GIG Car Share Reviews

GIG Car Share Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-05

About: Gig is easy one-way car sharing for the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Seattle. Sign
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About GIG Car Share

What is GIG Car Share? Gig is a one-way car sharing app that allows users to find and rent nearby cars in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Seattle. The app offers eco-friendly hybrid cars in the Bay Area and fossil-fuel-free electric cars in Sacramento. Users can pick up a car in one location and drop it off in another, without the need to feed the meter. The app offers parking included, no surge pricing, and all-inclusive fuel, insurance, and roadside assistance.



- No membership fee, pay only for what you use

- Parking included in the HomeZone

- One-way trips

- Instant access, no reservation needed

- No surge pricing or extra charges based on driver's age

- All-inclusive fuel, insurance, and roadside assistance

- Users are in control of the road, route, and radio

- Equipped with a bike rack

- Referral program for driving credits

- Limited to approved parking spaces

- Insurance coverage subject to certain restrictions and limits

- Promo codes available for first-time users with certain restrictions

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Key Benefits of GIG Car Share

- Easy to use

- Helpful customer support

- Reliable car

- Affordable rates

- Home zone extends to college area

- Gold Gigs available

22 GIG Car Share Reviews

4.8 out of 5


Rough first ride

Have this service a chance today. Found app easy to use at first. Drove for about an hour then had one of my rear tires go flat! Called customer support and I spoke to a real person right away which was appreciated. They were helpful and sent AAA to change the tire. Took about 1/2 hour and I was on my way again. Pulled over and shut off engine. When I tried to start up car again the car stopped responding to my phone commands and would not start. Had to wait 1/2 hour for the car to be rebooted. I was finally able to get the car started and drove to the parking area and ended my trip. Had lots of things go wrong on my first ride. Maybe the tires need to be better maintained and maybe they are still working out some of the computer glitches with their cars. On a positive note, i found the customer support to be very responsive and helpful. They where nice and I felt like they did the best they could to remedy the situation. Based on that alone I may give GIGCarShare another chance. I would give them 5 stars if I could.


Glitchy - support helpful - cars filthy

Used the service for the first time in Seattle and had several challenges with my first couple of rentals but had great customer service (until calling late night which was unanswered). GIGCarShare does not connect to the cars via Bluetooth well and unlocking/locking is very hit or miss. Support even acknowledged this is an ongoing issue lots of people face. The cars I rented were absolutely filthy. I can not imagine that they’re being cleaned anywhere as frequently as they’re claiming to. One had dust accumulated like my own car at home which is in great need of a detailing. I found a used mask in another which was disgusting - though support gave me a credit right away for my first ride which helped.

I do really love the flexibility of parking anywhere in the blue zone rather than needing to return to the exact same spot like competing rentals. I’m a little anxious about knowing parking rules in the city and hidden costs as people have noted here. Fingers crossed.

All in all I’ve been talking to people non stop about how useful the concept is for traveling and I do think that with some updates to GIGCarShare functionality and better cleaning it could be top notch!


Predatory Car Company..STAY AWAY

Another predatory car “rental” to be a “car share” instead of a rental when involved in an accident, no matter the severity. Will take your payment, end your session early, and leave you and your family stranded roadside for “safety reasons”. They claim to provide auto insurance each session but good luck with reporting a claim..was told the policy number didn’t exist and that I’m the owner of the car. Not to mention the cars smell like feces, feet, and you may want to consider anti-fungal medicine for the ringworm that will be on your hand from gripping the nasty/filthy steering wheel. I also found a drug syringe and marijuana butts in the car even though it says no smoking. What a joke company. No customer service skills and they won’t care about you at all. Their goal is to stick enough people with $1K damage bills for any reason so that it’ll be easier for them to make income because the cars sit around low income communities and take up space everywhere, earning the reputation as a company who preys on poor, desperate people. I’ll keep my $75 a day from now on. Beware of this company: they will eventually whack you for $1000 and do not offer any kind of waivers/coverage before the trip starts. Get these scammers out of Sacramento. Avoid doing business with them.


Just WOW!

