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Published by on 2022-09-13

Create your own world and play out any story you like with Toca Life World.
You’ll get all the fun of your other favorite Toca Life apps such as City,
Vacation, Office, Hospital and more, all together in one place.

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Reported Issues: 100 Comments

By Raine
Dec 26 2022

Sometimes when I'm placing furniture it gets stuck somewhat off screen and I'm unable to get it unstuck or get rid of it. It's showing enough that I can see it and where it is put I just can't move it

By Xsara
Dec 02 2022

My hole toca world isn't working and I can't load into any items or building what can I do

By Delilah
Oct 02 2022

It says my thing that I bought is taking longer than expected

By Manchun yau
Sep 20 2022

App not updating, in app store it constantly tries to update but fails.. anyone else having this issue on Android tablet

By Lalaine
Sep 11 2022

Toca wold not working it keeps loading .

By Maria Jeffries
Sep 09 2022

Every time I go in to any world it freezes and takes me out of the game I have spent more than $100

By Kimberly Matthews
Sep 09 2022

When I try to open a building it never gets past the Loading screen. I've spent about $50 so far and can't get any of them to load

By Naifa Aisyah
Sep 03 2022

So when I entered toca boca suddenly exited the application, why is that?

By Baran.Ash
Aug 31 2022

Hello, thank you for the great information. My Toca life world opens very fast and it even reaches the level when you want to choose which place to go. But when I click on the location I want to visit, it takes for ever to load. Then I have to close the game and re_open it and try again. Thank you so much for all your help.

By Clara
Aug 30 2022

My kids toca life game keeps saying its full when she tries to add furniture to her house please help

By TocaFan
Aug 29 2022

I can confirm NONE of the worlds load at all. I have cleared the game's cache, reinstalled all to no avail. Please fix this as soon as possible. My daughters cannot even play and they purchased content! The game has been unplayable for weeks if not much longer.

By Alice
Aug 27 2022

I have most of the toca boca apps, but they won't transfere to toca:world. I have tried resetting, restoring and downloading the app again.

Aug 26 2022

Hi toca boca maker so my problem is that when i join in any building it gets me out of toca boca
So please 🙏can you please fix that I will give 5 stars just if you fix it
Bye have a great day 😁

By Rebecca Quintana
Aug 25 2022

When my daughter tries to open her house or anything in the map it won't open and it just keeps on saying loading. I have spend a lot of money building her this world and my daughter is frustrated and it's always frustrating me so It gets a little stressful around here. Please HELPPPP LOL 😂

By Ava
Aug 25 2022

My screen isn’t loading and is just GRAY

By Carol
Aug 24 2022

Please fix. Spend so much money and when we try to enter a billing it boots me out.

By Nevaeh
Aug 24 2022

When I get on it it let's me click to where ever I want to go then it loads and then it just kicks me off

By Ally
Aug 23 2022

Hi im ally and whenever I try to like open up a place on my map
It keeps on sighing me out of the app please fix this. btw I did use
The to get my full world so i dont know plz fix this.
Thx u

By Morgan
Aug 21 2022

It won’t let me in the shop

By Jane Wilhelmsen
Aug 17 2022

When my daughter tries to open a house it will not open and it just keeps on loading with nothing happening. We've spend a lot of money building the world and my daughter is sad and frustrated. Please release a fix for this.

By Jose Boss
Aug 16 2022


My daughter has Toca Life World app installed on her ipad - for the last couple of days she has been unable to play it. When clicking a location on the map, the app shuts down.

I have gone through all the suggestions on this page to resolve. She has spent a lot of money on this app buying add ons - it seems many have having a similar issue - when and how will it be resolved?

Many thanks

By Niva
Aug 14 2022

Hi, my Toca boca isn’t working. It’s not laggy or anything however, I have bought apps for money and I’ve tried to put them in the app Toca world. It says I need to update my apps even though my apps are all fully updated. I’m also on the latest iOS edition. Please reach out to me, I’ve been trying to fix it for 2 days now (by the time I’m writing this). Again, please reach out to me,

By selena
Aug 13 2022

I have bought many toca life apps and so i opened the toca life world app to have them all in it but none of the apps i bought are showing in toca world and it says they all need updates but whenever i press update it takes me to the app store and says that this app is not available in my country. i live in canada and i have played these games all for years with no issues, this is the first time i have ever had a problem with any of the toca life games. The only ones loading into my toca life world are the ones that i have purchased in the app like the haunted house, shopping mall, etc. Please fix this it’s been 2 weeks.

