KOCOWA Reviews

KOCOWA Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

KOCOWA the Ultimate Destination for Korean Entertainment Stream hit programming
direct from Korea and get exclusive access to one of the largest Korean
Entertainment collections across the Americas featuring dramas, romantic
comedies, reality, and variety series all with multi-language...

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KOCOWA Reviews

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    Is it just me or...?

    I have some pretty significant issues with the app on my iPad. The subtitles don’t come on automatically- every episode I watch I have to pause the show, turn off the subtitles, and then turn them back on in order to get them to work. This is annoying enough on its own, but what makes it infinitely more of an issue is that when I then try to go back to rewatch the part that I missed without subtitles, the screen “locks up” and I can no longer get anything to work on the screen. The video will continue to play, but none of the touch features work any longer. I can’t pause, rewind, fast forward, adjust sound, brightness - all those player features (which would be awesome if they worked) no longer function. I have to then close the app completely and start over. This happens anytime I try to use any of the on-screen features. This has been an ongoing issue for many months for me. I assumed it was a bug that would be fixed in time but after so long, I’m starting to wonder if it’s just me. I’ve been using the app since it was first developed and want so badly to like it, but my patience is running out. A service that costs this much to use needs a player that works properly.

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    Decent functionality, but lacking in watched episodes tracking is a bummer

    In general, I like the app just fine. Some of the functionality issues I had were either added recently or newly documented in a way that made them obvious and usable. The biggest issue I have is how impossible it is to manage what you’re actively watching. The episodes list in the app doesn’t show any check marks or progress bars and the history is too limited and erases itself regularly. So if I’m binging a show, it’ll kick the last viewed episode of any other series I’m watching off the list in fairly short order. Or, if I have a stretch of a few days where I’m not able to watch anything on KOCOWA due to real life requiring that I come up for air occasionally, the watched list will be erased entirely and then I have no way to find out where I left off if I can’t remember off the top of my head until the next time I can access the site on my desktop. That’s really my biggest frustration. Otherwise, the app functions reliably and well on my phone.

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    Love this app!

    It works great on my iPad and my Roku for tv viewing. The KOCOWA app actually plays video better than Viki (I have both) and equal quality to Netflix. Internet speed affects apps like these so if there are any issues it’s usually because I have slow internet...but that isn’t the app’s fault. My only complaint is the app doesn’t keep a complete file of the episodes watched. I can’t really watch 2 different dramas at a time because episodes watched will disappear from my watch history. Of course I could always keep a notebook and write everything down...but it would be better if the watch history kept everything instead. This app also doesn’t show you it’s complete library of dramas....it has some listed but that’s not everything they have. You will need to type in the search to see if they have what you’re looking for. Otherwise I have had no problems with this app...it’s great! I subscribe to be able to view everything.

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    Login won’t work

    Hello ppl who might be having the same problem as me. Okay so I’m new to this app and I tried to create an account. When I was doing the sign in process everything was great. Every thing had a green check✅. Then it said confirm my account. I went to my email and I couldn’t find. It wasn’t in spam either where it said to look next if you couldn’t find it in your regular email box. It also said “couldn’t find email?” then it had a link. When I couldn’t find my email I went back on the app to find help to get my account up and running and the caption disappeared. I really disappointed. Luckily I had another email to use. I went through the sign in process with that. This time I found my email and activated my account. When I typed in everything it said “email or password incorrect.” I typed in my email and password a few times. I even changed my password. It still said it was wrong. I’m a little confused and really and really disappointed. I really wanted to try this app because it seems great but for now it’s trash. SBNS.

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    I can’t really review the app

    To be honest, I can’t give a review on the app for its content, when subtitles are added, or even their subscription program because I couldn’t really log in (hence the two stars). At first, I tried to log in through Facebook and I would confirm with Facebook, but the app always returned me to the login screen. So I tried with my email. Everything went fine until I had to confirm my email address. After I confirmed it, the FIRST attempt at login in I received an error that too many wrong attempts had been created and I was locked out the account to try again in 3 minutes. Since I had just created the account I assumed I typed in the password wrong. I tried again after 3 minutes and I received the same error. So after waiting 3 more minutes I reset the password and I triple checked to make sure the password was correct. When I tried to login I received the same message that too many login attempts had been attempted and I was locked out the account. It is too much trouble to sign in, I can’t imagine the trouble of actually using the app.

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    The search is not intuitive

    After dramafever abruptly ended I signed on with Viki and Netflix to watch k drama . Eventually I joined KOCOWA. Honestly I don’t even know if kocowa is a separate entity or if you are part of Viki? Since I paid a subscription with Viki I didn’t feel it was right to pay for kocowa under Viki . I am commenting because I like Kocowa just fine, it offers me a variety of shows that Viki hooks you in with one or two episodes and then ask you to upgrade! I think I am more curious than anything as to why Viki offers Kocowa shows but requires members to pay additional? This is why I subscribe to you guys directly. Your newest update was not as user friendly ( I’m sorry if I am the only one ?) it is not easy to search, a little counter intuitive. Aside from that I am fine with this app. Gives me options of shows to watch. Thanks for taking the time to read this

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    Just a little thing I wanted to say

    So basically... I’ve been binge watching in this app! I love it so much! Like a lot! But one thing... I was really sad when I finished a series (who are you 2015) and then I wanted to rewatch it, you locked the series. I just feel there needs to be more unlocked things for people to watch. My opinion no offense at all. And can we do the monthly membership for 1 month only? That’s really it. I enjoy your app a lot and I hope that I can find more shows for free in the school category. Thanks for giving me excellent shows to watch!!! Btw: you should try to add the knowing brothers show to kocowa! Thanks! Bye! . . About a month ago I wrote the top review and I feel like you read it because everything I asked for was done!! THANK YOU!! I LOVE THIS APP!! HAVE A NICE DAY! 🌟🙏💖