I had such a fantastic first experience with these guys that I felt I had to write a positive review as soon as I returned the car. Had no idea how it worked or what I was doing when I went to get the car. Rental cars in Seattle were almost $600 for a one and a half day rental (that was the cheapest price), and my experience with Turo was awful (and support is less than jon-existent) so I figured I’d try GIG. Now I wish it was in more places!

I can’t say enough good about my experience and the company. The car was great and reliable, everything went smoothly, and customer support was excellent (I called twice because I wasn’t sure about a couple of things). Support answers the phone almost instantly, you get someone who speaks and understands English, and most importantly they are trained, knowledgeable and helpful.

If you need a car for a short period or even a few days, I highly recommend GIG. I would use them again in a heartbeat. 🏆⭐️


Hidden Restrictions and Fees

A 30 dollar drive needed up costing me over 300 dollars because the fees I was incurred. I was unaware that the electric cars in Sacramento cannot be taken out of the city because it was not stated on GIGCarShare , only on the website. Understandably that was my mistake for not checking the website, but to make it worse I was told I would be charged a towing rate of 175 and when I received the invoice it was actually 270. When I called to inquire about the discrepancy they said they use different towing companies and costs vary. Again, I can understand that but it should have been stated at the outset; I should have been told the fluctuation in costs to tow. It is absolutely unheard of to be told you will be charged something and an extra hundred dollars is taken out of your bank account without a warning beforehand, since they had my card on file. The concept of GIGCarShare is good but the restrictions, like where the car can be taken, bridge tolls to be charged and in this case even the towing fee need to be stated clearly, before the car is used and fines charged. If you are going to use GIGCarShare , BE WELL INFORMED, and if they are going to update it they would do well to include fees and restrictions in GIGCarShare itself.


Customer service liars

Beware of the fake kindness of the customer service. I was told there would be several items compensated because of errors in communication and vehicle preparation on part of Gig. However, both subsequent attempts at renting a Gig resulted in my card being charged for the items that were supposed to be taken care of by gig. What’s even more interesting is that they split the charges up over 2 different attempts to reserve the car? Like if I actually owed money for something they said they’d cover then why would they take part of it one month and then the other part the second time? It wasn’t an even split of the funds charged either... the first attempt they took like $15 then then next attempt they took $50 and then said there was still a remaining balance of $167??? What?!?! Makes no sense. I’ve gotten no bill to warn me of this and when I call the customer service to explain for the second time the situation and the compensations I was promised she just laughed at me and said, word for word in a very condescending tone like I was a child: “awwww, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day.” No assistance, no attempts to help the situation, just a rude and unacceptable excuse for customer care.


Fun service with great rates!

I absolutely love Gig and all it has to offer for my car needs. Currently I’m a college student and I’m happy to know that the home zone goes all the way out to my college area and I can easily find a car when I need it to take me and a few friends around town or just to do personal chores. So far I have had no problems using GIGCarShare and getting a car I need and can say this is really a benefit to me being able to go around town and find a car nearby. Love those gold Gigs especially! The rates are awesome and can fit within a college student’s budget easily. Definitely will continue to use this service throughout my time and hopefully for years more to come!


Gig car

I’ve never cared to write a review on anything before, but GIGCarShare deserves the several minutes of my time. My experience with GIGCarShare has always been amazing. There’s never been a technical error or inconvenience in the 2 or so years I’ve had it. The cars are very easy to find, always within a short walking distance, and you don’t have to pay for gas. Customer service is always very fast and super helpful. I accidentally rented a car for 3 hours longer than I meant to, so I sent customer service an email and they refunded me in under 5 minutes.

Can not recommend GIGCarShare enough.


bad app, bad service

I used Car2Go frequently with almost no issues, and when they left Seattle I was offered a credit to join GIG, so I took a chance.

I have since renewed my license. I went to rent a car to drive to the airport and was told to call customer service. They said there was a 15 minute wait, but I stayed on the line for 45 minutes (the last half hour in an Uber) before giving up. I pressed 3 for a callback, which I never received.

Trying again today, I elected to txt support. This time I received a response in about 1/2 hour (including the time I had to wait for an initial reply and type in my question a second time). I was told I had to email pics of the front and back of the license, plus a selfie of me holding it. Then they would proceed with my “registration”. Is this a joke? GIGCarShare can not longer scan my docs, so I have to send via insecure email? You don’t know from my phone number that I already have an account?

