Amazon Relay Reviews

Amazon Relay Reviews

Published by on 2021-02-23

Amazon Relay helps truck drivers haul Amazon loads efficiently by guiding them
on where to go, when to get there, and provides gate information for faster gate
entry. Drivers invited by their carriers get added benefits, such as
visibility to executed loads (Load History), ability to r...

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Amazon Relay Reviews

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    New update is bad

    This app used to be goo, but they changed the entirety of how to update loads in it. Now my drivers get to gate and it still says “APPROACHING GATE” and won’t let them check-in. The swipe option at least worked, now they sometimes have to wait till they’re past the gate and gate employees are getting annoyed. This new app update is actually causing delays on its own. The guard shacks had to have driver go forward and then come backward multiple times just to get the app to go into saying the driver was there. CHANGE BACK TO SWIPE, AT LEAST IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!! UPDATE: It’s even worse than I thought. It tends to update the departure time before it adds trailer info so it spawns an email to dispatch each time saying trailer left without trailer ID. Literally EVERY time. Also on LTL runs (single VRID with multiple stops) it fails to update the departure time entirely. Our dispatch had to update the times manually and it messed up their performance. FIX THESE PROBLEMS!!!

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    I do not write a reviews often. But this is what need to be beter. I picked up a load two hours before app time, i stop to sleep 3 hours you guys call me and told me that I can’t stop. I got two hours before delivery time. Respect my time! If i picked up a load in 1:00am and i have to be by 13:00 at delivery location, a have 7hours to drive I dont know why I need to drive straight to location. Porta potty is not alowed to be used by the drivers, why? You putt my pick time in ap 3:30 am i showed up 3:10. The security guy told me ap is 4:00. I dont know why this is not sincronised with the app. I don’t know why i need to turn off my bobtail if security does not came out off the office. Also i do not understand why cant we wait inside if we show up few hours before.

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    Dumbest company

    Let me start by saying this has to be one of the worst companies to drive for!! They offer owners of their own company bottom feeder load prices!! barely a dollar per mile going 700 miles in some cases!! They’ll have a load going 5 thousand miles with 15 different stops all over the USA and want to pay you 4500!! Laughable!!! How are you to pay for fuel?! They play with the pay per miles constantly posting a load with a garbage price only to take the load off, bring it back at an even lower price!! Everything is done by an app you can’t reach anyone who know what’s going on if there is any kind of problem!! They want you to drive straight no matter how many miles the load is and they will degrade your rating for stoping to sleep, eat or get fuel!! This is beyond a garbage company!!! Don’t waste your time!!

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    South land trucking .

    King It’s GPS is not good. It is white at night so it does not see anything on the road. It should be automatically black at night GPS is not good. It is white at night so it does not see anything on the road. It should be automatically black at night. on the road. It should be automatically black at night.

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    I just hate their navigation

    50% of the time when i go to any new route it mostly took me to wrong route and then it starts saying rerouting and then it says make a U-turn 😳there is no hell a way you can make a U-turn on this ... and 93% of the time it will take you to the longest route as possible I know it will gonna take me to the truck route but there are the routes that I know I can tell it took me to a way longer route .. With relay app I am 100% satisfied but their navigation I am 100% dissatisfied ... I don’t know how and why one time it took me to the no truck route and all sudden it start saying make a U-turn make a U-turn then why the hell you took me to that route anyway.. Their is so much things i can say but .....

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    From a drivers point of view

    The App is nice however the rates need to go up. For the the tolls we pay are expensive not to mention all the time we spend waiting that we are not born compensated for. Our time is just as valuable as Amazons and we should be paid for us having to wait because loads aren’t ready or something’s goes wrong on the trip that isn’t our fault. Also we should be compensated when y’all cancel our trips are we have Commuted to pick up your freight diesel fuel isn’t cheap nor is it free . Thank you

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    Pro Ag

    My only critiques would be when you’re on the app and you go from the regular load board to post a truck that it give you the same option as the regular load board. The option for one-way or round-trip would be nice in the post truck and. Also on the post to truck it would be nice to have an alarm instead of a notification when you’re selected for a load since it’s an audiobook if you happen to fall asleep which I did you could possibly miss your load.