By Lilitha
Aug 12 2022

When I first installed the app everything was fine until the home screen of the app appeared the game then crashed so I uninstalled the app and restarted my phone but still nothing please help I really wanna play this game.

By Camden Beaugh
Aug 12 2022

Hello, I’m currently having issues. I just downloaded Toca Life World and I’ve bought one of the other Toca life apps and I’m trying to get the lands to merge in Toca Life World. However, it show me that I had to update them and so I was about to until there really wasn’t an update. It shows it needs to be updated but everything is. I try many ways to merge with the other lands but it won’t wrong, please someone help me…

By Jacob
Aug 11 2022

Toca World is not working. I can login in but when I go to one of my houses it kicks me out of the program. Please advice. Thanks

By Adriana Giovenco
Aug 11 2022

Every time my child goes on Toca Boca it works until she presses on a building a home it keeps on making her go back to her home screen

By Lisa Stein
Aug 09 2022

Hi - my daughter's toca world app crashed. When she opened it back up, everything in the world was reset and her houses are empty. She is SO sad. Is there a way to fix this from a backup or other mechanism? thanks

By Ella
Aug 09 2022

I load up my game and I try to go into my house and then the game kick me out please can you fix this

By Christine
Aug 09 2022

August 8, 2022
Toca World is 100% not working for me. I can login in but when I go to one of my houses it kicks me out of the program. Please advise or provide me with a refund for ALL in app purchases. Thanks

By Nikki
Aug 08 2022

The app shows a black screen, takes forever to load, and then it will show the buildings in black and crash and kick you out.

How do you fix this?

By KoalaK
Aug 08 2022

Toca life world will open but if I try and click on any building or location then it just won’t load. Please comment if you have the same issue so hopefully this will be fixed 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

By Sandra
Aug 08 2022

Toca world heittää minut ulos kun napauta ihan mitä vaan nappia

By Brooklyn Land
Aug 06 2022

when i enter the app everything is working great! when i try to click on one of my houses or just any place i’m trying to go to it will stay at the loading for a very long time and it just won’t do anything.

By Sam
Aug 06 2022

Hi can anyone help out? It’s says I have to update one of my life apps to add it to world but it’s already completely updated. There are no available updates for either apps. I’ve tried just about everything, turned the iPad completely off, cleared both apps, etc. anything helps!

By Isabela Pirani
Aug 05 2022

My Toca world is an amazing app but all the houses and places have gone black like it just a silhouette and every time you click one thee app logs me out

By Ezra perin
Aug 03 2022

My toca says it needs to be updated when I have the latest version

By Ainsley
Aug 03 2022

Every time I go to load into the game it takes me to wear I get to click on what place I want to go to then once I press where I want to go it kicks me out

By Karol Schroeder
Aug 02 2022

I have the latest version of Toca life world downloaded on my children’s tablets and have bought some expansion packs for my children, the app keeps saying I must update before some of the features can be accessed, which is odd because it is working on one of the three tablets. I have verified it is the newest update, the app itself is up to date, restarted the app both by exiting fully and turning the tablet off and back on, and resetting the progress, and have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have also made sure that there is enough storage space on the tablets both internally and externally for the app to update successfully. I guess the point I’m getting at here is I don’t understand why the app is still requiring an update and what steps I need to take to get this update installed fully to where all of my children can use the expansions that I’ve already bought.

By Lorelei
Aug 02 2022

I have been playing this game for years and I have never seen a glitch like this.It’s just a loading screen forever I even left Toca world open for 24 hours and it was still a loading screen,can you please fix it,This has been happening to many people that play this game.

By [email protected]
Jul 30 2022

My toca world stays stuck on loading when trying to get into a house.

By Messiah
Jul 29 2022

I just re downloaded some of my Toca worlds and when I try to add them it says I have to update it even tho I have the newest version

By Amy
Jul 29 2022

Every time I try to get into a house or a place it sticks at the loading screen

By [email protected]
Jul 29 2022

so when i go on toca each time and go somewhere,i either lose a character,or items,and it sucks,i want you to fix this now! 🙏 please

By Priscilla
Jul 29 2022

I own a bunch of the games but toca life world won't let me add them in. It lets me click the plus button to add but then it doesn't actually add it.