Looking at the available cars near me, most are very low on gas, and based on the reviews here saying how you’ll never get reimbursed if you fill up (and you get charged rental fees while doing so), I think I’ll pass. I don’t want to have to try to deal with GIGCarShare or support team to get my money back.


Great service, a few comments

I tried Gig for the first time on a trip to Seattle. I have a few comments:

1) LOCATING VEHICLE - How about adding a FLASH feature to easily locate car.

I picked up my Gig at SEATAC around 9:30 pm. First it would have been nice to have more detailed instructions on how to find the cars. They are parked on the roof of a specific garage that you have to catch a shuttle to get to. Then finding the car in the dark based on spotty location data from my phone and checking license plates was a little challenging. It would be nice if you could somehow make something on the car flash to guide you to the correct vehicle.

2) Gauging damage before starting rental seemed problematic. First of all, it’s hard to really see scratches and dents very well in the dark. Also it’s impossible to see any interior damage until after you unlock the vehicle.

Other than those 2 things, my experience was great! I love this service!


Their customer service is absolutely horrible!

It was an ok experience for me to use gig share till one of their vehicles dropped off of their grid after my trip. Because they couldn’t spot the car after I finished my trip, they blocked my account under the assumption that I parked it in a private lot, which I clearly had not. When they called me I gave them the location of the car accurate within 20 ft. They still did not get rid of the hold. When I called them about it, they asked me to send a picture of the location of the car. Even after sending them a picture of the car I had parked 10 days earlier, they did not unblock my account. They have terrible customer service and they just don’t care if their customers lose money and face problems and they don’t even put in the effort to be better.


Glitchy App!

This service would be so great if they would just fix their glitchy app! It used to be you could reserve a car and GIGCarShare would show you where it was until you unlock it. Now the minute you reserve, the icon showing you the location of the car disappears. You have to take a screenshot before you reserve otherwise you won’t find the car. Even then I’ve had multiple incidents where the car wasn’t even there! I’ve deleted and re downloaded GIGCarShare , my Bluetooth and gps is on, not sure what else to do. Tried calling customer service but when you’re trying to get to work, waiting for 10 minutes to get someone to answer isn’t an option. Please fix your app!


Used to be functional

I started using gig again recently and every single trip I’ve taken has had some issue. Most recently it was that because they have such a small fleet right now I had a long walk to the car, and the reservation timed out 2 minutes before I got there. Customer service is unreachable (20 minute estimated wait time by phone and doesn’t respond to text or messenger) and GIGCarShare would not let me re-book. So I had to reserve and walk to the next closest Gig, 15 minutes away.

I’ve also had GIGCarShare refuse to end my trip, refuse to lock the car, and found safety hazards (loose, crumpled driver side floor mat) in the car. The cars are always very dirty, as well.

The issues make the thing close to unusable, and I am looking for alternatives - including considering whether I need my own car for weekly errands.


Absolutely no way these 5 star ratings are legit

I’ve been using gigs regularly for several months. I’ve had significant issues with about half of them. The cars often have “maintenance required” messages on the dashboard, some of which are so severe that it won’t even let you drive the car. I’ve had issues with the Bluetooth not working in remote areas, nearly causing me to become stranded once. More recently, GIGCarShare produces a random error that won’t let me book anything, which has been ongoing for at least 4 days. Above all, customer service is completely MIA and doesn’t answer Facebook messages or their phone, ever. I doubt with every fiber of my being that anyone who has regularly used GIGCarShare has had a 5 star experience with it.


App is usually great but not during promos

The gig car service itself is great and has totally replaced us buying a car. The problem of phantom cars and cars that don’t lock or unlock has also gone down over time.

My current annoyance is when they run a promotion like right now. The gohrram promotion screen comes up EVERYTIME you open GIGCarShare regardless of whether you’ve seen it once or a million times. And gosh forbid if you click on the highlighted button rather than the close box as it’ll take you to safari where the promo screen slow loads.

This has happened about ten times over the last ten rentals. I don’t want them to end the promos but I do want them to have GIGCarShare remember if you’ve already seen it.