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    It’s ok

    Needs improvement a lot, somehow empty trailer status needs to be in the app for every location. It’s annoying to call all the time and be on hold for 20-60 minutes to update your trip and be told go somewhere else for empty, then you arrive at the new location and no empty’s also. The app needs to have a place to put no empty’s at a certain location then generate your next closest location with available empty’s. Also the gps location has to have a way to manually input without having to trouble shoot.

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    Always on gps!

    Why is the location service needed to be set to always on? It doesn’t shut off when the app is off either the app is still regardless tracking you outside of work. That’s a bit of invasion of privacy, regardless the app isn’t that much of help when on the location regardless takes up to an hour to get your load ready. The time it gives you for pick up should be the actual time not an hour later. It’s pathetic that a company this huge can’t get that right and continues to waste driver time.

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    App and Costumer Service

    The app is great, very easy to use..sometimes is very slow. The only issue with this is the Costumer Service..the people there are rude and very not helpful. Amazon..if you read that, please try and fix the problem cause it’s making work very difficult and you have to act on your own in situations you when there are people there who have to answer questions and help..(that’s what I personally understand what Costumers Service means) but they would not help at ALL and will be rude, like you were disturbing them.

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    There are voices in my head!

    When I started using this app, I’ve noticed that voices started speaking to me in my head. At first I was having some metal breakdowns about it and visiting my local priest to do some exorcisms on me, but nowadays the voices are pretty chill. One of them, Joe, has some serious killer jokes that he tells me. 10/10 app.

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    Company driver

    The Relay App is wonderful as a tool and 99% accurate. Some more On-time input by DCs’ will help expedite and save huge amount of $$$ at times. Complement GPS is great, but not yet useful for class 8 commercial vehicles. May need to join with major software company to accomplish its use.

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    Editing needed

    Has virtual fakes stops added to the route, and have issue with not being able to select a stop to deliver to that’s not in the set order programmed to the route. Makes it unable to make changes to suit the needs of the post office on there time of arrival. Which then will delay the route with the other post office stops. Need the ability to have the option to select a stop on the route for any uncontrollable future needs.

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    Insert Live option

    Ok app so far but they need to keep listening to client reviews like ours. - App needs to label when a load is Live so it doesn’t have us thinking we are dropping the trailer and go or actually picking up a trailer or actually live. I just had a situation like that. Complete bummer bc customer stated I had to stay with trailer or take the trailer With me and come back in morning. No good bc I needed to bobtail in order to find a safe park etc. - Also needs to be easier to read. Needs some color and bold options to separate each load from the next. It all looks like a thesis paper trying to find what I’ve completed and what’s next. - Please make these user friendly changes. Thank you.

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    Barcode scanner

    I like the app, very user friendly, one thing I would like to see is, having the ability to use a Bluetooth barcode scanner, I am constantly fighting with my phone to scan the barcodes and this would be a tremendous improvement in my load time

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Is Amazon Relay Safe?

No. Amazon Relay does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 23,215 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Amazon Relay Is 14.3/100.

Is Amazon Relay Legit?

No. Amazon Relay does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 23,215 Amazon Relay User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Amazon Relay Is 14.3/100.

Is Amazon Relay not working?

Amazon Relay works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 8 Comments

By Jeff brown
Apr 14 2021

Your new acceptance scoring sucks, I messed up on 1 but I accepted 1 that price changed dramatically after I accepted it and was penalized. After a year with amazon and keeping my score up there, working through bad weather when the larger companies parked their trucks, waking up in the middle of the night when Roc would call and need someone for a load I see how this company thinks of the small business.

