Colgate Magik Reviews

Colgate Magik Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-22

Get ready, now your child can hunt out the Magik brushing monsters on all 16
zones of the mouth. All Magik worlds and masks have been redesigned in full
3D! The Colgate Magik app will unlock your Colgate Magik toothbrush kit. The
app uses Augmented Reality to give your children a fun br...

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Colgate Magik Reviews

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    So cool

    Our nearly 5 yr old son brushes his teeth 2 & 3 times in a row aiming to get 3 stars and kill the nasty germs. His ability to follow/mimic the direction and location of the toothbrush is awesome. The head dresses and photo option are super cute and gets him excited to brush. The bottom of the toothbrush can not be covered by a hand and the phone must be far enough away to ensure the bottom does not go out of the picture frame. It’s a learning curve. Simple hand adjustments are made so the toothbrush is held correctly and ensures proper brushing and all the sides are cleaned well. The teeth change from yellow to white to show which areas need more attention. The app setup was a little frustrating requiring a link within an email to be selected on the actual device used, instead of a simple login. I have already recommended this product and app to others. It needs a time to floss reminder too.

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    Love the concept! Just crashing a lot.

    Was super thrilled about this app an ordering the brush for my 6 year old daughter who hates brushing her teeth! This is been something she looked forward to for week now an was so excited it came in mail finally......but now after downloading it an brushing and having a awesome time the app crashed like 3x she lost her progress every time so she isn’t thrilled with using it now hoping that I can get her to want to give it a second chance ! If we continue to try an use an crashes no longer I would gladly change my review !

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    The app requires that you hold the brush a specific way, or the bottom part goes off screen and doesnt count the brushing of those spots. But that way is not how any sane person would hold a brush to brush those specific spots (and yes, we have tried finagling the angle of the phone, the distance of the phone, etc). He also says that half the time, the “bad guy” doesnt even show up so he can brush him away. (Honestly, I dont really know what this means; i didnt think the character was “bad” but was fighting the plaque.... what do I know?). My 5 year old was super excited about getting this brush and playing the game, but instead he is just super frustrated, and doesnt want to use it, and I am out the cost of the brush and a box of replacements brushes. Too $$$ for a brush for young kids who need things to work to not lose interest. Wish we could return it for a refund. Do not recommend for anyone with a youngin.

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    Used to be great

    We have been loving this app for months and it really helped teach our child to brush. We got to the end of the levels and each night there was a new hat to win or purchase with jewels and it was exciting. Now with the update the zone switching is too fast. The toothbrush cant be seen and we get consistent zero star results. The app also no longer works on my iphone and we had to switch to another device. Tracking progress for parents is gone and most devastating of all for our little is all his pictures that he has been carefully choosing a background and hat and posing for each night are gone. We have a really, really sad kid that is devastated his pictures are gone. Heartbreaking Edit to add that I have seen the response in other reviews that the pictures are saved to your phone. They are not on my phone anywhere but I would really appreciate help recovering them because this has really caused a lot of heartache

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    Updated hit and miss

    Just did the most recent update and found it a little challenging. At first I didn’t understand why my son was not getting any stars but then I noticed the monster is on different sides of the teeth so you have to brush on the sides as well for it to work which I liked. Brushing the front teeth did not register for us, I even tried after my son. He liked that he got to pick a prize after brushing. All the masks to buy are split into their worlds now instead of one large group which I thought was a little unappealing to my son. Can’t figure out how to change his main picture and miss the cute backgrounds they could buy. I’m sure with every update it’s just something we will learn to like but hopefully the tracking is updated soon.

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    Mostly good

    This is fantastic for all three of my kids: 5,6, and 11. It has really helped with ensuring they brush all of the surfaces of all of their teeth. The gamification is on point- the game while brushing and the reward system. However, I am really annoyed with the login setup. If it weren’t for how much the kids enjoy it I would rate the app a 0. It attempts to save ‘from remembering a password’ by having you click a link on your email to login...I setup the account with my personal email, but the link has to be clicked on my kids iPad since that is where the app is used. This is so counterintuitive. I don’t want my email being logged in on the iPad, and so it is just a hassle. And it has to be done least every time the iPad updates. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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    I liked the app before the latest update. The new update is much more confusing to use when it comes to buying masks as you have to scroll through each level individually. The photos now clog up my actual iPhone gallery instead of being organized in their own folder within the app - since this update my son can no longer scroll through his daily toothbrush photos within the app itself but instead has access to my entire image gallery within my phone. Hate that so much. I want my photo privacy back and his images to be stored on the app again. There’s no way to see his daily scores or progress as a parent. You’ve taken away the ability to change profile pictures. Taking a snapshot no longer has a countdown so my son can’t “pose” like he once did. The monsters dont make fun noises like they used to AND the sensors seem to be off. Only positive for this update is that you can win prizes and actually wear a mask while brushing your teeth now. Overall the app was so much better before the last update and needs to totally be reconsidered. I wish I could uninstall the latest update. So disappointed.