Beware using these cars if you receive a ticket, damage or car towed for any reason. Gig automatically blames you and you have no recourse except a lawyer. If you drive in Sacramento area be careful. I went to city hall for traffic tickets, they can’t help you. Sacramento police department says since I am not owner I cannot contest the two charge, or even if it was just ticketed. Sacramento pd stated only gig could contest it. I stated to gig didn’t even drive this car Tessa at gig kept strong their computer shows it. So if there is any error, glitch whatever it may be automatically you are blamed. Shady company, in contact with a lawyer, and Kamala Harris office to investigate gig car share practices. Do not use these cars, if anything happens you are automatically charged & blamed. $562 I was charged. The customer service line is young kids, so you do not get a manager or anyone sensible to talk to.


Love this service

I really enjoy the rentals. Such a convenience and helps keep miles off my car when doing Postmates and other delivery apps. The only thing that would make this service perfect is if you guys created a card for the charging stations. We tap it and it sends a signal or something to initiate the charge. Not everyone has the money to pay and wait for a reimbursement; and we all know the wait when calling can be a huge inconvenience depending on the situation. Other than that though, GIGCarShare is great and easy to use.


A Work in Progress

Most of the time it’s great but 30% of the time GIGCarShare sends me to an address but no car is there. Useless 800# tells me, “get a Uber ride”. What planet are these people on? Gig gave me a $30 promo but I was denied using it because it disappeared from my acct. Tried calling customer service several times and was told they don’t have supervisors on duty. Nobody called me back. GIGCarShare is not reliable. Gig needs to get their act together if they want to stay in business. On paper it looks cool but this is a start up with internal mgmt problems


This app used to work for me...

GIGCarShare used to work just fine. But when I’ve used it in the past couple weeks, it has had issues and I’m no longer able to see the car that I reserved and how much time is left for me to pickup the reserved car. It does not pull up my current trip car for me to lock/unlock or see the elapsed time of the current trip. I end up having to call in to end my trips or if I want to know how long my current trip has been. It’s a real hassle. I’ve talked to several customer service people about this and done what the tech department suggested, which was uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing fixes the issue and they have no other suggestions for fixing this. Instead I was told that my iPhone 8 was possibly too old??? And that’s why I’m experiencing these issues?!?!!


Great car (CarPlay supported) and not so great fuel experience

The Prius gig in Seattle is nice and has nice features (blind side monitoring and CarPlay support). Plus Gig charged me the best rate based on my trips duration, and deserves at least 3 stars.

Two stars off for fuel related concerns:
-Gig users within 5 minutes of where I live leave fuel at 1%. I think this is unacceptable and though it’s not Gigs fault.
-proposal: I hope Gig makes it mandatory for the car to be fueled at least 10% before a trip ends
- fueling with the Gig fuel card (not available in all Gig cars and separate from your free Gig card) is an okay experience and you do have to call to get a Drivers ID (not sure if this ID is permanent or just for a trip) which you’ll need to use the Gig fuel card. The Gig fuel card did not work at the cashiers and did work at the machines at the fuel pump.
-im sure Gig has a reason for giving out Drivers ID over the phone (again not sure if they are permanent), and yet getting the number over the phone seems backwards given that I need a dedicated Gig app.


Sacramento Promos like Bay Area

I like gig but discounts would be great for college students like me... I saw you guys often have a deal for the Bay Area for $69 a week. That would be great in sacramento we need it... I talked too several people out here who agree. GIGCarShare should show home zones with ease while driving. Also we need more leg room in the home zone... I live by sac state... which is in the home zone... however I go to consumnes river college... more areas would be great. I don’t want too hold the car for 5 hours all for one trip. I’d love too continuously use the gig car but you guys don’t have leg room with the home zone... sacramento is a huge area... I’m thinking from Elk Grove too Folsom... you guys would make so much more money. I’m sure you guys are working towards expanding. Just letting you guys know what I think and a lot of other people. But it’s great if you just want too drive around the neighborhood. Explaining the home zone and how u can’t end reservations out of the home zone is important... I feel like someone could easily get billed a whole lot all because they didn’t know. Also it would be great too see a rough estimate of our rides... like if we enter our destinations... so we know how much too expect. You guys aren’t expensive but I’d still like too at least see a rough estimate like uber or lyft ya know? And I agree with everyone about the phantom cars...