By Ryo
Jul 26 2022

Hello! I downloaded toca world because i wanted to have all my games in one, and i have all the other games as well. But when i try to add one of the other worlds it says that i have to update but i have the latest version if the game and its still not letting me add the games. Ive been trying all day but i couldn’t!

By Ruby
Jul 26 2022

Everything I try to go into a building it just won't load into the building

By Makayla
Jul 25 2022

everytime when I go in the house the clock keeps freezing

By Makayla
Jul 25 2022

everytime when I go in the house the clock keeps freezing

By Tina
Jul 23 2022

Alla hus är svarta när vi startar dig på ipaden. Vi har testat installera om allt men det blir likadant. Vad gör vi ?

By Elizabeth Patterson
Jul 22 2022

I factory reset my daughters tablet and when I went to install her add ons for toca life it said it was added but it never shows up.

By Elizabeth Patterson
Jul 22 2022

I factory reset my daughters tablet and when I went to install her add ons for toca life it said it was added but it never shows up.

By Kelley
Jul 21 2022

The game just keeps saying “loading” won’t go past loading screen

By Annabelle
Jul 19 2022

It won't let me in to Toca Boca and I haven't even been on it yet it says something about privacy and I don't know how to fix it please and thank you

By Nicky
Jul 11 2022

My daughter's Toca world keeps resting. She has had to redecorate houses several times. How can we stop this from happening

By Natalia Fierro
Jul 10 2022

All of my gifts don’t come back after resetting

By Heather
Jul 10 2022

My daughter goes to add Toca School and Hospital to Toca Life World. It tells her it's been added but then doesn't appear. It's not needing an update so we're not sure why the school and hospital won't add to Toca World.

By Kaylie
Jul 10 2022

My toka boka is not updating and i try everything its anyoing bc i put hard work on it :(

By Adele neate
Jul 08 2022

My daughter has an account and j have spent lots CV of money on add one she is opening it up but it is just saying loading and the sheer freezes how do i fix this

By Isabel
Jul 05 2022

So I am trying to use my other apps, eg. toca school, on toca world and when I open the in game shop to redeem it, it says the app needs an update (the app being the one I am trying to redeem). However I have checked what versions I am running and all of my apps are completely up to date. I have tried the restore purchases button, deleting and reinstalling each app and restarting my phone and none seem to work. I am having this issue with several other toca apps and not just redeeming toca school. Does anyone else have this issue?

By Amanda Daniel
Jul 04 2022

We bought a package and now it keeps crashing when we press on the house and goes back to main screen

By Traci
Jul 01 2022

My daughter has been trying to get to the city but it keeps crashing all the way back to home screen. The Toca store works we bought buildings and tried to restore but it still gets to city and crashes, we also tried deleting but still nothing.

By Sombody
Jun 29 2022

In character create it only lets my pull out three at a time even though I bought the character pack and it won’t delete things in my house that I deleted already and I don’t want to delete the app because I already bought a lot of things on it but yah

By La’Miya
Jun 28 2022

It won’t let me in a house or a building this should be fix

By P Collins
Jun 25 2022

The app loads, but when my daughter tries to click on a building to enter it, the app closes and she’s back on her Home Screen. iPhone has newest operating system, app is up to date and have reinstalled it from AppStore but same problem.

By Dad
Jun 24 2022

It’s not working it’s stopping in and won’t let me go on any in anything so that’s why it’s not working

By Aubree
Jun 23 2022

Every time I go into my Toca world house it just loads for hours

By Renee
Jun 21 2022

Every time I try to enter a house it takes me back to my Ipad homescreen.

By Yael
Jun 21 2022

Hey toca, I have two problems. One is that when I enter the cities, all my houses are black and when I click them, it takes me back to the home screen of my device. Before that happened, i could get in but there were glitches and it would delete all my progress. Pls help😢

By Eryn
Jun 21 2022

Every single time I open the app and try and click on the building I’m stuck on the loading screen or the app crashes.
I’ve tried everything

By Private
Jun 18 2022

When i cklick on a building to go in it kicks me out of the game.