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    Update is terrible!

    We loved this app and it actually got my son brushing his teeth properly and loving to do it. This last update totally changed the format and now it is just not good. The brushes don’t register properly, the monsters don’t make fun noises, the zone switching is too fast..... the only good thing about the update is the ability to wear hats when brushing. We persisted and tried but after a week my son was back to dreading brushing his teeth unless we didn’t use the app. Not to mention now all the photos he takes (and he used to take A LOT) are save to my camera roll instead of the app. Another big miss. I don’t need those photos clogging up my camera roll. My son keeps asking to just go back to the old version and I really wish we could. Please bring it back!!

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    Update is terrible

    I will stay off by saying that we love this system, I would have rated it 5 stars until this last update. I do appreciate the fact that new zones were added to help the children brush better. However, watching my son brush and watching the app, it wasn’t registering all of his brush strokes. That’s fine for me because I know his teeth are clean, but a little discouraging for him. My biggest complaint is the changes made to the parent dashboard. I like to go in and view my sons progress and history and now that is unavailable, which is SUPER frustrating as being able to track his brushing was one of the main reasons we got this. The only options available under the parental dashboard are to “log out”, “get my personal data” and the disclaimers from Colgate

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    Great for age 8

    This has done exactly what I wanted which is to get my daughter brushing her teeth thoroughly. She loves the app and is now brushing Loong enough and reaching all of her teeth. I imagine that younger ages might struggle with staying still enough to remain in the frame where the app can recognize the toothbrush but it’s just right for an 8 year old. We’ve had this for a couple of months now and I think in another month she will have completed all the levels. I hope they continue to add new levels and filters because that is what keeps her motivated. She can replay old levels but I don’t think that will keep her as attentive as having the new goals to work towards.

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    All of the features we liked are gone!

    The countdown timer for photos, option to remove the “spit” direction (we use a natural toothpaste that doesn’t foam up as much), and the toothbrush tracking is worse! I do like that there is an improvement on brushing all sides of the teeth instead of just a region of the mouth. However, because the tracking is worse my kids felt very frustrated that that they only got 1 Star and watching them I know they did a decent job brushing. Perhaps verbal directions instead of just a rotating mouth would clue kids in to what they are supposed to do. We’ve been using the app for a few months and a slow add of features would have been preferable to a drastic switch that leaves kids confused and frustrated!

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    Doesn’t work well

    I just purchased this toothbrush to help my kids with brushing. The app doesn’t register brushing the front teeth. It only seems to register when the bottom of the base can be seen in the camera. It doesn’t register all of the brush strokes, even with thorough brushing, so the teeth remain yellow in the image on the app. There is no Parental Dashboard as mentioned in previous responses by the developers. When I go to the Settings, the only thing that can be changed is the language. This app may get my kids to brush for a full two minutes and have fun unlocking masks, but it isn’t tracking how well they are brushing or providing any parental feedback at all. Disappointed overall.

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    I love it!

    I have been using the previous version with my son and already loved it. But the one thing which I wanted improvement on was the yellow toothbrush detection and it definitely did with this new version! Took some time to pick it up but now I feel like he does not get bubbles by just playing with the brush finally! the concept is marvelous, I am really looking forward to next updates with feature helping track his progression. Thanks!

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    Good concept for young kids

    I have a five, almost six, year old who has decent brushing techniques but I was hoping this would help him to the next level, but it actually did the opposite. He was so focused on getting the monsters that he didn’t even pay attention to how he was brushing. This is definitely for young kids who are just learning how to brush. Otherwise, I agree with what another woman said- the camera area is too small and it’s constantly telling us it can’t see his toothbrush. Overall good idea, but just not for us.

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    Loved until the update!

    We loved this app and we are still trying to. New worlds aren’t unlocking when my son finishes which is very frustrating for him. Also I hate that the pictures are going directly into my camera roll now! My son loves comparing all his pics and they were so easy to access. Now he has to scroll through camera roll to find them. What a pain! Please at lease give us the option of where to store pics.

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Is Colgate Magik Safe?

Yes. Colgate Magik is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 242 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Colgate Magik Is 25.7/100.

Is Colgate Magik Legit?

Yes. Colgate Magik is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 242 Colgate Magik User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Colgate Magik Is 25.7/100.

Is Colgate Magik not working?

Colgate Magik works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Colgate Magik customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Colgate Magik.

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