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About: KORSVIP invites you to experience our unparalleled rewards program. With our
exceptional rewards program app, you’ll receive benefits for your loyalty
status, have access to stylish content and enjoy early access to select products
and promotions.


With our exceptional rewards program app, you’ll receive benefits for your loyalty status, have access to stylish content and enjoy early access to select products and promotions.

Download it today and enjoy our KORSVIP insider perks! Please note, we are making some behind-the-scenes updates, and some of your favorite features may be temporarily unavailable.

KORSVIP invites you to experience our unparalleled rewards program.

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- Signature delivery guaranteed

22 KORSVIP Reviews

4.9 out of 5


Scam Artist

If you ever wonder why Michael Kors went to prison you really should not be surprised. Great scam artist. Bought a pair of Versace slippers for my father’s birthday. Signature delivery guaranteed. They just left the package outside. I called not only Versace but the new entity he started to hide his sham business practices. It’s been a month, they have not responded to the BBB, my lawyer or anyone. Have refused to resend the slippers which were $125. Even showed clear proof there was no signature. And I’m on disability. Not only are their customer service arrogant they simply don’t care. I can assure you Mr Kors has not changed. Just a con man. We will see you in court you disgusting person. Hope they send you back to prison. Stealing from a mentally ill person over $125 slippers he saved up for for months to buy his father. You clearly have no shame. And I’m not even surprised.


Online shopping

I’m not sure if there’s a problem or glitch with the online shopping feature but for some reason every single thing I try adding to my cart isn’t available or is out of stock. I have been on this website consistently these last 2 weeks trying to find the perfect bag and once I do I’m all excited to buy even directs me to put in my card info and once I do I guess everything just magically goes out of stock. So I get over it and eventually choose a different bag but noo this item is also out of stock! This has literally happened 7 different times within the last week! Is there anyway to just not advertise items that are not in stock? Or at least make it clear somewhere on the picture that way I don’t get excited for no season. Geez so frustrating


No easy to shop with this app

For some reason; it doesn’t add/counts my VIP points. It keeps kicking me off the site even though I have a the latest I phone. Do it’s not my technology. The accessory sección doesn’t work. The account lacks you out very quickly if you make a mistake which is good for security reasons. However, I tried signing in again at least five times after calling customer service. The security question doesn’t reseat even if you are crating a new password. I’m surprised their site is so poor Bc I love MK products. The return policy needs to be revised. They should accept their as long as they are new even if the product are in sake. Bad experience returning items. They should do the same as Nordstrom who accepts items to be returned as long as they are new.


Hasn’t worked properly since downloaded

I have been shopping the store locations for a long time but recently found out about KORSVIP . Some items show out of stock only after you try to add to cart some items don’t show out of stock until I get all the way through the purchase info and try to submit. I have tried using the contact us text option in KORSVIP but that has not worked either. It’s really annoying to go through the whole purchase procedures just to get an error message that item is not available. There should be a way that either the product does not show at all if not in stock or that if it does show it tells you right on the screen that the item is out of stock like every other website/app that people make purchases.


Crappy app with lack of information

KORSVIP is crappy with lots of UX issues! It is hard to find your orders history. They put it under “my options” on your profile page! It is impossible to cancel or modify an order.

You don’t have expedite options when you place an order. Also, it takes 3-5 days to proceed with the product! And 2-5 days to deliver the product! Which ended up with 5 to 10 days to receive a product. These information do not provided on KORSVIP and it gives to you if you ask them.

Customer service doesn’t have enough information about KORSVIP , misleading you when you ask questions. The only thing that they can do is to call the warehouse to see what they can do.


Do not purchase items via App!

I have made 2 purchases via KORSVIP and it won’t “complete “ and gives me an error message so I switch to use my internet browser. Both times for my purchase attempts , KORSVIP charged my bank account 2-3 times and it takes days for it to fall off! During the holidays, my purchase total was over $200 and I was charged 3 times due to a system error and it took days for it to return to my account! I figured that was a one time issue during a busy season so I tried again yesterday for a smaller purchase around $75 and yet again, it gave me the error message yet charged my account twice in addition to the charge that went through when I used my browser! I will never try to purchase via KORSVIP again!!



So I initally didn’t see a problem but slowly realized some of the items would show as if certain colors were available but once I click on the specific item, that color isn’t available at all. Its super misleading because the color I like shows up as if its there. Also everytime I log in, the items I have added to my bag increased by one quantity. And the website link seems to be more up to date then KORSVIP . Also, it would be nice if we could see what items we purchased in our profile, instead we only see the points history but not what purchases are linked to what.