By DriverMike
Mar 27 2021

Teamster brothers and drivers need to start parking outside the gates and stop taking loads like back in the day. We need to start waving signs about how they treat the drivers and lack of support they give us. Start shutting down these DC's for a week or two will start getting Bezo's attention. Getting on these blogs will help, but taking action will get the attention it needs!! Another thing is these dudes out there taking these cheap rates doesn't help. They need to wakeup! Stop taking the loads. I totally agree with the BS app!! Amazon and Google are in cohoots and own most of the internet servers you would think they would come up with something better, unless they want us to fail and know people will work for the cheap loads. Word of advice for amazon, give us some people we can talk to like humans do. Fix the app, so us drivers aren't worried about getting suspended and kicked off. Treat people with respect and dignity! Doesn't sound hard to me, all we want to do is work and provide for our families. Amazon wake up!!!!!!!!!!

By Ray Leak
Mar 27 2021

So after just about 2 weeks of using Amazon relay I quickly realized that there is a learning curve with understanding the intricacies of Relay. However there is no learning curve with this company and the driver support is virtually non existent. I'll be the first to admit we made a few mistakes initially understanding the post a truck option but by the time we figured it out it was too late. They almost immediately downgraded our app. Now my load board gives me loads in California and hundreds of miles away from my designated domicile. There is absolutely no one you can talk to about this and no one ever responds to the email provided. The warehouses that service the post offices are chaotic and very unorganized, and quite frankly no one seems to care. Your freight is all over the place the pallets are poorly stacked ready to tip over during transport and there's no driver assistance even on your first visit. Your virtually left to figure it all out yourself. One you get behind schedule Support is calling and emailing all day and then they mark your performance grade poorly which affects the amenities your recieve from the app. When you get to the post office your expected to know what to do and some of the employs there are bossy as if you work for them. This business model is not sustainable for Amazon. To top it all off the pay is very poor, especially the multiple stop runs involving the post office. If Mr Bezos new about the dysfunction that was occurring in his business he would loose his mind. Amazon better get it together before another company sneaks in the back door and starts to eat away at there market.

By Thomas tallman
Mar 21 2021

I wouldnt drive for them again. Waste your time. Makes it seem your late for everything. And then gives you bad loads with no money...and make you wait 3 hrs to drop off

By jamie
Feb 25 2021

hey i don't have a problem just trying too figure out if their is a place to store my truck at the amazon facilities ?

By Observers21
Feb 12 2021

This is app is bogus and a waste of time. It’s unsafe not accurate and will have any trucker SOL. As a dispatch for owner operators I have been in observation on this company’s performance. The app offered to aid in finding loads is unresponsive in a timely matter, yet if they need you at the drop of a dime they can call you. People expectations on having loads completed in timely fashion to avoid a poor grades is stressful. The app is Never accurate for live loads. It does not properly update to communicate changes for drivers. Their needs to be a way this company Amazon as much money it makes to have working applications that relay loads. This is dangerous when a driver is almost at the time frame of 10 hour window with no rest. Why Bc they have been waiting to get unloaded being at the destination hours early due to inclement weather. This type of issues needs attention a lawsuit or some type of media recording to display the chaos of Amazon so this can finally be resolved for all the drivers that have the same dilemma. Without the drivers this company would not exist yet it’s still in business because complaining is dead end nothing is happening. So many reviews all the same complaints and no action being done means someone from Amazon corporate office needs to have a rude wake up call. This matter needs attention and a lawsuit needs to be created for aide justice for all the drivers that have reported a problem with no resolution. I have been in observation and where there is a will there is way. Just a matter of finding the right people to evolve change.

By Nana Kwame
Jan 18 2021

I have been using Amazon relay for the past five months as an owner operator. It's all good working for amazon relay until something goes wrong and you realized you are on your own. They don't care about you. When you need help from them it's a bridge to nowhere. When they need you they will call. My first realization came when my truck broke down and how they acted unconcerned during the recovery process as well as bad performance ratings. I picked up a load 1/16/21 and found out I was not giving enough time to my first destination, Despite assurances from ROC personnel that it will not affect my performance, but it sure did. In my fight to get this fixed, I realized it's a dead end and there is no means to resolve it. The reason they don't care about resolving performance issues is because they are using it as back end to lower rates. Companies whose ratings(on time and acceptance) fall below 90% are taking off the priority list to the garbage list. Once on the garbage list you have no choice but to accept low rate that nobody wants.

By Don Wimber
Nov 09 2020

Scanner will not work. App says it is not available

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