YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Reviews

YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Reviews

Published by on 2021-04-01

YarnBuddy is a beautiful, easy-to-use project tracker and row counter for
knitters and crocheters. It saves your place in each project along with all of
your photos and notes, so that when you come back to finish that blanket you
started three years ago, you can pick up exactly where you...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Reviews

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    Must have

    I love this app for my knitting. I can keep my projects and stash in one place. I love how I can put notes for the stash and project pages. I love love love that I can import my pattern into the project page and can have multiple counters for a project. I have been looking for this app and so happy to find it. I’m so looking forward to seeing how this app grows. I love the update which allows me to edit notes and import more then one pattern.

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    Syncing issues

    This is a good app and I would pay for the pro But I think $50 is a little steep for this. Personally I think they should come down on that price. There are other apps that are $9.99 for the year and offer more functions. Often I use my watch but while crocheting it’s a good time to charge the watch but syncing rows I counted on the phone back with the watch is not accurate. Due to that issue I can’t justify $50 even with it syncing properly $50 for a row counter with some added tracking features is a tuff sale IMHO. I think they would get more sales at a $25 to $30 price range. If this was $25 I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing...if it was under $10 annually I wouldn’t hesitate.

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    Awesome working tool

    App seems good, just started using it. I love the multiple counters options, very helpful if doing amigurumi! A couple of suggestions though, I need to be able to edit previous notes, if I want to add of delete from them. Also cannot read numbers when entering yardage and net weights in dark mode - they don’t show up on the ‘saved’ entry screen. It will kick you out completely if you touch outside the ‘adding’ Pop-up screen, and you have the start over when adding your yarns to the stash, so maybe an auto save function? That pickiness aside, this is a very comprehensive tool. Please keep up the good work!

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    Loving Stash Tracking

    I am loving that this will allow me to keep track of my stash. I tend to buy yarn I don’t need because I don’t realize I have it — having this at my fingertips in a store will be fantastic. To the developers:: Would it be possible to add headlines to the sorting options? Also, would it be possible to add fractional skeins for counts? I realize the fractions wouldn’t be precise accuracy and would be open to my own judgement and error...but for some of my yarn I have only half skeins or even just scrap balls or what have you left and would like a way to count those too. Thank you for developing this!

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    Love this app!

    I love this app! It’s so handy. The row counters are great, I love in the notes (paid for) you can link videos and web addresses. It’s so handy when working something complicated and I forgot how to do it. I took 1 star because I can’t get the widget or Apple Watch app to work? Otherwise this is a must have app for knitters/crocheters. I do wish there was Dropbox integration because that’s where all my patterns are saved, but it does have quite a few other options for patterns already.

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    Nice App!

    I have used the Mind My Stash app in the past but it had major glitches. I like this app but wonder if I ever have to replace my iPad or iPhone if I will lose all my Projects? If I upgrade to the Pro is this a feature that is offered?

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    Wonderfully made app!

    I just started crocheting again and was looking for an app to help make managing my projects easier. I LOVE the counters they help so much, as well as being able to import patterns. Keep up the good work!

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    This app is really easy to use and was clearly made by a knitter/crocheter. It is really intuitive and has the exact features you need while working on a project.

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    Love the App

    Hi, love this app, easy to use, I have this on my IPhone but I can’t find where this syncs with my IPad. Is it available on the Pro version? My stash is large and don’t want to enter it twice. Thanks!

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    Love it

    I absolutely love this app. Just have one issue. It will not allow me anymore to add more then one page of directions. Any ideas?

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    Love it

    I downloaded the app yesterday and so far I’m loving it. And love the feedback between the users and the developer. Support small businesses!

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    So Useful!

    Love this app. Thoughtfully put together and so easy to track details of my projects! I love that there’s a pattern import and the in project counters.

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    Love love love this app!!

    Thank you for YarnBuddy - I only wish I had discovered it years ago!!!

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    Finally, a native yarn app that actually works and looks beautiful. Give me some complications and I'm yours!

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    Not worth the time and money

    Waste of time and money; Ravelry is easier to use

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet customer service directly
via Email using our new site - AppContacter.com

Contact YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet directly

Is YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Safe?

Yes. YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 86 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Is 45.4/100.

Is YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Legit?

Yes. YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 86 YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet Is 45.4/100.

Is YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet not working?

YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet? Report Issue

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Why should I report an Issue with YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using YarnBuddy – Knit and Crochet.

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