Needs improvement

I am new to KORSVIP and brand .. signed up purchased from KORSVIP . KORSVIP needs work does not update reward points .. constantly asking you once you get out of KORSVIP to keep signing in and to join VIP even thought I have done several times .. I never sign out of KORSVIP it keeps asking same questions very annoying.. when you click on several other tabs in KORSVIP tells you to come back later and that it’s updating .. I rather just sign on to website instead . Please fix KORSVIP .. an app is supposed to make things easier and KORSVIP does not.


Pictures on the app are terrible quality

Overall I enjoyed shopping on the Kors app, but pictures of the items are of such horrible quality. Pictures are fuzzy and it’s hard to see details of the items you’re interested in buying often making me not buy it. Also it would be nice to have a picture of a person ether wearing or holding the item to get an idea of the size (I know size is given in description, but sometimes it’s hard to imagine how that size actually looks like in real life).


Love the app but needs updating

KORSVIP and website do not update items that are out of stock.
When you put an item in your cart your cart will say out of stock.
Those items should be deleted completely.
Also too many outlet items on this site. Those were never on here before.
The points system seem to have not added my last few orders.
Also as far a points go, since it looks like you are selling outlet items, but when I shop at an actual outlet store, points do not get added.
I think Lifestyle and outlets should both include the points.
Finally my last 3 handbags were shipped to me and they were obviously returns.(floor samples)
Not wrapped and sealed.
Scratched feet and scraped up leather.
I sent pics to customer service and have not heard a reply.
I did have to return my Hamilton because of that.
If that’s the case then Michael kors should let the customer know it was previously handled and should further discount the item.


Awesome value and selection!

Since my daughter gave me 2 MK purses, a sweater and sunglasses as a gift last year, I have LOVED MK shopping! It’s not only the value and selection, but the QUALITY that I LOVE! My purchases are always so carefully constructed, with that level of attention to all the details, I have never been disappointed. MK is my favorite designer.❤️


Too many bugs and errors

Don’t download KORSVIP. You are better off purchasing through their website. Every time I add some items to the cart, it doubles the quantity of that item. Pretty much Everything is out of stock. But the worst thing is KORSVIP doesn’t mention that an item is out of stock. It’s only when you open an item and try to add to cart, then they claim that it’s out of stock. I tried to purchase an item and KORSVIP glitched all of a sudden. It did not place my order but still took my money. Their website is much better. There’s also a problem in counting the VIP points.



Not a great app (and this is a designer brand?). I actually prefer to use the website because it tells me more about my VIP account and past orders. KORSVIP didn’t even show my birthday reward. I only found out I had one when I logged into my account online (never got an email either).

Also, the pages freeze in KORSVIP and take you back to the home page, which makes me lose my spot. KORSVIP doesn’t allow you to set notification preferences either. If you open Notifications, it just says “Geofencing.”


Delivery and billing address fields not working

I've been trying to place an online order for one week now and have not been able to do so. When I go to checkout to enter my billing address and delivery address or when I go to my profile to enter my address, KORSVIP keeps saying "sorry something went wrong try again later". KORSVIP also won't let me enter my phone number without the home address but entering the address fails. All I want to do is buy a purse and have it delivered to my house. Consider copying Macy's app, much easier app for shopping online.


Not the best App

I recently downloaded KORSVIP as its more convenient to shop online nowadays than going inside the store but I’m not happy with KORSVIP!!! It’s annoying when I add an item to the bag, check it and then exit to see more item or just close KORSVIP to purchase the items at a later time and when I go back to check my bag, I get 2 times or 3 times the amount of each thing in my bag!!! I only need 1, why does it add 1 or 2 each time I exit the bag.... Please fix this!!!!


Lena Block Heel Sandal

I’ve had this sandal in a different colors already, so I bought again one in an Olive color cuz I don’t have this color yet, however; I highly recommend this sandal because it’s really comfy and I can walk on this the whole day without complaining! Thanks to MK! I wish they have more color choices though! I ❤️them! 😊👍👍👍


ZERO (0) for customer service

They sent us a bag that was supposed to have key fab holder per description but it doesn’t. Called 2 times each time on hold for over 30 min on wait talked to customer service that absolutely has no care for customer satisfaction. Michael has name on this store so that is all he needs to get 4.9 rating here why would care about mistakes they make. They told me a manager would call me but nothing. No response to e-mail either! How in the world these guys have such a high rating .... emperor is naked and no one dares to say anything!


Horrible website

Too many technical issues. I work in the software industry and tend to be quite critical when using retail apps. However, KORSVIP is by far one of the worst I’ve seen in quite some time. My promo codes don’t When I putting my CC info, I kept receiving error messages and many time over, I was not able to view the size guide for items. I also get various categories other than what I’m filtering when searching the site.