Great service

Though not perfect, Gig offers a fairly priced and convenient service with an abundance of cars available within its Home Zone. (200+, I think.) It's a great alternative to Uber and Lyft in many circumstances and has already made my family's choice to own just a single car easier in those rare circumstances where we could really use a second vehicle. A couple hiccups I've hit so far have been one phantom car (on the map, but not on the street) and a couple inexplicable parking charges. But nothing I think Gig won't be able to fix.


Bait and switch! BEWARE - do not use!

Update: Check out their reply below. Even now they admit to charging a fee not listed on their rate schedule. If you are going to charge this fee it should be listed, otherwise this is a deceptive practice. And they are admitting to it!! Stay away from this company. They just make up fees and then try to hide it in your bill.

Original review:
This company is horrible! Worst customer service. We had the car over 5 days and assumed we would be charged their advertised maximum daily rate each day. Nope!! Somehow they think it’s fair to charge us more than the daily rate. Their excuse was they had to resync the car and we didn’t return their call so now we are charging us more than the max!! None of their supervisors could see the absurdity of this so obviously poor management.


Great service - so-so app - CORRECTED

Update: I eventually found an email to get help, and then got on the phone too when I had more time. Customer support was nice though they said what I felt was a problem (blue field making street details hard to see) was actually a feature (showing the Home Zone). I suggested they make the blue field a bit more translucent, and lo and behold! - the new update has done just that. Now I can see the streets AND the Home Zone is clear. Thanks for listening! Stars upped.


The service is very easy to use and the cars are zippy and clean and super-convenient.
The mobile app, however, keeps giving me maps with all-blue-fields so they’re really hard to see. It’s obviously a bug but there’s no way to report it from GIGCarShare . The only customer support is a phone call option for driving/car issues.
Which is why I’m mentioning it here.


Reporting Damage

I use the Gigcar app on an iPhone XS running the latest version of iOS 12.

I cannot report car damage within GIGCarShare . There are no blue dots, and when I tap the yellow dots, nothing changes.

Regardless of where or how many times I tap, no effects take place in the report damage screen page.

I have had to call and email the support team with photos of damages. I actually prefer reporting damages to a live person, but it can be time consuming and add to the cost of my trip.

My wish is for the time meter for my trip to begin after I have driven away from the parked location instead of immediately after unlocking the Gig car. I need time to properly inspect the vehicle before driving and to adjust car mirrors, seating, and pair phone to car.

I would also like to see improvements in the speed of locking a Gig car and ending a trip.

I love this service. I have a positive experience each time I contact your support team. Keep up the good work and thank you for creating Gig car.


Awesome service! Would highly recommend.

Gig carshare is incredibly easy and geared towards good customer service. The car itself was very easy to access and begin to use, and it was quite clean and perfect for what I needed it. The bike racks were a huge plus! The company is also very customer-oriented as seen in their helpful and ready-to-act customer service team and customer-focused pricing structure. I would definitely recommend using this particular carshare service for anyone who lives in the bay area.


the absolute best!

they're freaking awesome!
go sign up!
rent a car & gas card is included + insurance for only 69$ for 24 whole hours
yes you read that right

69$ freaking dollars for a whole 24 hours doesn't get any better then that

(says will charge 50$ when you input any credit card or update your card so be aware) don't act shocked folks read the print 🤦🏾‍♂️

i've been using gig for 3 months now, usually rent a car for a week (yes i've kept your car for a whole week) sorry guys only so many in sf and the rest are always in the east bay used it primarily for instacart & exploring wherever 250 miles can get me!

was only ever not charged once which i'll never complain about must have been when the made the switch to something called ridecell 🤷🏾‍♂️

got two tickets while having the gig instead of waiting for them to bill me (which they most definitely will do) i just paid the ticket before i returned the car

love how they have fast track can just travel up & down the sac to sf and pay later they will bill you for that it's awesome. my family was in town and was shocked at how easy it was to pull into a parking lot and just open the gig app reserve a car and drive away in less the 2 minutes they couldn't believe it

i highly recommend


I love GIg

I love GIGCarShare and company. We got rid of our second car and I rely on GIg a lot. Their cars are clean, run well, reliable. Their app is fast and easy. Costs are low for local drives. If you cal support they answer immediately. My only complaint is that they always charge at least a $.30 “parking fee” with every ride even if I never park except when starting or ending the ride. Yeah, so it’s .30 cents, but why charge me that? I park and leave the car within seconds. Why charge me that?


