responsive team, great design, very flexible, highly adaptable for different uses. It’s on the pricey side but worth it for all the features that are included.

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Yes. - Work Management is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 12,265 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for - Work Management Is 55.9/100.

Is monday com Legit?

Yes. - Work Management is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 12,265 - Work Management User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for - Work Management Is 55.9/100.

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