Not a Good App

The chat now and contact us features do not work in KORSVIP. You can’t track your package either. It will show that it was shipped but does not provide date of arrival or tracking info. I tried to chat but clicking on the button did nothing. I tried to contact through KORSVIP but after putting all of my info and question in the form, clicking on submit did absolutely nothing. Not at all impressed with KORSVIP!



Such high quality items & easy to navigate. Adding to cart or favorites is simple. Only took one star off rating because I wished for “available in store” I couldn’t find anything for pickup. Would be nice to have an option to choose a specific store online to shop at, then be able to pickup.


Great app

I love this new app! It has a great and sleek platform and has all different categories of clothes categorized brilliantly. It also has a great and very easy to use feature that lets you get styled by telling a stylist what kind of outfit you want, some stats about yourself, and what occasion you would like an outfit for. Overall great app that’s very user friendly and has a great and easy way to buy clothes. Recommend KORSVIP!(just be careful not to get addicted to overusing the styling feature, haha)


Very helpful

I created this account to make sure I buy true MMK products for my girlfriend as surprise gifts and not fakes ; I didn’t realize how helpful this would turn out for me I’m completely ecstatic as well as in awe upon the results I’m receiving thank you very much and I look forward to continuing my gift shopping on this site.


Surprisingly Poor Considering the Brand

KORSVIP never functions properly. When trying to sign in, generic errors indicate to “try again later”. When it does actually work, it is annoyingly slow. It’s unfortunate that the mobile website proves more useful, as even that is only semi-reliable, at best. Also, inventory is never up-to-date and customers are able to get all the way to payment before getting a message that an item is unavailable. This happens more often than not, especially on sale items.


Crossbody handbag

I am really looking forward to getting this purse for my daughter, I saw it at the mall. I really liked how practical it is. It is small yet you are able to keep your cards in place and a special compartment for your phone which is easy for you to access. I hope its as nice as it is in black.


Reacts slow and weird bugs

Refreshing your shopping carts takes time and it changes the order of the items each time for no good reason. The transaction got rejected once because apparently one of the items in my cart was no longer available but there was no indication whatsoever of which item it was so that was extremely frustrating.


Credit/Debit card capture

I held the card with the green square completely surrounding it for quite some time, and it would not capture my card for anything. The card is not damaged, neither is the camera on my device. Other than that, it was an easy check out process. I absolutely cannot wait to get my shoes in! (:


1st time shopping on the App

First time shopping on KORSVIP
I purchased beautiful Michael Kors patten leather kitten heel pumps at Macy’s and they are comfortable - I wore them for the Highlands Restaurant - at the top of Detroit’s Ren Center Opening Party & was comfortable walking around all evening! So I looked for OTK boots - expecting something great & I found 2 pairs.
I’m excited to try them on!


Excellent Shopping Experience

It was so easy to locate what I was interested in looking for. And even easier to purchase the item. The same price was better than I could have expected! So pleased. I know my granddaughter will be very surprised this Christmas ❤️



I used KORSVIP. To buy a beautiful purse almost a year ago. I unfortunately forgot the password so I cannot login. I even tried forgot password so I received the email to change it and it still will not let me
Access it. It keeps asking me to choose a secret question?? My stepson is graduating boot camp in December 2019 and has signed up for four more years with the US Army so I wanted to buy a purse to take to his graduation. He will be leaving immediately after graduation to report for duty.


It’s ok

I just don’t really see the benefit of it. It seems very responsive & I haven’t encountered any glitches but it doesn’t have all of the images for the products. I like the images of the handbags that include the models because then I can get a better idea of the actual size. None of these pictures are on KORSVIP . I’ll just continue to use the website for now.


Easy Shopping!

So many sales! Michael Kors has so many sales that are STEALS if you compare to retail prices! Best and Easiest Shopping for a Budget. Greatest shopping experiences I’ve had in a while. Definitely would recommend! Great point system to give even more discounts!

Savannah   2 years ago

I originally went to MK’s website and it transferred me to the app, thinking it was easier I signed up. I bought my mother a purse for Christmas days ago and i couldn’t find where the shipment was estimated so I tried going to my orders and it said nothing was there. The only thing I have is a confirmation email with the “in process” still labeled. I was also charged twice, when I didn’t have that kind of money in my account.

Kayla brown   2 years ago

I just placed a order but after I typed in my card number to pay and Complete it it said error please try again later but took my money right off my card that second and it didn’t give me no order number no nothing ! No emails ! It doesn’t show anything under order history ! I’m freaking out !


Yes. KORSVIP is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 47,409 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KORSVIP Is 29.2/100.


Yes. KORSVIP is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,409 KORSVIP User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KORSVIP Is 69.4/100..

Is KORSVIP not working?

KORSVIP works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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