cars are nice, the app and customer service needs work

i’ve taken 2 Gig trips so far. the first one was pretty good, but GIGCarShare froze when i booked a car so i had to contact support (restarting GIGCarShare didn’t help).

the second trip experience was awful. not only was GIGCarShare unresponsive again, but every time i tried to lock or unlock the car it didn’t work in GIGCarShare and i had to call support every single time.

then while i was out running my errand, the car wouldn’t start because it said i didn’t have a key (this service makes the cars keyless). i had to contact support and then was told to wait 30m for the car to reset. since i was moving a large item in the car, i pretty much had no choice but to wait.

after 30m, i was able to start the car, but then returning the car was a pain because it still wouldn’t lock/end the trip. so i made my 5th call to support today.

it was annoying, wasted my time, and on top of that they didn’t even make the trip free after all of that hassle.

i’m not going to be using Gig again.


Bug in Onboarding flow

I tried signing up back in April and couldn’t proceed because of a bug in the in onboarding flow where the “Select country” dropdown doesn’t provide any options or respond to input. I downloaded GIGCarShare again today, 5 months later and the same bug is still there! I called customer support and their solution was for me to email them my drivers license, which is super insecure! I don’t know if this bug is exclusive to iPhone or what, but it’s been blocking new signups for months and their support team has no workaround. The whole thing’s very surprising and indicates a serious lack of organization in the company. If they can’t get sign up right, I won’t get my hopes up for the rest of GIGCarShare .


First time driving a Gig Car

Okay, so the car overall was easy to drive. I had fun using it. I was in a rush to get one of the cars though. The car i ended up getting smelt like weed and there was garbage everywhere. I cleaned out some of it but not all. I just needed to do what I needed to do and end my trip. I made zero mess so for the next driver to use that car it was not me. The breaks as well made noise that I was never use to hearing.

M Solati   1 year ago

Terrible experience in Seattle!!! Had issues with app charging me pre pay amount 133.00 instead of pay as you go. Twice when I needed to be somewhere at a scheduled time the car and app both did not work but they still charged me. I read about parking, can park anywhere with a 2-hour limit. Car got towed and they are charging me 450.00! I will never use them again, more stress than just renting a car! Calling to see if they will take up 1/2 of the tow cost since the info on their site was not very clear.

Theodora Jenkins   1 year ago

I cannot believe this car company because let me tell you on the app it does not say anything about not being able to take a car to another home zone on top of everything else we were in salem oregon and broke down on the side of the road and had to be towed to a charge station because we ran out of charge when I rented it, it had 212 miles when I fully charged it, it was only 143 miles on it also when we broke down and I leaned against the car it was shocking me on my leg. My sister also had a car she rented as well because we were going to a cruise in Seattle Washington but her car went complete dead and we had to charge every like 30 miles the cars didn't hold a charge at all and cost us to miss our cruise that we had paid almost 8 thousand dollars I called and ask if I could leave both cars there because we just decided to rent cars because I had my grandkids with me and with the car shocking me I did not feel safe driving nor putting them inside it. They want to charge me 6 hundred in something dollars because I had decided to leave the car in a safe place and walk away from it. I don't know who I talked to at gig but they were trying to help until she transferred me to a senior representative and he was rude to me and argued that I was wrong and that I had better bring the car back to Sacramento they really should put things in clearly on the app because if you have the app why would you go on the website. Most of the chargers do not work anyways and does not give you enough charge like they say they do. WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE..

Is GIG Car Share Safe?

Yes. GIG Car Share is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,522 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GIG Car Share Is 45.7/100.

Is GIG Car Share Legit?

Yes. GIG Car Share is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,522 GIG Car Share User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GIG Car Share Is 60/100..

Is GIG Car Share not working?

GIG Car Share works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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