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    I currently have a yearly subscription with VIKI. I wanted to try KOCOWA, and I was willing to pay yearly subscription as well since we regularly watch K-dramas. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen until they fix the PROBLEMS. Today is the first day of my trial. I logged in to my account using Apple MacBook pro, but I wanted to watch it on a big screen so I clicked AirPlay. Didn’t work. I followed the instructions on KOCOWA’s website on how to play using AirPlay (even though I’ve been doing it many times with VIKI, Netflix.. etc..- so I know how it works)- didn’t work. 2nd option- I installed Kocowa’s app. I logged in successfully, but the drama won’t play, it’s giving me an error message. I tried to log in, and logged back out and logged back in. But I realized, hey! a well thought and functional app shouldn’t be this way! Heck I have over 100 apps on my iPhone and didn’t give me this useless headache! TIME TO MOVE ON! So, KOCOWA- FIX THIS WILL YA? That if you want to stay in business.

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    Bad app don’t download

    So I downloaded this app just a few minutes ago and just deleted it. The problem is that the episodes are locked and there are still ads even thought your watching in a app. You also have to pay to watch the episodes, it’s like those apps where you have to pay monthly in order to watch. I mean it’s pretty cheap but I’m looking for an app that’ll let me watch episodes for free and without ads. So I got annoyed of this and I just deleted it. Before anyone else waste their storage on downloading this, I wanted to write this so people know what kind of app this is. I mean some people might like it because they’re able to pay monthly because it’s only $8 but I already have many bills to pay so I’m not down for paying even $8 every month. Work is not fun at all so don’t waste your money on this, I’m pretty sure there’ll be others app that’ll let you watch episodes for free and without any ads.

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    Love the content, not so much the app

    I am a paid subscriber and I love their contents. Only issue I have is their app design. It’s so hard to find anything, the series that I watch and the episodes that I have watched. I know there is a history but it isn’t helpful when the lists are completely gone now. And sometimes it doesn’t show the older history list just because I was on a marathon with one tv series and I can’t scroll down to find my latest watched episode of another tv series. It would be also helpful to show progress bar for watched episodes when you’re viewing the show details. Instead of tile view, a list view would be helpful in history and “new” section. Sorry for all the complaints but can’t help it because I’m a frontend developer and I see so much improvements needed in this app!

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    This app has diverse shows but the ads kill me. They give you three ads to watch back to back, thats fine with. However, I literally get 6 ads back to back and sometimes, after the 2nd/5th ad, the show continues in the background and then becomes black when the ad is finished even though it’s still playing. I’m so frustrated. I don’t even want to use the app because of how many ads I get. It’s like playing one of those popular but simple games that gets an ad after each level, but instead the level is like 10 minutes, and there are multiple ads at once. I probably won’t use this app anymore if u can’t even finish one episode one series, or rather 30 minutes of an episode without having to try to fix the show, watch more ads, and restart the app. There’s honestly no point to the skip button either.

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    Bye kocowa

    I have really enjoyed this app. For a couple of months I had problems not being able to login or dramas and shows were locked even though I paid my subscription. A kocowa representative contacted me and after finding the right help; My issue was resolved. The resolution was to give me a new log in identity, i had a little bit of trouble logging in on all my devices but that too was resolved quickly. I love the fact that translations are done quickly and that I am able to watch my favs immediately. However my schedule has become overloaded and I don’t find much time to watch much so I will unsubscribe until I can find the time again. Thanks kocowa!

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    Subscription problems

    Hello, i bought the subscription a year ago and had zero problems but logged back in a few days ago from switching phones and for some reason while still having the subscription, I'm receiving ads like crazy. I went back and tried to restore my subscription but there's no option. So i went to itunes managed subscriptions unsubscribed resubscribed and its still reoccurring. Went to check if no ads was still a benefit of the subscription and it was but, I'm receiving ads. I just wanna know if its a glitch or what because its really annoying when you got premium for the no ads aspect but still are getting them. Other than that i love the app and use it ALL the time! (:

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    I would like an explanation please

    Before this review, I would like whoever is reading this to know that this wasn't ever even remotely a bad app for me until today. Anyways, when I started that app today it said to sign in which was really strange considering I had been signed in for a while now. When I tried to press sign in, the app crashed. I tried it again and turned my phone on and off, but it the end had to reinstall the app completely. While this problem was fixed another occurred. An episode of 'It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets' had no subtitles when it was first released so I decided to wait. After waiting a whole day (the day where I was logged out to be exact) it was locked. I don't know if this is normal but it really upset me. If anyone can give me an explanation on any of this, it would be appreciated. Other than that, the app if really good.I enjoy Running Man, Weekly Idol, and It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets.

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    Could use some work, but LOVE it !

    I absolutely love this app. There is a variety of TV shows to choose from (I recommend Weekly Idol). The only problem with this app is the pauses for ads. I understand that if you watch stuff for free, you eventually get a lot of ads. But somehow, whenever I get ads, I wait but at the end of the ad it restarts the show and does not save my place. Also.. whenever I would get an ad I would go through it and have the same 1 minute ad like 2 minutes later. That’s all I have to say, and if you are reading this publisher, please fix this problem. Also, know that I do NOT hate this app at ALL. I actually kind of enjoy it too much! 3 stars, but not 5 because of the ad problem. Again, I LOVE this app ! !

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Yes. KOCOWA is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,684 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for KOCOWA Is 27.6/100.

Is KOCOWA Legit?

Yes. KOCOWA is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,684 KOCOWA User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for KOCOWA Is 27.6/100.

Is KOCOWA not working?

KOCOWA works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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