By Adriana Guilarte
Jun 17 2022

Kicking me out/won’t load in

By Eva
Jun 17 2022

My Toca world works just fine at the game start until I try to open a building in my world. It’s been stuck loading for about 5 minutes now on a loading screen. (June 17, 2022)

By Daniel
Jun 13 2022

Same here: My app (Toca boca) keeps on crashing when I try to go in a building (as in crashing I mean going back to Home Screen)

By Paulene
Jun 12 2022

My app (Toca boca) keeps on crashing when I try to go in a building (as in crashing I mean going back to Home Screen)

By Nesha
Jun 11 2022

The past week my daughter has not been able to use the site we have spent so much money and she can not play it

By Jennifer L Lively
Jun 10 2022

I bought the newest purple mermaid house last night on my Google play store ipad and it purchased and downloaded. I went to my next device ,same Google account and it would let me into the store. It keeps saying STORE IS TEMPORARILY NOT WORKING. TRY BACK LATER. THE store is saying that on all three of my devices. I have went to settings and cleared the cache and date and still not able to get into the store? Please help.

By Lily Swindell
Jun 10 2022

The problem I’m having is that when it tells me I have to update the app I go to the App Store and on there it says OPEN and not UPDATE

By Maylah
Jun 08 2022

Whenever I put clothes in my drawers and leave my house the clothes dissapear and does not go back to is original spot

By Olivia
Jun 07 2022

It will not stop crashing and it won’t let me enter my house and other buildings I bought

By Amanda F
Jun 05 2022

When I get in the game, everything is black and when I try to go in a building it quicks me out of the game

By Zara
Jun 05 2022

My Toca Boca are crashes its loading for a hour but never work

By Jamie
Jun 04 2022

My clothes keep deleting after putting them in the modern mansion draws

By Joules
Jun 04 2022

Whenever I try to enter a building it freezes in the loading screen

By Margaret Garcia
Jun 03 2022

My daughter can get into the game but when she clicks the home to open it stays stuck loading

By Mayra Avila
Jun 02 2022

My daughter when she goes to the modern mansion house it goes back to her Home Screen

By Victoria.plagemann
Jun 01 2022

My shop isn't working and I haven't been working for 4 and a half months.

By Rhyan
Jun 01 2022

When I try to go in my mansion the loading just freezes

By Mrs lopez
Jun 01 2022

My daughter is trying to go into a building but it just say loading. Nothing happens. Why?

By rinnlapat린니 vongapirat
May 31 2022

Toca world is not working because of the data.

By Bankshot
May 30 2022

Similar to the other reports - my daughter has Toca Life World on Kindle Fire HD 8 7th edition. She has purchased several DLC packs. After the last purchase every time she opens toca world and enters a building it crashes back to the Kindle home screen.

By Eston
May 29 2022

When I login in and click on my house when It say lodding it stay there forever until I get out and not play it so I need to get in.

By Denise
May 27 2022

When we go to the game, my daughter clicks on a house and it gets stuck on loading. We’ve been purchasing gifts, I’m being charged but they aren’t opening! What do we do??

By Kaelyn
May 26 2022

Every time I load into the app it’s fine but when I got into shop or houses it stays on the same loading screen all day I’ve waiting minutes for this and I don’t know why it happens. My internet is fine, I have fully updated the game, I have resented my iPad but it still doesn’t worked, it done this for the last couple weeks. What do I do? I really wanna play my game.

By Elizabeth Bragg
May 26 2022

It will not let me get into my house it will freezer

By Tacia Jansen van Vuuren
May 25 2022

My daughter is trying to go into a building but it just say loading. Nothing happens. Why?

By Bitten Krøyer
May 22 2022

Fore 3 years my daughter has designed a lot of houses, bought many different areas and gotten a lot of gifts from the post office. But now now the game has deleted it all except for the areas.
How can she get it all back?

I hope to hear from you soon

Bitten Bech

By Shelbie
May 22 2022

On my chromebook, Toca world won’t load, just boots up to a white screen then freezes. Have tried uninstalling and clearing cache and nothing works

By aubrey
May 21 2022

i want to click a place to go when i log into my world but it never loads and my wifi is perfect and it's completely updated

By Marly
May 21 2022

I was in the app this morning and my houses in Toca Boca were all complete and furnished. Tonight when I opened the app again, all of my houses were empty and all of my gifts were gone. Is there a way to get the furnished houses back and the gifts back? How do I prevent this from happening again?

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